This probably isn’t a big surprise, but John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer wrote earlier today that we shouldn’t be expecting to see Nick Senzel soon in a Reds uniform. Senzel, who is back and playing well in Louisville after a bout of vertigo put him on the disabled list for nearly all of May, has been spending most of his time at second base with the Bats. Twice a week or so, he will also slide over and play third base.

The Cincinnati Reds have pretty good options at the Major League level right now at both of those spots. Scooter Gennett is leading the league with a .340 average, and he’s slugging .556 on the season with 28 extra-base hits while playing second base. Over at third base there is Eugenio Suarez. He too is having a strong offensive season. Suarez is hitting .301/.386/.568 with a league best 48 RBI.

So, is there a position change coming? Not for Nick Senzel, according to Reds new General Manager Nick Krall.

There was some talk in the offseason about Senzel getting some reps in the outfield. That hasn’t happened and probably won’t in the near future.

“There hasn’t been a whole lot of discussion about that,” Krall said. “We want him to get everyday at-bats. He’s still coming back from vertigo. Learning second base was enough of a challenge for him.”

This was brought up in the comments yesterday, so I will just add it here as it’s topical. I do not want to see Nick Senzel in the outfield. Ever. There are two reasons for that. First, he’s athletic enough to play on the dirt, so you should keep him there for value reasons. He’s a strong defender there, and moving him to the outfield diminishes that value. But second, and perhaps far more important as it relates specifically to Nick Senzel: I don’t want him running into walls. He’s battled two different bouts with vertigo in the last year.

One thing that can trigger it is certain head movements, and “jarring” head movements. I’m not a doctor, and it’s been a while since I’ve stayed at a Holiday Inn Express, but those types of things seem more likely to be triggered in the outfield than the infield. While there is an occasional play at second base where a fielder is upended, it’s rare these days. Outfielders run into walls quite a bit more often. I’d rather not see Nick Senzel hitting walls. I’ll take my chances at second base. Your mileage may vary.

Waiting for Jonathan India

Last night the Florida Gators advanced to the College World Series. That means that Cincinnati Reds 1st round selection, and the #5 overall pick Jonathan India is going to have to wait a little longer to begin his professional career. The same goes for 14th round selection Michael Byrne, also a Gator. It’s possible that the two players, if Florida goes to the championship series, wouldn’t be finished playing until June 27th.

In the regional finals against Auburn last night, both Reds selections had a big impact. Jonathan India homered and drew three walks in the 3-2 extra-innings win. It was his 20th of the year. He also now has 56 walks with 53 strikeouts in 64 games. Michael Byrne entered the game in the 8th inning. It was tied up at 2-2 and he came through with 4.0 shutout innings, walking one batter and striking out five. He threw just 49 pitches as he carved through the Auburn lineup, picking up the win.

Dilson Herrera is on fire for the Louisville Bats

When the Reds designated Dilson Herrera for assignment during the spring, I noted that for the long-term of his career, it could be a good thing. The reasoning was that he could get daily playing time and show what he can do at the plate in the minors instead of likely sitting on the bench most of the time in Cincinnati and being a pinch hitter. Time will tell if that thought process will have made sense or not. But, right now, playing every day is certainly working for Herrera and he’s hitting very well for the Louisville Bats.

Over the last three weeks, Dilson Herrera has been beating up on Triple-A pitching to the tune of .333/.395/.522. Last night he hit a laser into the left field seats, just clearing the wall (video above). He had a bit of a hiccup when he first got to Louisville, posting a .685 OPS in his first 11 games. Since then he’s been on a roll. For the season, between his two stops in Daytona and with the Bats, he’s sitting at .302/.365/.448. The power is starting to show up more in Louisville, too.

With the the guys mentioned above in this article, there’s still some big questions as to whether or not Dilson Herrera fits into the Reds future plans. He, like Senzel, has only played at second base and third base this season. But, if he continues to hit like he has essentially always hit when healthy, if the Reds can’t find a place for him, someone else will.

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63 Responses

  1. DanD

    So much talent between Suarez, Gennett, Senzel, India, Herrera and Long but still no SS or CF unless India plays SS and Long is moved to CF.

    With Hughes looking great would still love to see Iglesias traded to Washington for Kieboom and a few others. What would it take to get both Kieboom and Robles for Iglesias and ?

    • Henry

      In terms of CF, Siri and Trammell are the future of that position, most likely not any of the names you mentioned above

      • DanD

        I do not see Siri as a starter based on walk to strikeout ratio. Have not seen Trammell play but from what I read he does not have the arm and will probably play in left.

      • The Duke

        Siri is struggling to make AA so far, lets not count on him in the big leagues any time soon.

      • Herzog

        @DanD I have literally never heard that about Trammell.

    • Kap

      Or send Iglesias to Minnesota for Nick Gordan plus some or Colorado for Garrett Hampson plus some. Or live with Peraza, which I am not comfortable with

    • Alex

      Nats should be a good trade partner for scooter as well.

  2. Hunt4redsoct

    Do you think that the wait for India to sign is holding up others in the top ten? They need to save over a million dollars in bonus $$$. Or is his contract probably done just waiting on Gators to finish.

    • donny

      i have seen the Reds draft and sign college seniors in the top ten rounds for only 10,000. No reason to believe they won’t do it today.

      Moore, A.J.
      McDonald, Andrew
      Pidich, Matt
      Campbell, Ryan

      Money saved there i am sure.

  3. Kap

    So now the Reds have a current 2nd baseman (Gennett) and 4 minor league 2nd basemen waiting behind him (Senzel, Herrera, Long, India). Lol safe to say that the Reds are set at the position for awhile.

    No disrespect to him, but I can see Herrera in part of a trade this offseason. So far, he has increased to trade stock and put himself back on the map. Time to look at some starting pitching to trade for.

    • Norwood Nate

      If I understand correctly, Herrera is a FA at the end of the season if the Reds do not add him back to the 40 man roster. But if he’s going to have any real trade value, the Reds would need to show that he can do what he’s doing against ML pitching. Either way, he probably needs to come up and play 2B for an extended time so the Reds have a better feel with what to do with him.

  4. AirborneJayJay

    How much money can the Reds realistically give Michael Bryne to have him forego that senior year in college? He is on some hot streak right now and is sure to be riding it and will leverage it, as he should. That 14th round money of $125,000 won’t be nearly enough. They will probably have to get it up to around $750,000 in the 3rd round/ 2nd round CB pick neighborhood.
    India and Bryne both looked good last night. Auburn didn’t really want to pitch to India after the HR, thus the 3 BB’s. Bryne was a shutdown hammer. He can locate his pitches.

    No rush for Senzel. Reds have to settle the Scooter question first. Keep him and extend him or trade him? If keep him, where do you play him?
    Trading Herrera seems more likely. I’d be looking to the Twins to trade a 2B (Herrera) for life after Dozier and a young starting pitcher for one of the Twins young SS’s. Do it while Herrera is still hot and before he gets hurt again and his trade value sinks like a rock again. He is just now getting noticed around the league again.
    Time for the Reds to ditch the “Let the market come to us” philosophy so endeared by Jocketty and Williams. Get bold, get aggressive, and get out there and make some things happen. Don’t wait until the hours before the deadline to do something. They need to be talking up teams now about some possible trade match ups.

    • The Duke

      Byrne is a college reliever who doesn’t throw in the mid 90’s. I think he signs for $125k.

      • MK

        He reminds me a little of a Trevor Hoffman type reliever.

      • CP

        I hope so. Even though he doesn’t throw as hard, he looked pretty good in that game last night!

  5. Brad

    Why do Reds continually go overslot to sign 2nd round picks (16: Okey, 18: Richardson)? Neither seemed to be rated by anyone above where they were drafted. Richardson was in 60-100’s. Lot of good prospects will get picked after Richardson, sign for less and be better in near future just like Bo Bichette, Buddy Reed, Alex Hansen, Peter Alonso, Mitchell White did in 2016. Teams like the Red Sox manage their signing pool and use it to add a 3-4th round talent in Nick Northcut for $565K in 11th round.

    Taylor Trammel is an exception. He was rated by just about everyone at or before he was drafted and only reason he seemed to fall was signing bonus.

    • Wes

      There’s no guarantees in baseball draft. U just make your own board and create an adjustable strategy. Richardson could have went next pick or in the 5th if reds didn’t like him. Guys literally fall 20 rounds in baseball drafts for one reason or another and friedl didn’t even get drafted. Kinda Wild West of drafts and unpredictable especially compared to other sports.

    • The Duke

      Given the high amount of players who never make it, even in rd 1 and 2, the rankings you see on MLB, BA, Fangraphs, etc… really aren’t all that accurate or worthwhile. Even they will tell you that outside of the top 10 or so it’s going to vary wildly from team to team. What it does do, and why they do it, is to generate clicks.

    • RobL

      No mention of signing 2nd round rated Siani after picking him in the fourth round?

    • Brad

      I’m a fan of the Siani pick. Just don’t think Reds should continue to draft 2nd round guys with an already large pool value and go above that.

    • Doug Gray

      Because the Reds thought their guys were better than those guys.

      Pay no attention to what a prospect is ranked. The variance of what Scouts from 4 organizations think on one dude taken in the 2nd round are probably something like this: 20th best player in the draft, 40th best player in the draft, 60th best player in the draft, 115th best player in the draft.

  6. Wes

    Trade market has been a buyers market for a long time now. I think reds need to shake it up internally to fill gaps. They seem to be real slow to try it though. Biggest need seems to be ss and all 3 outfield positions. Plenty guys to try at corners. Give em a shot !

  7. donny

    I worry most about the plane rides and the jet lag when he gets to the big leagues. That’s my concerned.

  8. Bubba Woo

    Glad to see the new GM is as incompetent as the old GM. The Reds have the worst record in the NL and are on pace to lose 100 games, so how can the 6th best prospect in MLB not have a spot? By my count, Barnhart, Gennett, Votto, and Suarez are the only players who’ve earned the right to play everyday. Everyone else is expendable. Gennett played four positions last year(2b, 3b, LF, RF) and is an everyday player IN SPITE of his defense. Its not real hard: Play Senzel at 2b most of the time and Gennett in a corner OF spot. Play Senzel at 3b when you want to give Suarez a day off or when you want to give Peraza a day off (slide Suarez to SS for the day). Its really hard being a Reds fan…

  9. Scott C

    I think you make a very good point about Senzel not playing the outfield Doug. Much less chance of getting upended as opposed to running into a wall.

    • Reaganspad

      I would have Senzel in CF tonight.

      I do not get developing him for 2nd base. The argument on Madrigal was that he plays second and is not a SS. India better be stuck at SS while in the minors. Too bad we did not see Senzel at SS for 50 games to get a good sample size.

      We know he can hit. We need outfielders yesterday. He is the one guy in the 2base glut that can actually move: Scooter can’t. Dilson can’t. Shed can’t

      Other than health, there appears to be no reason to have Nick at AAA. When he is ready, sit Billy Hamilton and see how Nick does in CF. We actually need one of those today.

      And yes Doug, you are right, he would be better in the dirt. But they don’t have that spot open and we do have a hole in CF. He could just as easily get tumbled at 2nd base by Devin Mesoraco (I miss that guy going in to break up a double play), get hurt by a sliding base stealer applying a tag or collide with an OF on a tweeter as he could going all Billy on the OF wall.

      Bring him up just as soon as he is healthy and missed all the contract stuff service time.

      “Put me in coach. I’m ready to play, today. Look at me, I could be, centerfield.”

  10. Mike in Ottawa

    If you are going to trade Herrara (Dilson) it has to be during the season. Unless I am wrong he is a FA at seasons end….

    • The Duke

      If we add him to the 40 man we retain him over the winter and can control him through next spring training. When the season starts he has to be released or on the 25 man roster.

  11. SteveLV

    Thanks for the article, Doug. Good point on the not running into walls thing – hadn’t considered that.

  12. The Rage

    There is no rush on Senzel. By the time mid-late July comes, there will be some spots for him opening up.

    • Colorado Red

      I wish.
      not sure the FO has no clue how to make a good trade during the season.

      • Andrew

        Well, they dont have to make a ‘good’ trade to open a spot…just a trade

  13. Kong

    You are worried about him running into walls but are fine with base runners knocking him down? That’s just stupid.

    • Doug Gray

      A few things, first, nowhere did I say I was ok with base runners knocking him down. I said it’s less likely than running into a wall. Second, you need to calm it down with calling everyone stupid, dumb, or whatever else. Your last 10 posts are all calling someone one of those things.

      • Kong

        Whatever Doug. Senzel was recently hurt when he dove on the ground making a stop on a grounder. As a second baseman he is a target every time he covers the base. What evidence do you have to suggest there is more chance of him crashing into a wall and impacting his vertigo then getting knocked down playing second base? What is the wall crashing to being knocked down by a base runner ratio? You are not stupid but your reasoning isn’t supported by facts. The Reds front office however is absolutely clueless and the results on the field prove it.

    • Randy in Chat

      To back Doug up on the no-outfield comment, not only is there risk of aggravating vertigo from running into a wall but diving for a ball that could rock his head (more of a chance of diving in the outfield than the infield) and running into a teammate in the outfield more of a chance (rare to see infielders run into each other–outfielders way more of a chance). I’m in the do not move Senzel to the outfield camp as well. I’ve played both positions so not coming from an uninformed or stupid point of view.

      • Kong

        Nonsense. Infielders five for balls practically every game. Plus you have zero medical evidence supporting the theory. Total nonsense saying the Reds 1 qualifier hitter can’t play in the worst outfield in the majors because “we don’t want him running into walls”.

      • Randy in Chatt

        Huh, infielders “five” for balls. Talk about nonsense. And who are you to say I have zero medical evidence. Do you know who I am and what I do for a living? “Practically every game”, we must be watching two different sports. Kong, the only nonsense is the nonsense coming from you and your inane, feeble attempts at purporting to be a baseball guru with your condescending, knee-jerk comments that contain absolutely no proof to back it up. Your name should not be Kong it should be Troll….or worse yet, Cubs Fan.

  14. kevinz

    I understand the health thing and the wall risk with Senzel.
    The Problem is herrera and Scooter less Versatile that my main reason wanted Senzel in the OF.

  15. GM Nep O'Tism

    If only Nick Senzel was highly athletic, and had a Spring Training highlight of him ranging far to snag a ball and make a good play at SS….

    Where should Senzel be practicing?
    SS: .265/.298/.335 (71 wRC+) and 0 DRS
    2B: .339/.376/.551 (150 wRC+) and -1 DRS
    3B: .299/.386/.561 (153 wRC+) and 1 DRS

    One of those is not like the other and would make the biggest improvement. Honestly, can we reasonably expect Senzel to do much better than a 150-153 wRC+? I don’t see how taking out one of those two and plugging in Senzel actually improves the team.

    I know Peraza is still young, but I just am not buying into hit hitting profile at all. Career… 3.6% BB, .073 ISO, 9.9% IFFB, 22.9% soft contact, swings at 37.5% of pitches out of the strikezone.

    Rather than replace a great hitter with a potential great hitter, why not replace a terrible hitter with a potential great hitter? That just seems to be common sense if you’re looking to actually improve a team.

    • kevinz

      I agree GM i thought Reds pulled the plug pretty fast on Senzel at SS.
      Senzel instincts would allow him to handle SS plus with shifts never at natural SS spot.
      Even if Senzel was average or tad below on defense at SS, his Bat would make up for it.

      • Doug Gray

        IF he were average or a tad below average there, he’d be playing there.

        There’s a reason he’s not playing there.

      • kevinz

        How do you know Doug he barely played there small sample size.
        Do not say You think reds should know if he can play SS or not
        They are way wrong more times than not that is a fact.
        Peraza below average on Defense and plays SS but hits like us.
        Why not Senzel is all asking for

      • Doug Gray

        So, to be clear, you think that the Cincinnati Reds are so stupid and dumb that they believe Nick Senzel could actually handle the shortstop position, but instead keep playing him at second base, where there are literally 10 other options in Double-A or higher, but aren’t playing him at shortstop because they have Jose Peraza and literally only Jose Peraza above Low-A ball when it comes to shortstops?

        HE CAN’T PLAY SHORTSTOP. If he could, then he would be playing there. This is not difficult.

      • GM Nep O'Tism

        Doug, this Reds team in very recent history…..

        -Signed Yovani Gallardo and proceeded to put him in close games.
        -Opened the season with both Cliff Pennington and Phil Gosselin on the roster.
        -Proceeded to give Pennington and Gosselin the majority over the playing time at 3rd when Suarez was hurt, over the called up Blandino.
        -Started Tim Adleman/Scott Feldman/Bronson Arroyo over Mahle/Garrett/Stephenson/Lorenzen/Romano.
        -Had Hamilton/Peraza batting 1/2 for a large chunk of time to start last year.
        -Are still starting Matt Harvey today.

        I’m not going to say that they are “stupid” persay, but they most certainly get notions in their head that they stubbornly refuse to let go of, or players (“I hope Billy Hamilton is with us forever.”) that they really like and support unconditionally.

        The Reds tried to trade for Peraza not once, but twice. Someone in the FO really really likes him, and this FO is known for using their heart over their head. (Refusing to trade Frazier after the AS game, BP contract, Hamilton comments, Arroyo returning, etc.)

        So I have a bit of skepticism because all I ever hear about Senzel is how athletic he is. I think Walt is still in Bob’s ear, and Peraza is 100% in the mold of the Wilson Valdez/Paul Janish/Cesar Izturis/Skip Schumaker/Roger Bernadina players he loved to collect.

      • Doug Gray

        Every last one of those players were backups.

      • kevinz

        Exactly they were backup players just like Peraza should be that is the Point

  16. kevinz

    That is fine Doug you can have your Opinion only Scooter Senzel herrera performing .
    Senzel only one that has a chance at SS out of that trio.
    Moving scooter to LF takes Winker out of best spot for him if did that.
    Trading Scooter not guaranteed this year either
    Put all your best hitters in the lineup is the best bet
    Glad got my earplugs from your yelling
    Yelling does not make you right just so you know so remain calm

    • kevinz

      Also that another Reason to try Senzel at SS with only really having peraza for at SS
      so that helps my point there is limit shortstops so why not try a Athlete like Senzel there?
      I mean is there a wall near SS too Doug?

      • Doug Gray

        Because he’s can’t play shortstop. That’s why. It doesn’t help your point that he’s athletic. The Reds DID try Senzel at shortstop. They clearly didn’t see enough to think it was worth exploring further. So again, just stop. It’s not happening no matter how many times you want to post about it. This is worse than the “move Brandon Phillips to shortstop” stuff that didn’t die for 10 years.

    • Doug Gray

      Joey Votto is performing. Move him to shortstop!

      You’re being ridiculous. He’s not a shortstop. You continuing to say “well try him there” isn’t going to change that. If he could play there, he’d be playing there. Seriously, the mental hurdles you’ve got to jump through to think the Reds are so stupid to think that he’s a shortstop but aren’t playing him at shortstop are absolutely incredible.

      • kevinz

        Yea like Votto is comparable to Senzel as an athlete only you would compare it like that to make it seem like you are right.

        Peraza cannot play SS either but they keep running him out there
        Why not put the better hitter there that is below average.

        So since Reds are already running a below average SS on Defense and Offense out there.
        Why not put a below Average Defender but is plus Hitter there to upgrade that part of it.

  17. kevinz

    So in your mind you rather have a Below average at both at SS
    than having a below average Defender but a plus hitter at SS that it fine but shallow thinking

    • Doug Gray

      I’m just going to respond to this one last time and I’m just done telling you and I’ll let you argue with yourself after this:

      If Jose Peraza is a bad shortstop defensively, and he’s still the only guy the Reds are willing to even try and play between he and Senzel/Suarez, that tells you just how bad the other two are defensively. The Reds have watched both of those other guys play shortstop and they’ve decided there is NO CHANCE that they could be big league defenders there. I’m glad that the Reds tried Senzel at shortstop. It was worth a look. But they got the look and they saw that it wasn’t going to work at all.

      • kevinz

        That is Fine Doug we all have our opinions whether right or wrong it nice to have a debate.
        2 teams which are better than the Reds think peraza Not a MLB SS
        that not stopping the Reds from Playing a NON SS now.
        The reds more gave Senzel a cup of coffee at SS than a actually chance.

        Schebler CF
        Senzel SS
        Votto 1st
        Scooter 2nd
        Suarez 3rd
        Winker LF
        Duvall RF Better arm than scheb plus Winker
        Tucker C

        That Lineup much better than the one you plus the Reds wanna settle on.

      • Chris

        I’ve watched every reds game this year and I believe Peraza has shown much improvement.I really don’t get all the Peraza hate.Cozart had a few years of growing pains,let this young man prove himself.

      • kevinz

        and yet after them Few years Cozart had one Good to great year
        Sometimes a player is who he is peraza the same player as was in MILB
        low in power low walk rate high contact hitter