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This post will be updated throughout the day with information on each pick as they come in. All of the Cincinnati Reds selections from rounds 3-10 will be in this one post.


Round 3 Selection: Brenden “Bren” Spillane, OF, Illinois

Background Information:

  • School: Illinois
  • Position: Outfield
  • Height: 6′ 4″
  • Weight: 210 lbs
  • Bats/Throws: Right/Right
  • Previously Drafted: 34th Round 2015, Pirates

Scouting Report

The stats that Bren Spillane put up this season in the Big 10 are video-game like. In 50 games played for Illinois this season he hit .389/.498/.903 with 17 doubles, two triples, and 23 home runs. Yes, he slugged .903 this year. There’s plus power potential for the corner outfielders – he was announced as a right fielder by the Reds when drafted. Where the concerns come is just how much he will hit for average. There’s plenty of swing-and-miss in his game currently. He struck out 57 times this season, which was a strikeout rate of 26%. For a college hitter, that’s extremely high. With that said, he’s missed plenty of time in his career and could improve his contact rate with a little more experience.

The power is the selling point with Bren Spillane. But it’s not the only selling point, it’s just the biggest one. He’s considered to be very athletic for his size, and he’s an above-average speed guy. That should help his transition to the outfield where he doesn’t have much experience. You don’t really know how well college stats will translate, but on the bases he stole 16 bases in 16 attempts as a junior. While he’s not likely to steal a ton of bases in the professional ranks, that probably does give some insight into his ability as a base runner.

College Stats

2016 9 0 0 0 0 1 7 .000 .100 .000
2017 112 6 1 5 3 14 32 .295 .378 .500
2018 175 17 2 23 16 36 57 .389 .498 .903

Round 4 Selection: Mike Siani, OF, William-Penn Charter School (PA)

Background Information:

  • School: William-Penn Charter School (High School – Pennsylvania)
  • Position: Outfield
  • Height: 6′ 1″
  • Weight: 180 lbs.
  • Bats/Throws: Left/Left

Scouting Report

Entering day two of the draft, Mike Siani was one of the top players remaining on the board. He is a potential 5-tool player in the future. He’s a plus runner with a plus arm that can play a very strong defensive center field. The offensive side of his game is less developed than the defensive one at this point. There is some split among scouts on how much he will hit for both average and power. The ones that like him the most think there’s a potential above-average hitter with average to maybe slightly above-average power potential. Scouts on the other side of the coin are concerned that he won’t hit much, and that his power is below-average.

There’s not much physical projection left for Mike Siani. The improvements will need to come from improving his skills rather than from continued growth and filling out. The rumor is he’s got a solid commitment to Virginia, but it would be surprising if the Reds had not talked to him prior to calling his name without a very good idea that they could get him signed.

Round 5 Selection: Ryan Campbell, RHP, Illinois Chicago

Background Information:

  • School: Illinois-Chicago
  • Position: Right-handed pitcher
  • Height: 6′ 3″
  • Weight: 220 lbs
  • Bats/Throws: Right/Right
  • Previously Drafted: Undrafted

Scouting Report

Ryan Campbell is a senior starter for Illinois-Chicago. He spent two years at Wabash Valley College before moving on to Illinois-Chicago, though I can’t find any stats on him from his freshman season. It’s possible that he didn’t play. I will search more. NICKNAME IS SOUP.

He throws in the low 90’s as a starter and can touch the mid-90’s. Good sinking action on the pitch. Throws a lot of strikes with the fastball. He’s projected more as a reliever long term. His slider is considered below-average, but can be a fringe-average offering at times. There could be some more velocity in his frame, particularly if he moves to the bullpen.

When looking at his stats he doesn’t appear to be a guy who misses a lot of bats. He kept the ball in the stadium, a lot, throughout his college career. With a strong sinking fastball, it seems likely that he’s been a big ground ball pitcher throughout his career.

College Stats

Year ERA  IP  BB  K HR 
2016 2.52 35.2 38 11 37 0
2017 3.00 24.0 20 11 17 0
2018 1.53 94.0 75 19 68 3

Round 6 Selection: Yomil Maysonet, RHP, PJ Education School (Puerto Rico)

Background Information:

  • School: PJ Education School – High School (Puerto Rico)
  • Position: Right-handed pitcher
  • Height: 6′ 2″
  • Weight: 187 lbs
  • Bats/Throws: Right/Right

Scouting Report

Yomil Maysonet was the first player drafted out of Puerto Rico in this draft. He was ranked 434th on the Baseball America Top 500 list. He throws his fastball into the low-90’s and has touched 95 MPH. The pitch reportedly shows some good sinking action to it, too. His slider is fringy-average at this point in time and works in the low 80’s. Maysonet has a change up that lacks behind as a third offering. He throws strikes, particularly with his fastball. Good arm action.

Round 7 Selection: Jay Schuyler, Catcher, San Diego

Background Information:

  • School: University of San Diego
  • Position: Catcher
  • Height: 6′ 1″
  • Weight: 190 lbs.
  • Bats/Throws: Right/Right
  • Previously Draft: Undrafted

Scouting Report

Catcher is always a position of need. Jay Schuyler is considered to be a bit raw behind the plate, but is considered to be athletic enough to play elsewhere on the diamond if he eventually needs to move off of the position. He has played some outfield in college, with most of the time being spent in left – though he has a strong enough arm that he could probably play right field, too. He doesn’t have had a standout tool, but he’s shown enough across the board where nothing jumps out as a negative, either. His hit is better than his power, and that’s likely to remain the case. Schuyler is a 4th year junior.

College Stats

2016 52 5 1 0 0 2 17 .250 .291 .385
2017 213 18 0 6 4 14 37 .352 .405 .521
2018 219 10 1 7 5 24 30 .342 .414 .493

Round 8 Selection: Matt Pidich, RHP, Pittsburgh

Background Information:

  • School: Pittsburgh
  • Position: Right-handed pitcher
  • Height: 6′ 2″
  • Weight: 211 lbs
  • Bats/Throws: Right/Right
  • Previously Drafted: Undrafted

Scouting Report

Matt Pidich is not a young guy. He was born on Christmas day way back in 1994, making him a 5th year senior. He did not pitch in 2016 due to Tommy John surgery. As a freshman he only made one appearance, and in 2015 he pitched very well in eight games out of the bullpen. He returned in 2017 and split time between the rotation and bullpen. This seas he jumped into the rotation full time. He posted a 3.05 ERA in 91.0 innings with 99 strikeouts. His fastball has below-average velocity, sitting in the 89-91 MPH range. The pitch has plenty of movement to it, though (see video below). His bread-and-butter pitch is an above-average change up in the low 80’s. He’s also got a solid slider/cutter that works in the low 80’s.

Matt Pidich is #41 for Pittsburgh in this video

College Stats

Year ERA  IP  BB  K HR 
2014 18.00 1.0 1 1 2 0
2015 1.72 15.2 7 5 23 1
2016 Did not pitch – Tommy John surgery
2017 4.61 56.2 58 20 48 4
2018 3.05 91.0 82 26 99 4

Round 9 Selection: Andrew McDonald, RHP, Virginia Tech

Background Information:

  • School: Virginia Tech
  • Position: Right-handed pitcher
  • Height: 6′ 6″
  • Weight: 240 lbs.
  • Bats/Throws: Right/Right
  • Previously Drafted: Undrafted

Scouting Report

Like the previous pick, Andrew McDonald is a 5th year pitcher, and he was born one day prior to Pidich. He missed the 2015 season, redshirting. He split time in the rotation and bullpen in 2014, 2016, and in 2017. In 2018 he moved full time to the bullpen and had easily his best season. His ERA was 4.45 in 29 relief appearances, pitching in 54.2 innings. He walked 27 batters and had 67 strikeouts. Control can be iffy at times, and his walk rate does reflect that. His fastball sits in the low-90’s, up to 95. He has a solid slider. Profile as a reliever.

From Mason, Ohio and went to Mason High School.

College Stats

Year ERA  IP  BB  K HR 
2014 6.75 13.0 14 8 10 1
2015 DNP – Redshirt
2016 7.54 22.2 32 8 12 2
2017 7.78 59.0 86 28 71 6
2018 4.45 54.2 68 27 67 4

Round 10 Selection: A.J. Moore, RHP, Kennesaw State

Background Information:

  • School: Kennesaw State
  • Position: Right-handed pitcher
  • Height: 6′ 4″
  • Weight: 205 lbs.
  • Bats/Throws: Right/Right
  • Previously Draft: Undrafted

Scouting Report

AJ Moore split time in the rotation and bullpen as a freshman, but over the next three seasons he’s made 41 starts and just one relief appearance. Control has been inconsistent, and hadn’t really improved over the years. He did take steps forward in his senior year when it comes to missing bats. He projects as a reliever due to plenty of effort in his delivery. His fastball works in the 89-93 MPH range, and he’ll mix in a slider, too.

College Stats

Year ERA  IP  BB  K HR 
2015 5.05 57 64 37 60 4
2016 4.48 70 79 30 72 5
2017 6.13 72 82 36 58 10
2018 3.24 80.2 57 47 87 3

122 Responses

  1. Stock

    Same story as with the first 3 picks. All 4 picks have much more value today than they did in January. All 4 are big time draft board risers. I think I like this philosophy

    • Colorado Red

      I agree,
      And everyone has a different board.
      But each of the picks the Reds have made so far, and been below the draft position.

      • MuddyCleats

        An attempt to save org $$$ ? They seem 2 do this quite often

      • The Duke

        If by quite often, you mean never in the last 10 years, then you would be correct.

      • MuddyCleats

        Duke, U might want to check your facts? Reds have been in lower 1/2 of MLB payrolls for well over the last 10 years and they do have a record of picking lower rated players higher than MANY have them ranked. I want to see them win again too, but the proof is in the pudding so to speak.

      • The Duke

        They’ll never be able to spend like NY/LA/Chi. Every year they spend their max draft pool (or slightly over), they have used their international space and went well over the last time they could, they have invested millions into infrastructure and analytics. If you’re holding out hope for a $200 million payroll, you’re out of luck. Within the draft strucutre, they always spend the max or 99+% of it

      • MK

        Haven’t they gone into penalty phase in international signing because they overpaid. Didn’t Hunter Greene set the record for bonus amount? They have drafted guys like Tucker Barnhart and paid over slot to get them to give up college? So I don’t think you can say they have gone cheap on amateur signings.

  2. Krozley

    Seems a bit like Adam Dunn, which is a good thing.

    So we now have the SEC and Big Ten players of the year.

  3. Kindell

    I would have liked to see at least 1 more high upside high school guy at this point but they are still taking high reward guys and I like it. Each player after India has some high upside tools to work with.

  4. Stock

    Rocker Kumer, Cole Wilcox, Tristan Beck, Mike Siani and Nander De Sedas are still available. I would love for the Reds to go for one of these 5.

    • Krozley

      Those first two have said they’re going to college, so they probably won’t be picked by anyone until later rounds. I like the other three however, particularly Siani, if they could get that done.

      • Mjc

        Kroley, great call !!, I’m coming around on this draft I think it’s a good one for us.

    • Jwahl

      Kumer and Wilcox made posts on Instagram pretty much saying they are going to school.

  5. Kindell

    There is a BA article that mentions he hit 16 of his HRs to RF or Right center. That is incredible power.

  6. rick in boise

    Somebody on the other thread called it – HS CF Mike Siani, seemingly a round 1/2 talent.

  7. Colorado Red

    Reds pick Siani, Mike in the 4th round.
    Hope they can find some money to sign him.
    CF type guy.

  8. The Duke

    Get ready for a lot of college seniors now, Siani is going to cost well over slot. Maybe we take one more college jr or HS sr. Love the pick though, sure fire CF and one of the best defenders in the draft class.

    • The Duke

      They wouldn’t have taken him if they didn’t know he’s going to sign. Outside of failed physicals, there is only like 2-4guys each year who get picked and don’t sign once picked in the first 10 rounds. Teams don’t want to gamble with their pool space like that.

  9. Mike Burns

    I would definitely not take Doug’s talent eval very seriously, he just blindly endorses any pick. I reds uber homer who has never seen a pick he did not adore. Lol.

    FanBoy Doug in 2012: Travieso

    ” A high schooler with two above-average pitches and a third pitch that shows something while also showing good mechanics? Yeah, sign me up for that. In a draft that is considered very weak, at #14 I will gladly take a guy with a plus fastball, an above-average breaking ball and a change up with something to it.”

    FanBoy Doug in 2014: Howard and Blandino

    “I am a big fan of the Nick Howard pick…..He is another guy with more of a fresh arm that the Reds have seemingly targeted early in the draft.

    As I said, I am a big fan of Howard. He has a big time arm with some limited use. Their pick of Blandino is interesting and could go in several ways. ……. The pick of Taylor Sparks is another very intriguing pick. ”

    Lol. Doug is a homer fanboy, not a baseball analyst

    • Kevin

      You sure are fun at parties aren’t you? What is your point of commenting? Are you implying knowing how players will be years in the future immediately after picking them? Dude, go to facebook and comment on stuff

      • theRickDeLux

        Just weird to attack Doug because the Reds couldn’t develop those players into major league players. How is he to blame for that? Doug’s m.o. has always been to focus on the positive traits with a heavy dose of optimism. What’s he supposed to say… “These guys suck so don’t come back to my website”?

        The MLB draft is a total crapshoot. The announcers on MLB Network admitted to as much last night. You draft some talent and go from there.

    • Colorado Red

      Picking and developing are not the same thing.
      Also, the draft is a crap shoot. Does not always work out.

    • Colt Holt

      Hey mike, I missed where you noted your comments from those drafts? I don’t doubt it was negative, but I would be interested in your thoughts on nick senzel and Taylor trammel as well

    • Reds/Purdue fan

      Yea, you’re clueless. Don’t think you quite understand the odds of any player to make the majors. Blandino has already reached the MLB, travieso was on track to before his injuries as well (AA in his early 20s). Howard didn’t work out but again most players don’t so I don’t get your attack of Doug.

    • RedsandPurduefan

      Lol yea you’re clueless.

      I don’t think you get how hard it is to reach the majors.

      On your list Blandino already has reached the reds. Travieso was in AA in his early 20s but got hurt. Sparks was an intriguing pick as Doug said because of his power/speed/defense. Howard didn’t pan out but again most players don’t. I don’t get why you’re coming for Doug though. Everyrhing you have quoted him on is how many people felt. I’ve seen many picks and international signings that he’s disagreed with.

      • Mike

        Haha you are all so desperate to root for a winner, you just accept any and all positive BS about the team, and avoid reality.

        According to Doug, every reds pick has been beyond stellar, dating back to 2012.

        Yet, they are one of the worst 3 teams in baseball over the last 4 years.

    • Mac

      Lol….big time trolling here. If you look at how those guys were drafted, their stats, projections, etc they were solid picks. They just didn’t develop like we’d all hoped they would or they got hurt. That’s hardly anyone’s fault. 95% of every draft will fail to make the majors for more than just a cup of coffee. This isn’t the NBA or NFL where every pick is supposed to produce quickly. Most teams draft thinking 3 to 5 years down the road. They’ll sign 20 to 25 choices and hope that 1 or 2 make the show. That’s just how it goes. There’s nothing wrong with being excited about the potential of someone. Heck, we all thought you had potential until you posted….is that Doug’s fault also?

      • GeneBennettSuperScout

        Naw. I saw Mike play. No hit, no glove. Just sat back & criticized those who could. We cut him quickly after we brought him in. Our only wasted pick in the last 10 years. My bad!

      • Hoosierbadger

        Attacking draft evals based solely on hindsight, as Mike is doing, is just bologna. Anyone can do that. It is not a legitimate basis for criticism, period.

    • Matthew Habel

      Clearly a Walt burner account. Blame the fans and not the GM!

    • Grover

      Show us your thoughts and analysis comments about the picks from those years at the time. I am sure you predicted the injuries as well. Since the vast majority of picks never reach the majors you can just trash every pick and claim you are a genius even though you never seen a second of tape of any of them

    • Doug Gray

      Thanks for stopping by and reading, Mike.

    • Doug Gray

      What Doug actually wrote about Taylor Sparks on draft day:

      The third baseman has good bat speed and above-average power potential to work with, while also having a good hit tool. Where he lacks though is in his plate discipline where he has nearly three times more strikeouts than walks in 2014, and it’s been worse in the past. Defensively he projects as an above-average defender, with some sources saying even a plus defender thanks to both range and his arm strength. With true five-tool potential, he provides a lot of upside, but his plate discipline and contact concerns also make him a very risky pick

      But let’s not ever have facts get in the way of a good argument.

      And let’s also note your quote cut off the next two sentences, which were: Sparks is a risky pick, but one with a very high ceiling. He has five average or better tools to work with, but his plate discipline has been a big question for him and while it did improve in 2014, it was still a big question mark.

      • MK

        As I recall I liked Sparks, and still kinda do, and was disappointed with your take on him.

    • Shawn

      Why are you here? Doug should ban you for insulting posts. Go away!

    • AC

      If he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, then why are you commenting on his website?

  10. kevinz

    Love the Siani pick thought 3rd rd though. Think should be able to sign him wouldnt have drafted him this high if not

    • Colorado Red

      not to pick on you, but it is a 4th round pick, Even better

  11. Krozley

    I would think they could get it done for Siani. Trim a little from India, $600-700K or so from rounds 5-10 (what they have done the last couple years), plus the $545K over slot cushion, you could sign him for around a 1st round comp balance pick slot, say $1.7 million.

  12. Brad

    2018 Billings Mustangs offense has gotten a nice boost with: SS India, RF Spillane and CF Siani (assuming he signs)

    • CP

      Yeah that’s not so bad at all. That will be a fun group to watch later this year and just add another layer of depth hopefully.

    • The Duke

      Siani might be in Arizona as a high school draftee

    • MK

      Unless the go to Greeneville. Remember Reds own Greeneville franchise the just have a working agreement with Billings owners. They have their own money invested in making Greeneville financially viable.

  13. Why?

    Why are you hating on Doug while he is currently working his butt off trying to get information for you? Doug saw that they had potential, which is true. Doug isn’t god. he can’t control whether they have injuries or not. Stop hatin

  14. Stock

    I like Zach Watson and Jayden Hill this round. Could be tough to afford them though.

  15. AirborneJayJay

    Very nice 3rd and 4th round picks. On Spillane, can we nickname him Mickey? Because he can Hammer the ball.
    MLB Network pre-draft show had some great highlights on Siani making BHam type catches in CF. I was hoping he would get selected by the Reds.

    • Randy in Chatt

      Got the reference JJ ;) Stacy Keach would have been proud.

  16. CP

    Let the savings begin now. Taking a bunch of seniors for the next few rounds is to be expected though, so they can afford Siani…

    Hopefully they can find a few pieces over these next few rounds though. Maybe a bullpen guy or a bench guy.

    • The Duke

      If I were a scouting director, my draft strategy for taking college seniors would be to either get a reliable org starter who has command and intelligence on the mound, or power arms that you can try to make relievers. I’d generally stay away from college sr position players.

  17. Krozley

    Let the drafting of college seniors begin!

  18. Brad

    I predict that Reds draft Chris Williams, C, Clemson in rounds 6-10

    • MK

      That will give us two Clemsen catchers again aas Boulware just retired.

  19. earmbrister

    Was Ryan Campbell at Pitt his freshman season?

  20. Colorado Red

    Chris Campbell.
    Think this pick is to save some money, to spend on Mike.
    Nice move.

  21. B-town Fan

    Brenden Spillane won the triple crown in the big ten he led in avg,rbi,homers. It was a shame that Illinois didn’t get in the NCAA they should have they were a very good team, a good record, they were ranked in the top 25 for several weeks toward the end of the season, heard several TV announcers from different games comment they were surprised they didn’t get in. Would have been interesting to see what Spillane could have done in the tournament.

    • Norwood Nate

      Sorry way behind…that comment was about Spillane. Just don’t see how that plate approach is playable moving forward.

      Like the Sciani pick, I was hoping for an overslot guy as it seems the Reds were moving in that direction based on early picks.

      • abado

        On Spillane: It’s a narrow path to being a productive player, but there is a path. Live with the K’s, hope the power and walks stay, and try to mold him into an average corner outfielder or good first baseman.

      • abado

        In 3 years, he could easily be Taylor Sparks, but maybe he becomes Matt Davidson or Adam Dunn. The critical question: can he get to the power through all the strikeouts? At Illinois, the answer was an emphatic ‘YES’. Dude had a .514 ISO! Ridiculous.

        It’s a boom or bust pick that I don’t really mind in the 3rd round.

      • Norwood Nate

        Yeah, in this round I’m not sweating taking the risk. I’m wasn’t necessarily trying to complain about the selection in round 3. Spillane absolutely crushed the ball last year. I was just surprised he could do that with a 26% K percentage. That sort of production doesn’t seem sustainable to me with that high a K% in college. But guys can make adjustments, changes, etc. What he was doing absolutely worked against college competition.

  22. MK

    There was a former Oakland Raider wide receiver named Mike Siani. Anyone know is our guy related?

  23. Kap

    Drew Rasmussen is who I have my eye on. Could reach the majors quickly as a reliever where his stuff can play up. Bryce montes de oca is a close second

  24. rick in boise

    Bryce Montes de Oca seems a good choice but he’s been hard to sign in the past… Maybe a bit eccentric?

    Anyway… Round 5 = Puerto Rico RHP Yomil Maysonet

  25. Kindell

    Check out the passion this kid plays the game with. You can also hear his interviews and tell that he has an absolute winning metality and that is something the Cincinnati dugout needs.

    • kevinz

      Yea love that edge and passion he plays with kind of reminds me of Aranado from rockies with how plays with a attitude on the baseball field

    • Norwood Nate

      I do like seeing that passion. Thanks for posting the video.

  26. Krozley

    Tyler Mondile was a 6th rounder out of high school that signed for slot in 2016, so hopefully Maysonet will do the same. His college choice is a JC, so probably easier to sway towards signing.

    • Michael Smith

      Correct me if isnt bleacher report written by fans? Who does their scouting?

      • Doug Gray

        We all have to start somewhere, but the person who wrote that article, has like 500 followers on twitter and only one person that I follow (and I follow almost exclusively baseball people) follows him. That may not mean something, but it probably means something.

      • Kindell

        No, not anymore. Bleacher Report changed a lot once they were purchased by Turner Sports and started gaining real credibility. They do have articles that can be written by amatuers, but there is an application process to get it published.

        With that being said, they actually hired teams of “lead” writers that are paid and some of them are quite good. For instance, Matt Miller covers the NFL draft and he is really respected in the industry. I imagine it’s a lot harder to work your way on the MLB draft scene though. This guy above is not a lead writer and I would just take his article as an opinion. I also think draft grading makes no sense, no draft can be graded for years.

    • Tyler B

      Their grade was all about how we have Saurez and Senzel. They didn’t take into account that a baseball draft is about stockpiling talent, not drafting for need.

  27. Steve in Texas

    I love reading all of Doug’s articles and I love this site so please do not take this the wrong way. I am not expecting Doug to tell me if a certain player is going to make it to the majors or not. There are several factors that come in play if a player makes it or not and if they are successful when they get there. The person’s abilities, their drive, injuries, luck play a part in their way to the majors.

    I am just not that excited about this years draft like the years in the past. I wish they would have taken the pitcher that Atlanta drafted in the first round. Hopefully I am going to wrong about our first round draft pick. I am not excited about any of the other draft picks this year. Maybe the talent isn’t in this year’s draft.

    Once again, I enjoy reading everything from Doug and I think Doug does a great job. I start my work day looking at this site and I always end my work day looking at this site. I am not saying Doug is wrong or anything else about this draft. I just hope in four or five years from now I can say that I was really stupid. Also I am still a big fan of Bob Stevens and I think they should call him up and let him pitch every 5th day. I think he has the talent and he would get better. I do not think it helps sending him down, bringing him up, and sending him back down. I know that is for another day and for another topic!

    Keep up the good work Doug because I always enjoy your site!

    • Bill Anderson

      You will get your wish if Romano continues to suck and probably on the 12th or 17th.

      This was a weak draft where they swung for the fences in a few spots and just drafted AAAA turds in other spots.

      • The Rage

        Sal Romano was a BryPri guy. Had a nice cup of coffee last year, but struggling this year. Does pick up velocity later in the season. Just may not have the arsenal to be a starter. Castillo may not have the stamina of us injured. He was even a greater surprise.

    • Bred

      First, I also read several times a day. I’m also a Patreon member. A plug for Duog. I too greatly appreciate Doug’s efforts. The negative comments above are rediculous! Unfortunately, that is our world, but fortunately seldom does the hate finds its way here which I also appreciate. I wanted to thank all you who jumped to Doug defense, for disagreeing and posting civilly, and to Doug for the long hours he puts in to make this site interesting and entertaining.

  28. Krozley

    Shackelford to undergo elbow surgery and has been released. Reds covering all expenses and salary for the rest of the season. Too bad for him, but opens the spot for Disco.

  29. Brad

    Reds drafts are becoming predictable. 5/6th rounder Senior RP. Clemson Catchers. 9th round Virginia Tech SPs. Catchers and RPs on no one’s board while highly rated guys go a pick later (Montas de Oca.)

  30. Nathan price

    Andrew McDonald is from Cincinnati. How awesome.

  31. Kap

    To be honest, siani is the only interesting pick of the day

    • CP

      I agree that Siani might be the most intriguing. Definitely a pleasant surprise! Bren Spillane is intriguing to me as well. His production is off the charts, and that power will play. It will be interesting to see if he can be teachable and have a little more approach at the plate to couple more walks to go along with that power. If he can learn to really take a walk you have Adam Dunn 2.0, with a better arm and athleticism. So not really Adam Dunn I guess, but you get the picture.

      • MuddyCleats

        For all the Dunn bashing by so called Reds Fans – we all should b happy w/ someone who draws 100BB, hits 40+ dingers & drives n 100+ RBIs for 4 yrs straight but many STILL r not

      • CP

        Don’t get me wrong, I would be thrilled if Spillane became a Dunn 2.0. What Adam was good at, he was really good at (power, OBP). If Spillane became that at the MLB level, you would have to be thrilled to get someone like that out of the 3rd round.

        But the point remains, that Spillane has some tools to be a bit more complete is all. But who knows if he can be as great as Dunn was at power and OBP….

  32. Mbushskbum

    These picks were all to save money for signing Siani. I am all for that! Lots of 4th and 5th year seniors that have no bargaining power. Their slot money will all flow Siani’s way.

    Weak draft, I think we potentially did very well, won’t know for sure though until 3 or 4 years have passed.

    Looking forward to seeing several of these guys in Billings this summer.

  33. Micheal Avenatti

    For those who can’t take negative comments as if everything is supposed to be peachy here. The thing is, everybody isn’t always right but we are entitled to our own opinions but not our own facts.

    With that said, this draft is horrible. B/r rated us with having one of the worst picks. Also how many lefties did we draft? Just terrible scouting. More right handers pitching 91-93. Two pitch pitchers. IMHO, the franchise is dead. We need to hire a yanks exec or Red Sox, also maybe a dodgers exec, and let them rebuild this from the ground up. It’s horrible. It almost seems as if they just pick anybody. The first rounder is ok, but we didn’t need a Votto replacement? You need relievers with more than 1 pitch with location. You need lefties out the arse. We need a younger vibrant owner. Who knows and loves baseball.

    • Jasonp

      Any draft pick after Mike Siani in the first 10 rounds were picked to save money to sign Siani.

      Just because you think we needed something specific from this draft it doesn’t mean that there were people to fit what you wanted.

      Stats from 2008 draft.

      28 of the 46 first round/supplemental first round players drafted played more then 20 games in MLB.

      13 of the 31 second round picks played 20 games or more in MLB.

      12 of the 35 third round picks/supplemental played 20 games or more in MLB.

      4 of the 30 forth round picks played 20 games or more in MLB.

      Round 5-10 had 35 out of 180 play more then 20 games.

      I just randomly picked 2008 but you can see the chances of anyone taken past the first round has a very low chance to playing in MLB. So even if the Reds picked left handed pitchers in half of the first 10 rounds chances are low that any of them will play more then 20 games in the MLB.

      Also a weakness this team has now may not be a weakness by the time the players from this draft make the MLB team.

    • Rich H

      In which round were the owners available Michael? Must’ve missed that one.

    • Colorado Red

      What does B/r know, not much.
      If Singer was so good, why did he slip 10 more spots.
      Not a perfect draft, but no reason to be a troll.
      Go back to your Cards boards.

    • AllTheHype

      @Michael…Haha. Yanks, Red Sox, or Dodgers execs are the LAST execs that would know about building from the ground up. They just spend their way to championships.


    I don’t tweet on Twitter myself, but for all of the negative experts with 100% foresight posting here, I’ll share a tweet from Chris Garber (retweeted by C. Trent Rosecrans): “Everyone is allowed to have an opinion about the MLB draft. But there’s a 99.5% probability you have no idea what you’re talking about.”

    Thanks, Doug. You did a great job providing lots of good material introducing us to these choices.

  35. The Rage

    Drafts are total crap shoots. Reds overhauled their scouting team after the 2012-14 disaster. To early yet to whether it improved anything.

    • Rob

      Rage, just curious, how did Reds overhaul scouting department after those years? Don’t recall but still sounds familiar.

  36. Alex Reds

    I saw an ESPN article about Day 1 winners and losers. Liberatore at #16 to the Rays was one of the winners. In the write up, it mentioned the Reds at pick 5 were hot on Liberatore and asking for a discount. This isn’t surprising as every team is negotiating with everyone. Either the Reds didn’t get enough of a discount, India provided some discount, or they just preferred India and didn’t know if he’d be available at their pick.

    • CP

      You have to wonder if the Reds decided to pass on Liberatore at 5 so that they could pursue a bigger picture draft strategy, ie getting to draft Siani in the 4th round. Not as much high end talent in this draft, so there was/is a need to take some swings at some upside guys.

      Also, India was probably one of the more “safe” picks of the draft. So the Reds netted themselves as close to a sure thing as they could at 5, and then still had the flexibility to take some swings at some upside. If they get the top 10 guys signed I’ll be happy.

  37. Tom

    Pretty happy with getting Siani, but hopefully they didn’t get too cute in reaching for picks 2 and 3 just to save money. I rather liked getting a Trammell level prospect with the 2nd pick. He was ranked top 15 by BA. That was a solid get.

    Siani is on that outer edge of worthwhile HS prospects. Will be a great sign, no doubt, but I guess I would have liked Rocker (or another player that was actually drafted in round 1 by another team with a similar strategy) with the 47th pick is what I’m saying.

    Libertore dropping to TB is so interesting as a result of teams trying to save money and work the system.

    • redleggingfordayz

      The difference here is 1. The overall slot money the Reds had to use that year and 2. The Reds took Trammell with the 35 overall pick as part of the round 1 comp picks. We had no such early picks this year and getting Trammell at that spot was pretty crazy in itself already. Especially in this draft class, the Reds did alright in my eyes saving their money and going with Siani who has extreme upside.