The Cincinnati Reds have called up Brandon Dixon from Triple-A Louisville. He will be taking the place on the 25-man roster of Rosell Herrera, who was optioned back to Triple-A earlier today (and even played in the Bats game earlier today).

Brandon Dixon was crushing the ball for the Louisville Bats in 2018. After nearly making the 25-man roster out of spring training, the Reds opted to send him to the minors. The 26-year-old put the demotion behind him and hit .326/.371/.527 with eight stolen bases in 37 games played. He did walk just nine times, and he did have 38 strikeouts in that span.

Defensively, Brandon Dixon can play a lot of positions. As a backup he could step in and handle first base, second base, third base, left field, and right field. He’s even had some time in center in the past, but that’s probably a stretch in the Majors. Still, he can handle a lot of spots on the field, and gives you plenty of options.

When you mix in all of the positions he can play along with the power in his bat, and underrated speed on the bases, he could be a very useful player off of the Cincinnati Reds bench. Of course, the same thing could have been said of Rosell Herrera, who got two starts in nearly a full month with the big league club. Hopefully Brandon Dixon can find a bit more playing time than Herrera saw.

And just for fun, here’s a 452 foot home run that Brandon Dixon hit on May 11th for the Louisville Bats.

Nick Senzel Update

There’s not a ton to report on Nick Senzel, but Reds General Manager Nick Krall did have a little bit of an update yesterday with local sports talk host Lance McAllister. Here’s what he had to say when asked about an update on the Reds top prospect:

I don’t have an exact timetable, but yeah, he’s gone back to Arizona and resumed baseball activities. That’s first and foremost, making sure that he’s healthy, that he’s ready to play. That he’s as healthy as possible before we start him playing baseball again. Having him resume baseball activities is definitely moving in a positive direction.

That’s good news. At the same time, it’s worded like Nick Senzel hasn’t yet played in games out in Goodyear. While I wouldn’t expect him to spend much time playing games in extended spring training once he does get on the field, it hasn’t happened yet.


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  1. Nolan Ryan

    Been wondering what the Reds thought of Brandon Dixon and how he’s been hitting- and now up with the Reds.
    Here’s hoping that he can continue his hot hitting from Louisville.
    And maybe we will finally have an OF that can hit for average.
    Fingers crossed.

  2. BromleyJake

    Good for Brandon! Hopefully, he gets some meaningful action up here. I am really confused with the Senzel situation. The use of the word “health” relative to his vertigo. Does that imply that illness has exacerbated whatever vertigo issues Nick has? Was he sick? Is there some sort of treatment that is being looked into? Do they have an idea of what causes the recurring dizzy spells? Can the vertigo be managed and if so why has he missed three weeks of baseball and counting? No statement made about his issue has even flirted with answering any of these questions. Are we to believe that the FO plan for when Nick feels this way in the future is just to “wait until he doesn’t feel dizzy?”

    • MK

      Vertigo can be caused by several things most neurological in nature in conjunction with middle ear. Many times recurring vertigo can be caused by calcium crystals forming in inner ear. A combination of brain exercises and/or medication can keep it under control. Migraine headaches or strokes can also be a cause. I had some mild vertigo issues after I suffered a stroke. Can’t walk and look back over my left shoulder without getting a little wobbly. Jes time. Sometimes it just takes a while.

  3. Brad

    Great, great trade for Reds.

    Giving credit where credit is due to Jocketty, etc.

    • Norwood Nate

      Out of a general curiosity, what about the Frazier trade makes it great? I’m truly not trying to be antagonistic, just wondering about the measuring sticks of what makes a trade “great”.

      I will admit I was not thrilled about the trade at the time, largely because I did not think Peraza was enough of a headliner and the other pieces didn’t seem like impact guys. There were some things to like about each player, but a couple of glaring question marks with Peraza (getting on base, best defensive position, hitting for power…) that concerned me enough to believe we didn’t get enough value back for Frazier. I was also frustrated that the Reds FO seemed to have tunnel vision with Peraza, orchestrating two separate trades, the latter a 3-way deal, to bring him over.

      I’m not sure I’ve seen enough at this point to convince me that my original take is off. If we look at WAR in the 2+ seasons since the trade Frazier has combined for 6.7 (fan graphs) and 7.5 (bbref). Peraza meanwhile has combined for .2 (fg) and -.7 (bbref). Schebler looks a little better at 2.2 (fg) and 2.3 (bbref). The Reds targeted “near ready” players in the trade, and both Peraza and Schebler had made their ML debuts before coming to the Reds, so I believe this is a relatively good way to compare the trade so far.

      Frazier was an above average regular with the Reds, he’s pretty continued to be an above average regular since he’s left. Schebler has been a pleasant surprise, and I do think there’s a little more in there he could tap into. At the same time, up to this point he hasn’t produced at the level of an everyday guy. Peraza has practically been replacement level. Wishing the best for Dixon, and as a third piece in the trade, even the chance that he’ll contribute something is a plus. But the Reds traded a cost controlled, above average starter with two seasons of control, and I don’t see the guy in the return who I believe has a realistic chance of being an above average starter down the line. That to me, keeps this trade from being a winner in my books.

      • Brad

        For me, Reds ditched Frazier’s $20.25M over two years (2016 and 2017). Used that money on International Signings (results to be seen.) Added 3/25 current 25-man roster hitters for 7 years each. In 2018, Frazier would be gone, Reds keep 2 everyday players for 5 years each (2018-2022) and one bench player for 7 (2018-2024). Reds return has been better than what Dodgers got in Montas, Johnson and Thompson.

        Player War Salary
        Frazier 3.2+3.4=6.6 $8250000 + $12000000 = $20250000


        Schebler .5+1.2+.5 =2.2 $507500 + 540000 + $193333 (1/3) (+ 4 years) = $1.627M
        Peraza .1+-.7+-.1=-.7 $507500 + 540000 + $190000 (1/3) (+ 4 years) = $1.617M
        Dixon 0 Controlled 2018-2024

        $1,548,958/WAR + combined 14 years of control beyond 2018

        Plus, having Frazier may have impaired Reds 2017 and 2018 draft picks due to additional wins.

      • Norwood Nate

        Thank you for explaining your thought process. It’s always interesting to look at how people view trades. I know some like to grade it at the time, based on current value/projected value (etc). Some like to see the trade a few years out to determine how the scouting/development departments did on determining on pegging the right guys. Others have completely different methods of determining grades. There are so many factors in play, which is one of the reason I wanted to know how you arrived at your conclusion.

        It appears (correct me if I’m wrong) that you view the success of this trade based on the money saved (freed up), and the years of control we swapped out moving from Frazier to multiple prospects. That’s a reasonable rationale, even if not one I’d adhere to.

        For me it’s like an analogy of Thanksgiving dinner. Frazier was the turkey, the prospects were the sides. Sure the sides are cheaper and there is more of them than there is of turkey so they’ll last longer. Each side has some qualities that make them worthy of coming to the table. But at the end of the day, they are sides, not the main course.

  4. Hoyce

    About time he gets the call up- now he needs to start at least 5 days in a row. I put him at 1st, 3rd, LF, RF and maybe 2B. Let’s see what this kid has.
    Just don’t go w the reds philosophy of rotting for 6 days and then seeing a pinch hit opportunity.

    • Hoyce

      Well he’s not starting tonight. Maybe he’s still caught in that Louisville traffic. But he needs to start tomorrow.

  5. Steve

    Finally, the 2 utility players that should have started the season on the 25 man roster, together with the Reds. That fills out the 40 man roster and it will be interesting what moves are made when Disco is ready to return and Senzel ready to debut. Is there a trade brewing to open up a roster spot or two? Herrera most likely to get DFA’d if not.

  6. Kinsm

    Doug posting a much rosier picture than you’re likely to see out of him in Cincinnati.

    • Doug Gray

      Only because I get the feeling you aren’t going to get to see him much in Cincinnati. He can play all over, he can run a little bit, he’s got pop. He doesn’t walk. He strikes out a lot. I’m not sure where I’m missing something.

  7. MK

    Tejay Antone activated in Daytona.

    Only problem is if both schebler and Winker start there is no lefty on the bench, but certainly Brandon deserved it. Hopefully he won’t rot on bench like Herrera.

  8. kevinz

    Off Topic but really wish Miles Gordon didnt get hurt before the numbers dont show it but he keep Impresses with his work with the Zone keeps his BB K rate at a good number. Anyone know if he better than a 50 runner that ive seen? Looks faster to me but mayb his hustle makes him look faster to me?

  9. MK

    Got an alert on my Fantasy Team that Dee Gordon is now on 10-day DL with a broken toe. Could Gennet be even closer to great Northwest?

  10. Tom B.

    My prediction is that Dixon will sit the bench for days before he gets to pinch hit, much less start. Just like Herrera. And countless others before that. Because why would you want to break up a 4-man outfield “experiment” that is hitting a combined .219?

    • Nolan Ryan

      And the fact that the Reds could have an OFer hitting .300 or better when all of our current OFers can’t hit their way out of a paper bag (and that’s after Schebler just struck out in the 1st).

  11. MK

    Alejandro Chacin who has been pitching for the Sugar Land Skeeters of Independent Atlantic League has resigned with Reds and is going to Pensacola.

  12. Cguy

    Scott Moss showed signs of life, pitching 7 shutout innings in Daytona’s 4-3 win tonight. Friedl & Trammel are both north of .300 BA as of tonight with T. Stephenson only 3 point short. I thought Santillan gave a good effort last night, but gave up a 3 run dinger in the 8th inning to muck up his stat line.