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Why didn’t you go to Greeneville on Tuesday?

Because I’m an idiot. But, it kind-of-sort-of has worked out. I will be in Greeneville from the 28th through the 1st. Then I’m in Johnson City on the 2nd to watch the Reds. That gives me a full five games in a row. That should let me see each of the starting pitchers, and get a good look at the full roster.

It has been rumored the Angels and Dodgers (assume others) were in on Kelvin Herrera. Both could make similar offers of Verdugo/White or Adell/Canning. Which trade partner matches up better for Reds? And what do you believe Iglesias is worth on trade market after Herrera trade?

It’s real tough to compare the value of Herrera and Raisel Iglesias. Herrera is a free agent after this season, while Iglesias is a Red through 2021. So, from a contract value standpoint alone, Iglesias is vastly more valuable. Toss in that he’s also a better pitcher and we’re looking at two guys with values that, at least on paper, would seem to be so far apart that it’s not funny.

With that said, I wouldn’t trade Iglesias unless someone blew me away with an offer. Everyone is on the table – but with the contract he has, he’s the kind of guy that should require a premium return. There’s no rush or need to trade him at this point. Jo Adell is certainly the kind of guy you would target if you are the Reds and are moving him. If Verdugo is a guy your scouts tell you can stick in center, then he’s a good target, too. But if he’s not a center fielder, you’d probably want something else instead. Neither, alone, is nearly enough – you’d need other high end pieces to get me to move Iglesias at this point. Personally, I’d shoot for the stars with Adell if I had to choose between those two teams.

I am very happy for Brandon Nimmo because of his recent performance. However, I am sad that it is for the Mets and not the Reds. I know you personally only judge a trade with the information known at the time, but can you make me feel better about the Dilson Herrera for Jay Bruce trade?

Well, first we need to understand that just because there was some rumor that so-and-so was being talked about as being a part of a trade doesn’t mean that it was actually true. But, Dilson Herrera can hit. Is he a 1.000 OPS guy like Nimmo currently is? No. But Nimmo probably isn’t that guy, either.

Do you see Jeter Downs sticking at shortstop at the pro level?

Right now I believe it’s going to take a lot of improvement for him to stay at shortstop long term. He looks more like a second baseman. A large majority of scouts I’ve talked to about it since spring training think he’ll move off of the position.

Assuming Eugenio Suarez and Nick Senzel stick at 3B and 2B, where do you see Jonathan India playing once he reaches the Majors?

When the Reds drafted Jonathan India they made some comments about giving him a shot at shortstop as a pro and seeing what happens. That would be the dream scenario for the organization. But, it does seem a tad unlikely for the long term. So, assuming you question as presented, I’ll go with one of the corner outfield spots.

What happens to Dilson Herrera given the log jamb at 2B? Can he play any other positions? Or is he trade-bait? 

They’ve been playing him at third base in Louisville, as well as second base every so often. I’m not sure he can play at third. However, it could just be a lot of “non-experience” at third base, too. His arm just isn’t a third baseman’s arm, though. It’s possible they are grooming him to be a utility kind of guy because they like the bat. But, that’s still a tough one because that only makes sense if Senzel is blocking him at second, and you aren’t not playing Suarez or Senzel much…..

Herrera is a minor league free agent after the season is over unless the team adds him back to the 40-man roster. So, honestly, at this point I think he will wind up being traded. The bigger question is, when will it happen? During the trade deadline span and he will be included with someone else to make a quality package even better going the other way? Or will the Reds add him to the 40-man to keep him from becoming a free agent, and try to move him in the offseason?

I know that you’ve mentioned that Jose Siri may have suffered a bad walk rate last year due to aggressiveness during his hitting steak, but how concerning is his plate discipline/approach continuing in a bad direction?

With his missing nearly 2 months this spring, when he came back and joined Daytona, I kind of put it in my mind to give him 3-4 weeks before looking in at the strikeout-to-walk ratio. Not seeing live, quality pitching for a while can do some things to you when you do start seeing it. He’s currently got 1 walk and 16 strikeouts in June. That’s not good. At all. And it’s got to improve, drastically. It’s concerning. But, I do think that he gets the strikezone better than those numbers suggest.

Are there any position guys breaking out this year that you are particularly keen on? New additions like Ibandel Isabel or Mitch Nay? Anybody on the pitching side, particularly as starters? I know you just posted your candidates for promotion (excited to possibly see Trammell at Pensacola!!) but I was wondering more about guys you view as potentially special players long term that we may not know much about yet.

We may have a different definition of the word “special”. For me, when I think special player, I’m thinking of guys that could be future All-Star kinds of guys. And at least right now, no one really has jumped out yet as a guy who looks like that who wasn’t being talked about as they kind of guy before the season began. Usually the guys that jump into that kind of conversation are the guys in rookie ball, and that season is just getting started. Now, if you want to talk about someone who had their stuff jump forward from last year, it’s Jacob Heatherly, who I wrote about last week. His season debut didn’t go well, but that’s the kind of jump that takes a guy from solid prospect to potential Top 10 in the organization prospect (or higher) if the performance follows.

We’re at the halfway point for the full season leagues. Who are your biggest surprises and disappointments this season to this point?

Biggest surprise has to be Hendrik Clementina. I had heard some good things about the bat, but nothing that suggested he was going to be able to do what he’s done in the first half. Let’s go with Cory Thompson on the mound. Converted shortstop, walks no one, misses bats, good breaking ball. Have to like that.

Biggest disappointment could certainly be on me, but I’ll go with Jose Garcia. And I said that it’s certainly on me because when I saw him in Goodyear during the spring he was looking like the best player on the field with most of the guys that wound up in Dayton this year. It was just a handful of days, but he looked really good. And I had heard that he was a bit raw, and those outside the organization felt Dayton was an aggressive placement. He’s had his struggles, particularly at the plate, in the Midwest League thus far. Long term, I’m not that concerned. You can see the parts are there. But the skills needs to catch up with the athleticism still.

Who’s one hitter and one pitcher that has improved their stock most in the Reds minors? One hitter and pitcher that was in the top 30 or so that has hurt their stock the most so far?

This feels like cheating, but I’d say that Hendrik Clementina is the guy that’s improved his stock the most as a hitter. Pitcher, it may very well be Tony Santillan. He’s had a hiccup here or there with the strikezone. Overall, his control has been much better this season. That was what was holding him back last season – the consistency with his control. Also feels like cheating, but I’d say that Jose Garcia and Miles Gordon are the two Top 25 guys that are down the most. Pitching wise, there aren’t many options to be honest. But I guess I have to go with Jesus Reyes if only because he’s in the bullpen now. I thought he would wind up there, so it’s not a surprise at all. But among the Top 25 guys that are pitchers, as I said, there aren’t exactly options for being “down”.

You get to make one personnel move that sticks for the rest of the season other than a trade (make someone a starter, change someone’s position, release someone, promote someone, bench someone, etc). What move do you make and how does it help the Reds going into next season?

I’d look at playing Scooter Gennett in the outfield, which would open up second base for Nick Senzel. It would improve the offense. It would improve the defense a little bit. And, if Gennett can play a passable corner outfield, it gives the team more options with him.

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52 Responses

  1. Cguy

    What about Gabby Guerrero? He has certainly been a pleasant surprise. He’s hitting .306 @ Louisville after starting the season in AA . What weaknesses in his game keep him from projecting as a MLer for the Reds?

    • Matthew O'Neal

      The one that jumps out to me is the 4:1 K:BB ratio, and he has a roughly 6% walk rate.

      • Doug Gray

        This is a big one. He’s generally been an aggressive hitter than you can get out with pitches outside of the zone. June has been a bit different than that, though. Let’s see if it continues.

  2. The Duke

    I already thought fairly highly of Stuart Fairchild before the season started, but his stock is up in my opinion. Showing more power this year in a less hitter friendly environment than he played in last year, while continuing his good plate discipline and defense. I think he needs promoted ASAP to push him to a little tougher level as a college guy. He’s a top 8-10 guy in the Reds system to me at this point.

    For moves:
    -I move Fairchild up to Daytona and have him get at least 50% of the starts in CF.
    -Trammell up to Pensacola and starting in CF at least 80% of the time.
    -Santillan I keep in Daytona for now, I want to see him make adjustments to the teams that have already made adjustments on him. I think we’re starting to see that play out now, but I think rushing him a bit would be a mistake.
    -I move Scooter to LF, start Schebler in RF, and get Winker starts about 50% of the time between backing up both COF spots (move Scooter to RF when Winker plays and one of Hamilton or Schebler don’t, Winker LF only), and I have him start taking practice reps at 1B to back up Votto. Winker also becomes the primary pinch hitter in games he doesn’t start and is the DH in AL parks (or at 1B and let Votto DH).
    -Senzel up to play 2B every day
    -Peralta down, Finnegan up to the big club in a bullpen role
    -Mella to AAA rotation taking Finnegan’s spot

    Scott Moss has been a bit of a let down. Walk rate up some, BAA up a good bit, K rate down. He hasn’t been terrible, just a guy I thought could really break through and he hasn’t.

    If the Reds could get Jo Adell, Jose Suarez, and Livan Soto for Iglesias I’d be quite happy. I think Adell has a chance to be a 40+ HR player with a chance to stick in CF, but as a plus defensive RF if he doesn’t.

    • Brad

      I like idea for Angels trade. I am eyeing OF Adell, RHSP Canning, LHSP Suarez plus a lesser piece or 2. Saw Canning pitch at Arizona St 2 years ago. Impressed with repertoire and command. If Andrew Miller can bring back 2 top-100 guys, Iglesias should back that if not more with his ability to throw multiple innings, work as a closer and more favorable contract.

      • Michael P

        Your trade thoughts would only yield 1 top 100 prospect. What about Iggy/Scooter for Adell, Canning & Maitan (SS)? I don’t think we even entertain a trade for Iggy unless we get at least 2 stud prospects in return.

      • The Duke

        The market isn’t what it was when Chapman and Miller were traded. Insisting the trade market is exactly the same as it was 2-3 years ago doesn’t make it so. By the end of the year, Adell is going to be a top 20, if not a top 10 prospect.

    • Norwood Nate

      Agree with the moves overall. Would also move Freidl up as well, he needs more of a challenge.

      I’d also move Nay (age and production) to AA and Thompson to Daytona.

      I’d still rather trade Scooter at the deadline, but agree that a move to the corner OF makes the most sense right now. I’d try to get Winker more playing time though with Schebler playing more CF.

      Schebler with 50% in CF, 25% in RF. Gennett 50% RF, 25% LF, Winker 75% LF, Hamilton 50% CF, Duvall 25% RF and primarily against LHSP.

      Peralta is definitely sent down, either Finnegan or Reed to replace him, don’t care much which one.

      Iglesias needs to be flipped for SP help if any quality prospects are available.

    • Six Feet of Snow

      I wanted to write “Yeah! What he said” but will add that I’ve always thought that Finnegan was a relief pitcher – too much of a 100% effort on every pitch kind of guy. KC thought that way too and had him in the pen. And, while I realize that Senzel has had his health issues this year, I’m getting kind of tired of him going 2 for 4 in AAA every night. Bring him up, put Scooter in LF and be done with it.

      • Doug Gray

        KC started Finnegan in the minors – they used him in the bullpen when they were one of the best teams in baseball.

    • kevinz

      For being a College guy Non Power Hitter Fairchild strikes out a Ton for A ball.
      Hope for the best with him i call him a Tweener not good enough to play CF
      Not enough Power for the Corner OF spots.

      • redleggingfordayz

        23% is not that high of a strikeout rate when paired with his 11% walk rate. He is slugging .460 with a solid OBP of .377. Also not sure where you heard he can’t play CF, because everything I have heard and seen, he can easily play CF and might be one of the best all around OF defenders in the minors for the Reds.

      • kevinz

        Thank you made some good Points mayb I am overlooking him a bit.
        I thought for a College Guy in A ball his rates not where want them
        Like his tools though not gonna Debate there.

  3. Clammy

    Phillip Ervin #’s have been disappointing, his OPS in Louisville is .649, if he doesn’t improve, how secure is his spot on the 40 man roster? Who else do we need to protect this coming off season? After Tony Cruz, who else might be a DFA candidate?

    • Norwood Nate

      Ervin and Aquino are second year guys on the 40-man that probably will need to make tangible improvements to keep their spots when roster moves are needed. Cruz as a third C, Dixon, Brice, Weiss, Reyes, Davis, and Peralta are other guys on the roster that shouldn’t get too comfortable if performance/health doesn’t improve moving forward.

  4. kyblu50

    You could always throw Ervin, Finnigan and maybe another another player with Iggy for and even better package of top players.

    • The Duke

      Finnegan’s trade value likely isn’t that high, and Ervin’s is basically non-existent.

  5. Michael P

    I would like to see the Reds come clean with the fan base and say that we are still a few years away from a contending calibar team. We look past 2019 and gear up for 2020. With that being said, let’s move some pieces around and aquire top talent replacements. Saw a reader on another site that has some of these similar trade proposals:

    1. Iglesias/Billy H. to Houston for OF Kyle Tucker, 1B Yordan Alvarez, and SS Nova.
    2. Package to Cleveland – Gennett, Hughes/Hernandez, Lorenzan, and Dilson H. for RHP Triston McKenzie, RHP Shane Bieber, and C Francisco Mejia.
    3. Package to Yankees Luis Castillo, and Mejia for OF Clint Frazier, RHP Albert Abreu, and LHP Justus Sheffield.
    5. Finnegan, Duvall, Hughes/Hernandez, Shed Long to Arizona for RHP Jon Duplantier, SS Chislom, RHP Jimmie Sherfy, and OF Marcus Wilson.
    6. Package to Twins Bob Stephenson, Jesse Winker, Aquino, and Jose Siri for Royce Lewis & OF Alex Kirilloff

    With these trades we lose: (15) Iggy, Billy, Scooter, Hughes, Hernandez, Dilson H., Castillo, Finnegan, Duvall, Shed Long, Bob Stephenson, Jesse Winker, Lorenzan, Aquino, and Jose Siri.

    We aquire: (14) OF Kyle Tucker, 1B Yordan Alvarez, SS Nova, OF Clint Frazier, RHP Albert Abreu, RHP Triston McKenzie, RHP Shane Bieber, LHP Justus Sheffield, RHP Jon Duplantier, SS Chislom, RHP Jimmie Sherfy, OF Marcus Wilson, SS Royce Lewis, & OF Alex Kirilloff

    New Top 100 prospects, according to MLB pipeline, would be:
    #5 Nick Senzel, #14 Kyle Tucker, #18 Royce Lewis, #19 Hunter Greene, #21 Triston McKenzie, #36 Taylor Tramell, #40 Justus Sheffield, #63 Duplantier, #64 Albert Abreu, #74 Yordan Alvarez, #97 Shane Bieber, #98 Alex Krirlloff. That would be 12 top 100 prospects (7 top 50) – plus Clint Frazier and India who is not on the list just yet. I know some of this is hypothetical only but really embrace this type of rebuild. I think we missed the mark on the current window and we may need to drop back and punt for better field position.

    • The Duke

      I don’t think the other team in every one of your trades would make that trade. Most of them aren’t even close to realistic in my opinion.

    • Stock

      3, 5 and 6 make no sense to AZ and MIN. Not a chance.

      1 and 2 make more sense. At least we are giving up something with value.

      • Michael P

        I agree that this is more of ‘fan boy’ scenery but the premise remains the same. Let’s package some assets together to get cream of the crop prospects. I think we have some desirable pieces to the right buyer. #3 above with Castillo and top 15 prospect Meija is pretty solid too IMO. Trade 5/6 is just me getting lazy.. No way they happen with what was dangled there. Just having some fun guys.

      • Stock

        If Castillo is good and has trade value why would we trade him. If the Reds think he is no longer a good prospect and decide to trade him there is a good chance we get little in return so we may as well keep him. Either way I don’t see it as a good move to trade Castillo. Same goes with Garrett, Romano, Mahle, Stephenson and Reed.

  6. Ochoa30

    I like a good trade proposal just as much as the next guy but can we atleast try to be realistic? Let’s just trade all our guys for the top 3 prospects on every team in baseball, lol. Come on.

    • wes

      I’ve been saying that for 2 weeks. It’s not 2016 anymore. It’s a buyers market and teams are not going to part with guys they are high on. Atleast not until you see a big name moved and other teams get antsy and hungry to move.

      • Doug Gray

        I feel like the people in here that are being talked about being moved ARE big names. Scooter Gennett is one of the best hitters in baseball for the last two seasons. Raisel Iglesias is one of the best relievers in baseball over the last three seasons. Or am I just following this topic incorrectly?

      • wes

        Scooter and Iglesias are not as big as names as McCutchen, Cole, Stanton, Ozuna, or Yelich. The offers rumored for Machado aren’t moving the dial either.

        Iglesias is 2 tiers maybe 3 above Herrera and Colome yet they were both given away. Even with reportedly multiple teams being in on Herrera and Colome was available before season coming off a stellar season.

        Can you ever remember a time in baseball history where talent is traded away at this price ? I can’t and I have been following baseball finances/prospects/strategy for 10+ years.

        The value of Scooter and Iglesias is what someone will pay for them- not what someone paid for a similar player 2-3 years ago. The current market sets that price as that is the way all markets work.

        I wish it was different! But it is what it is. What you deem as a reasonable return may happen by end of July, but the market first has to correct itself and it will take an abundant of buyers to make that happen as well as real difference makers become available.

        If either scooter or Iglesias is the next person traded- everyone here will be irate in the return. It’s going to take Machado or a Met pitcher or Snell from Tampa to start the correction. Sooner it happens more realistic a correction can occur by 7/31. As things project today though- neither guy will be moved bc reds don’t need to trade elite talent for mid level prospects which is today’s market value.

        If I’m wrong- please let me know.

      • Stock

        I think you are wrong Wes. Just as the market 2 years ago does not dictate todays market. Today’s market does not dictate the market in July. Several years ago there was no market for Prince Fielder. He seemed to have priced himself out of the market. Victor Martinez gets hurt and is out for the season and suddenly Boras looks like a genius and Fielder gets his money.

        We really have no idea what will happen in the next month.

        If Ozzie Albies has a season ending injury and the Braves are in 1st they would probably be willing to part with 2 or 3 of their 7 top 100 pitchers for Gennett.

        If Colorado is in it the may decide Gennett would be a huge upgrade at 1B or Iglesias would fit well in their bullpen and give up Rodgers for Gennett.

        The Dodgers may feel that they need Iglesias and give up Verdugo and Ruiz.

        Will this happen? I don’t know, but don’t let the trade of Herrera/Colome tell you that the market for stars has dropped. Herrera/Colome do not have the star power of Iglesias/Gennett. Teams are willing to give up more in July than in May. And most importantly Iglesias/Gennett have multiple years of control.

  7. kevinz

    I rather trade Iggy for OF verdugo C Ruiz as main prospects in a trade.
    Even if verdugo Ends up in RF i would do the trade his Arm a weapon.

    • Michael P

      I allure like Verdugo but is that what we want to use our most valuable trade chip for? Another Right-fielder and a Cather.. I say we use this chip for either a strong SP 1/2 prospect, top of line SS, or a can’t miss CF’er..

      • kevinz

        I would love to get that type of value for iggy but will not happen.
        value of trading Younger players is Down teams more scared now to make such a move just for a Closer.

  8. kevinz

    If no Trades are made for scooter plus call up Senzel. I would like a little bit of speed before Votto and before scooter N Suarez.
    I know might not at first to get senzel feet wet but help with GIDP.
    Plus can score from 2nd to home.

    Top 5 should be

  9. Cguy

    I like the idea of demoting Peralta to Louisville & bringing up a lefty, but whether it’s Finnegan, Reed, or Nicolino is the tough choice to make. I don’t move Finnegan to the bullpen this season. If he doesn’t improve his performance then he starts 2019 as a reliever. Reed- who knows? Nicolino has some experience as a reliever & may help our bullpen. That would also make room for Mella in Louisville’s rotation. I would offer Scooter in trade for a young, but close to ML ready starting pitcher. One more upgrade to the current rotation could make the 2nd half a more competitive venture- even without Gennett’s bat.

  10. wes

    clevland is linked to machado. Love to see that deal get done ASAP for Mckinzie/Bieber package. That will get the trade market moving back in the right direction for the reds to make some moves by deadline.

    Reds will add Hererra back to 40 man roster by seasons end, but I honestly think he’s a throw in piece to get a trade done. LA for instance where he can play 3 positions(DH) and come in and hit right away- has to spark a little interest….

  11. Stock

    Three things I totally disagree with.

    1. Everyone seems to want to promote Senzel. I understand he is red hot right now. But the fact is promoting him now will not turn the season around for the Reds. They will still finish in last place. Let him stay in Louisville until mid-April and gain another year of control. Gennett is more valuable at 2B. Leave him be. If you trade him promote Herrera. Whatever you do you should not promote Senzel.

    2. When did Fairchild become such a stud? Just my opinion but I would much rather have Siri. He was younger at Dayton last year and he dominated. Fairchild is only the 3rd best position player for Dayton this year. Siri has a much better chance of being an all-star for the Reds than Fairchild.

    3. Scooter Gennett is good but the days of the Reds getting him cheap long term may have passed. I would still sign him up right now for 7 years and $140 million. Machado will make $250 million this winter and since he has been a Red, Scooter has a better BA (.310 vs. .273), OBP (.353/.329), SLG% (.535/.497) and obviously a higher OPS (.888/.826) than Machado. If the Reds trade Scooter they should get at minimum a top 25 prospect and a prospect in the 50-75 range.

    • Kindell

      Just my honest opinions on your points.

      1. The one-year issue usually only comes into play for guys you plan on never signing. If Senzel is the player everyone expects, they will have a deal in place and he will never be on that last year. If he ends up not as good as we think, who cares at that point. He has nothing left to learn in AAA, so he should be gaining experience against big league pitching to get him ready for next year.

      The Reds are 21-23 since May 1st, and they have had some horrible pitching. I truly believe this team can compete next year with the right movies. Move Senzel to 2B, move Scooter to LF, and add some starting pitching. MLB can turn things around really quickly, no reason to let him sit in the minor leagues and not get better.

      2. Jose Siri is 7 months older, so it wasn’t like he was much younger than Fairchild. Also, I believe it’s because Fairchild has already walked as much as Siri in half as many games in Dayton. I think most worry that Siri’s terrible approach is going to be hard to overcome to be an elite hitter.

      3. Machado is two full years younger than Scooter and has a career WAR of 30 compared to Scooter’s 10. He has a much longer track record, not to mention he is putting up a better offensive season and playing SS. It is also incredible that Machado has any hits because he has ZERO protection in his lineup. As great as we think Scooter is, the rest of the league does not feel that way. Unless something changes, I don’t see why he would ever get that kind of money. His defensive limitations mean he has to absolutely rake to come even close to worth anywhere near that kind of money. IMO, Suarez is a better overall player and they won’t pay Scooter that much more than him.

      • Stock

        1. Leake wasn’t great but better to have that one extra year of control. Would have been nice to have Cozart this year instead of Peraza at SS. If we hold back Cueto two weeks the Reds would still want an extra year when we negotiate his long term contract so that means we get an extra year of control with him. Even if you trade them that means you have more trade value. To ignore it seems foolish, especially since this team sucks. Additionally you get the player cheaper each year also. That has value in itself.

        2. I understand. Siri is 7 months younger, has more power, has more speed, strikes out about the same but walks less. Give me Siri. I think Siri could be a 0 or he could be an all-star. Fairchild could be a passable CF or he could be a 5th OF. And to push Siri out of the way in favor of Fairchild seems foolish to me. Leave Fairchild in Dayton. Leave Trammell in Daytona and have him play CF everyday. Let Siri and Friedl play OF in Pensacola.

        Dayton OF: Sugilio, Gordon, Fairchild*
        Daytona OF: Ventura, Beltre, Trammell*
        Pensacola OF: Sweet/Longhi, Friedl, Siri*

        No need to rush Trammell at this point either. Next year he can spend time in AA and AAA and be in Cincinnati as early as April 15, 2020.

        3. Never claimed Gennett = Machado. I put their price tags at 250 vs. 140. Not really close. However, others on here think the Reds should sign him for $30-$50 million. That ship has sailed. The Machado comparison was to point out that 140 makes more sense than 40.

    • Shawn

      No way I would give scooter 7 years. I would offer 4 years 44 mil. He either takes it or is traded.

    • asinghoff

      Signing Scooter for 7 yrs and 140 million would honestly make me look for a new team to root for. It would show that the front office has absolutely no clue what they are doing and are basically just puppets for Bob’s Bad Decisions.

    • Norwood Nate

      I’m not upset Senzel hasn’t been promoted yet. I’m fine with taking a little time after coming back from vertigo issues to see him play over an extend period of time. At a certain point though, if he’s not being challenged by the league, the best thing for his development is to promote him. Plus it looks bad, and it’s unfair to the player (and his future earnings) to keep him down when he’s clearly ready and you can find a place for him to play. ML is an adjustment, get that out of the way while we’re still sorting things out from a competitive standpoint.

      I’m not sure I’d dub Stuart Fairchild a stud, but he is a quality prospect. He was selected early in the 2nd round #38 overall and has shown some pop for a guy who can stick in CF. At this point you could make a case for him being a back end top 10 guy in the system that’s pretty highly ranked. I agree that Siri has a much higher chance of making an All Star team, and I believe has a much higher ceiling overall. He’s a good guy to have in the system because he’s got solid tools and play all three OF spots.

      Scooter certainly is raising his price the longer he sustains this elite level offensive performance. With that said, the only way I consider extending Gennett is for 4 years (including ARB) max, and if he’s willing to cut a little bit of a home team discount. Otherwise I feel like we’re in a BP situation without the good defense to fallback on. I do like Gennett as a Red, and think he brings a lot to the clubhouse. But the cost of extending him has to be weighed against the value we lose by not trading him.

  12. Michael P

    Just asking – what would be market value for either Senzel or Greene? Could we trade Senzel (log jam potion) for Royce Lewis, Brendon Rogers, or Bo Bichette straight up? Perhaps Greene for a SS or Centerfielder top 20 prospect?

    • Kindell

      Most feel that Bichette and Rodgers will end up moving off of SS. So trading Senzel for them would probably never happen. Greene has the most upside of any pitcher in the Minors, I would like to wait him out.

      I wouldn’t mind them targeting young guys at those positions with Gennett or Iggy. I would trade Iggy for a package for prospects like those guys in a heart beat. I hope the Reds demand a lot if they do trade Iggy.

    • AllTheHype

      Top prospect for top prospect trades are rare. The last one, that I remember, occurred in 2012 (Rizzo for Cashner). Teams don’t want egg on their face if the prospect they acquired goes south. It won’t happen, but it doesn’t stop fans from proposing them. One thing is certain, the Reds shouldn’t be and aren’t discussing such trades.

      We aren’t going to talk about politicians here.

  13. Gregmlb

    Do you think that Houston would do a Bregman for Iglesias? Would that be a good move for the Reds

    • Stock

      Great move for the Reds but you better get Luhnow really drunk first or he will just walk away.

    • AirborneJayJay

      Iglesias & Hamilton to Houston for CF Kyle Tucker, LHP Cionel Perez, and 1B Yordan Alvarez, and a lower level prospect. Tucker immediately becomes the Reds CF. Perez is a starter at AA, about ready for AAA, but could be used in the Reds bullpen closing or late inning situations for the Reds. Alvarez is a hitter. Could be a Votto replacement. But if not, and if he doesn’t have the feet for a corner OF spot start shopping him to NY Yankees. They need a current / future 1B. Alvarez is almost ML ready. Could swap him for OF Clint Frazier or a P.
      Houston will not part with Bregman. They didn’t part with him for Verlander nor Cole. He won’t become a Red. Nor will the Reds pry away SP Forrest Whitley from Houston.
      I don’t necessarily see Iglesias as a fit in Cleveland with Allen and Miller. It is possible though. I see Hughes and Hernandez more so, as Cleveland needs the 6th, 7th and some 8th innings covered. It would be extremely fortunate if the Reds could get both Beiber and McKenzie in that deal. A very low cost add-in like Dilson Herrera might be the chip that helps get that done. Cleveland needs a near future 2B with Kipnis struggling so much. Herrera could be a Jose Ramirez clone for the Indians.
      If the Reds could pull of just those 2 trades at the deadline they will have made 2 big accomplishments. A new young touted CF. 3 new young starting pitchers. And maybe a new RH hitting OF if they can make something happen with the Yankees.

  14. Shawn

    Could the reds “buy out” the rest of Bailey’s contract. Paying him less than owes to let him go somewhere else or retire, like the Nets just did with Dwight Howard. I wasn’t sure if it was allowed in MLB

    Is Clementina athletic enough to play 1st or RF if he can’t stick at Catcher?

    What pitchers besides Santillan are you the highest on in AA and below?

    • Eric Wormus

      No. The Reds can release him, pay him the remainder of his contract, and he would become a free agent. But the Reds would be on the hook for his full contract.

  15. Dx

    If it’s a buyers market then why aren’t the Reds buying. In the last 44 games the Reds have played .500 baseball. If trades of key players like Gennett are made for prospects, throw them into packages to teams willing to trade starting pitchers for prospects. I’m not sure why there is so much concern and dialogue about the offense. Until the Reds have starting pitching, Gennett Peraza Senzel talk is pointless

  16. Reds4ever

    Doug, if Garrett keeps up what he’s shown. Do you think he turns into an Andrew Miller type reliever?

    • Doug Gray

      I’m going to say no. That’s not a knock on Amir Garrett, but just how insanely good Andrew Miller has been. From 2014-2017 he posted a 1.72 ERA with 67 walks and 421 strikeouts in 261.0 innings. Saying that anyone who hasn’t already been that good will be that good is crazy, though. It’s one thing to say someone can be very good. It’s another to say that they can go out and do whatever the heck it is that we want to call what Andrew Miller has done.