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Louisville won 7-1. Box Score

Pensacola won 2-1. Box Score

Daytona won 6-1. Box Score

Dayton won 2-1. Box Score

6/14 Game Preview

Team 1st half 2nd half Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Live Watch Live
Louisville 23-38 N/A 7:00pm Nicolino Here Here Here
Pensacola 28-36 0-0 7:35pm Wright Here Here Here
Daytona 35-28 0-0 6:30pm TBA Here Here N/A
Dayton 31-33 0-0 7:05pm Greene Here Here Here

41 Responses

  1. icehole3

    I’d like to see Stephenson get another crack at it with the Reds. Just my thoughts.

    • Wes

      It’s completely obsurd he’s still in Louisville! He’s been ready for over a month.

      • Patrick

        HE IS NOT READY! Let him get comfortable with his delivery and be able to repeat it without thinking about it. It is pushing him to the majors too soon is why he is in AAA and why we are struggling with the young pitchers in general. People need to be patient.
        His HR rate and walk rate are still high.

      • Wes

        If he’s working well w a certain coach that’s different than any other experience in his career then I could see making a case to keep him down. But he’s 25 and if u are waiting for him to stop walking batters he will never make it back up! Only 2 starts where he’s gave up more than 2 runs.

        He’s been better than finnegan, homer, disco, Romero, Harvey and u can argue Castillo and mahle and that he’d be best starter on team right now.

      • RedsKoolAidDrinker

        Wes, I agree with most of what you’re saying, but i don’t see how you can make that argument while including Mahle in there.

      • MK

        Not quite apples to apples when comparing his AAA outings to others major league outings,

    • Norwood Nate

      I would as well. Based on the end of last season and his recent string of starts he’s earned another look.

    • RedsinWashSt

      Yes bring him up. Romano has 1 good outing in KC and everyone thinks he is great again. Big ball parks make pitchers look much better.

  2. Brad

    Thrilled to see Tyler Mahpes performance and numbers where we thought we could be.

    Seth Varner quietly tearing up AA. Mondile a few strong starts in a row.

    Impressed by Narciso Crook’s character. Talented guy who started season on Dayton bench. Gets bumped to Daytona bench. Then Pensacola. Has performed. MiLB lineups crack me up. Crook is a backup OF who hits 3/4 when he plays.

  3. MichaelA

    Very nice evening of pitching from the majors on down! Very, very nice to see!

  4. Wes

    Reds organization 5-0 yesterday w some darn good pitching!

  5. The Duke

    Incredibly encouraging to see that kind of start from Stephenson. I’m ok if they want him to show some consistency before they bring him up, but at this point, he should be the next man up when a rotation move is made.

  6. Bromleyjake

    I’m wondering…can anyone give an example of a pitcher who has taken the Robert Stephenson track to being a quality starting pitcher, i.e. top prospect fails in with the MLB club, retreats to the minors for a a long time and then finally got it right and became a solid ML pitcher? You could also call it the Cody Reed track.

    • Kindell

      I don’t know specifically about going back to the minor leagues, but there are plenty of examples of pitchers not finding it untill later in the 20’s. It also comes down to someone being able to help a pitcher make the correct adjustments. Look at Charlie Morton since he went to the Astros.

      One example, Chris Carpenter was up and down with Toronto and really put it together for STL when he was like 29 years old. Hopefully the Reds can be the ones the help Stephenson put it together.

    • Wes

      Cliff Lee is another and there’s 50 or so guys like the last ace for CO who played in Baltimore too and that’s where expectations should lie vs lee/Arrieta/carp.

      Reed is a different story imo.

    • Krozley

      Corey Kluber. I don’t think he was ever a top prospect, but he had decent minor league results, although with a high walk rate. Once he figured it out he turned into one of the best pitchers in baseball, but he didn’t have success until he was 27.

  7. Kindell

    Senzel has been on fire with 10 hits in his last 4 games. I really hope the Vertigo is behind him and he gets a chance to be the player he can be.

    I was watching Nick Senzel last night and thought to myself how it always seems like he is crushing RHP. Here is his his Minor League splits, not including last night.

    Vs RHP 714 PA 321/386/509
    Vs LHP 240 PA 260/359/440

  8. Big Ed

    These two guys aren’t really that far off from Homer Bailey, who bounced back and forth in 2007-2009, although he did it at a younger age.

    There are tons of guys who didn’t become good pitchers until at least age 25. Cliff Lee and Arrieta have been mentioned. Corey Kluber was a rookie at age 26; Randy Johnson was a rookie at age 25. Tom Browning, 25. Charlie Morton was 11-29 with a 6.00 ERA through his age 26 season. Age doesn’t matter nearly as much for pitchers as it does for hitters, although you wouldn’t know if by reading comments of Reds fans.

    Stephenson, Reed, Finnegan, Romano and Mahle all are promising. All of them won’t work out, but at least 2-3 of them should eventually be pretty good MLB pitchers. I’m glad the front office has the patience that we don’t always have.

    • SultanofSwaff

      Well put. The most important thing is timing—calling them up so the team gets the maximum benefit of a player’s prime with certain allowances for adjustment to the league. Of course, the Reds are horribly inconsistent with those allowances, giving a short leash to some (Winker/BobSteve/Reed) but ridiculously long leashes to others (Hamilton/Peraza/Bailey).

    • Jim H.

      Hit the nail on the head Big Ed. Always like to see someone put some thought into all sides than run through a hot take.

  9. Sanford Kalman

    things are turning around for the Reds. The hitting is there. We should continue to see improvement with our young pitchers. Also good to see some better things happening at Louisville.

  10. Kap

    Still think the ship has sailed on Stephenson. He has had multiple chances in the majors to prove himself and hasn’t yet. Yeah he is doing better in triple A, but his ERA (3.80) is still a little high and he isn’t dominating to get overly excited about him. At best, he is building his trade stock back up for a move to better the Reds in the off season. My opinion

    • Norwood Nate

      I have seen this narrative that he’s had a bunch of chances. But when you look at it he’s really only had one extended chance, a Sept call up, two spot starts, and some time being misused as a reliever where he pitched on a very irregular schedule.

      In the only extended time in the Majors as a starter he performed well, certainly as well or better than any of his competition is currently doing.

      Stephenson has been around a while, and I think people believe he’s been given extended chances because of it. The reality is he hasn’t.

    • Kindell

      To me, ERA means very little in the minor leagues. Stephenson is in the Minor Leagues to work on things. The first thing I look at in his stat line after he pitches, walks, and there was 0 of them last night.

      If he can learn to get his walks down, he will be a very successful big league pitcher. If you dig deeper than ERA, his numbers are much better. His k/9 is over 10 and opponents are hitting under .200 against him.

      In 12 starts this year, he has had 5 of those with 2 walks or less. In those 5 stars, he has allowed a total of 7 runs (ERA 2.10). The positive with Stephenson is that he has the stuff to succeed. I still believe he will be a good starter in the Reds rotation at some point in the future.

  11. Joe

    I think should keep him in Louisville for 4-5 more starts then go from there it’s his last option yr so might as well let him get in his work n be patient with him and he will reward us hopefully with the no 1 we so desperately need cuz him and Greene n maybe Castillo only ones that have the stuff to be an ace in our entire system and god knows what it takes to trade for one it would gut our system

  12. AirborneJayJay

    Get Stephenson up now. Burning daylight on his trade value. He could get 6 or so starts in at the Majors before the deadline to build on his last 2 months at AAA.
    Trade involving 2 former 1st round picks. Stephenson to Yankees for CF Clint Frazier. Billy to 5th OF.

    • Grover

      If he is good enough to build trade value why would you trade him given the Reds desperate need for starting pitching?

  13. Kindell

    That is 4 straight starts for Tyler Mahle without allowing a HR. He has done a much better job keeping the ball in the ballpark lately. Outside of his start at COL, it really has lead to much better performances.

    I feel there is a lot to feel good about going forward to finish strong. Luis Castillo needs to stay away from those short stretches in a start where he gives up 3 or 4 runs. If the rotation can stay healthy, the offense is really starting to put it together as a group. The goal should be to find out what you got for next year and finish with momentum.

  14. Steve in Texas

    I think the Reds would be crazy to trade Robert Stephenson. He is only 25 years old. He has the talent. Some take longer than others. Like some others have said there have been some really good pitchers struggle in the beginning. I grew up in the Chicago area and I watched Greg Maddux pitch for the Cubs. He struggled in the beginning. I can remember everyone saying that Jamie Moyer was going to be a better pitcher than Maddux. I am not saying that Robert is going to be as good as Maddux but the Reds can not give up on him. If the Reds trade him, they are not going to get back anyone equal to his potential. I do not think it has helped his development of bringing him up then sending him back down. I also believe it was stupid when they had him pitching out of the bullpen. Bring him up and leave him in the starting 5. Let him pitch every 5 days for the rest of the year. If he doesn’t show any improvement at the end of the year then see what you can get for him during the offseason.

  15. Steve in Texas

    Stephenson for Frazier would be like the Paul O’Neill for Roberto Kelly trade. If neither player gets injured, and if Stephenson gets a chance, Stephenson will have a much better career than Frazier.

  16. Bubba Woo

    I think everyone, and especially the guy who think he’d be the Reds best starter, need to relax a little. He’s no where close to the Reds top pitching pprospect. Mahle dominated every level of the minors (which Stepenson never did) and after some rough starts in April and May, has been great in June. Truth be told, if he had Stepenson’s pedigree as a 1st rounder, he probably would have been in Cindy a year sooner. Castillo needs to work on noticing up so many homers, but I don’t think anyone thinks he isn’t at least an above avg. MLB starter. Descalfani was their best starter in 2016 and has pitched well since coming back outside of his first start. Romano has been inconsistent but has also had several good starts which show promise.

    As for the other spots? Stephenson is probably a better option than Bailey, but my guess is the Reds will keep putting him out there, hoping that some other team will agree to take on ANY part of that contract. And the whole Harvey experiment is a waste of time, but I’d rather stretch out Garrett over the next ew weeks and give him the shot he earned out of ST.

    • asinghoff

      Mahle’s a great pitcher, no one is doubting that. But Stephenson’s pure stuff is much better than Tyler’s. The difference is that Tyler has been much better at mentally harnessing his ability, whereas Stephenson is still working through that aspect of his game.

      • Doug Gray

        I think people are confusing the mental thing with Stephenson with the physical thing. Stephenson’s problems aren’t mentally not knowing how to mix/match/attack hitters. His problem is consistently throwing strikes. It’s a physical issue.

  17. MK

    Not quite apples to apples when comparing his AAA outings to others major league outings,

  18. MK

    Brantley Bell has absolutely been the hottest guy in the organization the last ten games going 15 for 35 with 6 walks. His offensive numbers were a little embarrassing when selected to ALL Star team but are looking pretty good now.

    Interesting that the Blue Wahoos caused Greg Mahle, Tyler’s older brother,to blow a save last night.