Nick Senzel returned to the Louisville Bats lineup on Tuesday evening. He started the game at second base and he was hitting second in the lineup. On the field, he looked good in his return, even if the box score doesn’t show it. If you only look at the stat line, he went 0-4 with a strikeout. But if you watched the game you saw Senzel hit the ball hard three different times.

In his first trip to the plate he flew out to the center field wall, where the center fielder made a jump catch as he hit the wall to take away what was probably at least a double, if not triple (because Nick Senzel is far faster than almost anyone gives him credit for). The next time to the plate he flew out to right field on another hard hit ball. In the 5th inning he flew out to center field once again, and once again he hit the ball well, just right at someone.

In the field there wasn’t a ton of action. Nick Senzel caught a pop up, and he caught a line drive. With the assist from Blake Trahan he also turned a double play, showing off his arm in the process.

While I had planned to be in Louisville for the game if the weather cooperated, and it did, my body simply wasn’t. Being sick isn’t great on it’s own, but it also kept me at home and away from the ballpark. Jason Linden of Redleg Nation, however, was in Louisville to cover the Bats game and he spoke to Nick Senzel after the game.

When asked about the vertigo and whether or not it can, or would recur, here’s what Nick Senzel had to say:

I feel a lot better this time because we did a number of tests. I did some therapy for it. I’m still doing therapy for it every day. I feel a lot better about where I’m at than last time. I think the plan in place this time [will] help it not come back in the future… The main goal was to get a treatment plan in place and how can we help this if it does come back in the future, because there’s no guarantees. It could, it could not.

There is more at the link over to Redleg Nation with Nick Senzel from the postgame that you should go check out.

Hunter Greene continues to throw well

In the three starts since skipping a start, Hunter Greene has pitched well. He had thrown 11.2 innings in that span with just two walks and 14 strikeouts. That also came along with a 3.86 ERA. Things had been going well for the 18-year-old right hander.

Last night in Dayton he took the mound once again. And he put together his longest outing of his career, throwing 5.0 innings. He allowed just one run in the outing, a solo home run in the 4th inning. Greene would walk two batters and he struck out four, racking up seven ground outs with just one fly out along the way.

Over his last four starts now, Hunter Greene has a 3.24 ERA in 16.2 innings pitched. That’s come along with four walks and 18 strikeouts. His ground ball rate in that span has also been impressive, coming in at 56%. Last night of the 12 balls put in play against him, nine of them were on the ground. Lots of strikeouts and lots of ground balls is a deadly combination.


18 Responses

  1. Joe

    Glad we can say Greene looking better than gore right now ( even tho he on th dL right now). Still long way to go but I’m taking Greene 10 out of 10 times

  2. The Duke

    The kid’s just 18. The progress he is making is very good and he is adjusting to the level. I like the methodical approach to his development the Reds seem to be taking this year.

    Good to see Senzel back, and it sounds like they took their time rather than just rush him back ASAP, which is the right move, as we’re going nowhere this year.

    • Madison mike

      Agreed. I really like the approach they are taking with him. Considering he is 18, barely pitched for a year and is now facing guys who spent at least 3 years in college, I think he’s doing just fine. I never understood the panic. There will definitely be bumps in the road, but the future is bright with this kid.

  3. Matthew O'Neal

    If Romano has another hiccup today, and BobSteve has another strong game tomorrow, might they switch places? The Reds off day tomorrow would put him on normal rest at Romano’s next turn.
    I didn’t get to watch the big league club last night, how did Blandino look at short? I see he had an error in the box score, but was it a tough play? Or one he should’ve made?

    • Brad

      Blandino’s error was about as lackadaisical as it gets. Was playing on 1st base side in a shift. Routine grounder. Short armed throw that bounced 8 feet before the base. I am a proponent of Blandino in a super sub role but that is mainly based on talent. When I saw him in AA, and even now, he seems arrogant. Game has a tendency to humble people.

    • BurgRed

      Bad throw. A better first baseman makes that play.

    • Madison mike

      I wouldn’t mind seeing Stephenson get another shot. I still feel like Romano will end up a late inning reliever

  4. SultanofSwaff

    Greene’s tempo is decidedly slower. Great adjustment…..he’s staying on his back leg longer…..before he was too amped up and rushing to the plate.

  5. Krozley

    I wonder if the Reds should consider piggy backing Romano and Bailey. Let Romano be the opener and go 3 or 4, then Bailey come in for the next 3. Maybe their stuff would play a little better knowing they won’t have to conserve to throw 100 pitches. At this point, might as well try something different.

    • terry m

      Since the Reds starters only throw 4 plus innings I think they should have 8 starters. Two starters for each game. Since they only throw 4 plus innings the tandem can pitch every 4 days. Not serious but we do have a mess with our starting pitchers !!!

    • SultanofSwaff

      The bench is short enough w/o coddling 2 pitchers who have no business at the present time starting a major league game. When does it stop being about the players and start being about the TEAM?

      • terry m

        I said I wasn’t serious. Just a comment about the mess we have with our starters….

  6. Datdudejs

    Good to see Greene have a little more control then what has been his norm so far. Hopefully he keeps improving that


    Senzel a Bust for health cant trust him to play more than couple days if that.
    Main thing in sports is durability without that you cant be counted on

    • kevinz

      Angry i am a little iffy on Senzel as well but really hoping for the best our Reds need that in the least.

      • John

        kevinz, you are responding to yourself. You posted two almost identical comments a few articles back using both of these usernames.

        Saying Senzel is a bust is hilariously premature. He is an elite prospect. Durability might be an issue if he kept tweaking a hamstring or straining a shoulder, but vertigo is tricky. Cmon man.

      • kevinz

        Responding to myself wow really there noway i think Senzel a Bust.
        His issue all health not injuries so far except shoulder.
        I am a little iffy like i mentioned only because bad things happen to the reds the Marge Scott curse i call it.

  8. DaytonaBOYsareheresoon

    I really hope jay bell i mean i hope Senzel back this time Nick is the type who usually plays above his tools.