The Cincinnati Reds set off some fireworks, or at least lit up a few dozen sparklers on the 4th of July. The team made a trade with the Los Angeles Dodgers, acquiring minor league pitchers Aneurys Zabala and James Marinan. In return the Cincinnati Reds are sending relief pitcher Dylan Floro, as well as minor league reliever Zach Neal to Los Angeles.

James Marinan was the Dodgers 4th round selection in the 2017 draft. He signed an overslot bonus worth $822,500 – which was more than twice the amount of the pick. The 19-year-old right handed pitcher has been pitching with the Arizona League Dodgers this season. He’s made three starts and allowed three runs in 10.2 innings, walking four batters and striking out 11.

The scouting report on James Marinan is that he’s raw, but talented. He’s been up to 96 MPH with his fastball, but sits in the low 90’s with good sinking action. He throws both a slider and a curveball, though neither stand out at this point in time. His change up is his best secondary offering. When it’s at it’s best, it’s a good offering. However, it’s still rather inconsistent.

He’s listed at 6′ 5″ and 220 lbs – giving him a starting pitchers body that ideally should be able to handle a workload of a starter. He will need to continue to develop all of his pitches, and work on his stamina as he moves forward.

Aneurys Zabala has been in the Mariners and Dodgers organizations since signing in 2014. He moved to the Dodgers organization in spring training of 2017 when he was traded for Chad De Jong. He’s pitched this season with the Great Lakes Loons, who play in the Midwest League (the same as the Dayton Dragons). He’s posted a 4.86 ERA this season in 24 relief appearances and 37.0 innings. Zabala has walked nearly as many hitters as he’s struck out, handing out 25 walks with 30 strikeouts this season.

Control has been an issue for the 21-year-old during his career. In 164.0 innings in the minors since 2014 he’s walked 108 batters with 136 strikeouts. What he does do well, though, is throw the baseball very hard. He throws in the upper 90’s with his fastball and can reach at least 101 MPH (he did so in Dayton earlier this season, while sitting 98-99). His breaking ball works in the 80 MPH range – give or take a few ticks.

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65 Responses

    • Cguy

      Perhaps Marinan will provide some sorely needed pitching help for Greenville?

    • MK

      That is the second time the Dodgers acquired Neal this year. First as a Free Agent from A’s and now from Reds. He even pitched for Dodgers earlier this season.

  1. DanD

    I love the trades with Boston twice and now with LA giving up international bonus money than using the international money on Rodriguez. Sounds like with second round bonus money this could be a great lottery ticket.

    I believe we also traded international money to Texas but I cannot remember his name. I could be wrong but I think he is in the Dominican league right now.

  2. Brad

    Reds acquired Floro for nothing but this seems a bit tight for a reliever with an ERA under 3 and years on control + arbitration.

    Reds and Dodgers seem to have an odd relationship. Almost like a feeder system. Dodgers get major league talent on exchange for low-A or rookie ball guys.

    • Don Gullet

      Any time you trade a proven MLB talent like Floro (at least based on his performance this year) for a couple maybes you are definitely gambling. So has anyone seen Williams in the casinos down at the banks of the Ohio?

      • Nathan

        I wouldn’t honestly call him proven. He strung together a couple good months. His resume is pretty short. Is he having a good year this season? Yes. But at 27, I figure his value can very from day to day. If he went out tonight and let up 5 runs, his value would drop a lot more than another reliever with 5 years of consistent performance. Reds did a good job cashing in when his value was high. He could head to LA and be good the next 5 years of his career or get shelled and be DFA after the season. Time will be the true teller.

    • Norwood Nate

      Floro did a nice job with the Reds while he was here. But the Reds also have some pretty nice, young relief options in the minors that they may want to evaluate more in the near future. Trading Floro, who’s at best 6th on the depth chart, gives them more of an opportunity to do so the rest of the year. Marinan is the Dodgers #21 prospect with some raw stuff to work with. Probably someone of similar value as Heatherly in the Reds system. For a guy they signed to a minor league deal over the offseason, plus the ability to audition Rainey, Weiss, Herget, Crocket etc in the process is a pretty solid deal in my book.

      • Stock

        Good point Nate. Rainey has not shown so in the majors this year but I think long term he is a better option than Florio. I also think the others you mentioned will have a better career than Florio.

      • Tampa Red

        Floro is a pretty good pitcher, good velocity with really good movement on the ball. He seemed like a big leaguer to me. Hate to see him go, but I don’t mind the trade. Picking up a couple of young, high ceiling arms for a guy like Floro is never a bad idea.

    • Stock

      I agree kind of Brad. However, I think many relievers are so inconsistent. One bad outing and his ERA is north of 4. This is a RP whose ERA with the Cubs last year was 6.52. His WHIP and K/BB % scare me enough to think it was a good trade. On the downside he is not a FA until after the 2023 season. So the Reds had 5 more years of control.

      I like Marinan. He signed for more than Gray if that is any indication. In Fangraphs his ERA this year is 2.53 but per it is 0.84. Small sample size so it doesn’t matter too much but this low ERA is in spite of a .393 BABIP. Good GB%. Rated C+ by Sickels last fall. Higher than Solomon who did well for Billings last night.

      I like the trade. This may be an indicator as to where the Reds truly are with their rebuild.

    • Brad

      Inclusion of International Pool Space seems like Dodgers won trade. I wish Reds would use what they have to sign a plethora of players for 300k. Didn’t like Floro for 2 low prospects before pool space.

      • The Duke

        We got a guy who got round 2 money last year. Most 7 figure international signings don’t work out, let alone the $300k variety. Of BA’s top 50 July 2 international prospects, will even 5 make it to the big leagues?

        Floro had a 1.40 WHIP and a sub 7 K/9 rate. He was a ground ball picher, he had that going for him, but it’s not like we traded Iglesias for these guys.

  3. Norwood Nate

    According to the Reds site, they recalled Rainey and Reed and optioned Dixon. Does that leave Cincinnati with a three man bench, including the back up C?

    Duvall/Hamilton, Blandino, and Casali…?

    • Chi Reds Fan

      with the trade a 40 man spot opens up, suspect after Thursday off day, Dilson Herrara will be joining the Reds with Reed returning the Bats rotation. And converting a minor league contract signee, Floro, into a over slot 4th round pick from a year ago (who has been effective thus far in his very brief pro career) plus a lottery pick in Zabela is good value creation, why folks are never satisfied with the Reds moves (despite the Suarez steal for Simon, DeScal steal for Latos and Castillo steal for Straily) befuddles me

      • Norwood Nate

        I’d be happy to see Herrera called up, he’s ready. And yeah, as I noted above, I think this is a solid deal for the Reds.

      • Shawn

        I doubt we see Herrera till Scooter is moved. He really don’t have a position to play right now. Once he’s called up I don’t think he can be optioned back

      • The Duke

        Correct, Dilson won’t be called up unless it’s to play every day since he’d have to be DFA’d again to be sent back down. Maybe creating a roster spot because they are talking with people about a Scooter trade? The Reds front office is usually fairly tight lipped, so a trade out of nowhere isn’t out of the question.

      • MuddyCleats

        U mentioned the 3 good ones; there r many more bad ones. Latos deal still smells because loss of Grandal, Alonso, Boxberger & then Didi 4 one year of Choo. Reds gave away a lot of value there not 2 mention EE 4 oVer the hill Rolen

    • RedsinWashst

      The relievers have pitched a lot lately so need a couple of fresh arms. Will probably only be for a couple games. I liked Dixon more then Blandino too bad

    • DocBagel

      Lorenzen’s emergence I think factors into the use of the short bench.

      • Colorado Red

        K’ed today, then pitched a shut out inning (game still in progress)
        still not bad. Adds a bat.

  4. Randy in Chatt

    Any word on who is taking Floro’s spot on the 40/25 man?

  5. Stock

    Good point Nate. Rainey has not shown so in the majors this year but I think long term he is a better option than Florio. I also think the others you mentioned will have a better career than Florio.

  6. SteveLV

    Not sure what Quack has to do to earn another shot – and potentially produce a similar kind of deal – but seems like a good time to showcase him.

    • CP

      Great production, but not sure how much of a future he has with the Reds long term. Best case for Quack very well might be if he gets dealt like Floro just did.

  7. Kong

    As long as Williams is making trades the Reds will get screwed. Man has absolutely no idea what he is doing.

    • Nathan

      Why? What about this deal makes you so upset with it?

      • Kong

        What about this deal makes you happy? How does giving up a quality MLB who is performing with several years of control for longshot “prospects” years away from the big leagues make the Reds competitive? Williams has done nothing in MLB that requires any level of confidence whatsoever. You can follow him blindly but the Reds are in a never ending tailspin and Williams is nothing but a joke for the other MLB VPs to toy with and steal from. Let’s face it, under Williams the Reds have become the farm system for teams that have a goal to contend.

      • TJ

        Like: A second round talent 1+ years into his development. Obtained for a minor league contract pickup who, while currently producing in the major leagues, has peripherals that suggest relatively low overall value.
        Love: trading relievers mid season , when teams in immediate need have good reason to value current production more highly versus long term value.
        Love+: the Reds dramatically increased investments in their minor league organization and development under the current President of Baseball Ops. The Reds are building their talent pipeline far more (and differently) than three years ago.

  8. Jimmy

    Man, imagine complaining about trading a poor man’s Burke Badenhop. The odds of Floro being a major leaguer this time next year are slim and nearly none.

    • Nathan

      Exactly. His value can plunge with one bad outing putting his ERA above 4. I think the reds cashed in at the right time.

    • Joe

      Exactly.. u can’t b mad when u net positive on a guy like who’s likely to regress and plenty of in house replacements to sort Herget,Weiss,Rainey,quack,Reed,etc.

  9. Doug Dierte

    With Manchado being offered up I don’t why Dick traded Florio for guys I’ve never heard of. Id of packaged him with Homer and Finnegan for Trout.

    • Shawn

      With some of the dumb trade ideas I see I could almost believe you meant this. Lol

  10. kevinz

    Good Trade Reds Flipped a player got on waivers who due for regression for couple lottery tickets.

    • Colorado Red

      One lottery ticket, and one Solid prospect.

  11. kevinz

    Grand slam nice Siri finally put you at lead off I like that move just like with Schebler.
    Both very aggressive Hitters better when less pressure on them.

    • Doug Gray

      The last place Jose Siri needs to be hitting in the Major Leagues is leadoff. If you can’t walk, or hit .340 if you can’t walk, you should never be anywhere near the leadoff spot. The leadoff spot needs to be for guys who get on base. A lot. That is not Jose Siri. Hit him 6th where the lack of on-base skills don’t kill you, but the power can still play – and the speed on the bases is more valuable in front of guys who don’t hit well.

      • kevinz

        I get that Doug but some Guys feel more comfortable in different spots.
        He could feel to much pressure to drive a guy in lower in the order.
        I agree with walks and getting on base but a hit is a hit to get on regardless.
        Heck no one thought schebler could lead off i got laughed at.
        Look at numbers some better with men on some are not.
        If good with Runners on move them lower in order
        if struggle with men on put them higher in order.

      • kevinz

        Like to Add though make very good points Doug.
        If can learn to semi walk like schebler or scooter i think will be fine.

      • Stock

        In the majors I agree 100% Doug. But in the minors the first priority is player development and Siri missed a lot of time this year and I believe he still has work to do to get back to where he should. He needs AB and therefore leadoff works for me in this situation.

  12. Joe

    The funny part was both floro and Neal was in th dodgers minors last yr

  13. DocBagel

    This seems like a decent move for the club. The Reds trade someone at the peak of their value (which has been a major complaint against the FO). In return they get a valuable spot on the 40 man roster, and a prospect with some upside. I think everyone would agree that Dilson deserves a 40 man spot, and now the team doesn’t need to DFA anyone to crate that spot. I like the idea.

    • Chris has the starter and 2017 pick we received as already our(reds system) 17th best prospect on their top 30 list. I’d say if that’s close to accurate good pickup for who we gave up.

      • Stock

        I would have him in the 20-25 range. My 12-19 are better in my mind

        Fairchild, Richardson, Siani, Gray, Beltre, Garcia, Lopez and Gutierrez.

        I need to revise this and move Gutierrez up and Beltre down. Cash Case and Debby Santana probably round out my top 20 today with Beltre moving down. I could see him being 21 right now for me.

      • Stock

        Just looked at rankings and they suck. Just their weak excuse for YE rankings and they take out Mahle and Winker and insert Marinan today. Aquino at 12, Rodriguez at 15 and Okey at 18 are all weak choices. Better to see where Doug puts him later this week. My guess is the 20 -25 range. But good point. He is much higher ranked than Florio.

  14. MK

    Floro had .275 BA against and 1.40 WHIP. it wasn’t like he was lights out. He had been solid lately but was not used in tight situations and only mop up by Price. For a guy they got for nothing it was a nice return especially Marinan.

  15. kevinz

    Is it Possible there could be bigger trades coming with the red sox and Dodgers?
    Just has the thought mayb the 3 players got the past two days could be Included in a later trade.

  16. MikeinSoCal

    I don’t mind Floro. We have other options to fill his spot. We got dodger prospect in return. Good move. Likewise Harvey should bring us a good prospect. These trades are freebies to some extent. I hope we hang on to Hughes. Trade Iglesias to get high prospects. So will Dixon come back or will they try Herrera? No versatility there so I would assume Dixon. I like him. He gives us a power PH threat.

    • Bill

      I think the rules require Dixon to stay down for at least 10 days unless he’s recalled to replace an injured player. I anticipate either Ervin or Herrera to take the roster spot on Friday with Cody Reed heading back to Louisville.

  17. Bill

    Great pick up by the Reds acquiring 2nd round talent for a minor league free agent signee at peak value. While it will be a while before either prospect can help the Reds at the major league level, maintaining a strong pipeline of talent is essential to sustaining success long-term.

  18. kevinz

    Trade Ideas to add a glut of Pitching to the farm plus think Atl and Philly have the best arms depth. Can good very nice Pitching prospects farther down there prospects list.
    Teams not willing to deal there Top Prospects in Pipeline but they will from prospects 5 on down.
    I Only traded scooter in a package since figured get more that way.

    atl would do it since need Pen help plus Puts there stamp on who is next top dog in there division.

    ATL:3b LHP Allard LHP Fried RHP Toussaint.
    Reds do this to add more Pitching to the Farm.

    Reds:Garrett scooter .
    Phillies can move Hernandez to SS plus need Pen Help.
    Garrett would help them with Freeman etc for atl. Kingery etc struggling

    Phillies: LHP Romero SS Gamboa LHP Suarez RHP De los Santos
    This Gives the Reds more young arms plus 2 more shots at a starting LHP or Pitching in general.

  19. The Rage

    Hopefully Reed gets the BP job full time now. Rainey sucks.

    • CP

      I’m leaning towards Herget getting a shot. I think he can compete at the major league level. But maybe the Reds call up Quack, and take a shot of getting him exposure and flipping him before the trade deadline too. Then they can call up Herget/Weiss/Rainey.

  20. AirborneJayJay

    While being in the penalty phase of IFA spending and not being allowed to sign any one player for more than $300,000 it is not a bad strategy to trade a good portion of that IFA money for prospects in other teams systems. They have already started playing states side and you have some current information on who you are trading for.
    I don’t know where Doug will rank the dude the Reds got last year from Texas for IFA money, but could possibly be a new top-25 guy or close to it. Who was that dude? Sounds like this Marinan could crack his new top-25. If the Reds have gotten 2 top-25 prospects from these IFA trades, or even top-30, it is a good strategy. Getting more advanced players than what you probably would have signed anyway is a good way to go. Can’t fault these moves.