Bruce Yari got out to a slow start in the 2018 season. He hit just .136 in April over 15 games. The hits simply weren’t finding the grass for the Canadian first baseman. He did draw 15 walks during the month, posting a .367 on-base percentage despite the low average. Things took a step forward in May with the Daytona Tortugas. However, in June, they’ve gone to an entirely different level.

In nine games played thus far in June for Bruce Yari, he’s hit .452. He’s already racked up four multi-hit games during the month. He’s also added six walks, boosting his on-base percentage on the month to .553. The power has come through, too. He’s added in four extra-base hits, leading to a .645 slugging percentage during the month.

Homer Bailey to rehab tonight in Louisville

Homer Bailey will be making a rehab start for the Louisville Bats this evening. It’s going to be interesting to see, one, how long he pitches for, and two, how many outings he will be given.

Roster moves and gearing up for the rookie league seasons

On Sunday there was some of movement in the organization when it comes to roster moves. Here’s the rundown if you missed it:

  • LHP Joel Bender to Pensacola (50-game suspension)
  • LHP Brennan Bernardino to the DL in Pensacola
  • LHP Jesse Adams activated from the DL in Daytona
  • RHP Alex Webb to the DL in Daytona

Mark your calendars. The rookie league seasons begin this week. The Billings Mustangs will get started on Friday. They open up at home against Missoula Friday night at 9:05 ET. The Arizona League Reds and Greeneville Reds both open things up next week – so we will have to wait a little longer for a full schedule of eight games in a single day for the farm system.

20 Responses

  1. Sandheel

    I am really liking our current eight man bullpen.

  2. Joe

    Th right handed hitting 3rd basemen that hav been drafted in th top 5 past 20yrs or so is an impressive list. Think there is Braun,Bryant, Zimmerman , machado, Longoria . Hopefully can add senzel n India to that list eventually

    • Doug Gray

      College 3rd basemen in the 1st round are by far the safest and most productive position group in the entire draft. It’s not even close.

  3. BromleyJake

    General question-
    Looking ahead(since there isn’t too much to enjoy looking at this year), once the next crop of young players come up, shouldn’t the Reds pursue signing them early in their career? If you look at Suarez’s contract, it looks very reasonable for what he is producing right now and he was already in the Major Leagues for 4 seasons prior. Especially when guys like Senzel, Trammell and Stephenson come up, if they show that they can adjust for a full season, it seems to me that Reds should give up their years of total control and offer them contracts ensuring they stay here for 6-10 years. Suarez will be making around 11 mill in the heaviest parts of his contract years, so theoretically guys who are only up for a year should make even less money than that per year. Young players may sign a deal where they are making a guaranteed 6-9 million a year if it means they don’t have to deal with arbitration. Just a thought.

    • Greenfield Red

      It is a crapshoot. They tried that with Bailey and Mesaroco. Those didn’t work out too well. Let’s hope Suarez and Barnhart do better.

      • Hoyce

        Bailey and meso, particularly bailey, got their contracts after more service time.
        Suarez and Barnhart are very team friendly deals imo. And reds should def explore these option w young players in the future

      • Hanawi

        They gave Bailey a market rate contract. Up there with the Latos trade for the worst recent moves by the Reds. Still well behind the Chapman trade for the worst move in the last 20 years.

        The Cueto trade is also looking terrible as we go along. Their two best trade pieces for the rebuild have netted them almost nothing.

      • Jonathan

        How is the Latos one of the worst trades? Reds made the playoff’s several years in a row. Only one of those players traded has amounted to anything.

      • Bromleyjake

        In the final year of his contract I lieve Bailey will get 20 mil while Geno will get 12 with an option for 15 mil. I think by very standard, Genos contract is much for team friendly.

  4. Joe

    If homer would’ve jus kept steady n did wat he did between 2010-2013 that contract would’ve played out perfect for wat he was.. but obviously because injuries killed his career th contract looks a lot worse these days

  5. Joe

    The Cueto trade should’ve happened a yr earlier and we would’ve got way better. But all things considered he had few months left and we wasn’t gona pay him so had to get somthn . At th time I thought it alil light but not bad cuz I actually thought finny would’ve been our Andrew miller and Cody reed looked like a legit no2 jus needed lil more development but obviously didn’t turn out that wat

    • RedsinWashst

      So you are ready to completely give up on Finnegan and Reed.

  6. Joe

    I think Chapman trade is worst all time and it’s not even close especially considering wat we got n wat they got 3 months later is just absurd

    • MK

      Christy Mathewson for Amos Russie might have been worse. Russie won 0 games for Reds, Mathewson 373 for Giants.

      • Doug Gray

        This will never die, but this trade literally never happened.

      • DanD

        Doug, I understand why Chapman was literally given away after the season but what upsets me is the timing of the trade.

        After All Star game is when the trade should have happened. There was no sense having a closer when the team was not winning. The ownership/GM is always a day to late on most of the trades the last few years.

        Scooter is my favorite and I hate to say this but if they don’t sign him to an extension before the trade line then they need to trade him while there is value.

  7. HavaKlu

    Really liked Riggleman staying with Hughes for the 9th inning last night. Have to give Williams credit for the signing of Hughes and Hernandez. The Reds bullpen with the exception of Peralta, who I wouldn’t give up on, matches any other BP in the NL.

  8. Michael Smith

    Hanawi how on gods green earth is the Latos trade bad? Latos had an 8.1 war during his 3 years with the reds. That matches Alonso for his career. Grandal has 11.4 but only 4.0 was with the Padres. Alonso was blocked by Votto and Grandal and Mesarocco was a coin flip. You use talent that is blocked to get talent in areas of need.

    • Mark Long

      Plus Boxberger (41 saves in 2015) and Volquez (60 MLB wins since).

    • Hanawi

      It was a massive overpay to send all four of those players.