The Cincinnati Reds have come to an agreement with 4th round draft pick Mike Siani for a $2,000,000 signing bonus. The slot value for his pick in the draft was just $512,800. That’s going to mean that the Reds need to make up a whole lot of space to make things work for their draft budget. Their second pick in the draft has a slot value of $1,520,300 – so this is significantly more than they are likely to pay anyone outside of Jonathan India. This was first reported by Jon Heyman of Fanrag Sports.

The Reds had to buy out Mike Siani of his college commitment to the University of Virginia. The organization felt he was worth the price tag. Siani is arguably the best defensive outfielder that was in the entire 2018 Major League Baseball draft. He’s got plus speed, plus range, and a plus arm. Put them together and it’s a dynamite package in center.

At the plate is where the waters get a little murky. He changed his mechanics in his senior season and things didn’t go as well as planned. The organizations that were high on Mike Siani for the draft felt that he could go back to his old swing and get back to the hitter he was as a junior. It will be interesting to see if the organization begins to change things quickly. Or if they let him go into professional ball and see what happens.

Where can the Reds make up the singing bonus money?

The thoughts on draft day were that Mike Siani was going to require an overslot bonus. This was more than I was expecting. However, given the quick agreement, it doesn’t sound like it was unexpected by the Reds. With the extra money that’s going to be needed to make this happen, you have to think that they are going to be shooting for well under slot deals for both of their second round selections. Those picks would, in theory, leave the largest room to make up ground. There will be some money saved with some senior signs. That will likely only amount to a few hundred thousand dollars, though.


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  1. Wes

    Great move ! Put pressure on other players to sign. They will make up money e z. They signed Greene last last year and he still made most money Ever. They will come up w 1.5 mil. Even if u take it from India.

    If India or guy from Oklahoma who As drafted don’t sign and it turns into a good pick next year- that could be a good thing in a weak draft. I like India pick and came around late on him but if it’s the 6th pick next year- prob a better pick than 5 this year. Offer India 4 mil is a jerk move but seriously, how could he pass it up? That’s the whole amount made up there.

    • Randy in Chatt

      Kyler Murray was the first to sign from the entire draft

      • Wes

        Making a lot of money for Getting to play football. Kinda crazy As would pay that. They must be believers.

  2. Joe

    U can’t cuz If India don’t sign then u lose th entire slot amount

  3. JERRY

    India had by far his best year ever. He might not want to risk going back his for senior year over a million dollars. If he falls flat he’s screwed. I think the Reds know this.

    • MK

      The Reds would not want to lose their #5 pick for $1 million, especially for what they paid Jose Garcia.

      • Alex Reds

        especially for what they paid Alfredo Rodriguez

  4. MK

    Any chance they will use him to pitch instead of outfield?

    • Izzy

      I doubt it. He’s limited in his off speed stuff and his fastball is 85-87. He’s a beast defensively in center, so that’ll make the most sense.

  5. Colorado Red

    I am sure they have an agreement with India in principle.
    That is why they may have picked him over signer.
    Anyway, if they can get down to less then 1000000 over slot total, they do not lose a draft pick. I do not think they are worried about 500K give or take in penalty.

  6. Nolan Ryan

    Read an analysis on the Reds draft and it said that if we signed Siani they would change their grade from B+ to an A … Guess that means that there’s some who think very highly of him.
    Hope they are right – go Reds!!

  7. kevinz

    I feel really good about this draft was able to get a Senzel like player at 5.
    Got a Fla commit who could of been one of the next fla 1st rd Pitchers in draft in a short few years.
    Got a upside Pitcher in Gray who still 20 who has a strike throwing mindset.
    Was able to get a comp or 2nd rd talent in the 4th rd in Siani so yea i like this draft for sure ,with it being supposed to be weak draft i think did just fine.

  8. DocProc

    I’m confused. Why did Heyman call him a catcher?

    • Randy in Chatt

      Maybe because he’s a… ball catcher :) Oh that John Heyman.
      I caught that one too.

    • Doug Gray

      We all have brain farts. That was Heyman’s for the day.

  9. Norwood Nate

    From a quick calculation it appears that the slot value for picks #5, 7, 8, 9, and 10 (all college guys) is just over a million dollars. Even if each signed for 100K that would save the 500K. It’s very, very unlikely the Reds will spend 100K to sign each of those guys, as only Schuyler appears to have the option of returning. In years past some of the signing bonuses have been more like 5k-10k. There’s a lot of room savings in those picks. The #6 pick, the HS pitcher from Puerto Rico, also seems like an under slot signing as he was “rated” much lower than where he was selected. With 5% overage added in, it’s doubtful the Reds would even have to go under slot much, if at all, to sign their other first 4 picks.

  10. AirborneJayJay

    There is no way India signs for a million less than slot. Half a million is possible. Still plenty of room to make up. If they go over the total slot allowance they can pay the fine. Just can’t lose next year’s 1st round pick which is shaping up as another top 5 pick. That would be too steep a price to pay for this year’s draft. Nevertheless, it is good to have Siani in the fold.

  11. AirborneJayJay

    India and UF go up against Mize and Auburn in the super regionals today at noon. On ESPN. Game 1.

    • Bill

      Pulling hard for Auburn to knock Florida out and send India to Billings next week vice Omaha.

      • kevinz

        I am pulling for India to blast some Liners keep showing he Senzel like
        with little more power K more with a tad less speed then Senzel.
        India keep playing with that Edge.

  12. Krozley

    Great news about Siani. And no need to worry about bonus pools. From Jim Callis,

    “A quick heads-up as @MLBDraft signings start happening. The vast majority of players taken in the top 10 rds agreed to parameters before getting drafted. So “agreeing to terms” isn’t exactly breaking news — most of these guys have. They’ll sign deals once physicals are passed.”

    • Doug Gray

      There’s always a reason to worry about bonus pools. People change their minds, their terms.