Let me start this post off by saying that this is based on what guys have done, where they are in their development, and the performance – and not looking towards there being a spot available for them at the next level. This is also just my opinion and not based on anything I’ve heard from anyone in the organization about future roster moves.

Louisville Bats

The biggest one from Louisville is Cincinnati Reds top prospect Nick Senzel. He has hit .302/.372/.478 for the Bats in 180 plate appearances this season with eight steals in nine attempts. Defensively he’s ready. Offensively he’s ready.

Dilson Herrera has only been in 35 games with the Bats this season, but he’s got big league experience with the Mets and plenty of past Triple-A time, too. Since joining the Bats in May he’s hit .295/.394/.451 with 18 walks and 33 strikeouts. Whether the bat will play at the next level isn’t much of a question for me, but just how much the defense plays at second base is.

Pensacola Blue Wahoos

Keury Mella has posted a 3.10 ERA in 72.2 innings with the Blue Wahoos this season. There have been a few hiccups in the last few weeks, but his body of work in the first half, with 26 walks and 76 strikeouts is plenty good enough to earn the promotion.

Left-hander Seth Varner has split time between the rotation and the bullpen, but in 42.1 innings he’s posted a 2.55 ERA with nine walks and 43 strikeouts. The performance has been very strong, and while he’s probably a future reliever, what he’s done on both fronts has been good enough to warrant a potential promotion.

Robinson Leyer has made 22 appearances out of the bullpen for the Blue Wahoos with a 2.70 ERA in 30.0 innings. He’s walked 13 batters and he has 33 strikeouts

Rafael De Paula has a 3.32 ERA out of the Pensacola bullpen this season. Over 18 games he has thrown 21.2 innings with 10 walks and 32 strikeouts. He’s also had a limited amount of time in Triple-A this season where he’s had big success.

Daytona Tortugas

Outfielders Taylor Trammell and TJ Friedl are both playing very well. Trammell, who started the Florida State League All-Star game over the weekend, has hit .296/.402/.443 in the first half with 34 walks and 47 strikeouts in 57 games. Friedl entered the All-Star game in place of Trammell after a few innings. He’s hitting .291/.403/.404 in the first half for Daytona with 38 walks, 42 strikeouts and 11 stolen bases. Both are showing off well-rounded games and have seemingly earned promotions to the next level.

Mitch Nay started out the season with a big April. He slumped in May, but has been having a solid June. He’s missed a lot of time on the field, which makes his age of 24 not as “old for the league” as it appears on paper. Still, he’s at an age where when combined with his production, you can push him up a level and see how he responds. His .761 OPS in the first half with the Tortugas is well above the league average (.693).

Tony Santillan has posted a 3.00 ERA in the first half, throwing 69.0 innings in 12 starts for the Tortugas. He’s cut down on his walk rate in 2018, giving up just 18 walks on the year. And he has also struck out 55 batters on the season.

Kevin Canelon has been back-and-forth a little bit between Daytona and Pensacola this season. With the Tortugas he’s posted a 2.77 ERA in 26.0 innings with five walks and 32 strikeouts. The lefty seems to be ready for the next step.

Joel Kuhnel has struck out 30 batters with just three walks this season for Daytona. The Tortugas closer has posted a 3.16 ERA in 21 games that span 25.2 innings this year and he’s upped his ground ball rate to 60% on the season.

Dayton Dragons

Stuart Fairchild has shown a lot more power in 2018 than he did in 2017 while in Billings. The Dragons outfielder has 24 extra-base hits, including seven home runs in the first half. He’s hitting .277/.377/.460 on the year with 17 stolen bases. Fairchild is also a strong defender in the outfield. Because of that he’s ready for the bump up to the next level.

Cory Thompson doesn’t look like a former shortstop. He’s pitched in 25 games for Dayton this season and posted a 1.83 ERA across 34.1 innings. He’s shown outstanding control, walking just four batters and striking out 35 of them.

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81 Responses

  1. kevinz

    Interested in seeing how Trammell handles AA where alot of talented players have died at.
    I agree with what Promotions you have Doug.
    Just wondering if any SP at AAA would deserve a Promotion to MLB for a struggling SP?

    • Simon Cowell

      No. There are none.
      Cody Reed and Robert Stevenson’s are about as consistent as a herpes breakout.

      • Norwood Nate

        On the other hand, they’ll be around forever.

  2. Stock

    With Suarez and Gennett in his two spots there is no place for Senzel. He can wait

    Until one of Reed, Stephenson, Lopez, Nicolini or Finnegan are promoted I would keep Mella in AA

    Siri, Friedl, Nay, Canelon and Kuhnel should move to AA.

    Thompson should move to A+. On the fence with Fairchild but probably move him up as well.

    Trammell and Santillan are young and should stay put. I like moving them up one level this year and 2 next. big jump from A+ to AA.

    • CP

      The problem with not promoting Trammell now is slowing down the only possible upgrade to Hamilton. Plus it looks like he is ready. So if it wont hurt his development, and might speed up him helping the big league club, you gotta go for it. Just my thought on it….

      • kevinz

        See the Problem is Trammell has not really played CF this year.
        I believe he going to fill out and slow down think our Future LF
        Even though they him alot in RF do not think his arm fits there.

      • CP

        Has Trammel not played CF because he can’t play it, or just because of who he is playing alongside of?

        His value will be so much higher if he can play a competent CF. The competition for LF and RF at the MLB ball club is already pretty thick. He doesn’t need to be a world beater to have value at CF with his bat, just needs to not be too much of a liability. If he can play a better CF than Schebler, then I think it makes sense to play him there.

      • kevinz

        it is prolly who is playing with why not playing CF.
        It like the situation with Senzel if not playing the Position how going to get better at that other Position.
        I agree TT value would be higher in CF but not playing there see become a stud CF.
        If Trammell turns like we all hope our average players who battling in OF now with be gone or will bebench players by then.

      • Stock

        Friedl and Siri can play CF and solve the Hamilton upgrade problem. Why rush Trammell? Why risk hurting his development? A+ to AA is a big jump. Let him spend a year in A+ and start him in AA next year. If he tears it up move him to AAA in June and the Reds are competing then move him to the Reds in June. If the Reds are struggling and Trammell is tearing up AA move him to Louisville in June and to the Reds in April 2020.

        Even if you promote Hamilton now he will not be ready for the show until June 2019.

      • CP

        Stock, Friedl and Siri are in the same level as Trammel is right? How would it be rushing Trammel and not them?

    • The Duke

      Siri and his .638 OPS and 4 BB vs 32 K in 29 games isn’t exactly beating down the door for a promotion.

      Santillan I definitely keep in Daytona for now. He’s been much more hittable the second time through the league. He needs to learn how to adjust to people making the adjustments on him.

    • Bubba Woo

      I disagree. I think their is definitely a spot for the sixth best prospect in baseball on a team that is the worst team in the NL and in the discussion for being the worst team in all of MLB. Gennett can, and has, played other positions. Same with Suarez. Other than Votto at 1B, nobody is locked down where they currently are playing.

      If the Reds don’t bring up Senzel in the next month, it tells me that the Reds FO views the current rebuild a failure and now views the next time the Reds can competes 2020-2021, when Greene, India, Santillan, Trammell, etc. are ready. I really hope this isn’t where the Reds are at.

      • Doug Gray

        I didn’t list him because he’s walked 18 batters in 27.2 innings. That’s got to improve, incredible ERA or not.

  3. Ben

    Where are these guys going to play? With Suarez, Gennett, Blandino, Herrera and Senzel we have five guys for 2B/3B and only two bags for them to stand on. Can’t the Reds trade one or two of them for a pitcher or an outfielder? The Reds’ best players play 2B and 3B, yet that’s also where all the prospects are.


    • Colorado Red

      You do not want to trade Suarez to start with.
      Scooter might have a lot of value, but who needs a 2B now?
      The rest have no trade value, except for lottery tickets.
      UGH (maybe Senzel, but with the Vertigo, I am not sure)

      • Andrew

        I can guarantee you that Senzel has crazy high trade value

    • Wes

      Suarez and his contract along w his season makes him best trade asset on team. If someone offers market value why not trade him?

      • abado

        Because he’s the 2nd best player on the team on an extremely affordable long term deal. There is no reason to trade him.

      • Nolan Ryan

        Abado – exactly – and the Reds shouldn’t trade Scooter either (who has powerfully accepted the mantle of being the Reds most professional hitter – sorry Joey) as the Reds need Gennett’s bat in the line-up. As far as Senzel, SS is available, as is LF – just plug him in and GO! Pete Rose moved from 2B to RF to LF to 3B. If he could do it, so can Senzel.

      • wes

        I agree that Senzel or Scooter need to be in the outfield and I wouldn’t be actively shopping Suarez, but there’s a lot of players who come into play that right now- there’s no way for the reds to acquire. Suarez is surely worth a top SS prospect or top SP prospect. If you are able to land someone like that- Keep the door open.

    • The Duke

      If I walk into GABP tomorrow as Owner/GM/Manager, here is my shakeup the reds 25 man roster:

      1. Nick Senzel, 2B
      2. Joey Votto, 1B
      3. Eugenio Suarez, 3B
      4. Scooter Gennett, LF
      5. Scott Scheber, RF
      6. Barnhart Casali, C
      7. Jose Peraza, SS
      8. Pitcher
      9. Billy Hamilton, CF

      BN: Casali Barnhart, C
      BN: Jesse Winker, LF/1B
      BN: Alex Blandino, UIF
      BN: Brandon Dixon, Util
      BN: Adam Duvall, LF/RF

      1. Luis Castillo
      2. Anthony Desclafani
      3. Tyler Mahle
      4. Amir Garrett
      5. Sal Romano

      LR: Michael Lorenzen
      MR: Wandy Peralta
      MR: Dylan Floro
      MR: Brandon Finnegan
      MR: David Hernandez
      SU: Jared Hughes
      CL: Raisel Iglesias

      Schebler would occasionally play CF, in which case Scooter goes to RF and Winker plays in LF.

      Duvall is the 25th man on the roster, and rarely sees a start. Can be a pinch hitter and late inning defensive replacement in LF.

      Romano bought himself another start with his last outing, but has a tenuous hold on the 5th spot at best. Robert Stephenson is going to get another shot at some point.

      Nobody is going to give us jack for Matt Harvey. I trade him for a rookie league lottery ticket.

      Finnegan is moved to the bullpen where I think he can be more effective.

      Maybe Amir Garrett ends up back in the bullpen, but I get him stretched out and back in the rotation. Maybe bring up Stephenson to give Garrett a few starts to get stretched out, or maybe have him tandem with Lorenzen for 2-3 starts and just stretch him out in the majors.

      I think Lorenzen works best in a long relief role. I try to get him 40 appearances throughout the year and over 100 IP.

      We still need to upgrade SS and CF, but I don’t think viable options are readily available.

      I listen on offers for Scooter, but I also approach him about a 4 year deal to play LF.

      I like Winker, he has potential, but until he starts showing some power he isn’t a starting LF, and his defense just doesn’t play in RF. I still get him starts and have him work on 1B some too so when Votto needs a day off we can plug in Winker in that spot. He’s my first option pinch hitter against all RHP. Schebler and Scooter play mostly every day, probably 140 starts each a year because I think both are better with regular off days. That leaves about 55-60 starts a year for Winker assuming Schebler starts about 10-20 games in CF. Under this plan, I think Winker still gets 300+ plate appearances.

      • Bubba Woo

        I agree with all of this except that Barnhart is clearly the Starting catcher. Casali has had a nice start, but Barnhart is a GG caliber Catcher who is an adequate bat.

      • Kindell

        I agree with most of this and I would have been all in if you asked me this question three weeks ago. Right now, I want to see what Jesse Winker can do with an opportunity to play everyday. He is starting to show more power over the past few weeks.

        I think his lack of power had a lot to do with not playing everyday, I also think he was trying too hard to be a leadoff hitter and get on base. He has been looking to drive the ball more when he is ahead in the count. His hard contact rate has went up nearly 14% in the month of June.

      • doofus

        Other than adding Senzel and putting Garrett in the starting roation, all you’ve done is rearranged the deck chairs on the Titanic.

      • The Duke

        Should you not try to improve unless it means you are winning the world series this year? Incremental improvement is still improvement. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you can’t force other teams to trade you the players you want.

  4. Norwood Nate

    Agree on taking it slow with T. Stephenson and Clementina. Catchers just need more time than other positions.

    Speaking of catchers, wonder if Tromp keeps hitting the way he does if he becomes a Sept call up consideration or even protected from Rule 5 this winter?

    • MK

      Continuing on catchers what is to be of Stuart Turner. Is he still injured? With the acquisition of Casali, which has been great so far, the Reds have pretty much given up his spot on the depth chart, or at least said he is not in immediate plans. He certainly possesses a very valuable 40-man spot.

      • Matthew O'Neal

        Turner is no longer on the Reds 40 man roster. Currently Barnhart, Casali, and Cruz are the catchers on the 40. Given Casali’s performance, I’d say that Cruz is simply keeping a 40 man spot warm until the Reds are in need of one.

      • MK

        Thanks I thought Cruz was DFAed not Turner. That tells you what they think of Turner.

      • The Duke

        89 plate appearances last year and a .426 OPS. That just won’t cut it, no matter how good the defense is. Had a .394 OPS in AAA this year in 45 plate appearances and then got hurt. The good thing for him is that the Reds hung onto him all of last year in the bigs, which means he earned over $500k. Most players in the minors won’t earn that much in 10 years, so good for him.

  5. Kap

    It’s reassuring to see that Trammell and Friedl are both having very good years, can both play center field, and have earned promotions. Definitely increases the chance that one of them will take the center field job for the Reds within the next year or so.

  6. Kindell

    I would like to see the Reds make a move if they have to, but Senzel needs to be up playing. I would rather him get his first taste of the big leagues when we are not going anywhere, this way he will be broke in and ready to go.

    As much as I love Scooter, it makes the most sense for him to be the one traded.

    • CP

      Agreed on Scooter, but finding a good trade partner might be the hard part. Who, that is a contender and has a decent farm system, would genuinely need Scooter enough to be willing to pay a decent price for him?

      • Brent

        Arizona, Cleveland, LAA and potentially Wash all need 2b upgrades with good farm systems

      • Bill

        While Gennett would be an upgrade for Arizona, the LA Angels and maybe Washington (keep in mind Murphy just came off the DL and Difo is #12 in WAR for the Nats as his backup), its hard to see 2B as a priority for any of these teams.

        I think the only clear partner is the Cleveland Indians where Jason Kipnis is generating a negative WAR for $13.7M. I would want AA starting pitcher Triston McKenzie to headline the return package. Kipnis is also owed $14.7M next year w/a $2.5M buyout. To make Gennett affordable, the Reds probably have to Kipnis, so agreeing on how to divide paying for his contract could prove a big obstacle.

      • wes

        Seattle dyerly needed a 2nd basemen but instead of acquiring a top talent like scooter- they saved their prospects and traded with Tampa. If McKenzie is the asking price- then Scooter will remain a Red. If Stanton, Yelich, McCutchen, Ozuna and Cole couldn’t get market value when traded- Scooter ain’t going to be the one who rights that ship…

        Marlins wrecked the trade market and it hasn’t been corrected yet.

        Reds need to fill holes in house or be buyers of MLB talent.

  7. Simon Cowell

    Why would you bother promoting Senzel? Where is he going to play? The bench? You simply don’t bench the leagues best active hitter.

    Do you promote on merit or need? I guess that is the real question. If you promote on merit sure promote Senzel but he won’t be playing, not at least in Cincinnati 2018.

    If you promote on need the Reds bring about 10 starters and rotate them all out until one A) doesn’t walk a batter in the first 4 innings or B) doesn’t give up a long bomb to dead center. C) You find the lad that can induce ground balls like a lead weight.

    • abado

      Play Senzel at 2B, SS, OF, 3B when Suarez needs a rest. Play him all over. Play him everywhere to get him in the lineup everyday.

      This isn’t that hard.

    • Kindell

      Are you talking about Gennett? As much as I love Scooter, his numbers are inflated by one month of really red hot play. That is why we have 3 guys hitting with really good numbers, yet we are still losing.

      • kevinz

        The power numbers were surely a fluke but still hitting 300 this month scooter is.
        As much as I want Senzel Trammell ETC up in the MLB The SP reason why we are still losing.
        The Offense only mid Pack but the SP at the Crap pack near the end.
        Offense exciting but Pitching Wins games .
        If can hit better than the mets lol but can Pitch you will win alot of games.

    • Stock

      I agree with Simon here. There is not one good reason to promote Senzel. Here are the options as I see it.

      A. Bring Senzel up in the coming weeks and play him all over (but as Doug points out OF may not be a safe way to go given his vertigo problems). Keep him under contract through 2024.

      B. Let Senzel play every day in Louisville. Trade Gennett in the offseason and bring up Senzel in week 3 of 2019. Now you have him under contract through 2025. If you trade Gennett before the deadline this year promote Herrera and see what he can do.

      This is a no brainer. I choose B.

      • Kindell

        Those are the options as you see it, but they are not the only options. There is going to be a market for Scooter at the trade deadline, the Reds will be smart to see what that market is.

        Do we really want to risk holding on to a player too long again?

      • Stock

        I have no problem trading Gennett. I think I accounted for that in option B. There may be other options but you didn’t present them.

      • Kindell

        My entire comment was about your option B. I do not see what the upside is of playing Gennett the entire year at 2B and keeping Senzel in the minor leagues where he has nothing else to gain. If everything goes as planned, the Reds would lock him up way before that final year even came into play.

        Gennett’s numbers and value can only go down. My option would be to find a trading partner for Scooter as soon as possible or find him another position. It seems clear that they view Senzel as the 2B going forward, so move Scooter to LF or trade him.

  8. Mickey Helm

    I would keep my fielders the same. Their defense and offense is valuable and not hurting. They are all young to make a run in 2019. I would dish out some money or promote some AA or AAA pitchers to get my pitching at least 1 pitcher rotation better. Pitching is what is hurting this team.

  9. Big Ed

    Doug, the flip side to promoting a player one level is that a player above him has to be released. For example, Taylor Trammell’s promotion to Pensacola means that somebody at Pensacola is released, or else is promoted to Louisville, where somebody would have to be released. Injuries could come into play, too, as well as demotions, but for the most part, it is a zero-sum game.

    Do you anticipate any particular players to lose out in this shuffle? Will the Reds cut bait on somebody like Aristides Aquino, who is now 24 and just not getting it done in his second year of AA, or promote him to AAA? Or CJ McElroy, who is having a decent season but just turned 25?

    The cuts are tough stories – usually guys 25+ years old, who’ve got an investment in baseball but now have to face up to not making the Show.

    • Matthew O'Neal

      I think that’s the downside to baseball being a business. When other players are performing well, there’s going to be a shake up as they are promoted through to the top. The front office can’t let good stories and attachment to players get in the way of the best baseball move for the future of the club.

  10. SultanofSwaff

    The only promotion that matters to me is Senzel for Peraza. Even with Jose’s ‘hot’ streak, his OPS is sitting at a dismal .648, good for 22nd out of 26 qualifying shortstops. He’s on pace to walk less than 25 times with no chance of more power with his approach. Senzel is super athletic, so there’s no doubt in my mind he would be equal if not better than Peraza at SS. Yet even if he’s a tick below defensively, I think we could all agree Nick’s baseline OPS as a hitter would be at least 100 points higher (assuming a .330 obp and a .420 slugging). In reality, with his hit tools you’re likely talking more like 150-200 points higher.

    Any way you slice it, it’s a slam dunk upgrade!

    • CP

      I feel like what you are saying is super obvious, and yet the FO continues to not pursue this as a viable option. Either they know something we don’t about this being a realistic option, or they aren’t seeing what seems to be pretty obvious at this point. I’m hoping its that they know something we don’t. Like a really good reason Senzel wouldn’t be more valuable at SS than Pereza….

      • kevinz

        I agree with both of you but Doug and the Reds do not
        So really we talking to ourselves lol.
        Doing the obvious stuff not for the Reds making Excuses is which is a shame.

      • CP

        I know the FO and Doug don’t agree. But what I am curious to hear is a more detailed explanation as to why. If they can play Winker in LF, who is not a defensive net positive, but is worthy it because of his bat, why can’t they play Senzel at SS? I know that SS is more valuable defensively, but I don’t think he would be as bad defensively as Winker would. Would Senzel at SS be worse than Schebler in CF? They are willing to play with that from time to time. I would just like to see the Reds being willing to think outside the box a little more and try some stuff. They have very little to lose in a season like this, but so much to gain….

      • kevinz

        I think the Month Senzel missed Pushed back his call up date.
        I think they want the SP to improve before calling up Senzel
        They do not want put him in a Position to feel like he the savior of the Reds. All just speculation on my part though.

  11. AirborneJayJay

    Is Cory Thompson the next Trevor Hoffman? He seems to be following a similar path. Glad there is no expansion draft coming soon. Boy that was a huge mistake not protecting Hoffman at that time. But that was back in the crazy Marge Schott and Jim Bowden days.

  12. Kap

    A “close but not close enough” promotion could be Jose Lopez as well. He pitched a gem Friday night and has been solid lately. Another couple good starts and an opening should allow him to earn a spot in the rotation in Cincinnati.

    • kevinz

      I agree other than April he has been quite solid i hope gets his shot.
      Mix pitches up and Pitch need more guys like that.
      We all want a ace but would love 5 numbers 3’s right about now with how Pitching has been last good amount of years.

  13. kevinz

    How much less Value do we get for Iggy since has trouble with LHH?
    I am guessing alot since he is a RHP figured would ask?
    Since we know 2nd B value stink in a trade we know will noy get much for scooter
    Iggy thought would get boatload for but his splits will not help kinda making me SMH

  14. Doug Gray

    How many people responding here literally didn’t read the first paragraph of this article? Because a lot of responses seem to gloss over the first paragraph that I went out of my way to add to avoid such responses.

    • kevinz

      I read it Dirt it does not mean i understood it just like do not what i did this time around.

      • Doug Gray

        Can you read that out loud to yourself and make sense of what you typed?

      • RedsinWashst

        You didn’t understand Doug, I have no idea what you just said above.

  15. kevinz

    no i can’t i missed a word thanks. Listen make fun of me all you want i am not gonna leave or Curse plus yea i struggled in English class no shame here.

  16. Seat101

    Doug- thank you for the depth AND depth in this article.

  17. Seat101

    Doug- thank you for the depth AND breadth in this article.

  18. wric94

    Gabriel Guerrero is playing really wellin AAA , he should be given a chance in the big leagues

    • Doug Gray

      8 walks and 36 strikeouts, along with limited time in Triple-A suggests he needs some more time there for the time being.

      • wric94

        That is true , but the man is improving on a daily basis

  19. MK

    Folks you have Senzel playing all over the field. It is the Major Leagues and it aint that easy. Sure 314 played all over 2B then 3B (after 2 years) then back to 2B after a few spring game because he failed at 3rd. Find Nick a spot and let him play and leave him alone.

    • kevinz

      I blame the reds for that they started moving Senzel around so it really open up conversations about him moving all over plus suarez and scooter have not helped with it either lol

    • CP

      I agree that its the best case scenario for Senzel to just play one spot, but unfortunately that doesn’t always happen for rookie players as they come up. It’s on the Reds FO to make a trade or something to give him that scenario. Or be willing to move him around. Their choice, but one they need to make soon. He is pushing the decision with his play. They should have been able to see the writing on the wall just as easily as us. We all knew that 3B would be occupied. We all knew the 2B depth was very high. We all knew there were already 3 corner OF’s for 2 spots. Something has got to give…

      • kevinz

        Do what Astros did with bregman when he got called up.
        played at SS when Correa needed a break and when got hurt.
        played him in LF when Correa returned now mostly at 3rd base in his 3rd season.
        It is not that hard Follow the template of what good teams did or do.

  20. Krozley

    AZL roster is somewhat updated (they need additional infielders) and there is a 16 year old, Rafael Franco, on the roster. He turns 17 on Wednesday, but boy is that young. Must have some talent if they brought him to the states this early. I think the entire roster as listed currently came up at some point from the DSL.

    • Doug Gray

      It could be that they really like him, but it’s also likely due to the fact that he’s a Mexican signing, and they don’t tend to send those guys to the Dominican.

  21. SteveO

    Wow, the AZL Reds roster looks like a DSL team. I guess that was to be expected after eliminating a DSL team and adding Greeneville. Looks like the majority of the 2018 draft class will be in Greeneville. Does that mean the starting rotation in Greeneville will consist of Hanson, Heatherly, Wotell, Gray and Richardson?

  22. MikeinSoCal

    Just look at what’s happening to Dixon. A pinch hit appearance here and there. Blandino pretty much the same. All this talk about platooning looks good on paper but in reality it doesn’t pan out, at least not for the Reds. These guys need to keep improving but its going to be hard riding the bench. I like Dixon’s power and versatility but he is stuck in the black hole of being a bench player. Can’t bring up Senzel until Gennett is traded.

    • kevinz

      No offense to Dixon or Blandino but they at best util type players.
      Senzel the Reds top prospect you find a place for him if brought up.

    • Bill

      Guys like Blandino and Dixon need to be on a shuttle to/from AAA where they can get regular at bats so they are sharp while on the major league roster. It’s tough for young players to be the 24th or 25th guy on the roster.

    • kevinz

      Do not really think gave up that much to get Closer herrera if that the value for closers right now might as well hold onto iggy

  23. Nolan Ryan

    Too bad the Reds don’t have a Juan Soto in the pipeline waiting to be called upon – and if the best OF the Reds can produce is Winker then the Reds will be in deep trouble (at the bottom of the standings looking straight up at the rest of MLB) for at least another 10 years.