Are you tired of the draft yet? No? It’s just me that’s tired of the draft? Alright, fine. I’ll get back to some draft stuff Friday. Including setting up the 2018 Draft Tracker for signings and money spent. For now, though, let’s get back to some day-to-day coverage that took a back seat to the 41 Draft Picks that the Cincinnati Reds made between Monday and Wednesday.

The Dayton Dragons land Five in the All-Star Game

The Midwest League All-Star game will take place in less than two weeks in Lansing, Michigan on Tuesday June 19th. On Wednesday afternoon the teams were announced and the Dayton Dragons landed five players on the team.

Catcher Hendrik Clementina will be the starter at designated hitter. He’s hit an incredible .341/.414/.652 on the season in 39 games played for Dayton. He’s among the league leaders in nearly every offensive category. If he had enough at-bats to qualify (he’s still a few short), he would rank 3rd in average, 2nd in on-base percentage, and he’d lead the league in slugging percentage. He’s currently 4th in home runs with nine.

Outfielder Stuart Fairchild, first baseman Montrell Marshall, reliever John Ghyzel, and reliever Cory Thompson will all be reserves on the roster. Fairchild is hitting .290/.382/.470 with 21 extra-base hits and he’s stolen 15 bases on the year. Marshall has 17 extra-base hits on the year and has drawn 25 walks during the season in 48 games. Ghyzel has saved 11 games, tops in the league, and has 30 strikeouts in 20.1 innings to go with a 2.66 ERA. Thompson has posted a 2.25 ERA in 28.0 innings, walking just four batters to go with 24 strikeouts and three saves.

The Pensacola Blue Wahoos land Three in the All-Star Game

The Southern League All-Star game is also going to take place on June 19th. The game will be in Birmingham, Alabama and be led by the Blue Wahoos coaching staff – a reward as the champions of the league the previous season. Starting pitcher Keury Mella, second baseman Shed Long, and outfielder Aristides Aquino will represent Pensacola on the team.

Keury Mella has made 12 starts this season with a 3.56 ERA. He’s thrown 60.2 innings, allowed 55 hits, walked 21 batters, and he’s struck out 63. Shed Long has been in a slump for the last two weeks and has seen his numbers slide a little bit, but he’s hitting .258/.333/.435 with 18 extra-base hits, 20 walks, and he’s gone 8-for-10 in stolen bases. Aristides Aquino is hitting .242/.296/.434 with 11 doubles and 8 home runs.

Roster moves aplenty on Wednesday

Alfredo Rodriguez, who hadn’t played since April 14th with a hamate injury, was activated from the disabled list in Pensacola and sent to Daytona where he played on Wednesday evening. The Tortugas also placed starting pitcher Ryan Olson on the disabled list with a lower back strain.

On the other side of those moves was Aristides Aquino being placed on the disabled list in Pensacola with a knee injury. He left the game the other day after running out a grounder. He never went down, but he remained on the field hunched over for quite a while before exiting. That move meant that Narciso Crook was promoted to Pensacola from Daytona. He started for the Blue Wahoos on Wednesday night. Juan Martinez also went from Pensacola to Daytona. Rafael De Paula joined Pensacola from Louisville. Jackson Stephens was optioned to Louisville from Cincinnati.


40 Responses

  1. CP

    Time to see how these mid-season promotions play out. Clementia deserves consideration, but being a catcher he probably stays put.

    Here’s the promotions I’m hoping for:

    Dayton to Daytona- Fairchild, Beltre, Ghyzel, Thompson
    Daytona to Pensacola- Trammel, Friedl, Siri, Hendrix, Santillian
    Pensacola to Louisville- Guerrero, VanMeter, McElroy, Mella, Varner

    Three OF moving from one level to the next for the most part. 1 SP and 1 RP at least as well. Dayton gets India, Spillane, and maybe an older drafted pitcher or two. Many of the other draft picks go to filling the 3 rookie level teams.


    • MK

      Guerrero and VanMeter are already in Louisville. I would leave Ghyzel in Dayton as he still has some things to learn. He really has not developed a two strike put-a-way pitch which he is going to need at higher levels. Right now he is getting by on hard stuff . I can recall an outing where he went 0-2 on several batters only to have them all reach.

    • The Duke

      I don’t think Santillan gets moved up. He’s been getting beat up on his second go around in the FSL. I think India and Spillane both starting in Billings, at least at first. Siri is in no way ready for AA, not with that plate approach. Unless they are just clearing room for Fairchild to play every day in CF.

      • MK

        Duke, Fairchild does not play center everyday in Dayton.

      • The Duke

        I know, but Siri tends to play in CF most every day he plays so I don’t know if he’d get the same amount of reps in CF with Siri there, and we need to get Fairchild plenty of reps in CF

  2. MK

    Disappointing about Olson. It was his back that gave him the health issues in college. When the young man is healthy he is great, that has amounted to about a month the last two years.

  3. Michael B. Green

    Does CIN need to add Clementina to its 40MR this coming off season? If so, the strategy is to either hide him at Dayton or promote him to see if he can excel at the next level of pitching. He’s a monster at the plate right now at this level.

    • MK

      If they want him to catch he is not going to get that opportunity with Stephenson there.

  4. B-town Fan

    Where’s Trammel he hasn’t played the last 4 games, has anybody heard anything.

  5. kevinz

    finally reds trying my schebler at leadoff idea hope try it for awhile.
    Put Winker in 6 spot when in lineup now then be happy lol

    • kevinz

      Lineup for when Senzel comes up most teams start younger players lower in order to adjust to the level. This is assuming scooter still here when Senzel gets called up

      Suarez switches with Scooter vs tough Lefties.

      • RedsinWashst

        Not bad, I think Senzel will eventually lead off.

      • kevinz

        hmm you could be right mayb the 2 hole as well for Senzel.
        Have Schebler leading off since much better leading off a inning than with RISP.
        Thinking Senzel could be better with Runners on than Schebler that the reason have him Senzel little farther down in another RBI spot

  6. Right on Reds

    What would it take for the Reds to acquire Brendan Rodgers from the Rockies? Kid is still in AA.

      • Lt. Dan

        In your mind, what would be a fair return for Iggy. He would have to be the most salivating addition to any contending teams bullpen. Would 2-3 top 100 guys or 3-4 top 15 guys make the trade happen?

      • Norwood Nate

        Agree on what it would take, and that I’d make that trade if I were the Reds. Probably a secondary piece or two coming back to the Reds as well, but Rodgers is exactly the type of prospect the Reds need to target in an Iglesias trade.

      • Mustang John

        I Would do it now Saw Rogers Play in Pioneer League The kid is a MLB Player

    • kevinz

      Would they Trade Rodgers to keep story is the question though would it be worth it to the rockies?

      • kevinz

        A trade Rockies might do is Colton Welker blocked by Nolan.
        We move Welker to 1st base for Reds Hopeful Votto replacement.

        Get Hampson there SS-2nd Prospect try him in CF has good speed
        get the Rockies 3rd ranked Prospect Pitchers name I am Forgetting lol

        so you get Rockies 2nd 3rd 6th ranked Prospects for Iggy.
        Do not see them Parting with Rodgers with only Story at SS in the way.

  7. David

    First time through the rotation down in the DSL, and all systems are go. The five starting pitchers have combined for the following: 19.1 IP, 14 H, 5 ER, 4 R, 5 BB, 1 HB, 31 K, 1 HR. That works out to the following: ERA – 1.86, WHIP – 1.03, K/9 – 14.4 and BB/9 – 2.3.

  8. kevinz

    Love that approach right there by schebby nice to LF

  9. MK

    There were a few comments here when Brantly Bell became an All Star hitting .216, Marshall beat that at .195 .

  10. kevinz

    Winkerrrrrrrrrrr with that blast woohooo lol

  11. doofus

    Hello, what would it take for the Reds to acquire Nicky Lopez from the Royals? Thank you!

  12. bryant

    Since it seems, understandably, that everyone has given up on Billy Hamilton as a hitter, shouldn’t we at least give him a chance to swing the bat just from his natural side and drop the switch-hitting? There have been switch hitters who have improved after giving it up. If I am not mistaken Mariano Duncan was one. We are really on the verge of declaring him officially a failure as a major league hitter. He asked to try it a few years ago and was denied. What is left to lose?

    • Jasonp

      I think he actually hits better from his non natural side.

      2017 Left side 259 average right side 219
      2018 Left side 209 average right side 175

      The only issue is see with trying this is he has always switched sides so he doesn’t have experience seeing pitchers from the other side or left handed pitches from the left batting box if he stays only a left handed hitter.

      I think we messed him up from the start. Took someone who didn’t play a lot of baseball and make him hit from both sides of the plate and kept trying to teach him how to bunt instead of keeping him on one side and focused on getting him to be a better hitter before adding bunting.

      He may have turned out the same. We will never know. I do kinda of wonder though what it would be like to learn baseball at an older age then growing up always playing sense childhood.

  13. kevinz

    Trammell still out of lineup not liking the rain at all that when he slipped and tweaked something on or around the base that where you could see pain in his face.

  14. Jasonp

    I read an article today on teams that should buy or sell. Two parts of it caught my interest. One was Huston needing a dominate closer and Washington needing a second baseman.

    Do you think we could get Kyle Tucker for Iglesias? They have several good looking prospects I think Tucker would be an upgrade over all of our current MLB outfielders. Huston is missing a left fielder so Tucker is not blocked just might not be ready this year.

    Howie Kendrick was the Nationals 2nd baseman but he was put on the 60 day DL on May 22(?) and they were using him some in left before that so I think they could use Gennett. Probably the last year they have Harper so if they might be more inclined to make this kind of move. I wonder if we could get someone like Luis Garcia. I haven’t read a lot about him but sounds like he could stay at short. There is another higher ranked prospect named Carter Kieboom. Kieboom’s offense looks great but not sure if he will stick at short or if the Nationals would be willing to trade him but they currently have 2 shortstops in their minors that look pretty good to me..

    • TheRok

      They have Daniel Murphy about to come of the DL. Doubt they are in the market for a 2b.

      • Jasonp

        I forgot about him. The article from The Athletic said they needed a second baseman.

        Though it looks like he isn’t going to be ready soon. Their manager said 2 days ago he was still a ways away. He also seems to have pain in his knee when he runs or stops.

  15. BK

    Very cool to see Cory Thompson make the transition from SS to RP and making the all star team!

  16. Dand

    I have also read that Houston is in the market for a relief pitcher and lf/dh. How about adding Duvall in a package with Iglesias to get Tucker, Ciniol Perez, Paulino and a lower tier prospect?

    Cleveland needs a relief pitcher. For Iglesias would Mejia and Beiber be enough to get back? Another prospect added?

    With the Nationals having Turner at SS, what would it take to get Kierboom? I have been following him before Washington drafted him.

    Who is the top young CF that could possibly be traded? I looked at the top 10 outfielders and the only OF I could see being traded is Verdugo.

    • Doug Gray

      I was able to recover today better than I usually do on Thursday after the draft. Not that Wednesday was easy or anything, but I do think it was easier this year than in the past. Was able to find/get more information this year than usual – or at least it feels like that was the case.