This week The Unnamed Reds Podcast revolves around the plan, or the rebuild, or whatever, and just how confusing things have gotten with it. From Jesse Winker being out of the outfield rotation, to Homer Bailey being out of the rotation, and both of those statements lasting about 30 hours before a change, things are a mess. Brian Snow and Doug Gray also discuss a little bit about the 2018 Major League Baseball draft for the Cincinnati Reds.

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7 Responses

  1. The Rage

    Lets just say, when the rebuild started in the scouting sector in 2015, it is moving to the decision makers in 2018. Cast’s belief is you tweak your people until a nice “cohesion” is formed even if that means several years of moving pieces and parts.

    Fwiw, you just saw Disco’s future with poor Ohtani today. Why these guys don’t get the elbow fixed when it will be a easy, I don’t know. Those “sprains” just don’t go away. They get worse. Throwing on them makes it worse.

  2. Stock

    I really like picks 2-5. Much rather have Carter Stewart in he 1st round but if India can play SS he will be a steal at #5.

    • The Rage

      He can’t play SS. He isn’t a SS. He is a Ryan Braun type of prospect. Move him to a corner outfield spot and see what he can do. If he can man RF, all the better.

  3. Jordan Salisbury

    Great podcast Doug, I really like the part on the draft coverage. Side note Tom Browning “Mr. Perfect” went to college at LeMoyne

  4. Chris


    Curious as to your short term, mid term, and long term thoughts and predictions on what the Reds currently have in our stable of SP prospects:

    Desclafini – is he capable of even being a 3-5 moving forward??

    Finnegan – ??

    Amir Garrett- should and will he not be used as a starter again??

    Stephenson – ??

    Castillo – doesn’t look like a 1-2 to me.

    Big Sal – ??

    Mahle – ??

    Reed – ??

    Doug does Garrett, Mahle, Stephenson, Romano etc..,,do they have the “stuff” to be GOOD major league starters??
    Because as of now Romano and Mahle have been horrible.

    • Matthew O'Neal

      I wouldn’t say Mahle has been horrible. He’s a 23 year old rookie, sporting a 4.33 ERA. If he can figure out how to go 6+ instead of 5+, that’s sufficient for a middle-back end starter. Also, I wouldn’t sleep on Jose Lopez. Had an awful first 7 starts in Louisville, but since he’s had 3 starts of 18 IP, 2 ER baseball, and is through 2 scoreless tonight.

  5. Kong

    No confusing at all. When you accept the FACT the leaders of the r]Reds have no idea whatsoever what they are doing. It is a clueless and lost organization led by a guy who only has the job because of his daddy. Pathetic.