This week we absolutely winged the show because the Cincinnati Reds decided to announce a strange thing that we needed to talk about. This week Brian Snow and Doug Gray discuss the demotion of outfielder Jesse Winker to the bench, and the demotion of Homer Bailey from the rotation to the bullpen.

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21 Responses

  1. Simon Cowell

    The only way the Reds will get trade value from Schebler, Duvall, or Hamilton will be to play them every day. Trade them as soon as they perform well.

  2. Tom

    Winker hasn’t earned a job. He also doesn’t project as a first division starter. This is a tempest in a teapot. The bigger disappointment is really that we can’t project Winker for six years. I think dreams about a high obp player are too tied to Winker. He’s a fading prospect facing a fight for his career.

  3. Simon Cowell

    I had to stop at 6 minutes. Sorry, Doug not your finest episode. Simply a rant on why the Reds don’t make the decisions you want.

    The most cost-effective move the Reds can do is improve the trade value of their outfielders. Winker isn’t going anywhere and next year he will play full time.

    • Doug Gray

      One episode has to be the worst.

      That said, this isn’t the one that I’d pick to fit that spot.

  4. redleggingfordayz

    It is honestly the fact that they make the right choice in trying Homer in the BP, but yet want to play Duvall over Jesse. Are they moving on or not? I have never seen such conflicting messages lol.

  5. Tom

    Honestly I’m glad they’re putting out the best defense of lineup they can for this wobbly pitching staff. There is a lot more to get worked out of great importance rather than Jesse Winkers future. If they’re going into 2019 thinking that Jesse winker is a starter and that they’re going to contend… That must mean they will have signed Bryce Harper.

  6. donny


    Maybe it’s not so much building up trade value for Duval, Schebler, and Hamilton as much as it is, not allowing Winker to diminish his. I have been saying it for 2 years and still in line with saying it today. Winker will be in a trade package to a American league team where he belongs hitting as a DH.

    Everyone knows what Duval, Schebler, and Hamilton trade value is and it won’t change after this year. We will be lucky to get a A ball to rookie talent for each one of them.

    I also think this answers why i don’t have a problem with them benching Winker. I look for them to send him to triple aaa soon as well.

  7. Jasonp

    Lots of people real down on Winker. Rookies rarely hit as well in their first few years as they do in years 4-6. He has only had 271 total at bats in MLB. His career totals so far are 269 average, 364 OBP 781 OPS. He is struggling now but how do you expect him to get better if he doesn’t play.

    Duval is 29. He is a career 233 hitter in 1400+ at bats. Last half of last year he hit 212 and now is hitting 183, that is over his last 435 at bats. Even if right now Duval gives more to the team with his defense and power Winker needs to play to have a chance of adjusting and become the player he showed he was in the minors.

    Last year we had 6 players hit 20 home runs. 3 of them hit 30. This year we have 3 of out 8 hitters with an OBP under 300. Winkers skill set is what we need.

  8. Benster

    They all suck and should all be benched. But we have no backup talent in the outfield. Apparently the Reds don’t draft outfielders anymore so no one is on the way up to take over. Benching Winker to play Duvall is like keeping the Hyundai Accent in the garage and cruising with the Chevy Cruise. Sure, the Chevy is a better car, but neither one is a babe magnet.

    It may not mean that the Reds are giving up on the rebuild. it just means that they have no talent on the field or in the clubhouse. I read that they are trying to build trade value, but after watching the return they got for Bruce, Cozart and Mesoraco, you’ll have to forgive me for being skeptical.

    • Doug Gray

      Clearly you’ve never seen my Chevy Cruze, Benster.

    • Ghettotrout1

      I agree that they all suck. I don’t see this rebuild working out at all. At this point might as well try to trade Votto and ask him to waive his no trade and then just hope for like 2023. The starters are hard to even watch. Its getting to the point where I don’t even really care anymore because its so pathetic.

  9. DaytonaBOYsareheresoon

    I am a hopeful person so hoping schebler turns into a late bloomer like scooter.
    He has had only one full season himself so that light could still shine

  10. Todd3351

    Im not trying to play devils advocate, but what if they are playing the other three outflielders to increase the trade value.

  11. Alex

    Cozart career year was still worth nothing in trade value so playing Duval for trade value can’t really make sense.

    • Jim t

      Cozart’ injuries help kill his trade value. That and a very slim market. Timing is everything.

  12. Jim t

    In my mind the only reason the reds have Senzel playing 2b is because the plan is to trade Scooter. If they believed he was a long term option at 2b Suarez would be playing SS and Senzel would be at 3rd. I can’t believe Suarez would be any worse defensively then Peraza at SS. Replacing Peraza”s bat with Senzel’s would be a big improvement offensively. No way can this team carry both Hamilton and Peraza’s bats in the line up and Hamilton is the only CF’er on the team. Not only that but if they intend to play Winker in LF eventually you better have a guy who can go get he ball in CF.

  13. HavaKlu

    If Senzel is the future 2B, then you owe it to the future of the Reds to try Scooter in LF. He can have less than stellar defense if he hits 25+ HRs and drives in 100 runs.
    And I’m tired of hearing about Dilson Herrera and how he deserves a chance at 2B—-I mean really, he’s hitting 256 at AAA!

    • Ghettotrout1

      Agreed I think Scooter should move to the OF and if not trade him and everyone else. They should just do an open try out for Reds fans who want to play one game a year. That would be more entertaining watching some rando fool try to hit 95 mph fast balls then watching this garbage team.

  14. HavaKlu

    And as far as Winker goes, no AL team is going to want him as a DH unless he shows more power.

  15. Colorado Red

    Understand what you are saying.
    However, Adam WAR is .7, Scott is .6 and Jessie is -1.2.
    Jessie is terrible currently.
    I am also wondering, if this is a wake up call to Jessie.
    You have to earn a starting spot.
    Else, there is no question, the Reds have messed up the rebuild, and are continuing to mess it up.
    They need to get rid of Walt, it is time.
    This may be the worst Reds team I have ever seen (was not able to see the games at Coors, as I was out of town).
    I remember the 1982 season, and that them may have been better.
    Take a deep breath. Don’t let the blood pressure go up.