The Cincinnati Reds have selected third baseman Jonathan India with the 5th overall pick in the 2018 Major League Baseball draft.


  • School: Florida
  • Position: Third Baseman
  • Height: 6′ 0″
  • Weight: 200 lbs.
  • Bats/Throws: Right/Right
  • Previously drafted: 26th round, Brewers

Scouting Report

For the most part during his college career, Jonathan India has played third base. But earlier this season he slid over to shortstop for a little bit. The belief, however, is that he’s going to be a third baseman at the Major League level, with perhaps a chance to play second.

Offensively is where things get a little bit more interesting. His power has been very impressive this season. Some reports have his power as merely average (which would be about 18-ish home runs in the Majors), while some have him above-average. He’s showing the ability to hit for a high average this year, and his tools grade average or better across the board (MLB Pipeline gives him a 55 in every tool except for power, where he’s average with a 50).

In the best case scenario, the scouts who believe he could play shortstop are right, and he’s an elite level hitter for the position with power who can be a solid enough defender with a well rounded game. In a more likely scenario he’s a quality third baseman with good power for the position who has a well rounded game.

The one concern, and I wrote about it in the draft preview, is that he’s walked as much as he’s struck out this season as a junior. Historically, the better college hitters have walked significantly more as juniors than they have struck out. The season is still happening for Jonathan India as he’s in the College World Series with Florida, but he has 49 walks with 48 strikeouts. That’s a high walk rate, a good sign. But that strikeout rate is also very high.

College Stats

Let’s note that these stats are through June 4th.

2016 234 16 2 4 40 13 22 43 .303 .367 .440
2017 212 15 0 6 34 13 23 42 .274 .354 .429
2018 195 12 3 18 45 12 49 48 .364 .504 .733

Quick Thoughts

The plate discipline/contact is a bit of a concern. But the rest of his game looks quite good. The power is real, and he should be a quality defender at second or third base. If there’s a chance he could be a shortstop, things could get real interesting, real quick. It wouldn’t be surprising if he played there in the minors, especially early on. Quality pick in a draft that beyond the first selection had a group of guys that were all bunched together for the next 7-8 spots.

120 Responses

  1. Grover

    Reds have shown a history of not being too concerned about ability to make contact.

  2. Krozley

    Ok if he signs below slot and gets a chance to play shortstop. If not, I don’t quite get this selection and would rather have seen them gone Stewart or Libertore. Kudos to whoever it was that brought up India’s name months ago as a sleeper.

    • Colorado Red

      I wanted SInger at this point.
      But I am now a fan of his.

      • Hoosierbadger

        That is who I wanted. It seems to me, he might be ready foe the show by 2020.

    • Kinsm

      India was the best player available. And he’s a college JR, he’s not going below slot.

      • Norwood Nate

        Best available…eh, depending on who you’re asking. The Reds thought so, or else they wouldn’t have picked him here. As far as the national list makers, there were a few others names consistently ranked ahead or around him such as Singer and Liberatore.

      • MK

        Looks like 16 teams other than Reds took a pass on Singer, 15 on Lebatore.

      • Norwood Nate

        And they’re likely to be overslot deals because they were projected to go higher.

      • asinghoff

        Fangraphs had India at 24 in their player rankings.

  3. Bromleyjake

    If he can play SS this could be a game changer for an organization without a no doubt SS prospect. Even if he can’t the bat could possibly play in the corner outfield. Hopefully the Reds adopt the team building philosophy of just assembling the best offensive talent you can and crushing opposing pitching. Hit Dingers, Defense Sucks!

  4. Kap

    I like it. In the end, I was interested more in liberatore but I’m OK with it. If he can play short, this may end up being a great pick. India and senzel give the reds high upside right handed hitters moving forward

  5. kevinz

    I like the Pick was high on India until was shown his SO issue.
    Hoping for the best as is hope he Senzel like with less a hit tool it looks like.
    Hope versatile like it seems 3rd 2nd stocked could have good trade pieces as well.

  6. Bill

    I’ll be cheering hard for Auburn to knock Florida (if FAU doesn’t get them first) out of the tourney so he can sign and report to Billings and start is Red’s career at SS.

  7. Keith

    With Bohm and Madrigal off the table, i like the pick. Seems like he’s got as good a chance to be successful as anyone else that was available.

  8. Bro_hio

    I’m having flashbacks to Brandon Larson…

    • Doug Gray

      Let me ease that one a little bit: As a junior Brandon Larson had 21 walks and 57 strikeouts. We didn’t know then what we know now in terms of strikeout-to-walk ratios and how they help project hitting quality, but if we did, that would have been the biggest red flag in a long time. Jonathan India isn’t anywhere near Brandon Larson when it comes to approach – at least in college, he was significantly better.

      • Gaffer

        Remembering the good article on k to B.B. ratio, from 2 years ago. Think it shows that although a low K and high B.B. rate was best, a high K and high B.B. rate was the good too. As long as it was not low B.B. rate.

  9. Norwood Nate

    Like I said on the other thread, I would have preferred a different direction, but will now hope and root for India.

    I know there’s a bit of development to go still, but if Senzel, Long, and India all progress as we expect where do they all play? I’d guess someone goes to the OF (probably RF if a 3B type). It would be huge if either Senzel or India could play a passable major league SS. I’m guessing the ship has sailed on Senzel playing there though if he’s not getting reps in AAA over Trahan. This really makes the 3B/2B situation murkier for the not so distant future. A lot of names to sort through between Senzel, D. Herrera, Long, Blandino, and now India. (I recognize not all those guys are in the same tier of prospect).

    The other thing I will start thinking about is where India will fall in the Reds top prospects. I think the top 3 are locked in with Senzel, Greene, and Trammell. I think I would pencil in T. Stephenson just behind that group at #4. After that it’s probably between India and Santillan (who’s hit a small bump in the road lately).

    Lots of future discussion and “what could be” scenarios to think about now. It’s probably more fulfilling that watching actual Reds baseball nowadays, ha.

    • Doug Gray

      Nick Senzel is an option at 2B/3B/LF/RF, maybe even center.

      Jonathan India is seemingly an option at those same positions, with an outside chance at shortstop (I’m doubtful on this one).

      Shed Long should be at least a viable option in LF and at 2B.

      It will be interesting to see how it plays out, but I think that they are going to need to start playing guys at different spots in the minors.

      • Norwood Nate

        I find it interesting you believe both Senzel and India could be options in CF. Would this be in the same way Schebler is an option in CF? Or do you think they could play ML average CF?

        SS and CF are still two big holes in order to fill. I don’t see anyone above Daytona capable of doing so at an everyday level. If one (or both) of Senzel or India could fill either SS or CF that would be huge for the Reds returning to competitive ball.

      • Doug Gray

        I haven’t seen India run in person, so I don’t know just how much he’d comp out that way to Schebler. But I think that Senzel could be that kind of center fielder, yes. You never know until you see a guy get out there and start turning his hips and running, but Senzel is incredibly athletic, so I believe he could do it. It’s all just a lot of guesswork based on what I’ve seen at other spots, though.

      • Hoosierbadger

        If Senzel can play a corner OF spot, the Reds should be looking at him there given 1) the shaky play by Winker, Duvall and Shebler, and 2) the logjam at 3B and 2B. I think Blandino has real potential as does Long, and Herrera at 2B, not to mention Scooter who has literally been hitting the cover off the ball.

      • RDriesenUD

        The problem is I have no trust in the people making these decisions. Nothing will change until ownership/management changes.

      • Norwood Nate

        Fair enough. I do like Senzel’s athleticism and believe it’s worth a shot. It would certainly fill an area of need. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and insights.

  10. Kap

    With the reds selecting a position player, they should trade Iglesias at the trade deadline for pitching prospects. The braves are a prime example of a team to get some

    • Colorado Red

      The Astros need a left handed DH and a shut down closer
      I see a block buster fit here.

      • The Duke

        They won’t part with Forrest Whitley. If they would, do that immediately, but they won’t.

  11. WillieG

    Doug: India starts in Greeneville, Billings or Dayton?

    • Doug Gray

      I think it’s going to depend on what position they want to start his career at. If it’s going to be at shortstop, he’s not going to Dayton. If he’s going to start at 2B, he’s not going to Dayton. If he’s going to start at third base, Dayton is a possibility. I would not expect him in Greeneville. Billings is a possibility.

      • The Duke

        Roll the dice a bit. Put him at SS every day in Billings (Miguel Hernandez in Greenville) and see what he can do. If he can handle it maybe give him a cup of coffee in Dayton to end the year and move him up to Daytona to start 2019 and give Jose Garcia another shot at Dayton if he doesn’t start hitting more.

        Sounds more and more like Jeter Downs is a 2B from what I’ve heard, but I haven’t seen him live yet.

    • Doug Gray

      100% chance he could handle left field defensively.

  12. RobL

    Too many strike outs. 18%K rate is very poor for such a high pick. Chris Okey also struck out 18% his junior season with the same walk rate. His K rate has shot up to mid 20’s. Jeff Gelalich had a really good junior year with a K rate of 15.5. His K rate was in the mid 20s. For comparison, Senzel had a K rate just under 9! And his rate in the minors has been about 19%. So far this year, he’s at 21.

    I hope I am wrong, but the base line numbers aren’t there. And also, Senzel played a few games at short his junior year, and we have seen how many times he has played there in the minors.

    • Doug Gray

      With all due respect to Gelalich, he wasn’t the player than India is. India has a massive advantage in power, and India walked quite a bit more. Strikes out a little more, too.

      That said, I’m not quite sold that he’s going to hit for a quality average because of the strikeouts. If he wound up being a .250-.260 hitter, I wouldn’t be surprised at all. But if that’s going to come with the power, and a well rounded defensive and base running game, that’s going to play in the Majors.

      • KyWilson1

        This description sounds a lot like Phil Ervin, just saying.

    • Gaffer

      Drew Stubbs was 33percent at Texas, and exactly the same in minors and slightly worse in majors.

  13. Bill

    I’m surprised to see Singer drop so far down. Also, I wonder what Liberatore’s bonus demand is and if its caused teams to shy away?

  14. Stock

    Singer outside the top 15. Grayson Rodriguez at 11 and Kyler Murray at 9. Good thing the Reds didn’t try the Rodriguez/Murray tandom.

    • Doug Gray

      Yeah – don’t try to get cute at #5. Just get that pick right and you’ll be just fine.

      • Stock

        Well said. I agree. Liberatore at 16 and Singer outside the top 17. How much of a surprise is this? At what point do teams pass on Singer because they deem him unaffordable? I guess in the first round there is the benefit of a non-signing means a pick in next years draft. He should be taken soon.

      • Doug Gray

        Let’s see what those two guys sign for. Paycheck is more indicative, even with the slot system these days, of talent than draft spot. It *sounds* like both of them are going to get significantly overslot bonuses.

  15. Ferg

    What are you thinking with the next pick. Impress me Doug, name three players that would be exceptional that has a chance to be on the board in 20 picks. Dream a bit if you’d like

    • Doug Gray

      Me. Myself. I.

      I don’t know enough to go this deep on the picks. The time/reward ratio to go this deep on the draft prospects simply isn’t worth it. I just wait until the pick is made and then talk to people, read reports, watch some video, look at the stats, and starting writing.

      • Hoyce

        I’m hoping Hankins was asking for way over slot. And royals and rays burnt their money w first rounders

  16. Joe

    Doug do u think India signs for full pick value ?

  17. RedsKoolAidDrinker

    I’m in love with that spin rate of Carter Stewart and that would have been my pick. Does India remind anyone of Ryan Braun or not? Do we really have a sure-fire corner outfielder for the future, thus what about going ahead and moving India to RF (he runs well and has a strong arm) since we are heavy at 3b and 2b? (This of course if he can’t handle SS)?

  18. Drews4runner

    I bet Buckley wanted Madrigal! Every other year for the pass few drafts our 1st rd picks 1st name has been Nick!

    • Doug Gray

      Definitely not in the top 3, that’s going to remain Senzel, Greene, and Trammell. After that, I don’t know. I’d like to talk to a few more people about India before deciding where’d fall in after that.

      • Tony

        If he’s not 4 then something is wrong with the pick because after the Reds top 3 there is a dramatic drop off in talent.

      • Doug Gray

        I don’t know how true that is. I personally feel that Tyler Stephenson is a Top 100 guy, even if no one else does right now (maybe they do – only Baseball America has updated their Top 100 thus far this year).

      • Stock

        I am with Doug. Stephenson is #4. I am not sure he is ahead of Santillan and Siri. I would put him at #7 and I surely disagree with the dropoff theory.

      • Tony

        I’d love the pick if India could throw but I’d still put him at 5 Stock. The problem I have is that I can almost guarantee that Kelenic and Stewart with both rank higher than India on most if not all of the top prospects lists before any of them ever play one inning of minor league baseball. Isn’t that what drafting prospects is all about, upside?

    • Tony

      Don’t get me wrong I love Stephenson’s talent and think he’ll be a future leader on the Reds. My point is if you have a top 5 pick an he instantly isn’t one of your top 4 or 5 prospects then you probably went the safe route and didn’t pick the most talented player available. That goes for any system not just the Reds. The Reds don’t need safe they need stars.

      • RedsinWashst

        You don’t know what the money difference is between the picks. The reds have an extra team to man this year.

      • Michael Smith

        Flawed thinking imo. The reds top 3 are top 40 milb guys and the 4th ons we are debating is a catcher with a big stick

    • The Duke

      I think he slots in right behind Tyler Stephenson

      Trammell (close to Greene)
      T Steph

  19. Tony

    I don’t have a problem with India being the selection but a quick glance at the top of this draft tells me that MLB GMs don’t trust their talent evaluation skills. All of the top 5 are college players which is the safe route but you can’t tell me that their isn’t one HS player better than anyone in the top 5. I’d be willing to bet money that Jarred Kelenic will be one of the top 2 or 3 players in this draft in 4 years. What’s the point of spending so much money on scouting if you don’t trust what you see?

  20. Hoyce

    I’m still steamed the reds didn’t get carter. The Braves are building a monster

  21. Ferg

    Florida playing on ESPN 2 in an elimination game. Haven’t seen the line-up, but would assume India will be in the line up.

    Loved the me, myself, and I thought on the question. Was just wondering if there was an uber athletic, high upside guy you’ve thought of.

  22. B-town Fan

    Doug you nailed this pick with India being #5 on your draft board. Jim Callis, Jonathan Mayo, who needs those guys.

    • Doug Gray

      My draft board was rankings, not projected picks, though.

  23. kevinz

    bad throw just now by India 2 throwing Errors in back to back games

  24. Ferg

    India coming up on ESPN 2. Throwing error in the top 1.

      • Ferg

        Sorry. Mine and kevinz comments disappeared on my phone for a while. Weird technology issue I suppose.

  25. Ferg

    Table set for India. Pitching change. ESPN 2. Like this pick regardless of tonight. Bet there’s a lot of nerves for the kid after getting drafted.

  26. kevinz

    Raw but Love the Upside with the Pitcher Richardson played OF but very good arm shows a plus slider already

  27. AirborneJayJay

    2nd round pick is Lyon Richardson, high school RHP. I have no idea who this cat is.

    • theRickDeLux

      Ugh… no offense to the young, talented Richardson but the Reds just seem to love these raw HS pitchers that are so far away. I have zero faith the Reds can develop him into a serviceable major league pitcher. Zero.

      • Lt Dan

        Not super optimistic about our ability to develop either but isn’t that exactly what they’ve done with mahle, ramano, and now santillian?

      • Steve

        I mean Santillan was a young raw high school right hander that we drafted in the second round and he seems to have made some solid strides.

    • AirborneJayJay

      Fangraphs listed Richardson at #83. MLB Pipeline has him at #67. A Florida commitment. A bit of a reach at #47. Probably could have taken him at #72. An unexciting pick.

      • The Duke

        If Florida wanted him, then that’s a good sign. I’ll trust their talent evaluators over the websites of people that wish they were hired by pro teams.

      • AirborneJayJay

        Yes indeed. The more I read about him this morning, the better the pick looks. Looks like he might be kind of in the mold of Michael Lorenzen.

  28. Steve

    Horrible horrible horrible horrible horrible horrible pick. I’m done.

    • The Duke

      That was some serious bat speed on that hit.

    • Reggie

      Wow. Give him a medal! He will amount to Double A nothingness.

      • kevinz

        Lets give Him a chance first. Yes he struck out more than Senzel but has a higher OPS in the same conference. Plus with his work Ethic india could Bloom who knows .

  29. The Rage

    India, the Reds search for the next Braun

    • asinghoff

      I’ve yet to hear anything linking India to steroids and dreams of owning an outrageously ugly clothing line.

  30. kevinz

    another bad throw by India i know better than that right?

  31. Max

    Really like the India pick at #5. It’s a relatively safe pick and he might not have as high of a ceiling as Stewart or another HS player. I think the Reds needed a safe pick at #5 this year though after taking Greene last year. I personally would have also taken India with Kelenic (a little more risk) and Singer not far behind. I’ve seen Florida play a couple times this year and was pretty impressed with India’s at bats.

    Not a big fan of the way this organization drafts high school and low experience pitchers though. I just have no confidence in the organization developing them into solid major league starters. Sure Romano and Stephenson made the majors. But a 6.00 ERA and being back down in Louisville is not a solid major league starter. Sure Mahle is working out so far, but he gets a lot of success by locating his fastball and having good command. I don’t see that being possible with these picks. Who’s the last solid major league high school or similarly inexperienced pitcher the Reds fully developed? Homer Bailey, Johnny Cueto? Both over 10 years ago. I think the last two picks both have a ton of potential, but at this point, I just don’t see the organization developing them into quality major league starters. I think they’ll both end up in the bullpen similar to Lorenzen and Garrett, which is fine. Wish Hjelle was still there for them at 47, I see him being a solid MLB mid to back of the rotation starter and moving pretty fast through minors.

  32. kevinz

    hoping Knight still there tomm at 47 nice college Pitcher after taking 2 raw Pitchers back to back

    • Alan

      Kumar Rocker, though, at this point, it’s uncertain that they can offer him enough to pass on Vanderbilt.

    • RobL

      Put me down for Durbin Feltman. Top reliever in the draft in the third round sounds like good value to me.

      • The Duke

        I’d be down with that. The bullpen needs talented arms too. He could likely be MLB ready sometime in 2019 if the need arose. If they took him, don’t mess around with “maybe he can start” nonsense, put him straight into Dayton closing games.

        Some other names I like for rd 3 are:

        Zack Watson, CF, LSU
        Kyle Isbell, CF, UNLV
        Garrett Wade, LHP HS

  33. KyWilson1

    If he is there, i really hope they take Tristen Pompey. Kid can absolutely rake, and is a great athlete.

    • The Duke

      Funny enough, Pompey had 1.005 OPS exactly for both his sophomore and junior years. He had a slow start, but then had a strong second half.

  34. Gilbert Keith Chesterton

    I’m trying to decide of India reminds me a bit of Drew Stubbs as a good defensive player who hit well with a metal bat, but struggled with K’s.

    Both had high K rates.
    + Stubbs had a 21% K rate as a Junior
    + India had a 19% K rate as a junior

    India had more power
    + Stubbs 0.238 ISO, 36% Extra Base Hit Rate
    + India 0.361 ISO, 46% Extra Base Hit Rate

    • kevinz

      Yea they are very similar with k rate but very different approaches.
      Stubbs was tall with bigger Limbs long swing.
      India shorter with shorter Limbs with a shorter swing

    • The Duke

      As long as he maintains the walk rate and hits for enough average (.260+?) then the power will make him a valuable player regardless of where he plays. If he hits .260 with a good amount of walks, you could be looking at a .260/.340/.460 player. Maybe not a superstar, but that’s an .800 OPS which would be the 4th highest amongst the regulars in the Reds lineup right now. And obviously there is the ceiling for more than that. Reds regulars OPS right now:

      Suarez .967
      Gennett .948
      Votto .849 (and rising)
      Schebler .780
      Barnhart .723
      Winker .670
      Duvall .650
      Peraza .636
      Hamilton .577

  35. AirborneJayJay

    Could Doug or somebody post that HR that India hit vs. Mize?? It was a shot. I saw it on TV when it happened and was very impressed. Once any doubters see that HR they will no longer be doubters. It was that impressive. It is very worth watching. I can’t do it here at work. Thanks.

    • The Duke

      Reminded me of when Senzel took AJ Puk deep when Tennessee played Florida in 2016.

      • AirborneJayJay

        Thank you. I saw that one too on TV. But I am getting it confused with one he hit hard to RCF. I’m try to remember who that was against. I only saw 4 or 5 UF games on TV. It was against Arkansas on 03/24/2018. I knew it was against a top SEC team.
        I found this, but it doesn’t show how far it went.

      • asinghoff

        I could be wrong, but it looks like Dick Williams in the crowd view after the home run. Sunglasses on and jotting down notes on a pad with a big stuff-eating grin on his face.

      • Doug Gray

        He was absolutely at that game. Don’t know if you saw him in the video (I’m not watching it right now).

      • asinghoff

        Knew Dick was at the game, just loved the look on the guy’s face after the home run so I’m telling myself that’s who it was. It’s at the 13:45 mark, 3rd guy from the right in the row of standing scouts. Now that I look at it closer, I could be wrong. Didn’t see any Crokies hanging off the back off those shades. :)

      • asinghoff

        Nope, was definitely wrong. You can see the guy I was talking about in this picture, a little closer to the left. If I had to guess, Williams is the guy with the sweatshirt tied around his waist and the hat on his head further down the line. Shades and crokies are there. Lol. That would have put him just out of the reach of the camera after that home run.

  36. kevinz

    Jw if anyone knows or remembers who compared India to Bregman on MLB Network my 8 year old was on excitement mode on last day of school lol

    • DocBagel

      I think it was Peter Gammons that made that comparison.

      • kevinz

        Thanks Doc i was not sure I only seen it on the screen couldn’t hear it lol

      • asinghoff

        I don’t know about that comparison. Bregman had less strikeouts over his final two years (43 in 129 games) than India did in his final year alone (47 in 57 games.) India showed a lot more pop this year than Bregman ever did though.

  37. redleggingfordayz

    Found some good footage of India in BP. Man that is a nice swing and I like his timing with the leg kick.

    • kevinz

      The timing with his leg kick reminds me of Justin Turner
      how he sits the the bat on his shoulder Reminds me of Cozart last year

  38. Stock

    Depending on what they do in round 3 I like these picks. I think India signs under slot value. I think the next two picks sign well under slot value. They are in a great spot to take Kumer Rocker or another tough sign player.

    Seems like all three picks have had breakout years and maybe they are undervalued. India was very average until this year.

    Lyon Richardson was an OF before this year. Seems like a high ceiling/low floor pick to me and something the Reds should do.
    Plus he could sign for 500,000 than slot value.

    Josiah Gray also came out of nowhere to jump up the draft board this year. Another high ceiling/low floor pick. Hopefully they can sign him for 500,000 and save 300,000 on slot value.

    If they can sign India for pick #8 money and sign these two under slot (and they probably have a good idea what these players will sign for) then maybe 2.5 million will be enough to sign a player like Kumer Rocker, Cole Wilcox or Tristan Beck.

    Just my 2 cents because they seem to be hoarding money right now. They must have a target (at least I hope so).