Jonathan India began his professional career by going 0-12. The Cincinnati Reds 1st round draft pick had walked six times in the first four games for Greeneville, but had not yet recorded his first hit. After an off day on Wednesday, the third baseman wasted no time grabbing his first professional hit on Thursday. In the first inning he doubled against Kingsport. He kicked things up a notch the next time he came to the plate as he unloaded for a 2-run home run in the 3rd inning. India would finish the night with three hits in four at-bats, walk in another trip to the plate, he scored two runs, and he drove in three runs.

Here’s video of the home run. Adjust your screen (or tilt your head) for a proper viewing angle.

Vladimir Gutierrez continues his run of strong starts

Thursday night saw Vladimir Gutierrez continue what he’s been doing for the last month. The Pensacola Blue Wahoos starter was charged with an unearned run in 7.0 innings and struck out nine batters with three walks.

Over his last six starts he’s thrown 43.0 innings and allowed just 28 hits. That’s also come with just 11 walks and he struck out 43 batters. Oh, and a 1.26 ERA. There have been some rough stretches this season for Vladimir Gutierrez, and even with the run he’s been on, his ERA is still 4.33 on the season. But he’s trending in the right direction and while a 1.26 ERA is certainly unsustainable, he’s pitching much more like you would have expected when the season began.

Leandro Santana, Jeter Downs provide highlights for Dayton

The Dayton Dragons lost on Thursday night, but the game wasn’t without it’s share of highlights. Leandro Santana hit a no-doubt home run that tied things up. It wasn’t the longest home run by any means, but off of the bat you knew it was gone and it was a laser.


Jeter Downs also had a highlight of his own. Playing second base on the night, the 19-year-old made an outstanding leaping grab and almost doubled off the base runner at first.

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32 Responses

  1. Stock

    India goes into the night 0-12 on the season. At the end of the night his OPS is .872. Pretty incredible.

    Miguel Hernandez has an OPS of .940 his last ten games. Incredible considering his age. This streak includes 3 BB and 4 K’s. In his first 9 games he had 0 BB, 11 K’s, with an OPS <.600. Pretty solid adjustments.

    Don't forget Hunter Oliver. 4 multiple hit games in a row now. 1.38 OPS

    Finally, Jonathan Willlems has a .978 OPS on the season.

    Pitching wise Alexis Diaz and Lyon Richardson have done well their last 3 outings and Josiah Gray has played well all season.

    lots of players to watch in Greeneville.

  2. Stock

    On June 1 Vladimir Gutierrez had a 6.75 ERA and a GO/AO ratio of .69

    Since then he has an ERA of 1.26 and a GO/AO ratio of 1.08. Something happened and I like it.

  3. Matt McWax

    Daytona’s Yari’s been improving each month (OPS):

    April: .503
    May: .707
    June: .843
    July: .990

    He bats from the left side and so far has been good against lefties (.409 obp). His power is limited at this point and he isn’t really on the prospect radar, but he might be a good late bloomer (Canadian school).

  4. Simon Cowell

    ” and while a 1.26 ERA is certainly unsustainable”…. we will have to agree to disagree on this line. a 1.26 ERA should be sustainable for a potential front of rotation picture or even a bullpen guy.

    • The Duke

      There have been 14 seasons in MLB history of a starter having a season ERA at 1.26 or below, and 13 of them happened before 1915. Even Bob Gibsob’s exception was in 1968 when the mound was higher. After Gibson the next highest within the relative past was Dwight Gooden in 1985 when he had a 1.53 ERA. The lowest ERA post 2000 was Zack Greinke in 2015 with a 1.66 ERA. I’d call 1.26 pretty unsustainable.

      • PATMC

        I think he meant with regard to a pitcher in Double A.

  5. Charlie

    Whom to file litigation against for that video? I strained my neck watching it… unacceptable and someone must be held responsible.

  6. DHud

    Why is India not in Cincinnati yet?? He obviously has nothing left to prove in the minors!

    (Thought I’d shake things up a bit and go complete polar opposite with today’s sarcasm)

  7. The Duke

    You can see pretty clearly in that video what I was talking about yesterday with Downs not getting set until the very last moment when the pitcher is throwing. Garcia is already set when the video starts. That drives me nuts.

      • The Duke

        At least outfielders have more time to react. Downs is 120 feet from the batter as opposed to 300-350 feet away

      • MK

        Many young infielders are taught to move late so they are on their toes when the pitch is made.

    • MK

      Jeter had that play in the video but it was one with about six poor ones to go with it. The worst of the poor one was on attempting to turn a double play, he straddled the bag at second took the throw and didn’t bother to touch bag then threw the ball up against the screen for two errors allowing two runs to score. It was like he was more concerned with it being pretty.His body language showed a lack of intensity.

  8. SteveLV

    Season stat lines for Mahle, Romano, Castillo:

    100.2 IP, 98k/43bb, 1.44 whip, 17 hr, .264 ba
    102.1 IP, 74/40, 1.44, 19, .264
    98.1, 94/35, 1.40, 18, .268

    Pretty similar, but Mahle has 4.04 era, while Romano at 5.28 and Castillo at 5.58. Mahle just a better situational pitcher? Lucky? Or have Castillo and Romano pitched better than the ERA/record indicate?

    • redlegs4ever

      Mahle’s just been lucky, I had a very in depth post about this in another thread, I wanna say the Greene and Trammell futures game one, that shows how Mahle leads the NL in inducing ground ball double plays but is bottom 5 in groundball %, and how he has always pitched on the right day like the wind blowing in at wrigley, etc.

      There is massive regression for Mahle coming, at least until he figures out a changeup. And I don’t see that happening during the season in the bigs.

    • The Duke

      Moreso them being unlucky, xFIP for each:

      Mahle 4.20
      Castillo 3.99
      Romano 4.59

      The biggest problem is the number of home runs given up. Find a way to mitigate that more and their ERA will start falling.

      • RedsinWashst

        Mahle is a high ball pitcher, a lot easier to luck into a homer. May have to live with him giving up homers. He needs to make sure he keeps his walks down so no one is on base when someone hits one.

  9. wes

    MLB has Iggy and Harvey going to Seattle for Lewis. Kyle Lewis is fools gold. Hate to see those guys go for him…..

    • Doug Gray

      Care to say why you think Lewis is fools gold?

      But there better be a lot more coming back if Iglesias is being moved than one guy.

      • The Duke

        Given the injury he had and his so so numbers in the Cal league as a 23 year old, i’d be nervous about him as the centerpiece in an Iggy trade. Now if it was something like Kyle Lewis, one of Sam Carlson or Julio Rodriguez, and Wyatt Mills, that’d be a different story all together. Throw in a low level guy with upside like Joe Rizzo as well if they wanted Harvey too.

      • wes

        I follow statistics and patterns and don’t watch prospects play nor do I know what to look for by watching a player live from a scouting perspective. So I draw conclusions from consistent patterns and project long term based on how similar prospects panned out. Many patterns will continue for the rest of their careers.

        1st is Lewis’ best season was in a league lower then rookie ball at an age much older than rookie ball. He was the best athlete in the whole league so you have to put a question mark by that season and that was the only time he hit for a decent average or lots of power.

        2nd is that most prospects don’t pan out. Even the ones ranked in top 50. They get ranked do to one tool or another but can’t ever put it all together and don’t really amount to much. Lewis has tools, but his stats aren’t very good. His average and power are low and he strikes out more than hits let alone walks and he’s 23 in A ball.

        He’s knees are actually not as big as concern to me. Modern medicine is phenomenal and great athletes can over come major injuries.

        I would still consider taking a chance on Lewis- for Scooter it’s more justifiable, and I actually think a lot less of Iggy than most people here, but no way would I take lewis for Iggy. You need a sure fire player or atleast someone whos not 23 in A ball.

        My projection of Lewis is that he fades out and never really makes or if he does it will be at a much later date than anyone expects- like at age 27/28 is when you see power guys come around like Smoak.

        A little more rambling on the topic:

        Lewis Brinson is another highly ranked guy who fell into this category and maybe he puts it together, but he’s been a top 25 prospect for like 4 years and many of them he his average and stats was terrible, but he’s toolsy so he gets ranked high. Only til last season in Mil AAA did he ever hit at all. But Milwaukee knew what they had in him and were more than willing to deal him so that should say WAY more about what to expect in the future. Any decent GM would see the writing on the wall but Jeter is a joke so he got used….He was the only top 30/40 prospect I would have traded for Yelich.

        Seeing a top ranked guy get traded is a great indicator that a guy is ranked WAY to high. Look at the Eaton trade- White Sox got a former #1 prospect in all of baseball AND a second top 50 guy. Using rankings vs MLB stats at the time it was a terrible trade for Nationals giving up so much for a good outfielder. Since then, Eaton has got WAY worse but the trade actually looks better. Compare that to today with Nationals- NO WAY you get Robles or Soto from them! Why?? Bc they know what they got! Same with Houston and their top guys.

        Got 1 more for ya- ALL catching prospects are fools gold! You see em all the time in the top 50/25/10 and they never amount to anything. 240 hitters with 20 homers is best to hope for.

        thx for asking : )

    • Colt Holt

      As is always a necessary caveat, you are referencing a hypothetical from Jim Duquette…this has no semblance of actual rumor…it has no more merit than what you and I could throw out. Further, JD even says the Reds would say no in the article…so I really don’t know what his aim was with an article proposing hypothetical trades that he doesn’t even buy into.

  10. redleggingfordayz

    Obviously I needed to comment to represent my boi Mr. Greenville Reds. Vlad G. has looked very solid from what I have seen over the last few starts. If him and Santillion can put it together over a full year, I think they have to push for spots in the rotation. I also really like India and the type of ceiling he brings to the organization, obviously only time will tell if he can eventually make it as a shortstop, but I would be willing to not have “above average” defense if he is going to hit 20-30 longballs with a >10% walk rate.

  11. Kap

    Reds have interest in Zack Wheeler. Trying to figure out why….

    • Norwood Nate

      Could have had him for Bruce a couple of seasons ago, or that was the rumor.

      Two more years control and how much of an upgrade would he really be? I’d probably rather roll with Stephenson than give up prospects for Wheeler.

    • redleggingfordayz

      They had interest in him when they were trading Jay Bruce, so this really isn’t all that surprising. He is also controllable through 2020 so he wouldn’t “just” be for 2019. I would be okay with the pickup depending on the asking price of course. Decent GB pitcher, not a huge HR/9, and could continue to get better as he gets further away from his injury. Though my only reservation with him, is of course, his injury history.

    • Ron

      This doesn’t really answer your question but, at the time of the Jay Bruce trade, I remember reading that the Reds had a strong interest in Wheeler (even though he was hurt at the time). He seems to only have one more year of team control after this year, so it doesn’t make much sense for the Reds unless he was willing to sign an extension. Perhaps it’s just a rumor designed to increase Wheelers trade value.

      • The Duke

        If the price is low enough, it makes sense as a 1 year move while the young pitching matures. As long as they boot Homer from the rotation.


        That’d be an intriguing rotation going into next year. I’d move Romano to a long relief role where he could go 2-3 IP when needed and let his fastball play up in shorter appearances.