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Louisville won 9-4. Box Score

Pensacola lost 12-4. Box Score

Daytona lost 5-1. Box Score

Dayton lost 1-0. Box Score

6/10 Game Preview

Team 1st half 2nd half Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Live Watch Live
Louisville 22-36 N/A 1:05pm Reed Here Here Here
Pensacola 25-35 0-0 6:00pm Mella Here Here Here
Daytona 32-25 0-0 1:00pm TBA Here Here N/A
Dayton 29-31 0-0 2:00pm Jordan Here Here Here

17 Responses

  1. Rob

    Another quality outing by Greene. Anyone notice Daniel Corcino activated by Dodgers? Wishing him the best.

    • Norwood Nate

      I did, and I was a little surprised he’s still only 27 years old, since he debuted with the Reds in 2014. Good luck to him. For a while there, I thought he might the next Cueto.

  2. kevinz

    Seen they had Senzel at leadoff today in AAA, I wonder if they would try that at mlb level or just making up for some lost at bats.

    • kevinz

      never mind just read an article about it the Reds think Senzel better as a table setter type of player.

  3. Joe

    Mite Gabby Guerrero be turning into a legit big league prospect!?

  4. kevinz

    Would it be a bad idea to play Dixon in RF for awhile and see how he does?
    play Winker in LF Schebler in CF use billy as a PR and defensive replacement

    • kevinz

      Not a big Fan at all of Tucker being in the 2 hole.
      I like Tucker alot but he is a Huge GIDP Risk .
      Tired seeing Votto with the Bases empty .

  5. Norwood Nate

    Wennington Romero had 10 BBs coming into last night’s game and ended up walking 5 batters last night. I wonder what happened, it’s just so abnormal for him. Maybe he was getting pinched, as inconsistent as ML umps are at calling balls and strikes I can only imagine A ball umps are worse. Maybe he just couldn’t get a good grip, I don’t know but it stood out.

    Nice offensive output by Louisville, good to see Senzel and Herrera leading the way. It also looks like Long is picking up the hitting after a little two week slump. Also good to see Trammell back out there.

    Last but not least, go get ’em Hunter Greene. It’s exciting to see the development and maturation process unfold this season.

    • MK

      Showed some toughness last night taking a line drive to the back just above his tailbone. Struck out next batter.

  6. MK

    Looks like Daytona is really cooling off, seems all hitters have slumped at same time.

    • kevinz

      Early June Swoon is what is going on there in Daytona