The rookie league season is barely over a week old, but there’s already a few interesting things happening out in Goodyear. With the elimination of one of the Dominican Summer League teams, the AZL Reds have sort of become the team that’s replaced that squad. It’s a step up in competition for these guys, and early on, some are showing that they are ready for the challenge early on.

Danny Lantigua only played in 17 games last year with the DSL Reds. He missed most of the season in 2017, only playing the final day of July and then during the month of August. He hit just .200/.250/.317 as an 18-year-old. This season he was brought stateside and he’s played in seven games thus far with the AZL Reds. Things have gone quite a bit better for the outfielder. He’s currently hitting .269/.333/.654 on the season. He’s already matched his totals last season for doubles and triples, and he’s topped his home run total, too. Lantigua has walked three times in the week since the season began, too. He walked four times last year in his 17 games played.

In Greeneville there’s also a player that’s jumped out in terms of his performance thus far. And like Lantigua, he only played in 17 games last season. Nate Scantlin, the Reds 15th round selection out of Rose Hill High School in Kansas, has been on fire. The 19-year-old left-handed hitter is 10-24 on the season. That’s good for a .417 average. He’s also drawn four walks on the season, boosting his on-base percentage to .500 for the first week of the year.

In the northwest, Reshard Munroe has been beating up on the Pioneer League. The 22-year-old played in one game with the Dayton Dragons on June 15th, where he went 1-2 with two walks and two steals. The Bahamas native then went to join the Billings Mustangs, and he’s just kept on hitting. In seven games with the Mustangs he’s hitting .440/.481/.480 with a double, two walks and two more steals.

Jose Siri heating up

The Cincinnati Reds promoted Jose Siri to Double-A Pensacola earlier this week. His final three games in Daytona saw the outfielder go 5-13 with a double and a triple. In his first game with Pensacola he went 0-3 with 3 strikeouts. Later that day he would pinch hit in the second game of a double header, going 1-1. He’s homered in each of the three games since. Over that eight game stretch he’s hit .345/.387/.759.

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45 Responses

  1. Wes

    Was Scantlin committed to play college ball anywhere ?

    Great to see Siri come around. Hard to jump into a rhythm when rest of league is 2 months into season. Doubt he ever has an acceptable k/bb ratio but he can still be a quality big leaguer

    • WillieG

      Was signed with Iowa Western, per newspaper report.

    • kevinz

      The last few games in A+ you could tell Siri was starting to Click after missing time.
      I Doubt his K/BB gets like Votto but can see him more how scooters or schebler rates are.
      Siri knows the Zone he is just aggressive most of this year like a broken record he was fouling and missing easy strikes that he will begin to crush.
      Hand or finger injuries tend to linger even after seems healed.
      Most of last year thought Siri was like Aqueno
      Siri and Aqueno are alike where SO a bunch but Siri swings at way more strikes than Aqueno does.

      • kevinz

        To go into Siri talk even more even though like him More than Fairchild atm.
        Siri does have a way higher chance to Bust than Fairchild though.
        I only like the Star Potential in Siri which i know he has very low chance of reaching it.
        The best thing to happen is if both reach there potential which i hope both do.
        Friedl even looks like a Nice player that could reach the Majors even if not a star type.
        Trammell is the Light at the end of the Tunnell though I have great feelings about him. If he ever learns how to use his Lower Half more while Hitting Watch out Guys may have a Borderline HOF player.
        I could never just say HOF right out because that is wayyy high lofty praise to put on a Young Adult.

  2. The Duke

    Asked this in the game review thread before I read this article, but why has Scantlin not played any CF this year, when he was there the majority of the time (around 75%) last year? If he just more of a corner OF (LF only, how is the arm?) or is Brian Rey just really good?

    • Doug Gray

      I’ll be in Greeneville starting on Thursday. I’ll have a better idea in about 8-9 days.

  3. Stock

    Siri is finally starting to get to where he would have been if not hurt in ST.

    Another player to watch is Gutierrez. Last 4 starts ERA and BB/9 IP are less than 2, his WHIP is < 1 and his K/9 IP is greater than 9. Hopefully, something clicked and this is not just a hot streak. He could move back into the top 10 Reds prospects if he can continue this. And the Reds top 10 is a very strong list. I have Shed Long at #10 right now so the top 10 is very competitive.

    • The Duke

      I could see VladGut make his way into the Reds top 10 if he has a strong second half. Raw talent isn’t really the issue with him, moreso harnessing it consistently. I think my current Reds top 10 would be:

      1. Nick Senzel
      2. Taylor Trammell
      3. Hunter Greene
      4. Tyler Stephenson
      5. Jonathan India (full confidence we get him signed)
      6. Tony Santillan
      7. Shed Long
      8. Stuart Fairchild
      9. Jeter Downs
      10. Hendrik Clementina

      In the next 10 bur not ordered yet: TJ Friedl, Jose Lopez, Vlad Gutierrez, Keury Mella, Lyon Richardson, Jose Siri, Josiah Gray, Mike Siani, Jacob Heatherly, Miguel Hernandez

      • SultanofSwaff

        After Vlad, it’s pretty uncertain. Therefore, Herget and Rainey both sneak into my top 20. Relief pitching keeps increasing in value and they are both near locks to have ML careers.

      • RobL

        Just food for thought. Clementina, does he have a position? With his bat, you would think he would be playing a lot more at catcher if they believed in him there. He does also sport a 25% K rate, so there are some contact issues. Fairchild is another one with sneaky contact problems. 23.6% K rate as a college guy in Dayton has to be a red flag. His walk rate is great and he has pop, but still it’s something to watch moving forward.
        Which brings me to Friedl. I will be the first to admit I was super high on him when he first signed. He is only seven months older than Fairchild. Last year in Dayton, Friedl had a K rate a shade under 17%. His ISO was a touch above Fairchild (due to triples I think). He struggled in his call up to Daytona. But his K rate was still right under 20%. And this year, he puts up a 16% K rate and a 14% BB rate.

      • kevinz

        If there is no Siri in the Top 10 the list does not count lol
        JMO i like Siri more than Fairchild for some reason
        If fairchild can not hit his value sinks if Siri does not hit he still has value.
        Clementina reminds me of Chad Wallach where had a heck of a season
        then falls off the earth hope wrong on that.

      • The Duke

        K’s don’t bother me nearly as much as long as a healthy walk rate goes along with it. Any players value isn’t much if they can’t hit. I have a lot more faith in Fairchild than Siri in who will hit at the higher levels. I’d love to be wrong though. If Siri hits for enough average and gets to even a 7% walk rate, then he’s likely an all star.

      • Mjc

        Tyler s. Is my favorite prospect . But no way is he ahead of Jonathon India . India is an advanced all round player , I didn’t want the reds to draft him. But after reseach, I think it was a great pick. Don’t think Hendrick Clementina cracks top 10 yet. But he has impressed , I agree with rest of your rankings Duke. Maybee Siri a little higher

      • Joe

        I think Fairchild can b a good every day cf if he can get his power to 18-20hrs a season.Hes learning good plate discipline He’s got good base stealing n instincts speed,and alot of people rated him best defensive cf in our farm system he’s still jus a young 22

      • Stock

        I am with Kevinz and Robl.

        Friedl is above Fairchild. Friedl has performed much better at higher levels this year and last. Siri is in my top 5. Fairchild is nothing more than a 4th OF. Siri could be an All-Star. Siri may never be anything more than a 5th OF. But you should not ignore that fantastic ceiling.

        Fairchild reminds me of Lamarre. Not sure how Fairchild will ever get playing time with Siri, Friedl, Trammell, Winker and Schebler in front of him.

        1. Senzel
        2. Trammell
        3. Greene
        4. Siri
        5. India
        6. Santillan (still lacks consistency)
        7. Stephenson (show me for a full season)
        8. Downs
        9. Friedl (Maybe #8)
        10. Long
        11. Clementina (if I knew he could stick at C he would be higher)
        12. Fairchild
        13. Richardson
        14. Siani
        15. Gray

        The rest of the top 25

        Beltre, Garcia, Lopez, Gutierrez, Case, Finol, Miguel Hernandez, Debby Santana, Brian Rey and a 3 way tie for 25th (Rainey, Sugilio, Spillane).

      • kevinz

        I agree Duke i am usually really big on BB/K Rate.
        I just feel like Siri is different where he actually does swing at strikes
        he just happens to K a good amount.
        I only Put Siri ahead of Fairchild for now because Stuart Has to hit to have Value.
        I do like Fairchild Though just like Siri a little bit more.
        If Siri struggles and cannot get out of AA then Fairchild outperforms him there once in AA i will change my thoughts on Where each places Himself.

      • Norwood Nate

        I posted the other day about my tiers. Seems like we agree a lot about the top 7.

        I have Tier 1: Senzel, Greene, Trammell, Stephenson, India in that order.
        Tier 2: Santillan and Long not super committed to either over the other but would value SP over 2B in general.
        Then a bit of a drop off to Tier 3: Siri, Gutierrez, Fairchild, Downs, Garcia separate themselves a bit for me from the rest of prospects on the list. Garcia is certainly last in that group for me. I like Clementina a lot, but I need to see him stick at C to rank him higher. Agree on the other guys all belonging in the next grouping in some order (along with Clementina).

      • kevinz

        See to me i do not see much a difference other than age with greene and Satillan.
        Greene stuff is really good but is it really that much better than Satillan stuff? I am really just Wondering to anyone who would like to share there opinion on it?

      • MK

        Joe there is absolutely no way Fairchild is a better center fielder than Siri. Siri is slightly behind Billy Hamilton. If I had to list the defensive center fielders in the Reds minors(have not seen rookie level guys)

      • kevinz

        I will agree with that just seen today do not hit to CF.
        The team Siri played today kept hitting to him he kept getting it.
        There whole team just starting shooting ball to RF to get there hits lol

  4. Doug

    JIndia posted on Instagram (see tweet from @NickdelaTorreGC) he’s excited to move on with the Reds. Not surprising, but should calm any fears of him not signing.

    • Joe

      His Twitter says player In the Cincinnati reds organization/ former fla gator#6

  5. Doug

    Also, do you think the Reds would ever consider approaching Senzel about a 7 to 9 year deal similar to what the Phillies did with Scott Kingery [6 yrs/$24M (18-23) & 24-26 team option]? I feel like the PR heat they would face by keeping him down in the minors for the first two weeks of the season would be substantial with accusations of a billionaire pinching pennies, whether that’s fair or not. Agreeing to a long-term contract would avoid that backlash, as we know that the Reds FO is sensitive to public opinion (see Chapman, Aroldis and Frazier, Todd re: Home Run Derby hero), and at the same time obtain some cost certainty for the next several years for a budding star.

    The only things I could see getting in the way of this getting done are either the Reds being concerned about his vertigo moving forward, or Senzel’s camp expecting to make a killing in a few years in arbitration.

    • victor vollhardt

      One other thing in the way ——his agent—- Scott Boras—not an easy man to work with.. For any kind of an idea going forward–watch how the Harvey situation plays out (especially if he rights himself and finishes the season strong)

    • Dbfromnva

      Senzel is a Boras guy. He would never sign long term early. He will be looking to take him into free agency at first opportunity. Something to consider at the start on next season. Before last night Siri struck out 8 of his first 13 AB’s in AA. Spillane K’ed 12 of his first 19 in Billings even though his OPS is .982.

      • Doug Gray

        The agents work for the players, not the other way around.

  6. Dbfromnva

    Yes Doug, we know that you think that there is no difference between Boras and all the other agents but his clients almost always go to Free Agency to get the maximum dollar over signing with the team that developed them. Strasburg being the rare exception. The Reds aren’t built for free agency bidding wars so that is always something to be considered when drafting his guys unless they clearly the best player available.

    • Doug Gray

      There isn’t a difference. Every agent is trying to get the best deal for the player.

  7. MikeinSoCal

    Spillane was drafted ahead of Siani, right? But Siani is considered to be the better prospect? Just curious about the reasons why. Anybody.

    • Norwood Nate

      As I understand it, Siani was a clear over slot deal for the 4th round, meaning he was projected/ranked higher. He was committed to go to school so the Reds had to “sign him away”. Spillane was a college player with less leverage. That’s the business of it. As far as prospect status, Siani plays CF and is expected to be a good one, while Spillane is a corner guy. Spillane also struck out a lot in college. That’s sort of a red flag and something he’ll need to improve upon if he wants to move up the ranks. At the same time Spillane has real power to tap into if he can hit enough to get to it.

  8. Krozley

    Finnegan moving to the bullpen in Louisville. Supposedly he is on board with the decision. As many have pointed out, this is probably for the best.

    • Krozley

      Better phrasing may be “pitching in relief”. Moving to the bullpen sounds like he is setting up a camper or something.

  9. Ryan

    Really hoping for a strong showing from Matt Harvey. He said a few weeks ago he’s feeling better than he has in a long time. He’s been pitching pretty well lately and he could really elevate his trade value with a strong 5 or 6 starts he’ll get before the trade deadline. He’s only costing the Reds the MLB minimum which might be more of a factor than it has in the past, with so many teams trying to stay under the tax line.

    • victor vollhardt

      Harvey’s salary is a little under 6 million, which the Mets are paying in full, but Mesoraco is playing on the Mets’ roster at 13 million, which the Reds are paying in full. So Harvey’s price tag is high, but it goes to Mesoraco. It is a very strange deal. Most Boras’ clients are well satisfied with his work, but Boras frequently interjects his views into the club’s internal affairs and plans and not always at the behalf of just his clients, but rather other individuals as well. He is a big money and big city guy and there is no room for comprise in his dealing.

  10. kevinz

    Plz tell me today was a regular day off for Trammell or called up to AA?
    Hope not injury especially his Back he been dealing with.
    Plz no injury it just seems when good Vibes Flowing something happens to ruen it.

    • Gregmlb

      If you are going to comment on here so much, you are going to have to work on proof reading or maybe take some Night English Classes. Trying to read your comments is painful. You have some good points to make I think, but half the time I can’t understand most of what you are trying to say. Please work on this or just don’t comment anymore. Thanks

      • kevinz

        i am newer to this country so skip my comments if like too.
        thank you

      • Patmc

        Since we’re nitpicking:

        “Proofreading” is one word.

        -“Night English Classes”
        Why did you capitalize this? There’s no need to.

        -“Thanks” There should be a period after your last word.

        -“You have some good points to make I think, but half the time I can’t understand most of what you are trying to say.”
        -There should be a comma after “time”.

        I have no problem understanding him, perhaps work on using your context clues and best judgment when reading.
        He’s trying his best and will get better with time. No need to be a jerk.

  11. rick in boise

    @KevinZ – no worries! If I used my phone, its spelling “help” yields some bizarre words ;)

    And a belated welcome – and thanks (too many newcomers arrive already Yankee or Dodger fans, LOL)

    • kevinz

      Thanks for being understanding Rick.
      Boo to them higher market teams imo Goo Reds

      • Patmc

        Kevinz, you have every right to comment here all you want! Welcome to the country. And your English is perfectly fine for just recently moving here, and I’m sure it’s only going to get better! :)

      • kevinz

        Thank you Very much Patmc i will try getting better.
        I will try shortening me responses it may help.