The Cincinnati Reds have announced that they’ve called up infielder Dilson Herrera from Triple-A Louisville. The move required the team to add him to the 40-man roster. This also means that Herrera will remain with the big league club for the rest of the season. Herrera is out of options and can’t be sent to the minors without being placed on waivers.

Dilson Herrera began the season with the Daytona Tortugas as he worked his way back from shoulder surgery. He hit well in the Florida State League. The second baseman hit .298/.359/.429 in the notorious pitching friendly league in 21 games played. The Reds sent him up to Triple-A Louisville in early May. He initially struggled with the Bats, hitting .256/.299/.390 in 23 games during May after his promotion.

Everything changed once the calendar flipped to June. In the 27 games played since that point he’s hit .330 for the Bats. That’s also come with a .417 on-base percentage thanks to 15 walks, and he’s slugged .524 thanks to 12 extra-base hits. Overall his line in Triple-A this season is .297/.367/.465.

His bat is ready to play in the Major Leagues. The question is, and has been for a while, is he ready to play in the Majors with the glove. At second base, he is. He’s not going to wow anyone over there, but he’s a capable defender. The Reds have had him playing some third base, too. It’s been limited, just 11 games with Louisville – and none in Daytona earlier in the season – but he’s looked limited there. He’s made two errors in 94.1 innings, good for a .952 fielding percentage there. That’s a solid enough rate, but his arm hasn’t looked much like a third basemans arm.

That may not matter much, though. Dilson Herrera isn’t being called up to play third base often. Heck, he’s not being called up to play second base much, now, either. Perhaps the Reds will trade Scooter Gennett before the month is over and it will open up second base for the time being for Herrera. At this point it would seem that the team is bringing him up to be used mostly as a pinch hitter, and perhaps get him a start once a week.


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  1. Doug

    Think a corresponding Shed promotion is imminent? This is a fortunate byproduct of the very unfortunate Senzel injury. Get a look at your middle infield assets at a higher level than you otherwise would have been able to.

    I just don’t see how you don’t trade Scooter, even if it is for just a humble return, if he can’t play outfield this year. Need to get Dilson some at bats this season to either showcase him for an offseason trade, or start to plan on him at 2B and Senzel in the outfield. Wasn’t he a former top 50 prospect in all of baseball? It’s tough to write him off as not being a part of the future without seeing what he can do first.

    • Colorado Red

      Neither scooter or Dilson can play the outfield.
      Need to do something this month.

      • Champ Summers

        Scooter can play the OF. He did before bumping Peraza off 2B last year. The Reds picked him up expecting him to be able to play 2B, 3B and some LF when he was plucked of the scrap heap

      • Colorado Red

        I think (could be wrong) he might be having minor shoulder problems.
        that is why I said that, All his throws are side-arm.

      • Bubba Woo

        If you’re athletic enough to play 2b in the bigs, you can play LF. LF and 1b are where you hide good bats who can’t field. I don’t understand why everyone is so anxious to trade a guide in Gennett who’s batted 320 with plenty of power for the last year and a half.

      • MK

        C-Red, one of Scooter’s defensive big problems at second base is the fact that he has a three quarters to side arm throw. It causes his release to be long or slow and there are times the throw will sail off target. So I don’t think his arm is sore, it is just how he throws.

        Billy Hamilton used to do the same thing when he was a shortstop. They worked and worked with him to get on top of the ball throwing but he just couldn’t do it. But, he does it now from outfield.

      • MuddyCleats

        It shows Bruce trade was bad then & bad now primarily bc Dilson is not defensive enough 2 b part of Reds future & lack of arm strength limits him 2 one position as bench player. Mets r great w/ young pitchers; trade should have included one!

  2. AllTheHype

    Interesting the Reds are calling him up NOW, instead of waiting 37 more days (by my calculation) and controlling him for another year before FA. The 2018 season has 187 service days. 98 have elapsed thus far. So 89 days remain in the season. He already has 119 days to his credit for prior MLB service. As a result of being called up, Herrera will have 208 service days (89 + 119) to his credit after the year.
    A service year, according to MLB rules, is 172 days. So if Reds had waited 37 more days, they could have extended his FA eligibility by one full year. Since he has no options remaining, the Reds won’t presumably have another opportunity to delay his service clock. If he turns out to be a productive MLB player, that choice by the Reds WILL matter later.

    • The Duke

      Eh, you really only worry about the service time game on guys you think might be stars. Even if we don’t get an extra year, we’d still control Dilson through his age 30 season. We’d be getting all of the prime while not on the hook for any decline.

      • AllTheHype

        The Reds wouldn’t be on the hook for anything with the extra year of control. It would be their choice to tender him or not for that extra year. While I agree with the “stars” comment, Herrera does have that potential though, although not so much as others in the system.

    • Doug Gray

      The odds that Dilson Herrera is a Red in 2 years, much less 6, are small. And if he is a Red in 6 years, it’s likely as a back up. I think at times people get way too caught up on the service time stuff. You worry about that for guys that are 22 and elite. Not sure it’s worth getting worked up about with guys who are going to hit free agency at 30+.

      • MuddyCleats

        More reasons why Bruce trade was bad. No way 4 Reds 2 b serious about improving when they count on trades of good players 2 bring prospects, yet get nothing promising n return!

      • Doug Gray

        If you don’t think that Dilson Herrera is/was promising, I don’t know what you actually think IS promising. The guy looked like/looks like an .800 OPS second baseman.

      • MuddyCleats

        How about a guy who isn’t injuried & can possible play more than 1 position? U admitted yourself he’s not likely here n 18 months or less; I wouldn’t call that a legit prospect. 9 out 10 he’s gone n less than a year & Bruce will have been traded for nothing!

      • Doug Gray

        How about you can’t predict the future?

        You act as if the Reds knew that Scooter Gennett would not only become available to them, but that he’d go absolutely bonkers, and that Eugenio Suarez would go from a solid player to an All-Star, meaning that they’d also then have to try and find a place for Nick Senzel to play.

        They didn’t. They couldn’t. No one could. But all of those things happened AFTER the team acquired Dilson Herrera.

        And the only reason he’s not here in 18 months is because he’s blocked by a guy at second base that’s arguably the best in baseball right now, and arguably one of the 5 best prospects in all of baseball. It’s not because Dilson Herrera isn’t good. It’s because the other options are very, very good.

    • Alex Reds

      I agree Hype and he also can’t get hardly any at bats until Gennett is gone. So unless a Gennett trade is imminent, this is a poor decision. Herrera needs at bats to keep his timing. He will end up like Blandino and not getting to play, develop, and keep his timing. They didn’t appear to need him at all. He can only play 2B which is already where Gennett is at.
      Also, there is the possibility to improve this team by trading either Herrera or Senzel. Many of you are writing off Herrera because he can only play 2B well enough and because we have Senzel. Well, Senzel is injured and both players are still unproven in the majors. What if Herrera hits about as well as Scooter later year? While this would increase Herrera’s value, some, Senzel’s is still way more as a top 10 prospect in all of MILB. Maybe you instead trade Senzel who is worth a boatload to get pitching or something you really need to make your team better. Also, Herrera’s trade value might be higher if you waited and kept the year of control. Doesn’t make any sense. The only rational that I can think of is the trade deadline comes 1-2 weeks ahead of when Gennett would be traded, so you would need Herrera then anyways. I still would have waited a couple weeks to bring Herrera up since now he will sit for 3 weeks which might cool him off.

      • AllTheHype

        I just don’t see the value of burning a year of control of Herrera when he has no place to play regularly. If Scooter had already been traded, then yes. Reds can’t live with Dixon on the bench for another 37 days to preserve another year of Herrera, just in case Herrera turns out to be a special player? Chances are he won’t, but the talent is there so you never know.

      • kevinz

        I actually feel same way no rush to trade or do anything with herrera.
        I believe he is only a Year older than Senzel.
        Put up similar stats in AAA.
        Who knows mayb Senzel get traded for a huge Package or play RF.
        Mayb flip Suarez for a huge package if Senzel performs come back healthy?
        One thing i liked was seeing Dilson going to Suarez school in dugout.
        I believe Reds have good Options even if looks like Positions filled.

  3. The Duke

    I would think they’d wait to call him up after a Scooter trade. This makes me think that either:

    A) A Scooter trade is imminent


    B) Scooter likely isn’t getting traded and they want to see how he performs in a bench role at the MLB level to see if that will work going forward and if he needs to stay on the roster this winter.

    • Wes

      C. Duvall gets traded and it opens up a spot in the OF for scooter.

      I don’t think scooter gets traded. I don’t see anyone out there willing to pay enough to where it makes sense to move him.

      • earmbrister

        Spot on Wes.

        Duvall gets traded and Scooter moves to LF. Herrara gets an extended look at 2B for the remainder of the year, and again next April and May. Senzel pushes him off the keystone next June.

      • The Duke

        I don’t think Schebler or Winker are getting benched for Dilson. Doubts on Scooter’s shoulder in the OF as well.

      • earmbrister

        Duke, you’re always well spoken and well informed. I’m looking at it from the standpoint that you need to keep Gennett in the middle of your batting order. Votto/Gennett/Suarez is a great heart of a lineup. Add Senzel to that next year, along with an above average Schebler and Barnhart and you have a very good lineup.

        You bring up a good point on Gennett’s shoulder. Of course, Herrera has his own shoulder issues. However, the move doesn’t make sense unless they’re confident that Duvall will be traded AND the thought is to move Gennett to the outfield. The Reds told Gennett to prove that last season wasn’t a fluke, and he has produced at a very high level. Not to mention that he also wants to stay a Red; gotta believe that they sign him to a long term deal in the off season. Herrera needs MLB at bats to establish some trade value, and he has nothing left to prove in the minors except for staying healthy.

  4. RandyW

    I think the common perception is that the Reds don’t believe Senzel can play shortstop but I would contend that they placed him at 2nd in the minors because they were all in on giving peraza a shot at short and didn’t want the pressure of having the fans clamoring for senzel to take his place. The obvious choice for the reds next year is moving senzel to short, gennett at second (assuming he doesn’t get traded) and moving peraza to center. My personal preference would be to upgrade at center and use peraza as a super utility guy.

  5. Norwood Nate

    In an ideal scenario you’d like to have an every day place to play him. But I am glad he’s added back to the roster and getting an opportunity with the Reds. Hopefully he’ll get enough time to showcase his skills.

  6. The Duke

    Funny enough, if Dilson becomes everything we hope, he’d essentially be what Scooter is right now, just with more years of control.

    • kevinz

      Really so herrera has a chance to Win a batting Title?
      I think People over look what scooter is actually doing

    • redleggingfordayz

      Could not agree more. I am really hoping they flip Scooter while his value is so high.

      • Champ Summers

        what do you think his high value returns? My guess is that it’s less than stellar and most fans would be very disappointed.

      • redleggingfordayz

        Hopefully some pitching prospects if possible. We have Scooter for 1.5 years at a position of insane depth within the organization. I like him just as much as anyone, but the Reds need pitching. Perhaps my sights are set too high but I wouldn’t mind seeing:

        Scooter Gennet – (Ariz) Jon Duplantier, other top 25 prospect
        Scooter Gennet – (Phil) Adonis Medina, other top 25 prospect
        Scooter Gennet – (Yankees) Domingo Acevedo or Cody Carroll, other top 25 prospect
        Scooter Gennet – (Braves) Joey Wentz, other top 25 prospect

    • RandyW

      Might be overstating what Dilson is capable of.

    • Doug Gray

      I like Dilson Herrera’s bat a lot. I don’t think anyone envisions him as being remotely close to what Gennett is with the bat right now. Gennett’s on a different level.

      • Peter Edward Rose

        Scooter’s the most professional bat in the Reds line-up (sorry Joey). And yes, a lot of Reds fans would really hate to see Gennett go – as he’s been the glue to the Reds for quite a while, imho. Hope he’s slated for LF, as Duval has simply worn out his welcome.

      • Alex Reds

        Nobody envisioned Gennett hitting likely this either.
        Dilson is very well capable of reaching Gennett levels. The probability may not be high as any prospect has risk, even Senzel. It’s within a reasonable possibility.
        Gennett could also cool off, but Gennett has done it for a year and a half.

      • Doug Gray

        There’s a difference between “the crazy unexpected happened” and “what we think is likely”. No one believes it’s remotely likely that Dilson Herrera is a .950 OPS bat. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible. But it’s also not impossible that I’m going to get an Ace dealt to me while I’m hitting with 20 showing on the blackjack table – but it’s a terrible bet to make, too.

  7. kevinz

    I just wish Reds would have Extended Scooter Before season like did with Suarez.
    Heck they Both Clicked last year around same time. So both would have been a risk.
    Granted Suarez was with the Reds Longer but did not perform until last year like scooter did.

    • AlphaZero

      I think there was a lot less risk involved in the Suárez extension. He is an outstanding defender and has decent on base skills, so the floor is a lot higher with him than with Gennett. Suárez is also more than two years younger than Gennett, so that was a major factor as well.

      I think the Reds played this the right way. They have the prospects to cover 80% of what Gennett is giving them with the chance for more. They still lack SP and a true CF. Hopefully they can use Gennett in an attempt to fill one of those voids.

      • kevinz

        Thanks made some good Point but Suarez defense has regressed.
        He has 11 errors to go along with minimal range.
        I really like Suarez do not think trade him anyway.
        been on a Pitching rage trying find anyway to find it.

      • Alex Reds

        kevinz – Suarez is the most valuable player on the Reds team. I researched contender’s needs and and Suarez would be a huge upgrade on many of those teams other than Cubs Bryant. His cheap contract at ~7 years left as a proven all star player makes him worth a ton. If your argument is we could trade him for a whole farm system, like the Braves; I can see your point. But, to argue he’s not useful to the team because of his defense seems incorrect. His defense is fairly good, and is likely to get better.

      • kevinz

        My Whole argument is we could trade him for a whole farm system, like the Braves or Phillies. Suarez a Beast only Trade him For Highest Package .. Mentioned in my Post on a Pitching Rage for this team.
        Only brought his Defense up because another Post mentioned Suarez Defense a Plus.

      • Cguy

        kevinz has a point. If Suarez gets you 3 of Atlanta’s top 7 pitching prospects, you gotta consider that deal. That move could fuel the Reds rotation for the next 6-8 years (with talent the Reds already possess). Senzel’s natural position is 3rd, as is Nay’s, as is India’s. With Gennett, Hererra, Shed Long, & Jeter Downs, 2nd base is secure for many years to come.

      • kevinz

        If expect Value trading Suarez is the way to go.
        If want to just dump a player and mayb get a lottery ticket Trade scooter.
        My belief trading with Philly or Atl would be huge for Arms.
        With teams No longer willing to trade there Top 5 Prospects.
        Targeting the Best system with depth for your need the best way to go.
        If going more all In with trading Prospects target TB for Snell.

  8. Kap

    The Reds may want to see if Wilson sinks or swims here to see if they could possibly trade him in an attempt to buy. Either at the trade deadline or in the off-season.

    • Kap

      That was supposed to be dilson not wilson. Spell checked

      • Alex

        I can see Dilson getting traded in a package with some prospects for a possibly MLB ready pitcher.

  9. AirborneJayJay

    Curiuos move at this point. The Reds are operating with a short bench as it is, with only 4 players on it. With this short bench it is important to get contributions from all 4 bench players. It is also important for a short bench to have some versatility to it. Casali and the 4th OF are doing their jobs. Dixon and Blandino were in some funks and were not. Blandino might have broken out of his slump. Having Lorenzen bat a couple of times a week has helped out recently. But Herrera really offers no positional flexibility for the Reds. They are stuck with him now. Hopefully this might be an audition for a likely trade. Or it looks like Scooter is going to be the subject of some double-switches to get Herrera in some games. Got to hope that Dilson Herrera doesn’t end up like Rosell Herrera wasting away on the bench, seldomly used, gets DFA’d and gets claimed by another team for nothing. That would just be the perfect end to the Jay Bruce trade for the Reds.

    • Wes

      Mlb has reds sending scooter to Red Sox for a back up ss and a lesser prospect than that. If reds do that- you can freely let dw have it and we will all agree.

      • Colt Holt

        That was a hypothetical by Jim Duquette. My confidence in JD as a reporter is about as high as AirborneJayJay is confident in Dick Williams.

      • AirborneJayJay

        That is awful. DW is not a good POBO/GM, but he isn’t the worst front office leader in baseball either. Maybe in the middle of the bottom half. But if he does this trade I will have to reconsider those thoughts. That could go down as the worst baseball decision of the 2018 season, make that second worst. The one the Orioles have made to keep Manny Machado an Oriole this long will be the worst.

      • Wes

        Think about it though. Preseason orioles came out and said they didn’t get one offer with a top prospect in it. Recently Yankees said they balked at Torres for him as did Boston for devers. Torres/devers seems like market value to me; much closer than no top 50 prospects for Machado. When no one is willing to pay- how can you be critical of them?

        I’m certain Walter buehler gets trade done as would either top Houston prospects. Or McKenzie, Sanchez, pair of pitchers from Atlanta. Robles, Rodgers or Reyes.

        But as of today- the owning teams are not willing to part with the talent to acquire Machado. Or scooter/iggy for that matter.

        You can’t control a market it. Only play it.

    • Colorado Red

      Do not forget you still got Lorenzen as a BP/PH role.
      Can come in and pinch hit, they throw an inning or two.
      Makes the bench a bit shorter.
      PS, no one can keep hitting like he has, but still a solid hitter

  10. RedsFaninPitt

    Does anyone think a Gennett/Hamilton for Joc Pederson trade would make good sense for both teams. Two pretty similar productive lefty bats with similar flaws on the defensive side. Pederson ( CF) has one more year of control, and that’s why I would add Hamilton. Maybe the Reds could ask for a mid-level prospect like SS Gavin Lux in return. Thoughts?

    • Alex

      Gennet is worth more than joc. Joc isn’t really a center fielder he is probably comparable to Scott schebler.

      • RedsFaninPitt

        I don’t agree. While Gennett has generated more WAR mostly I guess to better defense (which is puzzling to me considering how bad everyone says his defense is); the OPS and w/RC+ of both players is essentially the same – Gennett (OPS – .898/w/RC+ – 140); Pederson (OPS – .894/w/RC+ – 140). Offensively, they are very similar players, except Pederson is 2 yrs younger and has 1 more year of team control. Pederson is not a great CF but Gennett is not a great 2B either. Pederson has played twice as many games in CF this season as Schebler, but I would be fine with Schebler in CF and Pederson in RF. Pederson/Schebler could be your bridge to Trammell/Siri/Friedl in 2 yrs.

  11. AirborneJayJay

    Interesting how many 1st round draft picks that are choosing not to sign with the teams that selected them. So far LA Dodgers and Atlanta had 1st round picks state they were going to college instead of signing, and now add Arizona to that list. The Atlanta one is a surprise since their selection lived in Georgia and was a top-10 pick. It was a Pitcher the Braves took, and with their history of developing pitchers quickly, that seems strange to see them lose that pick. Oh well, the Reds got theirs in the fold and that is what counts.

    • AirborneJayJay

      Braves 1st round pick was from FL not GA. Carter Stewart who had been linked as a possible Reds pick at #5 going to go to Miss St. instead of to the Braves. Reds dodged a bullet there if he wouldn’t sign at #8 it is doubtful he would have at #5.

      • AirborneJayJay

        I think it is Krall and especially the scouting dept. that get the props. I think the draft, player development and the scouting dept. fall under Krall duties.

    • Wes

      I see ya giving DW props !

      Got all his dudes signed when others wouldn’t try it while superior organizations can’t sign their guy.

    • Alex Reds

      You guys are apparently missing why he’s not signing. He has an injured wrist from swinging a bat and the Braves aren’t even offering him half of his bonus pool. They are only required to offer something like 40% to get next year’s 1st round pick for not signing this year’s. So the Braves are playing hard ball on the kid. Braves are offering him less than $2.4M. We will see if in this last hour, if the Braves will change their mind and up their offer. It’s dumb for the Braves as they were lucky to get him at #8 and a wrist injury likely won’t last until next year and he should be able to continue his career just fine without risk.

      • TheRok

        I made a comment about this before the draft, and the teams that are doing it seem to have some of the smarter front offices.

        This draft was underwhelming. A possible strategy I mentioned. Draft a guy, play hard ball with the contract, get some lottery guys later in the draft. If you can get a discount and sign some of the lower guys, do it. If not, take the pick next year. The Reds seem to have done well with that type of strategy. The others seemed to have possibly tried the same thing, and just took next years pick. Not a bad result either way.

  12. Steve D

    I don’t get the move. Herrera seems like a great prospect who needs to continue playing everyday. By promoting him he will at best be getting 6-7 at bats per week. I would much rather have Herrera continue to keep playing everyday in AAA and continue to improve. What is the front offices thought process in bringing up a prospect who is going to ride the pine and not get to improve everyday?

  13. Michael Smith

    Weird side note I was reading baseball reference for both Suarez and Gennett. Gennett has a 0.1 on positive side for dwar. Suarez is at 0.0, this is why I cant trust fielding metrics yet.

    • Colorado Red

      Could not Agree more. Nolan Arenado dwar is .1
      That is total garbage.

    • Big Ed

      Suarez has not had a good year defensively. He has at least shushed fans up about his ability to play shortstop, where he would be about as good as Votto.

  14. Sam

    Anyone think scooter can have a Daniel Murphy like career going forward? That is my fear of trading him

    • RedsKoolAidDrinker

      I have thought that same exact thing before.

    • Doug Gray

      He’s a free agent after next season. Trade him or not, it’s not like he’s going to be around for the next 6 years. If you like him, sign him as a free agent after 2019.

      • RandyW

        If you like him, don’t wait till the end of 2019 to resign him. More likely to get him on a team friendly deal, if they extend him no later than this offseason. Otherwise, if he continues to play like this, they can give him a qualifying offer at the end of 2019 and receive a compensatory pick.

      • Lefthander

        People have complained about what the Reds got in return for some of the recent trades like the Jay Bruce trade, etc. Those complaints may be justified. I think one thing to keep in mind is that the Reds stated before those trades that they wanted major-league-ready talent when they made those trades. This strategy resulted in the Reds getting less talented players than they could have if they had been willing to target lower level players. Perhaps the Reds should have just accumulated the best talent they could get regardless of whether the prospects were major-league-ready. I say all this because I hope the Reds don’t follow the same approach if they trade Scooter. I hope they get something good for Scooter instead of another major-league-ready prospect that isn’t really very good.

    • AlphaZero

      He could. I don’t expect him to since Murphy’s the exception and not the rule, but it’s certainly possible.

      With that said, I think Scooter is a good offensive player, and I think that some of his improvement since arriving in Cincinnati is for real. I don’t think he’s going to continue to hit at a .320+ clip, but he’s probably going to be above average with the stick for the next couple of years.

      The issues here are cost, age, and prospect equity. Scooter is approaching 30 and is only under contract for one more season. He’s likely to command close to $10MM in arbitration next year and will likely require at least a $40MM+ commitment after that if he maintains anything close to this pace. Signing 30+ year old middle infielders to large contracts has always been a risky proposition. And the Reds are fortunate enough to have not one but two 2B prospects with pedigree banging down the door at the moment.

      I’m not advocating giving Scooter away, but if there’s a decent deal to be had out there that helps sure up the rotation or CF, I’d take it in a heartbeat.

      • RandyW

        I’m all for trading scooter for a good offer but the only way it is a win-win for the Reds if they also take that money and spend in free agency for something they need.

      • Tampa Red

        Approaching 30??? He just turned 28 two months ago. If he’s open to a reasonable 3-4 year deal that includes 2019, then there is absolutely NO reason at all to trade him.

        This isn’t in way a Cozart or a Phillips type situation. If the Reds were able to sign him to that type of deal, then he’s all of 32 years old at the end of it.

        I’m fine with trading Duvall, and Harvey in the next couple of months. I could probably be fine with trading Iglesias, depending on the return. But I really think the Reds need to hold on to everyone else through the end of the season. Let it play out, see what happens, and then you’ll have a good idea what you want to do and need to do in 2019.

        If you decide that you want to move Gennett and/or Hamilton or anyone else for that matter, do it then. The market can’t be any worse then than it appears to be now.

        Trading Gennett to give a what amounts to a tryout for an often injured, one position player would be GM malpractice. There is virtually zero chance that Herrera is the future at 2B. If it’s not going to be Gennett, it will be Senzel.

  15. Hoyce

    Don’t like Dilson being called up unless they are gonna play him regularly. That obviously means someone needs to be secretly hurt or traded
    And shocked on the Braves pitcher that said he wasn’t signing, carter Stewart, I was hoping that’s who the reds were gonna pick

  16. Simon Cowell

    Scooter will be heading to the DL maybe even shoulder surgery. No trade of Scooter and no release of Dilson. Thats what I think is going to haooen

  17. Optimist

    Excellent thread here. I see nobody mentioned a Peraza trade possibility.

    Dickson call up has to mean either a trade, someone to the DL, or shifting positions are imminent. Hard to believe he’s limited to bench role/few ab’s/no defensive play.

    I’ve switched into the keep Scooter camp – not just Daniel Wright as noted, but even Justin Turner. Sure Scooter benefits from the Votto specter in the order, but he’s proven it on his own.

    Only a Votto trade would be shocking, but at the right price . . .

  18. Andy

    I think this team can be WS contender next year. To get elite SP, have to trade high-value chip from deep positions in organization. Deep positions include 2B and RP. Scooter is not a high-value chip, but Senzel is. WAR change next three years if we replace Scooter with Senzel (complete guess here): -1.5 year 1, -0.5 year 2, +0.5 year 3. Slight downgrade, and we get nothing major for losing Scooter. (Likely major benefit with Senzel in years 4-7, though.) War difference if we extend Scooter and use Senzel for SP replacement: Syndergaard vs Romano might be +4 year 1, +3 year 2, +2 year 3. Scooter doesn’t get us any pitchers that make meaningful difference next 3 years in a trade. Reds budget will not allow for true #1 in free agency.

    My plan for 2019 (if Mets and Nats cooperate)
    1)Swap Senzel for Syndergaard or other available ace pitcher with at least 3yr control. (Would Senzel/Robert Stephenson/Friedl be a fair match here?)

    2)Swap Iglesias for Victor Robles and change. Upgrade starting CF and replace Iglesias with our good bullpen depth. Continue to look for deals like the Hernandez and Hughes signings.

    3)Sign mid-level free agent SP (starting to wonder if this could be Harvey?)

    4)Sign Scooter to extension. (I’m not trading Senzel unless Scooter signs first.)

    Reds title window would be open and extended for a while with long-term control of all significant MLB pieces, and retain elite prospects Greene, Trammell, India.

    • Shamrock

      I like the way you think.
      It’s crazy that Senzel (who hasn’t proven anything yet) has so much more trade value than Scooter, who very well could be the 2018 MLB Hit King.

      Senzel for Syndergaard
      Dump our entire outfield (Duv, Ham, Scheb) in exchange for a few SP & RF lottery tickets
      Scooter in LF
      Robles in CF (acquired for our current CP)
      Winker in RF (and eventually worked in/taking over @ 1B for the aging Canuck)
      Dilson + Blandino @ 2B (play the hot hand until Shed is ready in 2020)

  19. MikeinSoCal

    Herrera has nothing more to prove in the minors but what is the plan here? Gennett is a 2B, period. Likewise for Herrera. It seems to me that the most likely scenario is that Gennett needs to rest his shoulder.

  20. Redsvol

    I guess i’ll be in the minority here and say that we need to be targeting established major league pitchers with our best prospects. highly valued pitching prospects rarely turn out (stephenson, Reed, Matzek, Hultzen, Lee) or take much longer to figure things out at the major league level. This team is close to contending for a wild card next year – we need Keuchel (free agent) or to raid the Tampa Bay Rays, Royals or Padres for an established pitcher. A front line starter is needed next year – not in 3 to 4 years.