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Louisville is on the All-Star break.

  • Mason Williams went 1-2 as the reserve center fielder.
  • Kevin Quackenbush allowed 2 earned in 0.2 innings. That’s twice as many runs as he’s allowed this season with the Bats. He’s not due to allow another earned run until 2020.

Pensacola lost 3-2. Box Score

Daytona won 6-2. Box Score

Dayton lost 3-2. Box Score

Billings lost 7-2. Box Score

Greeneville lost 4-1. Box Score

AZL Reds were suspended by lightning.

7/12 Game Preview

Team 1st half 2nd half Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Live Watch Live
Louisville 35-50 N/A 7:00pm Reed Here Here Here
Pensacola 30-38 14-6 8:00pm Gutierrez Here Here Here
Daytona 37-29 12-8 7:05pm TBA Here Here N/A
Dayton 31-37 9-11 7:00pm Orewiler Here Here Here
Billings 9-17 0-0 9:05pm Salinas Here Here N/A
Greeneville 6-14 0-0 6:30pm Diaz Here Here N/A
AZL Reds 5-13 0-0 OFF OFF Here N/A N/A
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5 Responses

  1. The Duke

    I was at the Dayton game. Fairly ugly game with a lot of mistakes.

    Jeter Downs may have been 0 for 4 with 2 K’s in the box score, but his at bats remind me of when Winker came through Dayton. His first at bat ended as a K, but he fouled off multiple tough pitches, worked the count full and just got beat of a tough pitch about 10-11 pitches into the at bat. His other K he tipped it, but the catcher caught it. Just good professional at bats. Hitting .265 now, but I remain confident that average is going to rise in the future. On defense however, he looks disinterested half the time. There was one ball up the middle that he likely doesn’t get to even with the best of jumps but he was a couple beats late before he even tried to break for it. He also tends to stand straight up right up until the ball is leaving the pitchers hand. He definitely gets set after the rest of the infield.

    Jose Garcia looked pretty good despite not really hitting well in the game. His hit was a nubber in the infield that he beat out after the 3B didn’t field it cleanly on the run. Could have been an error, but I didn’t have much argument with it as a hit as it would have taken a spectacular play to get him at 1B. He was fast down the line.

    Henrik Clementina…..ooof, he had a real rough game. Received the ball well enough, but he does not move well back there. I’m astonished he was only charged with one passed ball. If Koloszvary was in the game both of the “wild pitches” from Cox and Aguilar likely get blocked in the dirt. One of the passed balls he loafed back to get it and the guy who walked on the pitch went right on to second. Another one of the balls that got past him led to a run, which is killer in a game you lose by 1. His arm is noticeably less than Koloszvary as well. Unfortunately I missed both his at bats.

    Andy Sugilio also had a pretty rough game. The only time he hit the ball hard it was just foul on the right field line. On both his K’s he took weak defensive swings and just looked completely fooled. In LF there was one fly ball that should have been routine that he had to lunge at the last second to correct his placement. He made the catch, but looked awkward doing it. Another ball hit to the gap he tracked pretty well, but then missed it when it was within arms reach. I was actually in the grass right by the batters eye for that one and got a real good look at it. He must not be 100% because he just didn’t look that athletic, which goes against what most every scouting report says about him.

    Lorenzo Cedrola is tiny. Has some bat speed, although I never see power developing there. Pretty fast though. He and Garcia had a double steal in the 1st where he was the lead guy and got 3rd, but the ball popped up out of the catchers hand so it wasn’t contested. When he got caught at 3rd later he did not get a good jump. He did look pretty good in CF though. Tracked balls well from what I saw, showed off a solid arm. On the ball Sugilio missed he made a nice play off of the first hop to snag it and fire back in to the infield.

    The only real pitcher of note for the Dragons on the night was Ghyzel. Until his last couple pitches and then left the game he was 95-97 and it had some life on it as well. It’s a big league fastball.

    Adrian Rodriguez sat 92-93, touched 94 once or twice that I saw, but he couldn’t locate his breaking ball. Had a K in the first on a real nice changeup, but I don’t know if I saw him repeat that pitch again the rest of the game. Lots of full counts throughout his outing. Needs to improve his control.

    Andy Cox is just an org lefty. I don’t think he threw any harder than 88. Definitely knows what he’s doing up there and his control and polish will play up in Low A, but I don’t think he ever makes it past AA.

    Aguilar had one real nice curveball that got him a K, but not much else stood out from him. Was mostly right around 90. Nutof I didn’t get a good look at, but from what I saw nothing caught my eye.

    From the other side Seth Beer didn’t do anything. His first at bat he laced a line drive to CF, but Cedrola made an easy catch. After that he K’d in 3 of his next 4 at bats. They have a 2B who is 6’6″ tall who made 2 errors trying to field ground balls. One went right through his legs and the other he had trouble transitioning the ball from his glove after fielding it a bit awkwardly. Miguelangel Sierra looks very athletic and has bat speed, but he didn’t do anything offensively. Looked pretty good at SS though. Their pitchers were throwing some gas. Their starter was 93-94, and I think I saw him hit 95 once. The second guy was 95-98. Third guy was also 92-94 but I didn’t see him as well as the first two.

    All in all, not the prettiest game, but the kids still had fun.

    • CP

      Thanks for sharing Duke. Shame it wasn’t a better game!

      Biggest take away from that for me is Clementina. Doesn’t sound like it looks good that he will stick at C. His bat is going to have to carry him up through the system. Hopefully he can become a little less of a liability with the glove….

  2. AirborneJayJay

    Great to see another good outing in Daytona by Scott Moss. After a slow start he is certainly on a roll. Moss, now 10-2, has posted a win in 7 of his last 8 games started with 1 no decision. In those 8 games he has 44.1 IP, 39 H, 10 R, 7 ER, 4 HR, 13 BB, and 39 K’s. Things are looking much better for Moss. I’d like to see him follow Santillan to Pensacola, but Daytona will probably need him around for a post-season playoff run.

    • CP

      It’s nice to have a decent LHP still showing promise in our system. Not many of those to go around right now.