Shed Long, who I wrote about as being one of the prospects with their stock up early this season, made the Baseball America Prospect Hot Sheet for his performance last week. He hit .381/.435/.782 with three extra-base hits for Pensacola. Here’s what JJ Cooper had to say about Long in the article:

The Scoop: The Reds have found a surprisingly solid second baseman in Scooter Gennett. The waiver claim has proven to be more productive than Brandon Phillips, the veteran he replaced. Gennett has only one more season before he hits free agency, but with Eugenio Suarez signed to a long-term extension, Nick Senzel is Gennett’s likely long-term replacement. That leaves Long as a man who may remain blocked for a while. The former catcher may not have a clear path to a job in Cincinnati, but the man can hit. (JJ)

It certainly will be interesting to see how the Reds handle Shed Long. As noted by JJ Cooper, there doesn’t seem to be a clear path to Cincinnati right now. There’s pretty much two options: Keep Long at second base and either wait and see if an opportunity presents itself in the organization, or trade him for something at another position of need. Or, option two, try to find another position for Long to play and use him there in the future.

A wild ending to the Louisville Bats game

Last night the Louisville Bats lost 3-2 to Indianapolis. The Bats were threatening in the top of the 9th inning. They had two runners on with one out. Then this play happened to end the game.

Once the throw got away, everything had to go perfect for Indianapolis to keep the game from being tied up. And, unfortunately for Louisville, it did.

Tyler Mondile wins Midwest League Pitcher of the Week

Dayton Dragons starting pitcher Tyler Mondile is bringing home some hardware (I don’t know if they actually get hardware). He made one start last week but he made it count in a big way. Mondile allowed just one hit, to the second batter of the game, in an otherwise perfect game in a double header. He threw 7.0 shutout innings with eight strikeouts and that earned him Midwest League Pitcher of the Week. Both the innings pitched, and the strikeout total are career highs for the 20-year-old.

You can’t just throw hard

The hardest throwing pitcher in baseball isn’t who you think it is. Unless you think it is Jordan Hicks. The 21-year-old reliever for the St. Louis Cardinals hit 105 MPH multiple times over the weekend. He’s thrown the five hardest pitches in baseball this season. He’s the only pitcher to throw over 104 MPH this season and he’s done so four different times. It’s only he and Aroldis Chapman to top 102 MPH this season.

That fastball velocity is where things stop in the comparison, though. Aroldis Chapman has struck out 47.4% of the batters that he has faced this season. That’s the third highest rate of strikeouts in Major League Baseball (Josh Hader, Adam Ottavino). Jordan Hicks has struck out 9.5% of the batters he has faced this season. That ranks 242nd out of 243 pitchers with at least 20 innings thrown this season.

Major Leaguers can hit a fastball, no matter how hard it’s thrown. Especially when they know it’s coming. And with Jordan Hicks, they tend to know that it’s coming. He had thrown a total of 27.0 innings in Advanced-A in the 2017 season. The Cardinals still promoted him to the Majors out of spring training. It’s not terribly surprising that he’s struggled to put hitters away. He throws his sinker about 80% of the time, and mixes in a slider the other 20% of the time. The slider, though, isn’t considered much of a good pitch at this point. But even if it were, it wouldn’t matter much because Hicks struggles to throw strikes at this point in his career. He’s currently walking 17% of the batters he faces. That’s essentially Joey Votto’s walk rate over the last five seasons.

Of course, despite all of that, he’s kept runners off of the board to this point in the season. Will it continue? I’d doubt it. Even as a big time ground ball guy, you can’t just keep letting guys walk nearly twice as often as you strike them out and continue to find success.

This technically isn’t a Reds related update, but I found it rather interesting, and well, I wanted to write about it. So why not tuck it away on a Tuesday morning?


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  1. Nolan Ryan

    Any chance Shed Long could play in the OF?
    OF definitely has openings as all players in the Red’s OF rotation can’t really
    hit consistently and a strong hitter could definitely find a spot.

    • Keith

      Given how poor Scooter’s defense is, i think Scooter is the one who should move off 2B.

    • The Duke

      Does Scooter have enough arm for RF? Maybe see if he is open to something like a 4 year, $60 mil extension? That’d buy out his last arb year and 3 FA years and would only tie him to the Reds through his age 32 season. $15 per seems a little high, but he’s hitting and hitting real well over a not insignificant sample size. And in RF his defensive limitations at 2B aren’t a liability and it opens a spot for either Senzel or Shed. Possibly both if Winker can’t hit for any power. Could the future corner OF end up being Scooter in LF and Senzel in RF?

      • Pickle Rick

        That is an interesting outside the box thought though I am not Scooter even has the arm for 2B – let alone RF. Can we overshift him closer to first? He is may be the least athletic of the current 2B cluster (Gennett, Senzel, Long, DH Herrera) – so if he was extended he almost has to stay at 2B.
        But I do like the concept – get the best bats in – ignore current positions.
        StL made DeJong a ML SS after all!

      • wes

        Scooter will prob sign a 3 year extension for 10 mil or less based on current free agent/extension market. I also think if his arbitration number is 12 mil+ next year- reds will prob cut him if they can’t sort out log jam at that price.

        Like to see Reds try Shed in outfield. He’s on pace for a late season call up.

      • kevinz

        Ill keep mentioning it but Love the Senzel to RF idea i still say flip scooter at high Point for his Market.
        Dream Corner OF for me is Trammell in LF Senzel in RF.
        let Long Herrera Blandino battle for 2nd.
        Gonna make people laugh but can see Blandino being Suarez Lite just less Power.
        Love how Blandino always around Geno like his Pet no better way to learn to work to outplay your tools.

      • Shawn

        No way we should give scooter 15 Million (or even 10) when we have Senzel, Herrera, Long and Blandino. We should use what money we have to upgrade SS, CF and starting pitching.

      • Hoyce

        But I’d still try the prospect route. As opposed to the free agent route

  2. kevinz

    Think in the least Long should play 2nd and Lf and wait it out because ATM Scooter the only Proven man as a hitter anyway for 2nd base. Senzel health probs gotta see him bounce back first even though should be RF lol. Long has to improve anyway with more walks needed a lil less SO so more time to develop

  3. Norwood Nate

    In an ideal scenario the Reds would give Peraza the remainder of the season to see if he can be a viable starter or if his future is as a utility player. If Peraza isn’t going to cut it as an everyday player, then the Reds need to figure out over the offseason if either Suarez or Senzel can play SS on a regular basis. If that answer is no, or even not long term, then the Reds will need to make a trade for their next SS. Long is a nice asset to use for that purpose, but trades are difficult to predict. It’s hard to know if the team that has a ready SS has needs at 2B. Positional flexibility would be a good thing for Long regardless of keeping him or trading him. I’m just not sure where he moves if he doesn’t stay at 2B. Does he have the arm for RF? The speed for CF? I’m just not sure. The reemergence of D. Herrera could make this whole situation more interesting.

    • Shawn

      He started out as a catcher so you would assume he has a good arm.

  4. MK

    How cac such a bad team have so many viable options.At this point Scooter Is part of that bad team and Shed is not. I say keep with the plan and keep the players who have the chance to win. Scooter might sell some tee shirts today but he sure isn’t turning them into winners. Get what the market will bare for him which is more than you had before and move on.

    • Eric Wormus

      This x1,000. This is what us fans, and more importantly the Reds front office, must never lose sight of. The Reds at 16-32. They have the worst record in the NL and only 1 loss behind the MLB leader in losses. This is a bad team that is not one player away from anything except maybe 95 losses instead of 100.

      The question should not be “will Shed Long be as good as Scooter?” It must be “Will Shed Long (offensively and defensively) plus whatever we get back for Scooter provide more total value in 2020 than Scooter alone?” The same goes for, frankly, everyone in the entire organization.

    • Ghettotrout1

      The reason this team can’t win is because essentially none of our SP prospects have turned out to what we thought they would be. Look at the prospects that have been in the top 100 over the last few years and where they are Reed – AAA walking everyone, Stephenson – AAA treading water, Garrett – Stuck in the bull pen (but dominating). When we as fans get excited that our starter lasted 5 innings and only gave up 2 or 3 runs in their outing that speaks volumes to how awful our starters have been. Scooter is surely not the problem on this team.

      • Alex

        Yeah reed and stephenson have been very disappointing. Hopefully the other guys are at least learning at the majors with their hiccups still. Sometimes it takes a year for a pitcher to adjust to the majors. Mahle is still walking a lot more guys this year than he did in the minors, While its not a terrible number its something i believe he will improve on as the year goes on. Then he should be able to go deeper into games.

  5. AirborneJayJay

    Shed should be shagging fly balls in CF everyday during batting practice. Then in a few weeks he should start to get some game time in CF. It is worth a try.

  6. Greenfield Red

    A couple of thoughts I’ve had in the last couple of days are these:

    In the short term, as a sign the days of being kicked around are over, in response the Suarez broken thumb, the Pirates first hitter needs to be plunked by Matt Harvey tonight. That would also help Harvey’s brand with fans.

    In the much longer view, the Reds really owe us a massive commitment to improvement. Perception is reality when it comes to the fanbase. Even though there have been successful moves, many fans only see the botched Chapman, Frazier, Bruce, and Cueto trades, the bad drafts in 2012-2014, and the bad contracts (Bailey, Mesaroco, and to some Votto). There were excuses as to why Cozart wasn’t traded to Seattle that didn’t hold water. From the view of many, there is the botched international market. There have been numerous opportunities to add payroll that have been ignored.

    I love the Reds, and I look forward to every game… and I mean every game. However, I can totally understand why so many have turned away. It’s only going to get worse until the suits in the carpeted office clean this up and make big moves. And by big moves, I don’t mean naming Barry Larkin manager. That would be a no win situation in my opinion.

    The perfect example of how the Reds get continually jobbed by others is the Chapman trade. In a complete panic, they trade the best reliever in the game for almost nothing to of all teams the Yankees. The Yankees in turn trade him for a huge haul and then, to add insult to injury, resign him the next year. The Reds take on all the risk to sign and develop him. The Yankees get Chapman, a massive haul of young talent, and the Cubs get a ring. The Reds get almost nothing.

    It’s like the Reds are the Washington Generals and the Yankees are the Harlem Globetrotters. The Reds aren’t competing with the Yankees, they exist to support them. This has to change for fans to come back.

    • Tom B.

      This is a very astute post. Other than Matt Harvey nailing the first hitter tonight (because the guy will probably score), I agree with almost every word of this. I might also argue that the Reds have had more bad drafts than just 2010 – 2014.

    • MK

      The only way they would have had Chapman was to sign and develop him. Otherwise he is never a Red. Remember at the time of the trade he was facing a suspension for domestic violence with gun charges included. Yanks did not have that issue to deal with when trading him to the Cubs. Jagielo was a first round draft pick, Rookie Davis is still a viable prospect, and Cotham was a throw in piece for the bullpen. I really don’t think both teams were trading the same person. One quality with baggage and one quality with no baggage.

  7. Hoyce

    Scooter should be traded ASAP. And one of Suarez or Senzel should also be traded within a year. As mentioned above, reds need to trade for pitching and a SS.
    Personally I’d vote firesale. Reset this organization.
    From bottom comments this spring, I could even see him accepting a trade.

    • Tom

      You could add Hamilton to that list, too. Take Senzel off, however, :)

      Only two pitchers to target next year. They stay healthy and produce:

      Gio Gonzalez 4 years 80 mill
      Dallas Kuechel 6 years 120 mill

      Get 1 or both or call in the hounds, this goose is out of biz time to trade Votto, etc.

      Already missed Arrieta who is anchoring the “surprise” Phillies.

      • Kap

        Good luck trying to sign a top notch free agent starter. The rebuild plus that ball park? Slim to non

        What they should do is trade for one either this offseason or the next. An example here would be dylan bundy or kevin gausman of the o’s

      • Tom

        Of all the things that are within the Reds power, overcoming that stigma should be one of them. Money talks. I think the mindset that the Reds can never sign a pitcher is a challenge for the front office and ownership to overcome.

        Think about the overwhelming disadvantage that mindset creates. They aren’t just a small market team, their they kind that when it does have money, it doesn’t even spend the same.

        I call BS. FO and ownership needs to find a solution to this small mindedness.

    • Alex

      If we keep trading guys like suarez will we ever have a good team? The guy has a great contract. HE should be a building block for us! Top 5 Def 3rd baseman in the game! And a very solid offensive player as well. He works hard to improve every year and looks to be one of the most likeable guys on the team. He is the last guy on the team that i would trade. I feel like trading suarez says we aren’t going to compete for the next 6 years.

  8. Tom

    Remember the Freel for Ramon trade? Perhaps Scooter can go in exchange for a vet willing to resign at a position of need (CF).

    Just as well, it would be good to see a low A lotto ticket come into the pipeline.

    I like the idea of Scooter testing the OF. I think he’d take to it just fine because he’s a baseball rat. Positional flexibility could help his trade and FA market.

    Shed will be ready to contribute after 2019, so it’s not urgent. Senzel / Suarez / Peraza has to sort out at the MLB level. If Peraza doesn’t show increasing power by next season, he’s a CF/2b/SS type and competing with Blandino for that role. If Peraza isn’t a starter, the best use of talent will be Senzel at 3b, Suarez at SS, Shed/Herrera at 2b.

    No reason to trade any prospects at this point or in the near future.

    There are enough options available to keep the talent and really try to develop them. The depth and upside is worth a lot of cash.

    If a player is out of options and really has no room on the roster, pursue prospect swaps. For example, if Shed is out of options in 2021, crushing the minors, and still no room on the roster, swap him for another AAA guy that fills a need. But don’t lose out on the opportunity to say yes or no to depth and talent.

    • MK

      The big piece to that Freel deal turned out to be Reds giving up Justin Turner as well.

      • Tom

        Yeah some talent scout really called their shot on that one. Ramon was a great piece for the Reds though.

    • Shawn

      Shed will probably be ready by the all star break next year. He will go to Louisville as soon as Senzel is called up.

      • Tom

        Knowing what we know or don’t know about Senzel and Herrara and Gennett, there is no reason to rush Long. AA all year, AAA all 2019. Start 2020 in AAA or earn a spot. By 2020 the team should be contending and that isn’t the same as now when you can afford to teach on the job. Shed will have to be almost over-ready like Frazier was. It served Frazier and Votto well to wait a little longer.

    • Alex

      He isn’t the most likeable guy but kevin pillar i believe is a FA after this year. Possible CF replacement in the offseason??

  9. AirborneJayJay

    How about the Reds trading Raisel Iglesias and Scott Schebler to the Houston Astros for 3B/SS Alex Bregman, CF Kyle Tucker, 1B Yordan Alvarez, and LHP Cionel Perez.
    Bregman moves to SS with the Reds. The Astros have 3B JD Davis obliterating AAA pitching and can replace Bregman in Houston.
    Tucker goes to CF and Hamilton becomes 4th OF and plays all 3 OF spots.
    Alvarez plays 1B and some LF at AA, with advancement to AAA this year.
    Perez goes to AA rotation, with advancement to AAA this year.

    • HavaKlu

      The Astros have no reason to make such a trade. I seriously doubt they would even consider a straight Tucker for Iglesias trade. They have no need for Schebler and are not about to give up Alvarez or Perez.

      • AirborneJayJay

        Houston’s corner OFers are not doing well at all. Their DH is struggling terribly. They have plenty of need for Schebler.
        That would be 3 1/2 years of Iglesias and 4 1/2 years of Schebler. They are not rentals.
        The closer market will be tight and Houston with a big need there should get out in front of the curve. But it will cost.

      • kevinz

        Dont think would Happen when Hou has Kyle Tucker in AAA think thats longer control than schebler and Iggy. Plus younger with upside and helps there Corner OF Problem.

    • A.B.

      You don’t think we should ask for more from Houston?

    • Hoyce

      U couldn’t get bregman for those two. But Astros may be a good trade for Iggy. But during playoffs Astros are gonna move their 4th and/or 5th starter to the pen. Again

  10. Simon Cowell

    2. Jesse Winker, CIN: -1.2

    2nd worse war in MLB.
    What’s the deal? Should he be back in Louisville?

    • Doug Gray

      He’s mired in a slump, and he’s being played out of position.

      But, we need to understand two things: 1, defensive WAR is trash. And 2, defensive WAR in May is even more so trash.

      • Alex

        Even playing out of position he looks awful. He has bad reads on the ball terrible first step and reaction time. Do you think it’s just from seeing the ball at a different angle in rf? The game the other day winker took 2 steps back on that ball that gennet ran all the way into right field for. I feel like most any other right fielder would of caught that ball. Amazing effort on gennets part though. A reason why people love him even though his d is poor. He certainly gives his all

    • NC Reds Fan

      I would imagine he’s probably a bit frustrated by the inconsistent play time mostly behind someone who’s been hitting .180 most of the year and strikes out half the time.

      • Cameron

        Duvall is leading the team in HR’s and second on the team in BB’s. His BABIP is .198. His BABIP for 2016 and 2017 combined is .283. That would give him 8 more hits this year. If they were all singles, which isn’t likely, his slash line would be .243/.338/.478/.816 He’s the best LF on the team. Especially when you consider defense.

      • Patrick

        Duval is playing better than most people realize

  11. Pickle Rick!

    IMO the missing ingredient here is Starting Pitching.
    I have some level of confidence in Castillo and Mahle (though without better secondary pitches he may be more of a low 3 high 4), but that is about it.
    There seem to be reasonable answers available now or in the works everywhere else (ok – not SS) but SP is the biggest mystery.
    Many evaluators still think Romano is better suited for the pen, as is Finnegan. And good pen piece might be a stretch for Reed in the near term.
    I still have some hope for RS – the repertoire is there – and maybe Garrett. But that 2 maybes and a Santillan/Green.
    Do what you can to combine these spare parts for a good young starter or 2.
    Bullpens can be built from spare SP parts.
    Get me some Starters!

    • Hoyce

      Yes. Still need starters. That’s why I like:
      Trade w rays for Blake snell for either Suarez or Senzel. May be able to get a prospect too
      Another idea : Angels have big holes at 2B and RF. (Kinsler and Calhoun have been terrible). Maybe scooter and either schebler or Duvall for a prospect or 2. Would love Adell. But they also have a few pitchers

  12. SultanofSwaff

    From here on out, the only positive to salvage from the season is to get young guys looks at positions of need regardless of experience level or veteran status. You know, what they should’ve done last year.

    I don’t get the urgency to run Gennett out of town. Since he’s a local guy, I’d first look at a hometown discount extension similar to Barnhart’s. 3 win players don’t grow on trees and we could retain one in his prime for below market value. That’s good business. He becomes my main man in LF, but he also sees time at 3b/2B……but is no longer the everyday second baseman.

    Peraza has had a year an a half to prove his uselessness. Blandino/Senzel share time at SS. Peraza goes back to Louisville to completely rework his plate approach.

    Schebler and Blandino get looks in CF, for versatility if anything else. Hamilton sits.

    Winker gets another 30 starts vs. LHP to determine if he’s a platoon guy. Duvall sits.

    BobSteve replaces Homer.

    Disco replaces Sal. Sal moves to the Louisville bullpen where his 2 pitch arsenal plays up.

    Iglesias gets traded for an OF or starting pitcher plus a bullpen arm, all cost controlled. Has to be an elite prospect, quality over quantity.

    Entice potential playoff teams with a package of Hughes+Hernandez+Hamilton for 1 really good prospect.

    • DX

      I agree with everything in your blog. I don’t know how much the extension to Scooter would be. The way Scooter plays, hits and hustles, he would be my every day LF. I think Blandino is a utility player that I like having on this team.

      Didn’t anyone in the system realize how badly WInker is in RF? Was this a complete surprise? I am not sure why Duvall plays LF when Winker is in RF, I would think they should switch. However, I would play Winker every day and find out if he can play. A month ago, a lot of blogs were saying how good Winker is and should be in the lineup every day. He needs time.

      • Tom

        Winker has had a .400ish slg for the last 3 years.

        I can see a break out year or two once he settles in and that alone is worth keeping him over what anyone would pay now.

        He is what we’re seeing until he develops further.

        Some time in AAA might be necessary this year and next. But by 2020, he’ll have to stick on the 25 man roster at which time he could be in his power prime, a decent 1b backup for Joey, and a decent option in LF and RF.

        Hopefully Schebler, Duvall, and Gennett? or someone else really takes on the heavy lifting in the SLG department for the OF.

    • donny


      Do me a favor and go into the reds top 30 prospects and look up Blandino and get a good look at his run grade. To me, it doesn’t look like someone who can play CF. Why your add it. Jesus !

      • SultanofSwaff

        Blandino’s speed according to baseballsavant is 27ft/sec., exactly 50th percentile. It’s near the bottom end for center fielders, yes, but decidedly average for the outfield. GABP is small, so what are you really gaining with Billy vs. what you give up at the plate 5 times a game? It’s the Drew Stubbs argument all over again. Give me the better bat every time.

      • donny


        He has a run grade of 40. 50 is average speed. Do you think a guy that is that slow can play CF and cover any ground. Ideally you want a CFer with at least a 60 run grade. You know how big a difference it is between a 40 and a 60 run speed ?

      • Doug Gray

        Alex Blandino is NOT a 40 runner. But he’s also nowhere near fast enough to be a center fielder.

        We need to be careful at times when using the sprint speed leaderboard. That’s just the top speed. It’s not telling us how fast someone accelerated to get there, and that’s incredibly important.

    • Hoyce

      It’s not that anyone is trying to run scooter outta town. And why would he take a hometown discount? He has value at a position of surplus for a team that has many needs. He’s going to become expensive on a team that has limited means. How does any of this not make sense??

      • SultanofSwaff

        You have to explore the idea. At worst, you have a below market player in his prime. That’s far more valuable as a trade chip than an impending free agent.

  13. Kap

    Not a huge fan of bleacher report, but they had an article recently about potential trades. They had Iglesias going to houston for bukauskas, Alvarez, armenteros, and gustave.

    Not a bad offer, but I would change it a little. I would include hamilton and ask for for bukauskas, Alvarez, corbin martin, and for the wild card. Colin mchugh.

    Most people will wonder why ask for mchugh. He is now a reliever and is about to go through his final round of arbitration. He has had extensive experience starting and pitching around 180 innings, something the reds lack. Start him the rest of this season and if he does well, offer him a team friendly contract through arbitration. That will be their shot at getting a cheap, solid veteran starting pitcher.

    Just an idea.

    • Norwood Nate

      BR had it right before they offered that scenario, if the Reds trade with Houston, Kyle Tucker needs to be the headliner.

      • kevinz

        Too get Tucker would take Iggy Trammell i believe

  14. Hoyce

    Here’s an outside the box trade. Interested to hear what others think.
    Votto and bobsteve to yanks (assuming jv oks it and Stephenson could use a change of scenery)
    For Ellsbury (and his entire terrible contract), gleyber Torres, bird, and justice Sheffield. And possibly throw in Brandon drury
    Why the yanks do it: votto duh, they shed ellsbury contract. And bird always hurt. Stay under tax penalty threshold and have a 40 man jam full of good players-this helps
    Why the reds do it: don’t save much money, but can afford to play ellsbury when healthy and might flip at a loss. Acquire a super cheap stud SS, bird has high upside and acquire a top pitching prospect. And a very good utility guy all for cheap.

    • Hoyce

      Why votto does: gets out from prob another rebuild straight to a legit champ contender. Meanwhile still being a rich man.

      • kevinz

        The reason the Yanks wont do it is because Torres involved
        Gregorious gonna get expensive then have Torres replace him for cheaper.

    • wes

      If I’m Yanks I’d do anything to put Votto in front of Stanton and Judge. That line up with bullpen has WS champs wrote all over it. No way you get Torres and Bobsteve has no value but maybe Sheffield, Acevedo, Sauer ? Get a lefty close to ready for bigs, a huge reliever, and a 19 year old with tons of upside. That would be a great haul for Votto!

      Move Tysteve to 1st.

      • Hoyce

        But see the whole leverage that the reds have is that the yanks have to stay under the tax threshold or pay like 60% tax. By taking ellsburys contract the yanks stay under. That’s why gleyber is included. He isn’t the key piece.

    • Grover

      Yankees would laugh themselves silly at that proposal.

  15. Bubba Woo

    I still don’t understand why the Reds won’t try Suarez at SS again. He spent four years in the Giants system where they saw him as a SS (And I have a LOT more confidence in the Giants FO than the Reds FO). But if there not going to do that, I’d say the time has come for Shed to start seeing some time in RF/LF.

    • Randy in Chatt

      Suarez was in the Tiger’s system not the Giants.

  16. Hoyce

    Ya. But it’s the yanks. Do u think they are gonna let a few dollars be the diff of the getting 2 of the next 3 championships?
    I agree it’s a long shot. But the trade should be brought to the table. I think everyone wins in this scenario. Especially the reds

  17. kevinz

    Def be a Win for The Reds never said didnt like it lol just that Yanks say Nay no thanks

  18. Krozley

    Even if Votto approved to be traded, I don’t think the return would be as good as you think. Teams will probably not be willing to take the risk of the last 5 years/$132MM guaranteed for his age 35-39 seasons. I personally think Votto will remain elite through most of that period, but I’m guessing most teams won’t want to take the chance and the Reds would be lucky to get even one top 100 prospect for him if the other team takes on the full salary remaining.

    • Hoyce

      Once again, that’s why the reds take on ellsburys contract. To get those elite prospect/youngsters

      • Hoyce

        Ellsbury is signed thru 2021 at roughly $21M per year. So not far off from votto’s contract annually

  19. Red Thunder

    Reds shipped Rosell Herrera back to Louisville, might as well, they didn’t play him much while he was there.

  20. Hoyce

    See Gordon to 10 day w broken toe. Scooter pack ur bags and get ready to change that license plate on ur scooter.

  21. Patrick

    Reds fans really kill me. it is all about what a guy does in the batters box. the Reds problem is not Peraza, Hamilton. Winker, Schebler, Duvall or what ever position player you want to complain about.

    This team is where it is because of its rotation. You put this rotation on the Yankees and the Yankees are a .500 team. There is not an offense that can overcome a rotation with a 5.60 ERA.

    • victor vollhardt

      Patrick—is right—The REDS 8 starters in the field positions are OK. The Reds need MLB type starting pitching. These need to be pitchers who can stay close to the strike zone so as to keep walks to a minimum and pitch to contact. There would be home runs, but that type of pitcher would go deeper into games and for the most part the eight guys out there can field pretty well. We will see what Harvey does tonight in a “small yard”—I just feel very uncomfortable with him.

      • Doug Gray

        The Reds hitters, including defense, ranks 23rd in fWAR. The Reds pitchers rank 28th in fWAR. Now, the pitchers include the bullpen that’s been outstanding of late, but overall, the offense/defense stinks and the pitching stinks.

    • Doug Gray

      I think the issue is that you can at least look at the rotation and see where those guys can improve. It’s tough to look at Hamilton or Peraza and say “I can see them getting better”.

  22. kevinz

    That is true not gonna argue that Our Pitching Horrible but the Offense has the most
    Runners LOB in NL and Mlb i believe which doesnt help either on the Offense Part.

    • BurgRed

      Your going to have that when you send up Hamilton and Peraza back to back. But you know we don’t want to hurt their feelings….