The Cincinnati Reds will be sending two of their top prospects to The Futures Game this year. The organizations top pitching prospect, Hunter Greene, and the teams top outfield prospect, Taylor Trammell, will be in Washington, D.C. on Sunday June 15th representing the organization and play on Team USA.

Hunter Greene has spent his entire year with the Dayton Dragons in 2018. On the season he’s posted a 4.18 ERA in 60.1 innings. He’s allowed just 5 home runs, walked 19 batters, and he’s struck out 77. The 18-year-old, however, has been on a completely different level of good since May 12th. In the 10 starts since that date, he’s posted a 2.31 ERA in 50.2 innings. He’s allowed just 39 hits, 3 home runs, walked 9 batters, and racked up 59 strikeouts. His last outing was easily the nicest start of his career. Greene struck out 10 batters in 7.0 shutout innings on a grand total of 69 pitches.

Taylor Trammell has been a level higher this season. He’s spent all year with the Daytona Tortugas, beating up on Florida State League pitchers. The 20-year-old outfielder has hit .311/.407/.449 for the Tortugas in 71 games played. His .856 OPS is significantly higher than the league average of .691. Trammell has racked up 9 doubles, 4 triples, and 6 home runs this season, while also stealing 12 bases. Defensively he’s split time at all three spots in the outfield with 14-28 starts at each spot.

While The Futures Game is always flush with big time prospects, this year may be the best group the Reds have sent in a long time. Both Taylor Trammell and Hunter Greene are arguably inside the Top 25 prospects in all of baseball right now. You can watch the game on July 15th at 4pm on MLB Network or


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  1. Hoyce

    Doug- are ur rerankings for prospects coming out today?
    Interested to see where the newbies rank
    I’d guess India at #4

    • Michael Smith

      Sounds about right. Has to be behind Senzel, Greene and Trammell. Maybe even 5th with how Santillian has been pitching.

    • Doug Gray

      Coming out this weekend to Patreon – Monday for everyone else.

      • Alex Reds

        I’m curious where you will have James Miranin ranked and how high you think of him. Apparently Reds were very high on him, He was ranked in the 60s in the 2017 draft. It will be interesting to see if Reds end up trading him again within the next couple of years. The Reds will eventually need to start trading highly sought of younger players or players that are blocked in the majors (India?) for more upgrades to the major league team in the next 1-3 years to finish off the rebuild.

  2. kevinz

    Thank you got my wish Trammell Joining Greene in the Future game.

  3. kyblu50

    When we will know about the rest of the Draft Pics Unsigned?

  4. Krozley

    On the draft tracker, it shows India and Byrne signing for $2,500 less than what was reported. That puts the Reds $420 below the limit after the 5%. That is some fancy financial maneuvering. I didn’t hear if any other picks signed today for the Reds, but I think they did a great job this year in who they got in the fold. Siani is the prize I think.

  5. Krozley

    Rookie Davis is now on the AZL Reds roster in rehab mode.

    • Doug Gray

      Yeah – he tweeted out today that it was going to be his first game. It’s been a long time coming for him since he was injured.

      • Krozley

        Any word on Moscot? Must have had a set back of some sort as I would think he’d be back by now.

      • Doug Gray

        All I’ve heard is that there was a setback. What it was, I do not know. He should, on a normal timeline, have been back by now.

  6. Cguy

    Scott Moss, another exceptional outing. Seven innings of shutout baseball. Allowed 2 hits, 1 BB and struck out 8. It would indeed be an extraordinary top 25 prospect list if Scott Moss wouldn’t be good enough to be included.

  7. kevinz

    I have to since i am his Hype man another walk for Siri.

  8. Bill

    Kevinz … this diatribe is for you since you love to talk trades and I hope you enjoyed Independence Day this week—welcome to the USA!

    Taking a look at some of the contending teams, the following are players that I think would be worth targeting in potential deadline trades if we are going to part with Iglesias or Gennett:

    – Cleveland. The top target would be RHP Triston McKenzie (AA) one of the top starting pitching prospect in the minors. SS Willie Castro (AA) would be add upper minor league depth to a position where the Reds are thin. There are several nice A/Rookie level prospects to round out a trade (e.g., OF George Valera and SS Marcos Gonzalez. The Indians may want the Reds to take on Jason Kipnis to balance the salaries as their team salary is $146.5M right now. 3B Nolan Jones show promise in A-ball and could help balance a transaction that includes Kipnis. Bradley Zimmer is a AAA CF prospect, but his performance this year is way down so he’s not a target.

    * Reds send 2B Gennett to add punch to the Indians lineup and RHP Hughes to give the Indians the veteran controllable reliever they need in their bullpen. The Reds cover both player’s salaries for 2018 and get McKenzie, Castro and Valera in return.

    – LA Dodgers. OF Alex Verdugo is knocking the cover off the ball in AAA and could take over CF for the Reds immediately until Taylor Trammell is ready. RHP Dustin May (A+) and SS Gavin Lux (A+) are intriguing secondary pieces.

    * Reds send Scooter or Iggy to the Dodgers for Verdugo and May or Lux.

    – NY Yankees. My top target here is CF Clint Frazier who is blocked in AAA by Aaron Hick through 2019. The Yankees #1 prospect is Estevan Florial, a CF at Tampa (A+)—he gives the Yankees options in 2020 and beyond. The Yankees have several A/Rookie level starting pitching prospects to balance out the trade. To me, RHP Matt Sauer is the best of this group.

    * Reds send Iggy to the Yankees for Frazier and Sauer or both RHP Juan Then (Rookie) and RHP Juan De Paula (Rookie).

    – Houston Astros. Did RHP Forrest Whitely’s suspension drop his value to the point where the Astros would consider trading him? If so, he’s the top target. OF Kyle Tucker is an option if the Reds believe he can man CF for the next 2 years or so. The nice thing about the Astros is they have really good starting pitching at AA that could make this work as well. I like RHP Corbin Martin (AA), RHP Jorge Alcala (AA) and LHP Cionel Perez (AA) in that order. RHP Jairo Solis is an 18-year old holding his own at A-ball.

    * Reds send Iggy to the Astros for Martin, Perez and Solis.

    – Atlanta Braves. Their farm is loaded with starting pitchers and they need a closer. I won’t list them all, but there are many ways to make this work if both teams are motivated.

    * Reds send Iggy to the Braves for RHP Touki Toussaint (AAA), RHP Ian Anderson (AA) and LHP Joey Wentz (A+).

    – The Rockies, Angels and Nats are fading out of contention. The Brewers, Red Sox, D-backs and Mariners farm teams are unattractive if we’re moving either Gennett or Iglesias.

    – RHP Sixto Sanchez would get the Reds attention for Iggy from Philadelphia, but beyond him there are better fits elsewhere.

    – OF/IF Ian Happ would be a quality starting point from the Cubs, but would the Reds really want to face Iggy 18 times a year over the next 3+ years? Probably not. Happ is also pretty valuable to the Cubs–I don’t see a fit here or with the Cardinals for that matter.

    • kevinz

      Cleveland. I belief is teams will not Give up there Top Hitter and Pitcher in there System. The Beib might be able to get Doubt The tribe Trade McKenzie at all. The rest of the Package you Presented could be a fit it is Positions of Need.

      – LA Dodgers. Doubtful again that Lad would Trade there Top Prospect. Value of what teams with give up are down. They may trade Diaz there 2nd best OF prospect though. Again The rest of the package fits Position wise along with where ranked on Lad Prospect list.

      – NY Yankees. I do not see a fit here there Pen a strength the package might work but Doubt Trade a top Prospect type especially if not a ever day player.

      – Houston Astros. My Opinion would not Touch Whitley for anything. He just got hurt as well. His drug thing has me saying a no go there. Tucker the Guy I target but Hou says No. Alvarez Cionel Perez Alcala Armenteros might peak Hou to answer the call.

      – Atlanta Braves . From my Post ATL along with Philly feel best Fits.
      Allard Toussaint Muller Tornok . Like mentioned Team will not Trade Top prospects.
      Philly and ATL deep compared to all team prospect 5 on Down.

      Philly: see I love Philly for a Match. Most of there Pitching Prospects are LHP.
      Another Reason a good Fit they 92-26 with sink for weak contact on the Ground.
      Phillies did a great Job getting Pitchers who fit there small Park.
      Well the Reds have a small Park like Philly does so feel like a great fit.
      LHP JoJO Romero Gamboa SS LHP Suarez De los Santos.
      Each one of those Pitchers Induce weak contact on the Ground.

      Cubs: Happ would not be worth facing iggy. iggy would be no problem when there will not be any Saves available. when he plays Reds the Reds Closer will shut it down for a save haha.


      Interesting trade match ups. To bad Phillies don’t match up well with Reds. They need Iglesias bad. They haven’t drafted well since they hired the current Scouting Director John Almaraz. His first round picks to date are LF Cornelius Randolph ,CF Mickey Moniak picked number 1 OVERALL in Draft ahead of Reds Nick Senzel, LF Adam Haseley are terrible picks so far. RHP Sixto Sanchez is their best prospect and he probably signed for less than 50K bonus. Reds drafted and signed Senzel and Trammel in the same draft year as Mickey Moniak the 1st pick in the draft.

      • Bill

        After Sixto Sanchez, who I’m certain the Phillies view as untouchable, there is only RHP Adonis Medina (A+) that profiles as a middle of rotation starter or better. SS Gamboa (A+) is a long way from contributing in the majors and achieving only middling results.

        Another option with the Yankees would be to offer Gennett to play 2B for them. Their resulting infield would be Torres (3B), Gregorious (SS), Gennett (2B) and Andujar (1B). Andujar’s weakness is defense, many evaluator believe 1B is his best position. As a LH hitter, Gennett would fit in perfectly between Judge and Stanton allowing Hicks to hit leadoff and Gardner to drop lower in the order. So, Gennett for Frazier and a couple of A/Rookie level starting pitchers?

  9. kevinz

    I have always Felt Mahle would outperform his Prospect status.
    Most Young Pitcher struggle to Command the FB where that is a strength for Mahle.
    The feel Mahle starting to get with his slider makes his Much tougher.
    Do not laugh but i see a mix of Greg Maddux and Zack Davies in Mahle.

    • MikeD

      Not to say I was ahead of you, but I have been mentioning for a while that Mahle reminds me of Greg Maddux. Obviously Maddux was special, but not from day one. Mahle has such a great feel for pitching, I believe he will be a solid #2 for many years. I would easily give him a long term deal, and never worry about him failing. They mentioned today that the backup catcher for the Reds, said that catching Mahle is like having the day off. His curve ball continues to improve and I believe he will master the change eventually. Fun to watch!

      • kevinz

        That is fine and okay MikeD if you were ahead just glad the feeling had with him seems correct. Yea heard that was said he does not shake off the catcher.He just goes the plan which hard for most young pitchers.
        my fault welch kept saying Slider that why said that not CB.

    • redlegs4ever

      Mahle’s improvement with the slider is a real bright spot from this nice little run but there are 3 MAJOR red flags for regression.

      1st look at who he’s pitched against (Padres, Royals, Tigers) and/or the weather in which he’s pitched (40 MPH wind blowing in at Wrigley yesterday). The guys turn has certainly fell on the right day.

      2nd his groundball % compared to his double plays turned. He’s 2nd in the league (maybe 1st after yesterday) in double plays turned behind him but yet has one of the lowest groundball % in the league, that is surely not sustainable.

      3rd He’s a 2 pitch pitcher, that changeup is awful and until he does something with that he will continue to get lit up by left handers. (To the tune of a .280/.396/.577 line, That’s a .973 OPS).