Hendrik Clementina has been crushing the baseball all season for the Dayton Dragons. That continued on Tuesday. The Dragons resumed a rain-suspended game that began on Monday. Getting the start at catcher, over the two days needed to complete the game, Clementina racked up three hits. He had a double for his first hit. In his third at-bat of the game he hit a go-ahead 2-run home run. That was his 9th homer of the season (video below), which is tied for the best in the Midwest League. It’s also leading the Reds farm system. In his final at-bat of the game he singled, and later scored the game-winning run on a Jeter Downs walk-off single.

For as good as his April was, May has been that much better. In 14 games played he’s hitting .354/.483/.875 with seven home runs, a triple, and two doubles. He’s also walked as many times as he’s struck out, 11. Hendrik Clementina doesn’t qualify for the league leaders categories yet as he’s a few at-bats short. However, if he did qualify, he’s currently rank 5th in average (.348), 3rd in on-base percentage (.435), and 1st in slugging (.739).

A change at the top of the draft?

Last week the consensus #1 prospect in the country was Auburn right handed pitcher Casey Mize. Yesterday Kiley McDaniel of Fangraphs held a chat and had a whole lot to say about Mize and his medical concerns. He says that there’s a decent chance that the Detroit Tigers are looking at other options at the top of the draft. If that’s true, it would open up all kinds of things.

When it comes specifically to the Cincinnati Reds, McDaniel notes that he believes they have one of Brady Singer, Joey Bart, or Nick Madrigal at the top of their board, with Alex Bohm and Jonathan India behind them. What isn’t clear is if they are considering Casey Mize or not.


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  1. kevinz

    Whos your Guy at 5 for Reds Doug who you think will be there?

  2. kevinz

    I heard from a little voice that india liked better than Danbsy Swanson.
    I know Reds need Pitcher Galore though just not sure who best of this bunch in Draft?

  3. kevinz

    Mayb grab a Pitcher at 5 and see if Meadows is there at 47 he seems interesting Austin’s brother. Looking at teams depth starts at mlb level and Prospects wise maybe swing a trade with Mets for young SS Gimenez since have Rosario at MLB level who is young. That reason want Pache he young and awesome on D in CF braves have Acuna so figured have two Young players at two spots where needed.
    Most in System more corner OF Prospects.
    same with SS most 2nd or 3rd not SS Prospects

  4. Stock

    Like I mentioned earlier in the game review. It is fun to go to the Dayton box score every night with 6 hitters to view

  5. Kap

    It would be a small miracle if Mize fell to the Reds at #5. If I were running the show, I would chose Mize quicker than the NY Giants chose Saquan Barkleyin the NFL draft. About 30 seconds to make my mind up. In my eyes, he is not only the best chance to become an ace, but the one who will need the less amount of minor league seasoning to make it to the show.

  6. Shamrock

    Our C prospect looks good and, out of the lot, I’d pick Madrigal.

    Change of Topic:
    I haven’t posted on here too much this season (the 3-18 start was certainly enough for me to regret buying MLB.tv this year and I’ve found other entertainment)
    But………how about the young Cincinnati native who i constantly had to defend on here and who i continued to pick as our eam MVP for this season: SCOOTER GENNETT!!

    Everyone on here can eat some frickin crow.
    2017 wasn’t a “fluke career year”. No, it was a breakout season (at age 27) for a guy who’s the best player on the Reds team………hopefully for years to come.
    Last night was awesome.
    These fans don’t deserve you Scooter!!!!!!!

    • HavaKlu

      Amen Shamrock! It would be nice to see Votto have more of Gennett’s aggressiveness instead of having to analyze every pitch. Votto may be one of the greatest but he absolutely drives me crazy watching him bat.

      • victor vollhardt

        To Shamrock and Havaklu— I agree with both of you. Please notice my many posts on this subject the past month or so. Gennett has become a fine player. He is not the best on defense, but no one gives it more effort–he sets the bar for other players in the effort category. It also appears that in the clubhouse he is a fun, high energy guy—something the Reds could use and have been a short on in the recent past.

      • Tony Cloninger

        Sure. When Scooter produces like Votto has for at least 5 of his best seasons then you can say Votto should approach hitting like Scooter does. Until then some of you Reds fans have short memories on what makes Joey successful. You know like the year he had a year ago which landed him almost winning another MVP award.

    • Shawn

      iblike Scooter as well as anyone but still feel he needs to be traded. No sense paying him 10M when we have Senzel, Blandino and Long that can 2B for a whole lot less money. We could use the money we save and the prospects we get from the trade to upgrade SS, CF or starting pitching

      • Norwood Nate

        This is where I’m at as well. Scooter’s a nice player, but it’s time to cash in. We have ready replacements that will be much cheaper and controlled longer. Strike while the iron is hot. Learn from the past when we held onto good trade chips too long and either got nothing or a poor return.

    • Tampa Red

      Not one of the prospects always mentioned as Gennetts replacement is likely to ever have a season as good as his last year or as good as he’s on track to have this year.

      Scooter is barely 28 and is just hitting his prime. Figure out what he’s likely to get on the open market and lock him up. Highly unlikely it would be more than 3-4 years and It won’t break the bank. Package the prospects and Hamilton and find a young, productive CF.

      Trading Gennet makes a weak team weaker, both now and in the foreseeable future. This perpetual rebuild has been a complete disaster and it needs to stop, not simply reboot.

      • Norwood Nate

        How are you so convinced that none of the prospects could replicate what Gennett did last season? Scooter put up 2.4 bWAR last year. That’s not the highest bar to overcome. Blandino has acquitted himself nicely in a utility role so far, and I would expect him to continue to improve with regular playing time. Herrera has always hit when healthy, and Long is putting together a solid track record of hitting in the minors. It’s likely that all three are equivalent or an upgrade in the field. These guys have yet to have their shot so there’s no way of knowing how good they would be.

        There was a time that people talked about extending Cozart as well, he’s a late bloomer, etc. Well, Cozart did put together a couple of nice years (5 WAR last season) but isn’t exactly tearing the cover off the ball or getting on base with the Angels now. I’m certainly glad the Reds resisted the temptation to try and extend him, and hope the make a similar choice with Gennett. If we thought the end of Phillips contract was bad…j

      • RedsinWashSt

        This is exactly what the Reds have done through the years. A player gets hot and they want to keep him. Sell high while you have a chance. We have more good players at 2nd base then anywhere else. Don’t wait until he cools off and then try to get something for him.

      • Tom

        It is critical for Reds teams to have great defense for the pitching staff.

    • Ghettotrout1

      I love Scooter also……. It seems that everyone doesn’t like to believe in older players that come out and start hitting and were not super hyped or don’t seem to have high upside. I am a big Scooter fan he gives you something to get excited about as a fan.

    • redleggingfordayz

      Look, I love watching Scooter hit home runs as much as everyone else, but best player on the team is a mighty big stretch there Shamrock. Scooter still screams regression with a .371 BABIP while Suarez and Votto are sitting at .299 & .313 respectively. I like Scooters Hard %, but I just don’t see him hitting .324 the rest of the way. Also his plate discipline makes keeping a pace like this going all year very slim. Whether the Reds eventually decide to trade Scooter or not, I would love for him to prove me wrong :)!

      • Fish

        This. Also his terrible defense at 2b does pull down his overall WAR. He’s a useful player but not a cornerstone and not someone the reds should extend.

      • Norwood Nate

        Yeah, RLN had an article comparing Duvall and Gennett’s starts to the season. The article did a fantastic job of comparing types of contact, wOBA, HR distance etc. The gist was that Duvall has hit the ball better and taken more walks than Gennett, but has been extremely unlucky where Gennett has been very lucky when he’s put the ball in play. It’s always good to put context with numbers.

    • RandyW

      I’m fine with trading scooter as long as we get something good in return and we take his dollars and spend in free agency. Otherwise, keep his bat in the lineup. I still contend Peraza is not the long term answer at short so Senzel/Suarez would take 3B/SS and leave Scooter at 2nd till Long forces his way into the lineup.

      On a side note, I keep hearing reds writers say it’s too early to give up on Peraza because of his age. Replacing him at short does not mean you’re giving up on him! He can get multiple at bats as a utility guy or even send him back to the minors to play everyday. The Reds have waited on Hamilton to produce and now he’s only under contract for one more year and he’s never shown improvement. The Reds consistently fall in love with certain players and never show any inclinations to upgrade at any position and that is a strategy that will consistently keep them in last place for an extended amount of time.

      • victor vollhardt

        To Norwood Nate–About Gennett’s luck—two quotes (1)”good luck is what is left over after intelligence and effort have combined at their best” and (2) “luck is the residue of design”——-Both quotes are from Branch Rickey, who knew about a lot of things but especially baseball. And oh yes, he hired the very first “saber-metrics” guy, Allan Roth in 1947!!

      • Norwood Nate

        So is Duvall’s bad luck left over from a lack of intelligence and effort? I really don’t see how these quotes apply to this situation. No amount of intelligence or effort makes a bloop flare find grass when a line drive is hit right at a defender. The thing about luck when it comes to balls in play going for hits, is that things historically will regress to the mean. Duvall won’t carry a .194 BABIP, and Scooter won’t stay at .371. This is especially true if Duvall continues to hit the ball harder than Gennett.

      • Ghettotrout1

        Norwood Nate – Scooters career babip is 331 so it likely will regress from the 371but I wouldn’t expect it to crater.

      • Norwood Nate

        It is a fair point that some players historically carry a higher BABIP. Scooter appears to be one of them, and I don’t think his production will crater. I think he’s a good offensive player, it’s just that his production will regress at some point, and that some of his big numbers are due to being propped up by an unsustainably high BABIP.

        Scooter’s been lucky because right now balls are landing where defenders are not. I personally don’t see how that equates to effort, intelligence, or anything else he can control . Steve Mancuso’s article points out that Duvall is doing pretty much everything offensively a little better than Gennett, yet their actual production numbers are drastically different. It doesn’t trash Gennett at all, but just points out how things that are out of the player’s control actually can have a big impact on their production, especially when working with smaller sample sizes.

        If you haven’t read it, you should definitely check it out.

    • Hoyce

      See now ur spinning the story. Everyone likes scooter. But for all the reasons that have been listed is exactly why u do trade him. He’s have a great season plus. He’s got value. Other teams would want him. But reds have surplus at 2B. U can’t field 3 2nd basemen.
      And I will stick to my guns- I would draft Carter Stewart or poss Liberatore. I don’t think reds go that direction. But I hope they at least go pitching. Or trade for a young pitching prospect

    • wes

      Keeping Scooter makes sense if you can work out the log jam. Blandino, Senzel, and Long all look like major leaguers. So if Senzel can’t play and Long moves off position- then keeping Scooter long term is a fantastic plan! I believe in his bat long term and I think his breakout year came several years ago in Milwaukee and he’s always been a good player.

      10 mil a season for a second baseman on a short term contract is peanuts- even for the reds. Still plenty of room to sign a big named pitcher if needed.

      All that being said- with Senzel and Shed playing 2nd- I think it’s reds plans to move him. So maybe the right term is “ownership doesn’t deserve him”

      • redleggingfordayz

        I am confused how you work out a log jam by keeping Scooter who is going to be expensive (due to all those glorious home runs) and is replaceable. I get why Reds fans love Scooter, he is local, great personality, and a solid work ethic. Bottom line, we have an unreal amount of depth at 2B and Scooter doesn’t really profile well at other positions on the diamond. Unless the Reds are going to get an amazingly priced extension like Tucker’s, the Reds should trade him to the highest bidder and move on.

      • Ryan

        I’m all for maximizing value and I think it’s way to soon to give up on Winker, but there is no way I’m trading Gannett w/o a very substantial return and either Winker or Duvall waking up at the plate.

        You can argue the Reds are better with Senzel at 2nd Scooter in LF. It would likely improve defense at both spots(can he be a worse outfielder than Jesse?).

        The Reds are getting to point where they are going to contend or at least pretend. Teams that contend try to improve in the short term, usually anyway they can. Scooter can provide a bridge in LF that’s allows the Reds to take their time with Trammell while also putting their best team on the field.

      • redleggingfordayz

        I think the whole point Ryan is that Scooter is probably not going to be around for the next great Reds team, barring some extension. The Reds are nowhere near contending at this point unless the starting pitching does a complete 180*. Both Senzel and Long are rated higher on the defensive spectrum and I think both are probably just as versatile, if not more than Scooter. At the end of the day, that is 10 million a year (min) that they could be paying Dallas Keuchel and AJ Pollock, who are superstars, and they play at positions the Reds have no replacements for. (Just using two examples, not saying the Reds need to go get both, or either of them in particular).

      • Wes

        @redleg- simple. Move shed to outfield, blandino utility infielder and pray senzel plays in majors one day.

        Pretty obvious the biggest need for reds is outfield. All 3 spots are up for grab long term and reds have tons of minor league talent. Let them all play in outfield until a need comes about in infield.

      • Ryan

        Redleg- I agree with a lot of what your saying. Scooter likely won’t be apart of the next great Reds team but he could help usher in the first good Reds team in quite awhile.

        Castillo, Mahle, and Disco are the start to a pretty decent rotation. Between Romono, Stephenson, and Finnegan they have a 5th starter.

        If they could replicate the first Latos trade, this coming offseason would be the time to do it. Shed Long and Tyler Stephenson are both very good prospects that happen to be blocked for the foreseeable future and could net the Reds a nice starter.

  7. Bill

    Mize has tailed off a bit over the last two starts. The Tigers will likely want to see some bounce back during the SEC and NCAA tourneys.

    As for Clemintina, does he have to the tools to stay at catcher long term?

  8. Shawn

    I noticed that Clementia has started 18 games at Catcher and 9 at the DH position. I wondered why if the Tefs thought it was likely he could stay at Catcher he diddnt get more starts there and if they don’t thing he can stick why don’t he get starts at 1B or OF (if he is athlete c enough) when he isn’t catching. They need to find some way to get that bat in the Reds lineup in a few years

  9. Colorado Red

    Agree, only if they use the money on a starer in FA.
    No need to save the money and not spend it.
    PS, I understand it is easy to spend other peoples money.
    But, if you want to fill the seats, you need to improve.
    Sign Dallas. 6/120, and more fans will show up

  10. Shawn

    I was looked by at the Reds payroll for next year.

    Votto. 25.0
    Suerez. 7.29
    Barnhart. 2.94
    Senzel. .508
    Schebler. .508
    Winker. .508
    Blandino. .508
    Peraza. .508
    Dixon. .508

    Castillo. .508
    Mahle. .508
    Romano. .508
    Stevenson. .508

    Bailey. 23.00
    Garrett. .508
    Hernandez 2.5
    Hughes. 2.12
    Floro. .508
    Peralta. .508

    Total of 69.45 Million

    Finnigan, Desclafani And Lorenzen are arbitration eligible. I couldn’t see them making more than 5.5 Million between them. Let’s say a total of 75M

    That comes up to 75 Million. Add 15 more players that are on the 40 man roster (I think they are supposed to be included) at .508 that comes up to 82,620,000

    Still need to add backup catcher, center fielder, shortstop and a left handed hitting bench player. Preferably an outfielder.

    I’m sure most noticed that I diddnt have Iglesias, Scooter, Duval and Hamilton listed. That’s because I think they should be traded.

    That gives us 25M (30 M if the rest of the 40 man roster payroll isn’t included) and the above listed players + Harvey (and some minor league players if needed) as trade bait, to fill the holes before next season. I don’t see any reason we can’t be competitive next year

    • RandyW

      Agreed. Plus a deep farm system that will only get deeper with another draft this year and any prospects they recoup from trading iglesias, etc. They can add to the payroll and trade some prospects for controllable players and easily turn this team around in one year without gutting the farm.

    • Shawn

      Looks like only the 25 man roster counts. So 75M for next year as of now. I could see is spending 35M more on next year, especially since Homer will be coming off the books in 2020

    • Billy

      Who are you targeting with that $25 Million? You said backup catcher, CF, SS, and LHH bench bat. Are you filling 4 roster spots for $25 Million? If so, you are filling them with scrubs? If you’re content with filling one or two of those holes, what are you going after?

      My issue with the crowd pushing for the Reds to open the checkbook is that there’s just this assumption that you can throw money at a problem and solve it. In reality, teams are getting smarter and locking up quality, young talent and keeping it off the market. If there’s no one to go get, having all the money in the world won’t help.

      Now the 2018-2019 free agent class is supposed to be epic. We’re not signing Bryce Harper or Manny Machado though. Could we make a run at Dallas Keuchel? I’d like to see it, but realistically, no. The best SS option is probably Elvis Andrus. In CF, maybe AJ Pollock?

      I’m not sure what is in our price range at this point. I just hope there’s something worth buying.

      • Shaen

        Also trades. Doug thinks we could go as high as 120M if we do that leaves us 45M to spend. 20M for a starting pitcher. 5M for a backup catcher and LF bench bat. That leaves 15M and anLOT of trade chips for a SS and CFer. Really only need a stop gap CFer for a year till Siri is ready.

      • redleggingfordayz

        MLB Trade Rumors has a 2018-2019 free agent tracker. There are a pretty decent amount of options out there. I would try and possibly target the following people. Obviously the Reds can’t sign them all.

        Dallas Keuchel
        Patrick Corban
        JA Happ
        Bartolo Colon
        Charlie Morton
        Gio Gonzales
        Drew Pomeranz
        Hyun-Jin Ryu

        AJ Pollock
        Andrew Mccutchen
        Leonys Martin
        John Jay

        Machado (keep dreaming I guess)
        Asdrúbal Cabrera
        Elvis Andrus

        Just to name a few. And like Shawn said above, the Reds could get even more creative with trades and addressing their needs.

    • Krozley

      Not that it adds much to your number or changes your point, but the minimum salary in 2019 will be $555K. Peraza and Schebler will enter arbitration for the first time as well as Super2 players (per COTS contracts).

      • Shawn

        Baseball reference said they ain’t eledgable for Arbitration till 2020

  11. Alex

    Does anyone know if there are plans for Garret to start again? Or is he going to stay in the bullpen? Maybe when lorenzen comes back he can go to Louisville get a few starts to get stretched out again

    • Colorado Red

      I do not think so.
      The Reds want him in the BP.
      Maybe a health issue like Iggy.

    • Shawn

      I would like to see him moved back to the rotation but doubt it will happen. I wonder if the reds are preparing him to be our closer if or when Iglesias is traded. I don’t have sources. Just my opinion.

      • Grover

        As many people as he walks he’d never go more than 5 innings anyway

  12. Michael P.

    Can’t help to think about what if we could have traded Chapman for Gleybor Torres and Iggy for Juan Soto and pulled the plug on the Yellich off season trade. Amir could be our closer and we have a future MVP caliber shortstop, All star CF, and an one the youngest player in the league as our starting right fielder. Trade pieces before and after the break to acquire starting pitching we would be ready to compete in 2019. C Barnhart, 1B Votto, 2B Senzel, SS Torres, 3B Suarez, LF Winker, Yellich, RF Soto. SP (Castillo, Acquired, Acquired, Mahle, Romano/Santillan).. Ok, dream over..

  13. kevinz

    That dream was great but it turned into a nightmare though The Chapman trade in my mind sent the rebuild back for a few years.

    • Bob Anderson

      I doubt it. Most trades end up with a bunch of fluff. Sometimes you get lucky and hit jackpot. I doubt the Chapman guys would be moving the needle much.

      • kevinz

        may not of moved the needle but having Torres at SS instead of Peraza would make team much more Fun Cubs trading him to us would of been another ? as well.

  14. MK

    As far as Gennet goes I think of two quotes from “The Mahatma” Branch Rickey. When negotiating a raise with HR Champ Ralph Kiner he said,”We finished last with you we can finish last without you.” and when contemplating trades, “Sell when their value is high.” We know they can be awful with Scooter but aren’t sure what they might be with his replacement.

    • victor vollhardt

      To MK—your points(and Mr. Rickey’s quotes) are valid, but if we stay positive—-We know what we have now and can’t be sure of what those “replacements” will bring to the table. Also I suggest that everyone who posts on this site (and I believe we are all Reds fans) read up on vertigo as it can be temporary and simple, but also it can be very long term and aggravated by certain types of activity (athletics?). Everyone wants Senzel to fulfill his promise and have a great career(with the Reds of course). Until he has a complete recovery and receives a diagnosis that his condition is not a chronic lifetime aliment—he cannot be part of the Reds thinking going forward.

    • Ghettotrout1

      Those are actually pretty good ways to look at the situation.

  15. Tampa Red

    Love the website, but the ability to reply directly to a message is,…odd. This is for Norwood Nate.

    I knew for sure, without a doubt, that someone would bring up Cozart as a reason to not extend Gennett. Even though they’re nothing alike. I’m not even going to address that. Whatever.

    For a year and half now, I’ve read on this site and others that Gennett is a fluke, it’s all just luck, BABIP, etc., as if he wasn’t already a pretty good big league hitter before this recent run of “luck.” I’ve quit listening to that stuff. No one gets lucky for 700 big league AB’s. He’s just found his groove at age 27, which is not exactly unheard of, maybe Winker will as well, who knows. Gennett is a well above average big league 2B. It’s perfectly ok to admit that.

    Blandino will never be the hitter Gennett is. I can’t see a serious argument otherwise, and I’ve never actually seen one. Long, maybe, who knows? Answer, no one. But he hasn’t ever had a minor league season at the level Gennett just put up in the big leagues, so color me skeptical. Maybe Senzel. But vertigo is no joke and now we’re in the reoccurring stage. If the Reds aren’t planning for the chance that it’s always going to be an issue, then they all should turn in their keys to the stadium.

    I’ve had enough of this perpetual rebuild. I don’t trust any of them to make a fair, equitable trade. They have however made a few astute signings in Suarez and Barnhart. I think Gennett should be in that group as well.

    • Mo

      Suarez was a trade. Barnhardt was a draft pick.

    • kevinz

      To be fair Gennett never had a season like he did at MLB level or MIlB so how do u know Long wont or cant have one later on. Gennett already holds himself after each play like beat up so sell high if can. He def balling though after another HR lol.

      The thing with Senzel is serious I mentioned a week or two ago he cant be counted on as a Future anything until Proven otherwise have to act like he MIA and make moves like he not there or even around.

    • Doug Gray

      You can reply to a message up to about three replies under another reply. At some point you can’t just keep the chain going because each word would wind up taking up a line on it’s own. There’s only so far the replies can move to the “right” and be in the same thread.

      When you want to keep that conversation going and stay in the same topic – just reply to the same message that person responded to if and when you can’t hit the reply button to their specific post. It’ll just then go below their response.

    • Norwood Nate

      Disregard Cozart as an apt comparison if you will, but there are some similarities. Both middle infielders, both improved significantly into their arbitration years, both had drastic changes/improvements to their offensive game that they hadn’t shown previously, both were able to sustain their new approaches for long enough stretches that demonstrated it wasn’t just a fluke. Cozart was older, and a much better defender, but otherwise I see their trajectories as fairly similar.

      As far as Gennett being a pretty good big leaguer already, I’m not so sure. He was serviceable, but the two seasons before coming to the Reds his wRC+ was 78 and 91, or below average offensively. And we know his defense has been amongst the worst at 2B.

      But I’m not trying to be down on Gennett, I’ve said multiple times that I think he’s a good offensive player. It’s just that you can’t ignore the fact that his BABIP is currently 45 percentage points higher than his career. If that regresses to his career norms, which is still a good amount higher than league average, then his numbers really come back down to earth. He’s still a good hitter, but he’s not a 40% better hitter than the league. If you won’t even listen to those numbers I think we’ve identified part of your problem. It’s like you’re a climate change denier or flat earther if you won’t even listen to the relevant information we have available.

      Again, you don’t know what these 2B prospects will do with any certainty, and neither do I. We do have tons of data points that makes some amount of projection relevant. Blandino has a great handle on the strike zone which is of utmost importance when projecting future production. There’s all kinds of reasons to believe that someone amongst the 2B prospects will find success in the role moving forward, and it takes a certain kind of pessimist to suggest that the Reds will be hopeless without Gennett.

      We can find common ground on being tired of the rebuild. Which is exactly why I believe the Reds should sell high and cash in on Gennett, so we can get pieces that will hopefully help us sustain success into the future.

  16. Mo

    The bottom line is this is a bad baseball team. No fundamentals, bad attitudes and just about every player on this team has regressed this year. The Reds completely botched the rebuild. The only way to do a proper rebuild is to tear it down and start from scratch. There is absolutely no way you should you should trade prospects for major league talent this year. The we have 3 everyday players on our team. No one on those team should be untouchable and there is no way the Reds should extend a second baseman for 10m plus a year when you have 3 potential replacements on the minor leagues.

    • kevinz

      I agree MO with the bad team and Fundamentals part.
      I might be only one but i knew most players on team just place holders.
      The last two drafts so far hopefully our Future winning team.
      OF and IF Future in A and A + ball.
      The losing does stink but i understand it Only had 2 top 5 Picks so Far.
      That where Find Mostly the stars instead of Solid MLB players.
      So Duvall Schebler Billy Winker Scooter wont be on winning Reds quads.
      Blandino and utility type are what find before our Stars arrive.