The Cincinnati Reds have selected right-handed pitcher Lyon Richardson with the 47th overall pick in the 2018 Major League Baseball draft. Richardson was the Reds 2nd round selection.


  • School: Jensen Beach High School (FL)
  • Position: Right-Handed Pitcher
  • Height: 6′ 3″
  • Weight: 210 lbs
  • Bats/Throws: Right/Right

Scouting Report

Depending on the day in which you saw Lyon Richardson this season it could depend on the report you sent back to your organization. At times he sat in the low 90’s and touched 94. Other days he would sit in the mid-90’s and touch 98 MPH. His breaking ball is a potential plus curveball in the low 80’s. It’s inconsistent and can get slurvy at times. His change up doesn’t show up much in games, but he’s shown it in warm ups for scouts and it projects to be an average-ish offering.

He’s got good size, and he’s a very good athlete. Lyon Richardson was a late riser among the class as he’s been better known as an outfielder in high school until he came out this season and started showing elite-level stuff. There’s a lot of projection with his change up, but he’s got two potential plus pitches with the fastball and breaking ball.


Quick Thoughts

Second rounder who can hit 98 MPH and is extremely athletic? Yeah, sign me up for that all day long. He’s considered a bit raw as a pitcher, and the pick reminds me of Tony Santillan. Or maybe even Nick Hanson. This is one of those big upside picks, and while it is likely he’ll move a little slow, especially early in his career because of his experience, the arm strength is on a different level.

24 Responses

  1. Bob Anderson

    Terrible pick. The reds need a total overhaul in philosophy.

    • Doug Gray

      I don’t even know how to respond to this.

      Surely you’ve seen him, and about 300 other guys play baseball this season.

      • Bob Anderson

        It’s more of that fresh arm crap the Reds keep flopping with.

      • Bobby'sMomma

        It worked with Amir Garrett & Michael Lorenzen. Can’t be all wrong. Guess BA just has a BA.

        You are a draft genious Bobby.

      • Steve

        Yeah I prefer the strategy of only drafting old run down arms, very common strategy with all other major league teams and we are the only team that hunts for young fresh arms.

  2. JBrashaber

    My mind went to Santillan as well. No reason to rush this guy, who knows maybe we found lightning in a bottle.

    Really interesting some of these HS names that are falling down boards. Must be true sign ability concerns. For instance Eric Longenhagen thought Cole Wilcox would be an option for the Reds at this pick.

    • Colorado Red

      I think you hit the nail on the head.
      But might be able to go after wilcox this next round.
      Will have some money left with the other picks.

  3. Colorado Red

    Looks like a nice pick.
    High upside with a lot of work to do.

  4. Keith

    Nice pick — flipped the script from last year, when they went high upside HS arm in the first and college player in 2nd with Fairchild. Seems like any HS pitcher in the draft is a flyer, so taking one with the potential for two plus pitches seems like a decent gamble, especially if he doesn’t have much wear on his arm. How’s the delivery look — effortless, or labored? (I don’t have a discerning eye for such things)

  5. Reggie

    My God. Fire Nick Krall now. This is the early 2000 Reds kind of draft we’re are seeing.

      • Bobby'sMomma

        And please hire my son Bobby. He really needs a job. GREAT armchair GM! #BA the BA.

      • Steve

        Lol I really hope these guys are kidding. Any actual outrage about drafting kids that they have never heard of nor seen play is absolutely crazy.

      • Bobby'sMomma

        Bobby, time to get out of the basement and go to bed now. The draft is over for the night. Pick it up again for tomorrow. Mr. Castellini could be calling you for that job tomorrow bright and early while you eat your fruitloops. Mr. Krall and Mr. Buckley may be unemloyed tomorrow. #PleaseMoveBobbyOutofMyBasement

      • Kindell

        Ok so who should the Reds have drafted in this slot for you to be happy?

    • Colorado Red

      And you are a great draft expert?
      Have to seen 300+- players?
      Go away troll.

  6. MK

    Looks like there is some velocity to add with mechanics work. His lift leg is moving forward before it reaches the apex of its lift or rushing. Easily remedied. since he has played a lot of outfield his arm should be strong without a heavy pitching load. Solid pick.

  7. kevinz

    I like the Pick for his Upside along with not picking up bad habits since so new to pitching Moldable Clay as they say sry about spelling

  8. RobL

    Fits their philosophy to a tee. Strong arm, and flashes a good breaking ball. They do not prioritize the change up. Stephenson, Travieso, Lorenzen, Howard, Santillan, and Greene. That list may not give you goose bumps, but it’s what they do. This guy fits. They also like less wear and tear. I wouldn’t have gone with India, and I would have gone with one of the multi sport guys at pitcher here. But this is a Reds pick.

    • Lee

      To be fair, I have read that some scouts prefer young pitchers not learn the change up from amateur & college coaches, because the quality of instruction can often be poor.
      There are also guys like Paul Nyman who have said young pitchers should avoid learning the change up, because the pitch ends up cannibalizing velocity, which is the exact opposite thing that young pitchers should be exploring (without an expert teaching them). The Reds have their own in-house expert so it makes sense to prioritize certain skill sets.

    • victor vollhardt

      Weather it is MR. Gray’ s draft ranking list or BA’s or any of the other three or four lists that come out before the draft one thing stands out—-and that is how close they all are in their rankings. After the draft is over a nice research project would be —-to take the first 100 actual picks and see what list came the closest to the proper order and maybe instead 100 it should be the first 50 actual picks as the rest of the draft after 50 is really a kind of a “shot in the dark” because when looking at 18 to 22 year olds in any phase of their lives is really a guess–not necessarily at their baseball abilities (but that too) but in their whole approach to life. I would love to see two things added to the ranking list (or separate lists altogether) #1 maturity level and work ethic and #2 the agent or agency for each player as this fact affects the so called “sign-ability ” for each player as an individual and/or the combination of a club’s other slot picks.

      • MuddyCleats

        Agree and such an in depth study would be interesting. However I think we have that 2 some degree when we look at an Org over a period of time. Look at their overall record/success and the number and quality of young players they develop. When U look @ Reds, what is your take-a-way? Krivsky appeared to be on the right track trading for Arroyo and BP and then drafting Justin Turner, Chris Hesiey, Meso and Frazier. Even Jocketty said, “I think this organization is a little further along than St. Louis was when I took over in ’95.” “This organization has a lot better base to work from.” Drafts under Jocketty put some good talent in place, but it seems Reds really have a problem developing better than avg talent & especially ML SP ?

  9. Gilbert Keith Chesterton

    After the 1st round, historically the draft starts to be a crap shoot with a lot of guys washing out before they reach the majors.

    At that point, you can either draft a guy who has a high floor / low ceiling, and will be a 0 WAR type of guy who you can add via free agency down the road as a dime a dozen type of player.

    Or you draft a guy with a low floor / high ceiling and hope to heaven that you hit on that lottery ticket and he turns into something a la Amir Garrett.

    So many seem to be yelling for a revolution in outrage like we burned a top 10 pick on Lyon. Geesh…