This week on The Unnamed Reds Podcast we talk about a few issues facing the Cincinnati Reds. The first topic is what exactly they should do with Scooter Gennett. The next is what should they do with Homer Bailey? And we wrap things up by discussing whether or not the Reds should try to change things up in the rotation and bring up someone from Triple-A.

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24 Responses

  1. William

    How would you believe about trading both Scooter Gennett and Billy Hamilton to the nationals for Victor Robles. This trade would cover the offense needed in CF and would open 2nd base for Senzel.

    • The Duke

      I believe that Nationals would hang up the phone laughing hysterically at the offer. Billy Hamilton has minimal trade value. He isn’t a starter on a contending team. Scooter is a 2B who is bad defensively and when the Mariners desperately needed a 2B, they didn’t even call the Reds.

      • Greenfield Red

        Hey Duke. While I agree with you for the most part regarding Hamilton, there are a couple of points to be made here.

        First, most of us think he should be used as a late inning pinch runner and defensive replacement. I tend to agree with this philosophy. He could be a weapon similar to a closing pitcher, albeit in center field and on the bases. Some team has to see the value in that, although at the cost of $6 million a year and a prospect or two, the price may be too high.

        The other thing is to look at his stats a little more closely. Yeah, he’s only hitting .197 and a .285 obp. However, he leads the team in runs scored per at bat. Part of that is related Votto, Suarez, and Gennett hitting well behind him. But, some of it has to be how effective his speed is on the bases.

        Throw in his defense, and I think he is a productive major league player. He will probably get $8 million in arbritration next year. If I were the Reds, I think that money could be the down payment on a higher end starting pitcher. I don’t think I’d pay it.

        So, I guess I agree with you. He doesn’t have a great deal of trade value, but maybe not $8 million worth.

      • The Duke

        I agree with most of that, but if he can’t get on base more, he’s a bench player on a contending team, and bench players aren’t going to draw much interest in trades. Unless the cost is low enough to where a contending team (most likely an AL team that can go with a short bench and wouldn’t need Hamilton to hit) see’s the benefit. I could see the Yankees or Red Sox make a low ball offer around the deadline, a little extra payroll isn’t going to make them think twice.

      • HavaKlu

        As for the Nationals, Michael Taylor is a very good defensive CF so there would be no interest in Hamilton and the Mariners never desperately needed a 2B when all they had to do was move Gordon.

    • Bill

      Murphy, who has been out all year with an injury, has just returned from the DL to play 2B for the Nats. They have Difo as a backup who is in their top 12 in terms of WAR. I can’t see them prioritizing 2B for upgrade at the price of a prospect like Robles.

      • kevinz

        Do not seeing Nats trading Robles at all with Harper Walking.
        The Nats have Soto along with Robles to keep there OF chugging along

      • Greenfield Red

        Speaking of Soto, one of my favorite things Joe Nuxhall used to say is if you hang around baseball long enough, you’ll see something you haven’t seen before. So back to Juan Soto.

        His major league debut was May 20th. But because of a suspended game from May 15, he is credited with hitting a major league home run 5 days before his debut when he hit one yesterday. I wonder if that has happened before.

  2. Justin

    Maybe teams are just less willing to go out on a limb, be it free agency or trading for a guy that has one collective year of high level hitting. That or teams are afraid that hitting with the reds doesn’t translate after they switch teams.

    • The Duke

      I think we’ve missed the reliever trade market craze, but all it takes is one team really wanting a player and not worrying about what they are giving up to bring it back. Iglesias is going to be still under team control at a time where we will theoretically be competitive, so unless the return is there, just hold onto him.

  3. Justin

    Here’s my guess:

    Soonish, Senzel comes up to take 2nd and Scooter moves to RF. The reds trade Hamilton for a minor league reliever. Schebler and Duvall find new homes via trade as well, and we finish the year with someone like Ervin in CF and Winker in LF. Herrera stays in the minors playing 2B, 3B and maybe OF the rest of the year, and is added to the 40 man at some point. Scooter goes through arbitration.

    In 2019, Herrera becomes a bench player and Siri gets pushed along and winds up as our CF by May. Scooter either plays out his last year ala Cozart or gets traded before the deadline.

    In 2020 we see Trammell make his big league debut in place of Scooter who is on to greener pastures. By this time we are likely fed up with Siri’s swing at everything approach (or maybe he surprises and becomes a good MLB hitter) and we are talking about India in the OF.

    As for Winker, who knows what he becomes.

    • Greenfield Red

      I can see Gennett to LF, Schebler, who is much more productive offensively than his reputation gives him credit for, staying in RF. Suarez stays at 3rd. Senzel to 2nd. CF and SS remain questionable.

      What I’d like to see is Senzel to SS or CF. Gennett to LF. Herrera to 2b. Suarez stays at 3rd. peraza playing SS or CF until someone new arrives on the scene.

      Both of these scenarios leave Hamilton and Winker on the sidelines.

      I still think Winker will be a productive MLB hitter. Low to medium power, but above average OBP

      • kevinz

        I agree with Most of this GreenField like to see Scooter in LF where arm fits better than in RF.
        Herrera plays 2nd need to get a look at him vs MLB Pitching could lose
        him to FA.
        Call up Senzel to play SS 3rd 2nd LF plays everday Like Bregman did first 2 years for HOU.
        have Peraza learn CF see how does over time when Senzel at another Position let jose play SS.
        Scooter plays 2nd LF

    • CMT

      I don’t understand how many mentions Jose Siri gets as a future starter for the Reds, especially on any kind of near future timeline.

      The guy is in A ball right now and has a .273 OBP with 4 walks and 32 strikeouts. He had a good year as a 21/22 year old in low A ball but he’s still basically a lottery ticket and nothing more.

      • Greenfield Red

        I agree CMT. Right now, he’s a million miles from Cincinnati, and I don’t really think it will change anytime soon.

      • kevinz

        It only because he got massive Tools i could see Beltre making it to the MLB before Siri.
        Yes he does not have quite the Tools of Siri but he controls the Zone much better. I could see beltre being a 2 hole type of hitter or more if Power ever Shows.

      • Justin

        I don’t think he’s a long term solution. That’s why I’m suggesting they speed him through the system. Trammell on the other hand is a different story. If Siri can play good defense (which few seem to question) then you’re loosing absolutely nothing vs Hamilton even if he swings with his eyes closed.

  4. Alex

    Tyler naquin or Bradley Zimmer in a trade package from Cleveland would be nice. Zimmer has struggled in the majors so far but the guy has alot of upside!

    • The Duke

      Zimmer would be a good buy low candidate if we could get him as the second piece in an Iglesias package, or as the main piece for somebody like David Hernandez

  5. madd

    Doug, you mentioned, during the podcast, to why some teams wait until the trade deadline to trade players, which I totally agree with you. The only logical reason to why teams wait (in some cases) is because of their all star representative. Prime example is Todd Frazier, when we hosted the all star game a few years ago. Teams wait due to the all star game/home run derby. That’s the only logical reason that I could think of to why teams wait to trade players that long. Just an idea I had.

    • wes

      teams wait bc they want the price to go down. 20 teams would have acquired Machado by now, but the price is to high to justify. So everyone waits til last second.

      Machado might be able to right the trade market however. If they can get devers and groome or hauck from Boston- Reds may have a chance at getting something for Scooter or Iglesias

  6. wes

    Markets fluctuate and there has been an abundance of fluctuation in both the FA market and trade market in baseball and it all comes from this narrative- teams are done throwing away money and younger talent to aging baseball players. Teams want to invest in youth and potential and make a move with young players so they scrap and rebuild rather than sacrifice future for the now. So FA don’t get signed and teams are done giving up young talent they are still high on to obtain even controllable players like Gennett.

    2 years ago Iglesias was worth a top 25 player, but the market has changed, and even though he’s better- that’s no longer his value.
    2 years ago Scooter, with today’s production, was worth a top 25/50 prospect, the market has changed, and now he’s not.

    Suarez, and barnhart to a lesser extent, signings directly effects the long term contracts of the whole league. Good/young players making less is the new norm. Sure Bryce Harper will make 400 million but you will no longer see a teams 3rd pitcher make 18 million nor all stars sign lucrative deals in the into their mid 30’s. It’s just to much to risk and owners have figured that out.

    I think Scooter would sign 4 years for 32/36 million in a heart beat! It’s nice to make money, but it’s better to enjoy life. He’s in a hitter friendly park in a low pressure environment. Compare that to playing in Phili or NY….

    Reds need to adjust to times and filling holes from within vs thinking they are finally going to acquire that guy via trade. I agree with the podcast- more we see Scooter at 2nd- worse management looks.

    • The Duke

      Bryce Harper is going to get serious money…….but should he? Career .895 OPS is awesome, and deserves a big contract, but $40 million a season? 10 years? This is a guy who 4 of his 7 seasons (if we extrapolated his current performance this year over this entire season) has had a .820 OPS or below. He’s also missed 40+ games in 3 of those seasons in his early to mid 20’s. How’s his body going to hold up into his mid 30’s when a 10 year deal would be ending? I won’t be shocked if Harper ends up with something more like 8 years and $30 million per year. There are really only 3-4 teams that even consider that type of contract, and if 2-3 of them take themselves out of the running, then there won’t be the bidding war Boras assumes.

  7. Simon Cowell

    There isn’t a market for Scooter because what the Reds want for him is more than anyone is willing to pay. So…. we resign the guy. He is the best second baseman in the NL possibly the AL as well right now. Sign him and then figure out what to do with Nick Senzel. Move Nick to SS or the OF seems like the only credible holes.