The Cincinnati Reds have made a lot of promotions in the organization today, but the biggest one would be Tony Santillan being promoted to Double-A Pensacola. The 21-year-old had spent the season with the Daytona Tortugas.

Tony Santillan had made 15 starts for the Tortugas this season. In those starts he threw 86.2 innings with a 2.70 ERA. That alone is impressive enough. But, it’s what he was doing with his walk rate that jumps out. Last season he had the best walk rate of his three seasons – walking 3.9 batters per 9-innings. This season with Daytona he walked just 2.3 batters per 9-innings. The rate went from iffy and below-average to outstanding and well above-average. His strikeout rate did drop some, but not as much as the per 9-innings rate would suggest. His strikeout percentage dropped from 24% to 20.2%.

The jump to Double-A is generally considered the biggest one in the minors. Tony Santillan has made some big improvements in 2018 already, and his ability to throw strikes should bode well against more advanced hitters in the Southern League. And, as a fully selfish reason, it’s going to be great that he’s out of the Florida State League because now we can watch him pitch nearly every time out on

Other roster moves on the Reds farm

Taking the rotation spot in Daytona is right-handed pitcher Andrew Jordan. He was promoted from Dayton where he had a 3.83 ERA in 10 starts this season. Jordan didn’t join the Dragons until mid-May, but has pitched in the rotation since. Over his last four starts he’s allowed eight runs in 24.0 innings (3.00 ERA) with just three walks allowed, and he’s struck out 14.In the corresponding move in Dayton, Aneurys Zabala was added to the roster. He was one of the pitchers acquired in the trade with the Dodgers yesterday.

There were also plenty of moves between Greeneville and Billings. Infielders Cash Case and Juan Martinez, along with Zeke White, have been sent to Billings from the Greeneville roster. Max Wotell, who had been with Greeneville, was released. In return, outfielder Brandt Stallings, was sent from Billings to Greeneville. Right-handed pitcher James Marinan, who was acquired in that same trade with the Dodgers, was also officially added to the Mustangs roster.

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36 Responses

  1. Chi Reds Fan

    would think Mella or Varner is headed north as Louisville is a pitcher short after the Rainey promo, Neal trade.

  2. MK

    Wotel highly thought of prospect who just never performed. When he was a Dragon I have heard that he believed any of his failures were somebody else’s fault on or off field.

    • Chi Reds Fan

      he also had health issues as well though right? but always interesting to hear the back stories you hear in Dayton!

  3. kevinz

    Congrats Tony on your Promotion well earned improved on throwing strikes.
    Now AA time to learn to Paint a little more on the edges if not get pounded.

  4. SteveO

    Just also read Mella to Louisville and Weiss activated at Louisville

    • Bubba Woo

      It’ll be interesting when they trade Harvey who’ll get the opportunity to start. If Smells, has 3-4 good starts in AAA, they might pick him over Stephenson to get the Opportunity…

  5. James K

    I assume they are moving Case and Martinez to Billings to make room for J. India in the Greeneville lineup.

  6. kevinz

    who says No P Greene OF Trammell SS Peraza to TB for P Snell SS Adames

    • Colorado Red

      I would think the Reds say NO, Greene and Trammel? That a lot to give up.
      SS we would be getting is not as good as Jose.

      • kevinz

        Thanks Red it was kind of Win sooner Move.
        Rather have Snell than either mets Pitcher
        Snell may have less a track record but Pitches in AL East
        When Mets Pitchers were at best the Nats at the time the only good offense in that Division.
        Reds offense seems good to me, if would Add MLB Pitching who knows where team could go.
        Adames has the Potential to to better than Peraza plus more Control over him as well.

      • Cameron

        Adames is the #11 overall prospect according to Fangraphs. Just depends if you think Peraza is showing his true ability now or if he’s just on a hot streak.

    • redlegs4ever

      The Reds emphatically say no to that. Greene and Trammell very well both could be Top 10 overall prospects in baseball when the post all star updates come out.

      • kevinz

        I understand that 4ever it was a win sooner Move.
        I love Greene and Trammell as Prospects that is what they are Unproven.
        Who is to say 3-4 years or so When Greene Ready for an example. that Reds will have this type of offense along with Supposed coming Pitching.
        Senzel might never reach scooter level . Votto could fall off earth Performance wise Power already fading comes from his own Mouth.
        Suarez around 30 or so By then If all goes well for Greene to make the Bigs.

      • redlegs4ever

        I’m not disagreeing with the idea of trying to win sooner, and I’m not even saying the proposal wasn’t fair. That’s just a trade you can’t make if your Williams. That’s the kinda trade that gets you fired if just one of those kids lives up to the potential.

      • kevinz

        That is a fair answer and Point thanks for your feed back.
        I love both Prospects just was throwing it out there
        I hope both are quite good make no mistake about that lol

    • Patrick

      The Rays would say NO to that deal.

      Snell is unbelievable. He will be a top 10 pitcher in all of baseball. He is worth those 3 by himself.

      • kevinz

        well then Sign me up if could add Pitching the sky the Limit for this team.
        Then Flip Iggy scooter Hughes garrett for Atl for Phil Pitching Prospects
        Reds would be stacked in Pitching then.

    • Ty

      That’s not a very good trade in my opinion,Kevinz. I don’t think you quit understand just how good trammel and Green will be in the not so distant future. Do you not like these two prospects, or do you think that greene won’t progress in the Reds farm system?

      • kevinz

        I do like both Prospects i just feel like could get a MLB arm for right now for Prospects. I believe could get more prospects for the MLB players we have.
        There is no Guarantee this Reds team with have the Offense it does now.
        By the time Greene makes it to the Bigs The reds offense could be the Mets.
        The time is Now to get Pitching This Reds team is not that Young.
        The Pitcher is where some what Young in.

  7. Brad

    I’m intrigued at how Reds use Billings and Greeneville affiliates. Seem interchangeable so far. Curious if one, Billings, is a half step promotion or if players from both end up straight to Dayton. Can’t imagine India will be in Greeneville come August.

    • mark l

      if they are working him at short, he may stay longer in rookie ball than Senzel did.

    • The Duke

      Seems to me like they are splitting them based on getting guys playing time at certain positions moreso than an upper or lower tier team.

  8. kevinz

    lets go Reds get some Pitching. Most of best players on the Reds Over 25. Hitting wise anyways. Peraza along with Winker under 25 for now.
    Having Control of most of the players. Suarez Votto Schebler Duvall WInker tucker.
    Offense seems pretty Fine. Could it actually be Time to be Buyers for rest this season and Beyond? Heck even our Closer we have good amount of control Over.
    Mayb time to shed some Prospects for MLB arm.
    Do not want to Gut it but have to pay something to receive something.

    • kevinz

      Could Reds be buyers and Sellers so can add to the Farm as well if lose some from it?

      • kevinz

        Trades that will get Reds Plenty of arms Yea lose some Prospects but gain a few as well. Trade Prospects for MLB Needs then Trade the MLB bait for Prospects.

        REdS:: Camargo Gohara Allard Toussaint.
        ATL:Iggy Suarez since Atl miss out on machado they get Suarez

        Reds:Harvey scooter
        Phillies: Romero Gamboa Suarez De los Santos

        Reds: Snell Solak
        TB: Greene Trammell Long

      • The Duke

        Trading Suarez would just be straight stupity

      • kevinz

        it would not be for a ace or number 2 starter plus add a Younger player at 3rd. Heck i Love Suarez but love Pitching and Winning much more.
        Heck Flip Suarez for Top Return then sign scooter to contract.
        Scooters trade will not be worth the return.
        Suarez return would be well worth it though.
        get some arms for Suarez Senzel can go back to where fit best 3rd base.

    • Hanawi

      Reds have no reason to be buyers this year. In fact, I’m hoping they get creative to get rid of a couple of guys that will be expensive next year. Maybe some contender wants starting pitching depth and a good defense/stolen base threat off the bench. Could package Homer and Billy plus the rest of Homer’s salary this year for a rookie ball flyer. Get rid of both salaries for next year. Hell, I’d attach Siri to Homer if it got his salary off the books. They could put that money to so much better use.

      But otherwise, let’s see if Schebler, Peraza, and Winker can keep it going for awhile. Get some of the young starters back up to see if they’ve learned anything. Bring Herrera up and play him at 2B once Scooter is traded. Reds aren’t going anywhere this year, so build for next year. Jury is still out on a couple of these guys.

      • Ty

        Absolutely, no way anyone would take a chance on Homer Bailey at the moment. You might as well just keep him or release him rather than throw someone like Siri into a trade