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Louisville had the day off.

Pensacola won 5-1. Box Score

Daytona won 5-3. Box Score

Dayton had the day off.

6/5 Game Preview

Team 1st half 2nd half Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Live Watch Live
Louisville 20-33 N/A 6:15pm Reed Here Here Here
Pensacola 22-33 0-0 7:35pm TBA Here Here Here
Daytona 31-21 0-0 7:05pm TBA Here Here N/A
Dayton 29-26 0-0 7:00pm Jordan Here Here Here
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24 Responses

  1. James K

    Tyler Trammell left the game early on Sunday and didn’t play on Monday. Reason?

    • B-town Fan

      I noticed that too, has to be something going on there, either he is sick or he is hurt even though it was said that he wasn’t. It can’t be to give him rest, Daytona’s only been rained out almost every day for the last week until the last couple of days.

  2. Joe

    Can’t ask for much more from th draft got a solid prospect n couplegood lookin high upside arms .got chance today get another good looking prospect at top of 3.

  3. Norwood Nate

    Anyone have an idea about what kind of signing bonus India is going to want. He was as drafted in “range” as he was clearly a top 10 pick, but at the same time as an accomplished college junior, would he really go back to school? Could give the Reds some leverage. And even though he wasn’t a reach this is also about as high as he was expected to go in the draft. I think there can be some savings here but not a ton.

    Now, neither of the second round picks appear to be overslot guys and I would be surprised if either required the full amount to sign. I think the Reds can save some money here to go for an overslot HS guy later on.

    Anyone got a line on undrafted, highly rated HS that may be a fit for the Reds?

    • Colorado Red

      I would think he is going to ask for slot, and the reds are going to offer a little bit below slot.
      My uniformed guess is about 5.5 Mil (slot is 5.9).
      But just pulled that out of thing air.

      • MK

        Why take less than slot when he has the return to college hammer? Seems to me he would hold out for over slot.

    • Krozley

      My thought was #5 was the earliest India would go and that the Reds could sign him for somewhere around the #7 slot amount, saving $600K or so. Maybe they already worked that out with him upfront and is why he was chosen. If that works out, I like Siani as a target and you could offer him high-2nd round money. Seems like a Lorenzen type athlete and one of the best high school OFs.

  4. Brad

    Here are some names that intrigue me at 3-82:

    RHSP Cole Wilcox ($)
    RHSP Kumar Rocker ($)
    RHSP Tristan Beck
    OF Tristan Pompey
    SS Nander de Sedas
    CF Mike Siani ($)
    CF Elijah Cabell
    3B Nick Northcut
    RHSP Austin Becker
    C Cal Raleigh
    C Grant Koch
    CF Zach Watson

    • Norwood Nate

      Thanks for putting this together. Looks like a couple good options will be available. I’d like to see them go for Rocker or Wilcox if they think they can sign them. De Sedas is still intriguing as there’s always a need for talented SS.

      • Brent

        Kloffenstein is interesting too. Big RHP HS pitcher with some upside

    • Colorado Red

      Nice list there.
      I would like Cole if they think they can sign him.
      IF not, then Beck, Tristan, he has little leverage as to signing.

    • Kap

      I would add Blaine Knight of Arkansas and Konnor Pilkington of Mississippi State. Both solid SEC pitchers with a mid rotation upside.

    • Billy

      I kept waiting for Rocker to be picked last night. Now I’m wondering if some of these early-round talent kind of guys are falling so far that they’ll go to college instead, leaving them undrafted (or a later round flyer in case something comes up). At what point does that tend to be the case? Have we already crossed it?

    • Brad

      Wilcox announced he is going to Georgia. Will guess Rocker will do same to Vandy. I did not included Kloffenstein for same reason.

  5. Paul

    You should have included India’s stats from his game last night…just saying!

  6. kevinz

    Reds day 2 player Hopefuls…. P Blaine Knight, CF Mike Siani, OF isbel, P rocker, SS de sadas.

  7. The Rage

    Rocker is a poor man’s Greene. Needs a lot of work.

  8. AirborneJayJay

    Reds have the 4th pick in round 3 like they did in round 2. Phillies forfeited their 2nd and 3rd round picks.
    The big fella, RHP Adam Kloffenstein, RHP 6’5″ 243, doesn’t turn 18 until August. Much like Hunter Greene last year. It would be nice to take him and get him to forego his college commitment to I believe Texas. Shave a few dollars off of the first 3 draft picks to pay him over slot. But they can only offer I think 5% above that slot value.
    Doug has the 3rd round slot value at $716,000. Add in the extra 5% and it takes it $751,800. Would 3/4 of a million dollars get him to forego that commitment?

    • Ryan

      They can go up to 5% over on their entire draft pool. They can pay whatever they want, higher or lower, for individual slots, as long a step they don’t go over their draft pool

      • HOYCe

        Don’t they have to offer at least 40% of the slot? Or some sort of penalty occurs??

      • AirborneJayJay

        OK that is where that 5% figures in, on the total. That is better.

    • AirborneJayJay

      **Not a commit to Texas, but to Texas Christian U., a little better baseball program.

  9. MK

    Okey’s double lat night was inches from being a grand slam and ended an 0 for 24 streak. Funny he keeps getting promoted when he really hasn’t proved to be much of a hitter at any previous level.