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Louisville lost 8-1. Box Score

Pensacola won 5-1. Box Score

Daytona lost 6-2. Box Score

Dayton lost 9-5. Box Score

6/7 Game Preview

Team 1st half 2nd half Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Live Watch Live
Louisville 21-34 N/A 11:05am Nicolino Here Here Here
Pensacola 22-34 0-0 7:35pm Strahan Here Here Here
Daytona 31-23 0-0 7:05pm Moss Here Here N/A
Dayton 29-28 0-0 7:00pm Naughton Here Here Here

31 Responses

  1. Simon Cowell

    I wonder how many are still insisting that Bob Steve should be pitching in Cincinnati after that outing? It’s only one game sure but when are we ever going to see a consistent Robert Stevenson?

    • Bob Anderson

      I would. Too many days off tends to build rust. Romano must go.

    • Cguy

      RS appears to be on that “1 step forward, 2 steps back” career path.

    • Wes

      Even though that was worse hitting minor league team I still want bobsteve. He had 4/5 good outings prior

  2. kevinz

    I know our starting Pitching is not doing so well but tell you one thing Shotty Defense the first thing that kills young Pitchers or veteran Pitchers.
    They Both go hand to hand and both need to step it up.
    I mean extra bases equal extra Runs

    • Bill

      Kevin, I couldn’t agree more. The normally reliable Billy Hamilton has had a pretty bad week in my opinion. Last Friday night during Lorenzen’s 4th inning of he didn’t get in front of Renfroe base hit to left center field that made it the wall and was scored a triple. Galvis later scored. With two outs in the ninth and a 7-run lead, Hamilton is playing in shallow CF and gives a triple to Galvis that plates two runs. Moreover, his glove appears to be coming off his hand as the ball hits off his glove.

      Last night was more of the same. A Hamilton bobble turned a single into a double before his more glaring 8th inning error led to an unearned run. Baseball Reference shows Hamilton at a -0.3 dWar for 2018. Four misplays, but only one error charged. I’ve never seen Hamilton have a bad run in the field like this.

      Winker’s defense ways down his value and aside from Duvall and Barnhardt, team defense is pretty average. No doubt improvement would help our pitchers.

      • MK

        The superstar there at first base is probably the most fundamentally unsound defender on the team.I think he spent to much time beside Phillipsand his extraordinary ability to make off balance throws and catches and he tries to do the same thing, throwing while on one foot or fielding off the side. He just does not have the dexterity to get away with it.

      • kevinz

        Agreed on all you put Bill the bobbles and misplays really hurting the team.
        Schebler and Winker both misplayed the ball in RF in back to back games.
        Not sure why Hamilton and Suarez regressed on Defense.
        I guess when Longest and best Red in Votto lacks Fundamentals and Defense it goes through the team They all pick up bad habits.

  3. Bob Anderson

    Just badly performing players up and down the organization. Time to clean house.

    • KyWilson1

      I hope you bring this kind of pep to the rest of your life

    • Doug Gray

      Not yet, but I’m planning to ask someone (s) today to see if I can get an update.

  4. David

    Alfredo Rodriguez is at Daytona now? Does this mean that Luis Gonzalez has bypassed him in the organizational, shortstop pecking order?
    When do you know that it’s time to visit the optometrist? Perhaps, when you have struck out in 41.4% of your plate appearances, including 7 multiple strikeout games in your last 10 starts? Chris Okey, we are looking at you.

    • RedsKoolAidDrinker

      Yes, but Okey can’t see us looking at him.

    • MK

      My first thought was it was like a rehab assignment for Rodriguez. Not sure I wouldn’t send him to Louisville when he is 100%. He certainly wouldn’t be that much worse offensively over Trahan. It would give he and Senzel an opportunity to build some chemistry together.

  5. Kapple

    Seems like Gutierrez finally had a good start. Hope it is the start of something.

    • MK

      That was really first time I saw his potential come through.

  6. The Duke

    Taylor Trammell still not playing
    Tony Santillan slumping
    Shed Long slumping
    Tyler Stepehenson slumping (now down to .275)
    Jeter Downs slumping
    Reds starting pitching stinks

    We need some good news in a bad way.

    • Kindell

      Nick Senzel has played 5 games in a row without issue and that is about all I got.

    • Doug Gray

      We all woke up this morning, and that’s pretty good news.

    • Clammy

      The last two trades we made with the Dodgers are looking less than horrible. Clementina has a 1.066 OPS as a Catcher. Ibandel Isabel has 12 HR in 131 PA. I have to believe if they keep this pace up both will be added to Doug’s to 25 list.

  7. Bubba Woo

    The lack of success in both the minors and the Reds has made me change my mind about Scooter. I think at this point they should try and sign him for something like 4/40-45 mil, and move him to OF when Senzel gets called up. Trading him just opens up another hole for a system that has exactly one ML ready prospect (Senzel).

    • Tampa Red

      Preach!! Gennett absolutely should be offered an extension. Your suggestion of 4/$40 million sounds pretty close to what the offer should look like.

      He may think he’s worth more, and if he keeps playing this way he probably is. If so, then let him test the market. No need to oversign. But YES, absolutely make the offer.

    • Doug Gray

      I’d definitely sign Scooter to that kind of deal today. I don’t know if he’d take it (he shouldn’t – but a hometown discount may make it viable). I don’t think I’d move Senzel, though. I probably would look at moving Scooter to the outfield, though. Senzel’s defense at second is just much better, and you’d get far more value out of the combo in that scenario.

      • Bubba Woo

        That’s what I meant. Scooter is a pretty bad defensive 2b but I’m willing to bet that he would be more than adequate in LF.

      • Hoosierbadger

        I’ve not been a proponent of extending Scooter, but under the scenario mentioned with a move to LF so Senzel is not blocked, I would do it. 4/$40 does seem a bit low though for what Scooter is likely to be looking for, and I fear the Reds would regret a longer term or higher-dollar investment. Scooter’s performance at the plate has been terrific.

      • Tampa Red

        Hoosier, I think teams are getting smarter — at least I hope they are — about really long term deals like Votto’s for players that aren’t truly elite, like, well, Joey Votto. The Harpers and Machado’s etc are still gonna get theirs, but players a level or two below, probably not.

        I have my doubts that Gennett would get more than 4 years on the open market, but maybe he gets more than $40 million. I’m not a GM and I’m not gonna research other deals for comps, but maybe 4 year/$50 million would be reasonable? There’s no way that $12.5 million per season crushes the Reds financially, especially w Meseraco coming off the books this year and Bailey next year. And it shouldn’t have any more than a marginal effect, if even that, on their ability to go find a SP or two.

        There is room in the starting lineup for Gennett and Senzel. Thr Reds would be a significantly better team with both in the lineup. So, the Reds should absolutely explore the possibility of making that happen.

  8. Tom

    2nd basemen can be hard to trade.

    I think the Twins wanted to trade Dozier a few years back and could not find a good deal. Phillips was difficult to get value for as well. I guess it’s viewed as an easy position to fill by teams.

    The Reds shouldn’t have any problem finding a 2b for the next 6-10 years with the current pipeline.

    I like the Gennett to LF idea, but I’m still holding out hope the Reds can gain some high quality prospects in return for him.

    The Reds need every penny for starting pitching.

  9. Norwood Nate

    My hope is that by mid-2020 (goodness this rebuild just keeps getting pushed back further…so much for trading for near ready guys), we will have filled in the holes in our roster and rotation through promotions, trades, and FA.

    Suarez, India, Long, Votto, Senzel, Siri, Trammell, Winker, Barnhart, T. Stephenson, Blandino, Peraza, and Schebler should provide us with a really solid core to fill out a lineup and bench. Friedl, D. Herrera, Spillane, and Fairchild may be part of that group as well. Someone from that group will need to play SS on a regular basis or we will have to bring one in from outside the organization.

    The pitching side needs a lot more help as I’m only confident that Castillo and Mahle are keepers in the rotation. I hold out hope Stephenson will get another opportunity to establish himself. If Disco remains healthy he’ll slot in the rotation or be a nice trade chip (or both). It’s likely we’ll have to use one of our better trade chips (Iglesias or Gennett) to target help in this area. Beyond Santillan, and maybe Mella or Gutierrez, I don’t see any help on the horizon in the minors. Maybe Lopez develops into a back end guy, but we seem to have an excess of #5 types now.

    We should have plenty of arms to try out in the bullpen between starters that pitch themselves out of the rotation and guys like Herget, Rainey, Hendrix etc.

    Maybe next year’s high draft pick will provide a fast moving SP from the college ranks to help out. Otherwise the Reds will likely have to bring in outside help one way or another.

    • kevinz

      He is a tad older but i like Beltre as well I want to see if his BB translate to A +.
      Beltre has some nice tools if his Raw power ever shows up along with walks translating he will be hard to overlook with the tools he has as well plus run plus arm