The Billings Mustangs have announced their roster for the 2018 season. They will begin play on Friday evening. Their roster has 30 players on it, and is subject to change before the season kicks off (though it is unlikely).

The Pitchers

Pos Player
P Andrew McDonald
P Andy Cox
P Connor Bennett
P Connor Curlis
P Edward Escoboza
P Jacob Wyrick
P Jared Solomon
P Jeremy Kivel
P Jose Castillo
P Justin McGregor
P Luis Alecis
P Mac Sceroler
P Matt Pidich
P Miguel Aguilar
P Ricardo Smith
P Ricky Salinas
P Ryan Campbell

There are some interesting names on the pitcher list. A lot of guys are returning to Billings. Some guys are REALLY returning. Jeremy Kivel is coming back from Tommy John surgery and last pitched in 2016. He pitched for the Mustangs in 2014. The roster has seven 2018 draft picks on the pitching staff. Who makes up the rotation, at least right this second, is unknown.


Pos Player
INF Carlos Rivero
INF Francis Azcona
1B Jake Turnbull
C Jay Schuyler
INF Nadir Ljatifi
C Pabel Manzanero
C Robert Boselli
SS Urwin Juaquin

Only two new players on the infield for the Mustangs this season and both are catchers. Jay Schuyler, the 7th round pick of the Reds, and Robert Boselli, the 37th round pick, are both making their way to Montana to being their careers.


Pos Player
OF Bren Spillane
OF Drew Mount
OF Mariel Bautista
OF Raul Wallace
OF Zeke White

The outfield also has some returning players, but three guys will be making their Mustangs debuts. 3rd round pick Bren Spillane will be moving to the outfield for his professional debut. It could be fun to follow how well his power plays in the very hitter friendly league. He’ll be joined by Mariel Bautista and 16th round pick Drew Mount as the newbies on the roster.

Top Prospect

There are two guys that jumped to the top of the list for me on this one, Mariel Bautista and Bren Spillane. Bautista’s got the edge on defense and the hit tool. But the overall package with huge power gives 3rd round pick Bren Spillane the edge right now as the top prospect on the roster.


11 Responses

  1. WVRon

    Turnbull is a 1B now? Could he not cut it behind the plate?

    • Doug Gray

      I don’t know the exact reason he made the move, but he didn’t catch at all last season.

  2. Steve

    Thought Alejo Lopez would definitely be in Billings. Is he hurt? He actually deserves to be in Dayton imo. Greeneville will have a very talented starting rotation as it seems that Heatherly, Hanson, Wotell and Gray will start there. Richardson and Maysonet may also join them there, but will most likely start in Arizona. India should be going to Billings as soon as he signs and Siani will hopefully play at both Arizona and Greeneville. Will Davis and Byrne sign or go back for their senior season? Interesting to see how much India finally signs for and if there will be some extra cash to try to lure Davis and Byrne to sign.

    • Doug Gray

      I was a bit surprised that Lopez wasn’t in Billings given what he’s done. I’ll try to remember to ask if he’s injured the next time I talk with someone in the org who would have an idea.

      • MK

        After spending two full season in Billings I was surprised he wasn’t in Dayton.

      • Doug Gray

        Well, yes, MK. But as of today, since he wasn’t in Dayton, I was surprised he wasn’t in Billings, either.

      • RedsinWashSt

        I checked the Billings roster 3 or 4 days ago and Lopez was on Billings roster, they must have taken him off.

      • Doug Gray

        The roster on the Mustangs site until this morning was just players left over from last year that hadn’t been assigned somewhere in 2018. He was never actually on that roster.

  3. The Duke

    I am very interested in how Bren Spillane’s game translates to pro ball. I think the K’s will always be there, but his increased walk rate this year along with his plus power could still make him valuable even with the K’s. Same vane as Adam Dunn, except maybe some better D. If he has a .250-.300 iso-P, and at least a 10% walk rate, he could still be a .900 OPS player even if he’s hitting .240-.250.