Nick Senzel is heading back to join the Louisville Bats. C. Trent Rosecrans of The Athletic was the first to report the news earlier on Monday afternoon.

The Cincinnati Reds top prospect has missed most of the month of May while dealing with the side effects of vertigo. He last played for Louisville on May 3rd. He took his first plate appearance in Norfolk, but then he began to feel dizzy and left the game. After taking time off and getting treatment he was sent out to the facility in Goodyear where he began to resume baseball activities on May 17th. Several days ago he began to play in games in extended spring training and is now ready to re-join the Louisville Bats.

Mother nature may not be playing nice, though. The current forecast in Louisville is for an 80% chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening. Hopefully she will cooperate because Nick Senzel sounds like he’s itching to get back on the field.



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  1. kevinz

    Great news and hope continue good health for Mr Senzel

  2. Colorado Red

    Lets hope he can get over this.
    He has lost almost a month of BB this year, and last year.
    This is a huge concern going forward.

    • redleggingfordayz

      Confused how you take 14 days of non baseball activities to “almost a month of BB lost”.

      • AirborneJayJay

        The last game Senzel played in was May 3. The 31st on Thursday will have been 4 weeks he has been out. That is almost a month.
        Playing catch with guys in AZ waiting for Rookie level ball to start hardly compares to AAA live action.

  3. Wes

    Like I said the whole time. Nothing to worry about

  4. Mark

    I believe it’s time to give Jose Lopez a look replacing Romano.


    This good news but still iffy as can be this has happen before.
    Last i heard it was not a inner ear infection like votto had few years back.
    This much worse get him healthy for few months hope show healthy then trade him.
    Get some Bleepin Pitchers stop some teams then worry about our Position Group.
    Suarez defense regressed to the Norm. Scooter all hit no field
    Votto only good at the Plate once out of there very below average player .
    That is the reason Reds are bad the pitchers already stink with there best players with major Flaws as it is.
    I just want the Reds to be Great again forget settling.

    • Stock

      Gennett is currently the third best 2nd baseman in the majors (behind Altuve and Albies) per Fangraphs WAR. He is easily the best offensive player.

      Votto is currently the third best 1B in the majors per Fangraphs WAR.

      Everyone on this site is so quick to say bad things about Scooter’s defense but accept the poor defense of Votto. Scooter is a lot better than people on this site give him credit for.

      • redleggingfordayz

        It has nothing to do with people giving credit where credit is due. I think most people on here are extremely happy with Scooter’s performance so far (why wouldn’t they be?). The reason people are quick to point out Scooter’s defense before Votto’s is simple, he plays a much more important defensive position than 1B. Up the middle infielders are very important, and everything on the defensive side of the ball is bad for Scooter. His range is laughable, his arm is sub-par, and he doesn’t seem to get great reads off the bat. Also, as many have tried to state objectively when talking about him, Scooter’s breakout is more than likely not sustainable over an entire year. Look at his BABIP over the month of May, it is .475. I really doubt that type of hitting is even remotely sustainable. His OSwing and Zswing %’s haven’t really changed much over last year either, so his luck on balls in play really has carried his average as high as it is. This is the exact same way every other GM and FO in the ML’s are looking at him as well btw. I am very down with Scooter hitting .409 /.430/.750/1.18, but it is not going to happen all year long.

      • Stock


        Position has nothing to do with it. An error by a 1B is just as harmful as an error by a 2B.

        Lets compare Ozzie Albies (+1.4 defensive WAR) to Scooter (-2.6 defensive WAR).

        Per fangraphs:

        Routine Plays (90% – 100% likely)
        Ozzie 96.8%
        Scooter 96.6%

        Likely Plays (60%-90%)
        Ozzie 69.2%
        Scooter 85.7%

        Even Plays (40% – 60%)
        Ozzie 57.1%
        Scooter 100%

        Unlikely (10%-40%)
        Ozzie 25
        Scooter 33.3

        Remote (1%-10%)
        Ozzie 33.3
        Scooter 7.1

        This tells me maybe Ozzie is not a better defensive player just a more spectacular player.

        Ozzie handled 137 of the 155 plays he had a 1% chance of making. Apply Scooter’s % to this and he would have made 140.65 of the plays. Better than Albies.

        As for his offense. He is more aggressive at the plate this year. He is swinging at more pitches than last year (50.6% vs. 48.8% in 2017). But he is swinging at fewer pitches outside the strike zone. Because of this he has a lower swinging strike rate this year (from 9.8% to 9.3%). and a higher hard hit % (40% vs. 34.4%). He is hitting more line drives and has fewer IFFB. In fact his 26.6% LD% is 18th in the majors. With the improvement above this year he is just a better hitter than last year and much better than his career. But lets assume his BABIP lined up with his career BABIP even though the numbers above say it should be much higher. His BA then would be .295. I will take that. More realistic would be to assume his career BABIP for the last 2/3rds of the season and what he has done for the first 1/3rd and you get a season BA of .312. Altuve, Albies and Gennett are at the top of the class for 2B.

        He is not as bad as people say defensively and is better than people say offensively.

    • Stock

      Scooter Gennett is currently the third best 2B in baseball per Fangraphs WAR. He is behind only Altuve and Albies. He should be a member of the 2018 all-star team. It would not surprise me to see Scooter move up one spot if he spends the summer in Cincinnati.

      Votto is also currently the 3rd best 1st baseman. Votto heats up in the second half.

      People on this site don’t seem to appreciate the value Gennett brings and undersell him in trade value. They are also quick to be critical of his defense but I never hear a bad word about Votto’s poor defense.

      Scooter should bring a top 50 prospect back in a trade. He is that good.


        I stated Votto a very average player once out of batter box.
        that means defense lousy so is his baserunning.

        I like the Offense that both Votto and Scooter give but need more two way players with more than 1 tool in there tool Box

        Shotty defense has been a problem has not helped pitchers at all.

      • wes

        Also have to assess the current trade market. It’s actually a bigger determining factor than the value of person you are trading. Seattle was surely talking to several teams about a deal and took best option they had on the table and they got a fantastic return for very little. And the same thing all winter long- its a buyers market still….Seattle got (Span and Colome) a pretty good experienced closer and an outfielder who was batting clean up for a no name big league pitcher who’s ceiling is back end rotation and a guy who didn’t even crack rays top 25 prospects. Compare that to what you deem is a reasonable asking price for Gennett (Lewis if that’s even enough) and you take the tampa trade 10 times out of 10.

        His value may be a top 50 prospect, but actual value is what someone is willing to give up for him. And if he has to be moved soon- the value is probably not going to be near that. Thank MLB and Jeter the broke joke for that.

      • Stock

        I agree that Seattle takes Span/Colome because they want to win now. Please note that Span’s WAR right now matches Billy Hamilton. Colome adds value. Tommy Romero may not have been in Seattle’s top 20 prospects because after they drafted him in 2017 they put him in the bullpen. This year he is starting and in spite of being unlucky (.370 BABIP) he has an ERA of 2.45 with 11K/9 and 3 BB/9. Pretty impressive.

        Big difference between Scooter and Span.

  6. Sandheel

    I agree with Rage.

    The return of Disco will permit the option of Romano but what in the world do we do about Bailey?

    • Matthew O'Neal

      If the Reds cut him, then yes, they would owe him the remaining guaranteed money on the contract. I think C. Trent tweeted yesterday it’d be about 42 million dollars.

  7. Brad

    1) I hope Senzel is playing SS everyday at Louisville. Either trade Gennett and play Senzel at 2B or keep Gennett and play a combo of Senzel/Suarez at 3B and SS.

    2) Injury may be a positive as it will surely keep Senzel in AAA past the Super 2 cutoff date. Is date June 23rd?

    • Stock

      The date varies based upon when prospects are called up. 22% of the players qualify for super two every year. This year it is projected to be 123 days. In the prior 3 years it was 130-133 days. Clubs watching get conservative and probably assume 120 days. That would mean wait until next week. The ones commanding big money (Guerrero, Jimenez) will probably stay in the minors until the 10th or so. I was surprised the Pirates called up Meadows last week.

    • Stock

      I really don’t see Senzel coming to Cincinnati this year until/unless Gennett is traded. He should not receive playing time in front of Gennett nor Suarez. He can’t play SS.

      I was never worried about super 2 because rarely are trades made before the super 2 deadline. If you want to see Senzel play then plan a trip to Louisville because he won’t be playing in Cincinnati anytime soon.

      If Gennett is not traded you won’t see him until 2019.

    • Doug Gray

      He won’t be playing short. They’ve said he’ll be at third and second.

    • wes

      Senzel needs to be playing in the OF- there’s 3 wide open spots out there he can jump into next week if he’s ready.

      • kevinz

        ++++ 100000 wes but that to obvious so you know reds wont do that lol

    • wes

      So it was either a tremor that will go away with time or it was a re-occurring sign. If its a re-occurring thing- honestly, how can he ever play baseball long term? Great that he’s back, but he’s far from in the clear

  8. kevinz

    trade Mahle Trammell Hamilton to TB for LHP Snell OF Mallett smith

    Trade Suarez extension, Scooter iggy Winker to Cle for 2nd-3rd Jose Ramirez Extension , P Beiber OF tyler Naquin

    Trade Votto Schebler to Hou for Kyle Tucker

    2019 lineup with staff.

    CF Mallett smith Castillo
    2nd Jose Ramirez Snell
    3rd Nick Senzel Beiber
    RF Kyle Tucker Stephenson
    1st Duvall Reed Mayb?
    C Tucker
    LF Naquin
    SS Peraza

    • Michael Smith

      I think there is a 0% chance Votto is waiving his no trade clause to go to Houston

      • kevinz

        Well then i guess stuck with him then because Hou 10000 times better then cincy as a team.

    • kevinz

      trade Mahle Trammell Hamilton to TB for LHP Snell OF Mallett smith

      Trade Suarez extension, Scooter iggy Winker to Cle for 2nd-3rd Jose Ramirez Extension , P Beiber OF tyler Naquin

      Trade Votto Schebler to Hou for Kyle Tucker

      2019 lineup with staff.

      CF Mallett smith
      2nd Jose Ramirez
      3rd Nick Senzel
      RF Kyle Tucker
      1st Duvall
      C Tucker
      LF Naquin
      SS Peraza

      Staff: Castillo


    My lineup doing this since Ramirez my favorite player not on the reds team.

    CF Mallett smith
    2ndNick Senzel
    3rd Jose Ramirez
    RF Kyle Tucker
    1st Duvall
    C Tucker
    SS Blandino
    LF Naquin

  10. Shamrock

    Trade Votto to the Yanks and then move Scooter over to First Base.