Episode 27 of The Unnamed Reds Podcast is here – and it’s a week late. Mostly because I’m not very smart and I messed up recording Brian’s half of the audio, which left the podcast we recorded last week just me talking to a ghost of sorts. Things went much smoother this week as we talked about Billy Hamilton’s recent success, the bullpen, the trade deadline, and Robert Stephenson’s role for the rest of the 2018 season.

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One Response

  1. Troy

    Great podcast guys. I completely agree that Iglesias would be the guy you get more value back from a trade.. I mean let’s say the Astros are interested- hopefully you can get back Tucker or Whitley and others.. but maybe you could still get value out of a package without those two if ken Giles is included with a few of their other top prospects.. his peripherals look really solid, he’s got a track record, and maybe the Astros see him as expendable after his demotion to the minors