Cincinnati Reds top prospect Nick Senzel is reportedly going to miss the remainder of the 2018 season. He’s going to require surgery on his throwing hand after suffering a ligament injury last night in Louisville.

This was apparently first reported at a season ticket member event at Great American Ballpark. Several in attendance shared the information that came from Reds General Manager Nick Krall.

The Cincinnati Reds have just confirmed the truth to it via a release on twitter.

It’s a bummer for Nick Senzel, who was arguably the hottest hitter in minor league baseball at the time of the injury. He simply has not had a good run of things the last 8 months between battling vertigo and now this.

At the time of the injury Nick Senzel was hitting .310/.378/.509 for the Louisville Bats in 44 games played this season. The Reds had been unsure of exactly where he would fit into their lineup in the immediate future. With how he had been playing, though, the time was coming to a point where they almost had to make something happen. That decision can now be delayed. At least for a little bit of time. The Reds will still need to decide what to do with Nick Senzel and Scooter Gennett soon, though.


It sounds like there’s a chance that Nick Senzel could return from surgery/injury/rehab/all that jazz in time to play in the Arizona Fall League. I can’t find the start date for the season this year, but last year it was October 10th. It will be in that same range again this season. It’s going to be a while until those teams are announced. And it will be a while before the team knows if Senzel can be ready to play by then. But that would bring some excitement to following the Arizona Fall League for the Reds, who have lacked a top end prospect on the roster for quite a while.

Second Update:

Nick Senzel put this out on twitter at 1pm.


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  1. Kap

    If scooter is still traded, does Herrera get a shot? He’s been pretty good in his own right and has earned it

    • Colorado Red

      Scooter does not appear to have great value.
      Why? I do not know.
      MVP caliber season, and ok defense. (he has improved)

    • Norwood Nate

      Well, this should be the new talking point if Herrera continues to produce in AAA. The Reds either need some time to show he can hit/play 2B in ML if they have designs on trading him this offseason, or making him a part of their future. Either way, it would be wise to add him to the 40-man before he becomes a FA so the Reds have more options with him and won’t lose him for nothing over the winter.

  2. Brad

    Never want to see anyone injured. But this replaces 2018 season going nowhere with hopefully a 2025 season going somewhere. Don’t expect to see Senzel in majors until mid-April 2019 ala Kris Bryant.

  3. DocProc

    Sign Scooter to a multi-year deal TODAY.
    BTW, his price tag just went up. Good for him.

      • asinghoff

        Actually neither sentence is correct. Scooter should only be signed to an extension if it’s 4 years or less, and there’s no rush to do it. And Senzel’s injury doesn’t affect his price tag at all. The open market dictates numbers more than prospect depth. Beside that, the Reds have quite a few options at 2B and wouldn’t have to overpay Scooter.

  4. WillieG

    Each injury is unique, of course, but at least it was on the top hand for batting, which may be better. I recall Bryce Harper had thumb tendon surgery a couple of years ago,and made a full recovery.

  5. B-town Fan

    How did it happen was he hit by a ball, was it batting or in field, is it his glove hand or his trowing hand?

    • PaulyOH

      Happened in the first inning last night while in the field. The Bats pinch-hit for Senzel in the bottom of the first. Right index finger = throwing hand.

    • Doug Gray

      He did it while throwing someone out at the plate. He was the relay man on a throw from center. There’s not good video of the play. If you go frame-by-frame you can see him bent over holding his hand for about 3 frames on the play before the camera keeps going toward the plate to follow the play.

      • MK

        Just rewatched it. Think he injured it on ground ball and really started feeling it on the throw. I sustained this same injury on my little finger when I took a line drive off of it. It was painful immediately but really started bothering me when I tried to make a throw an inning later. Tore the tendon which operated top knuckle. I decided against surgery but would have made other decision had it been index finger. Doctor told me It would be six weeks for tendon to heal. So I just have a crooked finger.

      • Kong

        But I thought he was safe playing in the infield. I mean with all the danger of “running into walls” playing the outfield he should have been safe from injury.

      • Doug Gray

        You misunderstood.

        Safer from head jarring. That’s what I said.

        But I do appreciate the attempt at “gotcha!”, because the people who do that are just the best kinds of people.

      • Kong

        I see, of course you never jar your head being knocked down by base runners. It’s just that tricky outfield wall that guys are running into and slamming their head against game after game. Maybe just wrap the kid in bubble wrap before sending him out. Point being, he can miss multiple games due to injury playing the infield. It doesn’t make him safer. You may not like the kind of person I am. But I’m not the one making outlandish comments about not playing a guy in the outfield because you “don’t want him running into walls”. Lol

      • Doug Gray

        Point being: You still missed the point.

        I never said he would be injury free by playing the infield instead of the outfield. I said it makes it less likely to lead to vertigo issues popping up by jarring actions to his head.

        I did not say it would keep him from being injured. Or that he wouldn’t be injured by playing the infield. Or that he wouldn’t somehow injure his finger playing the infield.

        But you do you, Kong. If this is what’s going to make you feel better about your day, I hope you have a good one because you need it far more than I do.

      • Simon Cowell

        I suppose this means that I now must agree with you. Keep this man away from a wall. He’s probably best suited to move to first base and be Joey Votto’s replacement.

      • Kong

        Lol, yea Doug, watching you post about how superior your are while taking shots at an anonymous poster is what I need to make my day. Actually, you said none of that and bouts of vertigo has never been shown to increase with “running into walls” while playing MLB. Can you point to the clinical where that has been proven please? You can’t even prove he is more likely to jar his head playing in the outfield versus playing second base. Why not just cowboy up admit you posted something that was absolutely absurd and move on.

      • Doug Gray

        Actually I have posted all of that, just because you didn’t read it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

        As for vertigo and being triggered by quick changes in head movements, use google. It’s all over the place.

        Can I prove he is more likely to have such a jarring movement at second than in the outfield? No. It’s why when I have said it, I’ve said it seems more likely due to the fact that there are walls that guys run into, and other fielders that they run into, instead of at second base where you rarely see someone upended these days.

        So Kong, cowboy up, hit up the google machine, do some reading.

      • Kong

        Sudden head changes can come from running, sliding, siting up and standing. Try using the PDR (physicians desk reference) versus google prior to inserting your expert opinion on medical conditions. But hey, it’s your board facts are optional.

      • Kong

        Also, he has been injured multiple times and missed a lot of games, all while playing the infield. Regardless of if he plays outfield or infield he has the same risk of missing games due to injury which was my original point. Playing him in the outfield in no way whatsoever will make it more likely that he will miss more games. You can’t prove otherwise, even with google, so there is that. Have a nice day.

      • Doug Gray

        Also, you can’t prove anything, either. It’s almost like we are looking at facts and then making speculation on them. Except that you are here telling me that my speculation that I’ve absolutely stated is simply an opinion on many occasions, is something I’ve been stating as fact, for some really weird reason. You literally just posted that those head movements exist, that you basically called me out for making up and that I need to do more research on in the last 24 hours. You do see how weird that is, don’t you? You are all bent out of shape because I stated that I believe one position could trigger them more than the other. To a very, very weird extreme. Like I somehow insulted your mother and grandma, instead of me simply suggesting that I think you’re more likely to experience such movements in the outfielder rather than at second base.

        As for me using google, I wasn’t out there reading Debbies blog. I was checking out places like The Mayo Clinic.

        Frankly, I don’t really care. You do you, Kong. You need to brush up on your reading comprehension skills. You seem to be of the belief that I’m saying things that I simply haven’t been.

        Also, this is not a “board”. Thanks for stopping by, have a good day.

      • Kong

        My reading comprehension skills are fine thank you. But again with the insults. Preach about tolerance and respect but don’t demonstrate it yourself. I’m sure the Reds braintrust will find a way to play multiple second baseman and stay with their outfield that can’t hit. Maybe they can get some of them to run into more walls as it might actually help.

      • Doug Gray

        Keep your political thoughts to yourself. This isn’t the place for them.

        As for the rest of the post, I’m done arguing with you about it.


    Yuk. Godspeed on a full recovery.

    OT: Looking at the available numbers, it would appear India’s signing bonus would only need to be under-slot equivalent to the slot value for the 9th or 10th pick, in order to fit in the Reds’ total (without losing a pick next year). It would seem this was already worked out in advance of the pick. We’ll see soon.

    • Colorado Red

      Sure this was worked out in advance.
      He can go up to about (not exactly) 5.4 or 5.5 mil without losing a pick.
      Penalty is 50%.
      So I would expect a contract between 5 and 5.4 mil

  7. Robert

    This is a concern, doesn’t seem to stay healthy.

    • Joe

      This is jus bad luck no concerns on the bright side it buys another yr of senzi prime so that’s a plus

  8. MK

    One is an illness one is injury. That doesn’t say brittle.

  9. Kap

    That’s what I’m thinking. I would actually call him up sooner, in my opinion. Send down Dixon and have Herrera spell scooter and suarez with some pitch hit appearances.

    This is if the Reds are certain that they trade scooter

  10. Clammy

    Herrera might have to wait until September as he’s not on the 40 man roster. Plus Dixon gives you more defensively. Herrera is pretty much just a 2b.

    I like Dixon, he was hitting very well when he was called up; but he’s lucky to get 4 – 5 ab’s a week. He has a nice combination of speed and power.

    • redlegs4ever

      I’m confused by your statement? You have to be on the 40 man to come up to the majors even in September. We might not see Herrera till September if at all but not being on the 40 man won’t be the reason.

      Interestingly enough, this Senzel injury does seem like the best case scenario that an injury possibly can bring. No long term ramifications for him, SHOULD gain the Reds an additional year of control, and allows the Reds to get some ML evaluation of Dilson Herrera as soon as Gennett is HOPEFULLY traded. That all makes perfect sense but with the Reds you have to emphasis the obvious and hope they get it lol.

  11. Cguy

    Hopefully more progress can be made on his vertigo condition while rehabbing this ligament injury. In any event Hererra needs to be in Cincy sometime next month. Either work a trade for Scooter, or move him to the OF & try to extend his contract.

  12. Chris

    Assuming he can make a full recovery, this isn’t a big deal. His initial contact will extend further into his career and I don’t think he has anything left to prove as a hitter in AAA. It’s not like the Reds were going to give him any meaningful MLB experience this year anyway.

  13. pw

    Where will he rehab? If it’s in Cincinnati, he could be gaining some experience just by watching and learning.

    • Doug Gray

      It won’t be in Cincinnati. Guys tend to do their rehab in Goodyear.

      • pw

        Bobby Nightengale claims he will rehab in Cincinnati. Don’t know if that means all summer.

      • Doug Gray

        Yeah, I just read that. Not entirely sure what that means, exactly. I’ll try to remember to ask someone about it.

  14. kevinz

    Well Trammell is Our new umber 1 prospect.
    First it was Vertigo then his Shoulder now his Finger can you say Injury prone.
    Can anyone say Scott Rolen a good player but can not stay on the field.
    Moving Forward The reds need to not rely on Senzel when making moves
    treat him like he does not exist .
    Well get well Senzel i hope someday can play play at least a 100 games sometime in career.

    • Bob Anderson

      Lol whatever…..this is just a flat bad luck injury.

      • kevinz

        Fluke or bad luck Injuries seem to happen to injury prone players.
        It has been a theme so far got sick then hurt his shoulder now Finger.
        I can only go off what has happen so far since been drafted
        So far he his prone to missing games if changes then what i see will change.

    • redlegs4ever

      I’m in the minority but I already had Trammell ranked ahead of Senzel. Actually their about flipped on my Top 100 as they are compared to everyone else’s. I think Senzel’s gonna be a really nice player that makes a couple all star teams. I think Trammell is going to start several all star games.

      • The Rage

        He isn’t near the hitter Senzel is. I bet he would struggle like hell right now in AA. The Reds know this as well which is why they won’t promote him.

      • kevinz

        I have no problem with that I always felt trammell and Senzel really close.
        Trammell would of been a Top 10 Prospect in all of baseball i feel if had a flashy strong arm.

        This could be the case where Bruce was always Ranked Higher than Votto as a Prospect but Votto has had a much better MLB career.
        Trammell could always be ranked Lower than Senzel but could have a better career in MLB than Senzel Does.

      • Doug Gray

        Bruce was always ranked higher because he was significantly younger, hit better, and could play center field.

      • redlegs4ever

        “He’s (Trammell) not near the hitter Senzel is”

        Uhh what??

        Senzel in High A at age 22: .305/.371/.476

        Trammell High A at age 19: .304/.404/.452

      • kevinz

        You could be right rage but Trammell has a better BB rate and K rate than Senzel did at the same level plus think Trammell younger at same level.
        Senzel has a higher Floor but trammell has a higher Ceiling.

      • The Rage

        First of all, he is 20, not 19, turning 21 this September. Secondly, numbers don’t tell the story. Shed Long rocked high A at 20 as well. How is that working out for you? Senzel is one of the best pure hitters to come along in the Reds system in years. He is a 5 on the hit tool scale. Trammel is more like a 3 with likely good power developing.

        The Phillies aren’t going to stop pinching themselves because Nick had a boo boo.

      • kevinz

        Long did tear it up at a young age but did not control the Zone like Trammell has at that level so can not compare that part of it.
        Yes thats there rating from media but does not mean trammell will not outperform his Hit tool it would not be first time a player has done that.

      • Wes

        I agree w rage that senzel is the superior hitter by a decent margin. But I also put trammell a head of senzel as reds best prospect as long as he projects at cf due to position and vertigo concerns mainly. Both are studs though. also Trammell k/bb is outstanding.

      • kevinz

        The Points still the same Doug You and all the Experts were Wrong on who was going to be a better MLB player just like you could be with Senzel Vs trammell. I just hope both end up good to great players just debating lol

      • Doug Gray

        I was just explaining why he was ranked higher.

        If you are in the game of ranking baseball prospects, you’re going to be wrong more than you’re going to be right.

  15. Bob

    At least he will be able to workout his legs. Honestly, this is the best case scenario for a season ending injury I can imagine. Senzel has been through a lot. Didn’t his house burn down growing up? Resilient kid. Truly believe will be back stronger than ever

    • Bob Anderson

      Yeah, his development is pretty much over at the minor league level anyway you got about it. Now the Reds need to clear some space.

  16. kevinz

    Discooooooooooo grand slam baby 1959 last time happened lol

  17. Michael B. Green

    Hope Senzel is healed up in time for the AZFL.

  18. Datdudejs

    This is sucky news. The worst part is he probably wouldn’t have injured it had he been. playing in the outfield. Oh well, seems like an injury that shouldn’t have too much long term impact. Hope he heals well and can’t wait to see him back out there!

  19. Doug Dirt 23

    I appreciate this site and the fact that the proprietor will probably eat ramen for dinner tonight but are we all in agreement he’s kind of a jerk?

    First and only warning for language. Next time will be the last time.

    • Grover

      No we can’t agree on that at all but I am getting a pretty good read on you

    • Simon Cowell

      Consider any other blog. They seldom admit it when wrong that’s a defeatist attitude for blogging websites. With that said, what in particular are you complaining about? He’s not being anything on Nick Senzel, he’s actually right.

    • donny

      The only jerk i see is the one making accusations.
      The only jerk i see is the one and only one that talks down to someone. Coming to someones website and acting like you own it and can do or act as you please. Everyone hear is in a agreement that we don’t want that kinda thing hear.
      So Doug is speaking on our behalf when he gave a warning.

      Plus i don’t know of anyone who would want that on there site, or in life in general.

      • Doug Gray

        My warning was because of what he called me (it wasn’t jerk – that’s what I changed his post to). He got a warning for the language he used, not for the insult – though that one should probably be watched, too. Had he gone with jerk in the first place, instead of what he did, he wouldn’t have gotten a warning at all.

  20. SteveO

    Wow, Rylan Thomas signed for 6th round money. Hoping India gives the Reds a discount, so that we can also sign his Florida teammate Byrne and Davis. Has Siani already signed his contract? Why isn’t he assigned to a team yet? If not, hoping he reconsiders and takes a hundred thousand less to help sign Byrne and Davis.

    • Doug Gray

      No, Siani has not yet signed. The Reds have to be 100% sure that India signs before signing Siani.

      If they sign Siani first, and then for whatever reason can’t get India signed, they will then be over their pool amount, and would lose their 2019 1st round pick (on top of not being able to sign their 2018 1st round pick).

      Now, it would seem like a 99.9% guarantee that the Reds and India have long had an agreement on a deal. But until that ink hits that paper, you have to play it like it hasn’t happened. Siani and India will probably sign on the same day. Which I’d expect in the new few days.

  21. SteveO

    Any chance of signing Sightler or Williams? Always a need for young LH pitchers

  22. kevinz

    It is crazy how Siri swings at strikes but fouls them off then strikes out.
    Guessing once stops fouling pitches off earlier in the count will not K as much as he has been.
    Hoping he can be turn into our version of baez for the cubs.
    Never walks but does damage when connects.

    • kevinz

      There you go Siri take that Pitch to right if gonna Pound you on outside corner.
      Pow HR

    • Doug Gray

      Why would you not just hope that he figures out how to stop swinging at non strikes instead of turning into a guy like Baez?

      • kevinz

        Well of course i want that Doug just his style lends me to think of Baez.
        The hope i guess actually making the bigs like baez is what i meant with his aggressive nature or style to hitting.
        It seems to me he does swing at strikes he swinging through it or fouling it off.
        Once he connects on these earlier pitches that he is fouling off he will K less.

  23. Will

    It seems to me Senzel’s injury goes back to that golden rule, “ ya never know”. Always pick the best player in draft, never because of who you already have. Injuries happen, trades happen. Better talent is a good thing. Whether they play for you, or get traded for better personnel. Broken finger here, pulled hamstring there. Always need good depth. I was really looking forward to seeing Senzel play

  24. kevinz

    It nice to see herrera Performing he is only a little over a year older than Senzel.
    Performing about the same on offense. what do we do with him if cannot trade scooter?