The Cincinnati Reds have been rather careful with Hunter Greene since he was drafted. In 2017 the Reds signed him in early July after he was drafted. However, he didn’t pitch in a game until late August. And when he did, he was on very strict pitch counts in those three starts.

This season the Reds began Greene, now an 18-year-old, on a strict pitch count. As the season has gone along that pitch count has risen. On Friday night he threw a season high 87 pitches and it led to his longest outing of his career.

Prior to Friday night, Hunter Greene had not pitched beyond the 5th inning in his career. Taking on the South Bend Cubs for the third time on the season, and for the second start in a row, the right-handed pitcher blew past the 5th inning and then some. Greene pitched not only into the 6th inning, but he recorded two outs in the 7th inning before being replaced by reliever Cory Thompson.

Hunter Greene was charged with two earned runs in the game, and a third unearned run came across the plate in his 6.2 innings of work. He didn’t walk anyone during the outing, though he did hit one batter. Greene struck out seven batters on the evening, the third highest total of the season for him (he has had eight on two occasions).

Friday night was just a continuation of a strong run of starts put together by one of the top pitching prospects in baseball. Hunter Greene over the last five weeks has thrown 37.2 innings for the Dayton Dragons and posted a 2.87 ERA. That’s also come with just seven walks, three home runs, and he’s struck out 42 batters in that span.

On the season he’s walked just 17 batters and he’s now got 60 strikeouts in 47.1 innings. His ERA is sitting at 5.13 on the year, still recovering from a 3-start hiccup in late April/early May. Removing those three starts from the season would leave Hunter Greene with this line over 10 starts:

  • Innings: 43.0
  • Hits: 42
  • Walks: 8
  • Strikeouts: 53
  • Home Runs: 3
  • ERA: 2.93

He’s clearly been in a groove for a while now, but that small stretch where he struggled, is still really dragging down his overall season numbers – particularly in the ERA department. Greene’s done pretty much everything you could ask for, much less from an 18-year-old at the level he’s pitching at, for a large part of 2018 season.

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14 Responses

  1. Simon Cowell

    Ok so the big question is if he keeps this up which farm team is he playing for next year?

    • RedsKoolAidDrinker

      Votto would say trade him as part of a package for a TOR arm in the off-season. But of course he doesn’t run the team and a move like that could really backfire w an enormous ceiling.

      So Doug, is 2021 the earliest we could see him?

    • Doug Gray

      Daytona to start the year. Depending on his performance, you worry about when and where after that.

  2. MK

    Like a lot of young pitchers when he gets in a little trouble, which he did with a Downs throwing error, he tries to muscle up a little and the pitches straighten out and then boom the hitters crush the ball, and that is how Cubs scored. But it is a process, he will learn. It has been fun to watch his progression up close this season. I thought he broke the umpires forearm last night. catcher missed a pitch and ther was the sickening sound of ball and flesh. I first thought it was the batter, but umpire went to one knee. I could see ball mark from my seat. He continued though. Ran into Joe Morgan , not literally, in the Men’s Room after the game.He was impressed with Hunter.

  3. SteveO

    He’ll be added to Daytona’s roster right before the end of the season, so that he can pitch in the playoffs.

  4. SteveO

    He’ll be added to Daytona’s roster near the end of the season, so he can be eligible to pitch in the playoffs.

      • MK

        You are assuming Dayton won’t make playoffs in second half. As far as either team in playoffs I think he will be out of innings for the year by then.

  5. MK

    The first strike out on the video came on three straight 83 mph curve balls.

  6. Datdudejs

    This is very good to see, hopefully it continues. I would absolutely be thrilled to eat crow on this one

    • Doug Gray

      Get your fork and knife ready….

      But also realize in the future that it’s literally the midway point of the season and you’re already talking about being thrilled about being wrong. Maybe remember to pump those brakes when you are freaking out over a handful of innings or at-bats.

      • asinghoff

        Also use Senzel as an example. Not because Senzel’s injury ruins him, but because an injury can come out of nowhere, end a season, and fall into a much worse category for a pitcher.

        Greene is legit. I’m hopeful for good health and continued improvement.