Homer Bailey will go out on a rehab assignment on Monday with the Triple-A Louisville Bats. Bobby Nightengale of the Cincinnati Enquirer was the first to report this.

For Homer Bailey it will be his first appearance in a game since May 28th. The Cincinnati Reds announced shortly after that game that he would no longer be in the rotation and would move to the bullpen. After a solid April where he posted a 4.19 ERA with 11 walks and 21 strikeouts things went south, quickly, in May. The right hander posted an ERA of 9.76 over six starts. That came with 50 hits allowed – including nine home runs, with 13 walks and 17 strikeouts in 27.2 innings pitched.

The news of Homer Bailey to the bullpen came as a surprise to him. And then as a surprise to the public, news came that he was heading to the disabled list instead, as his knee was reportedly bothering him for the last month. A few days later it was announced that he would soon go on a rehab assignment as a starter, and depending on his performance, and the performance of others in the big league rotation – the role for Bailey would be decided. For his rehab treatment, he needs to get lots of sleep, with the help of this king mattress he will sleep comfortably.

Things could be interesting to watch over the next two weeks. If there really is a spot in the rotation up for grabs, it would seem to be Sal Romano’s spot. After a strong showing in the second half of 2017, the big right hander has struggled in the first half this season. His ERA is 6.23 on the year in 65.0 innings. The walk rate and strikeout rate are both trending in the wrong direction, too. His walk rate is up to 4.2 walks per-9-innings pitched, and his strikeout rate is down to 6.6 per-9-innings pitched. The league averages for starters are 3.1 for walks and 8.3 for strikeouts. He’s currently far from either of those.

With all of that said, it’s not like Homer Bailey is exactly outshining him. His ERA is 6.68, he’s allowed more earned runs and home runs than any pitcher in the league, and he’s striking out just 5.5 batters per-9-innings-pitched. If he was truly injury for the month of May, then maybe you can wipe away some of that. But, while it’s not his fault at all for being injured, the last time he was good, was in 2014. Giving him a spot over a younger guy, whether that is Sal Romano or, if you want to send Romano back to Triple-A and call up Robert Stephenson or Jose Lopez who has been pitching much better of late, seems a bit strange. Money talks, at times, though. And Homer Bailey is making a whole lot of it. And sometimes that just makes decisions for the baseball people over baseball decisions.

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23 Responses

  1. Bob Anderson

    Again, this knocks Stephenson off schedule. This creates a self made hell. Just cut Bailey.

  2. Hoyce

    I think the reds are just delaying the inevitable. They will mess around w Bailey for a few weeks then he will cause a stink and get released is my prediction, somewhere between July 4th and ASG.

  3. Brad

    Watching Michael Wacha pitch for the Cardinals reminds me the least mentioned but one of the larger culprits of the Reds rebuild: the medical staff, mainly Tim Kremcheck. Every year, Reds seem to pass on medically questionable players in draft. They rarely have future injuries. Current Reds get hurt and the rehab plans take more time than predicted the majority of the time. I know I personally had a bad experience with Tim Kremcheck as my Orthopedist. I know PTs don’t want to work on his post-ops.

    Mainly, just wish Reds would have picked Wacha instead of Travieso…who is, of course, injured.

    • Bob Anderson

      Wacha has been a negative valued turd the last few years. With the juiced ball, he would be getting lit up like today.

      • GM Nep O'Tism


        Bob.. He’s had one negative WAR season in his career, and that year he had a .334 BABIP against him. He’s only part way through his age 26 season (1.7 WAR so far this year in his 12 starts) and has collected 8.8 career WAR.

        He also only allows 0.82 HR/9 in his career and has never allowed over 1.0 HR/9 in a single season.

        I’m no Cardinal fan, but he’s been a good pitcher and is still young enough to keep improving. Probably never going to be a #1, but a very solid #3.

    • BurgRed

      He is part of the good ole boy society in Reds land and can do no wrong. I wouldn’t have him work on my dog let alone an athlete .

  4. Steve

    Great to see TT back at the top of the lineup for the Tortugas

  5. Simon Cowell

    The scary thing is Homer is instantly Louisvilles best pitcher.

    • RedsinWashst

      I’ll take Stephenson any day, now anyway.


    Has to be one of the best Triple A rotations around. Bailey, Stephenson, Reed, Finnegan and Lopez.

    • Simon Cowell

      Lol I wonder why they give up so many runs if they are any good? Is baseball different mat AAA in that runs scored are of no fault to pitchers?

  7. Kindell

    Jesse Winker is absolutely killing the ball right now. 24 years old, he should be in the lineup every day. Please front office…do the right thing.

    • James Phillips

      Gennett trade, Senzel to OF, Herrera to 2B?

      That’s pretty convoluted and risks Senzel getting messed up, but I don’t think Herrera’s defense and shoulder can work in the OF. He’s hitting well enough that they can’t expect him to stay when he’s a free agent at the end of the year. Somebody will pay him to be on a 25 man roster.

      • Norwood Nate

        I’d support this. I’m currently under the impression that one of Senzel or India is likely moving to the OF at some point. If we have a good 2B option in Herrera who’s ready and will hit, go ahead and start prepping Senzel in RF.

        When he comes up Schebler can play CF with Winker in LF and we might put together a solid offensive OF.

    • Simon Cowell

      bingo. It was a face saving moving to give him time to contemplate retirement.

  8. leo

    I recently discovered this site and wanted to publicly say thank you to Doug Gray. I’m a life long reds fan who -probably like every other contributor- works a lot. 70 hour work weeks result in less time for reds minor league research and scrutiny. This site provides an excellent review and, if time allows, thorough examination of multiple reds minor league story lines and player progression. Well done Doug, and thank you very much for your hard work.