There’s some new guys on the Greeneville Reds since I was here less than two weeks ago. You may have heard of them, Jonathan India and Mike Siani. They signed their professional contracts for a combined $7M+ as the Cincinnati Reds 1st and 4th round draft picks. Last night was the first chance that I had to see each play in person and they both showed off some different, but impressive things.

Let’s start off by talking a bit about Jonathan India. He’s currently playing third base in Greeneville, though there was talk at the time of the draft by the Reds that he could potentially slide to second or shortstop. For now, neither of those things has happened. With that said, at least last night, India had a few good defensive plays that showed off his athleticism.

At the plate he had a pretty big night, going 3-5 with a triple, scored two runs, and he drove in four. Here’s video of his triple:

After the series, and when I get back home to Cincinnati, I’ll have more video to post. But, you’re just going to have to take my word for it right now that Jonathan India hit the baseball hard multiple times last night. He also showed pretty good strikezone judgment, granted in a very small sample size of five trips to the plate. I have heard absolutely nothing from the Reds people on this, and it’s just me speculating, but if you are in the Appalachian League area, you might want to get out and see Jonathan India play with Greeneville sooner rather than later, because I’m not sure he’ll stick around very long.

Mike Siani didn’t quite have the game that India did, but he went 1-4 with a double, walk, and an RBI. His double was laced down the opposite field line and after a brief fumble of the ball off of the wall he took full advantage and took third base on the play. His speed was very apparent both on the bases and in the field. There were several plays in center that he got to far easier than I would have thought off of the bat.

It’s the defense for Mike Siani that looks like it could be special. That’s what the scouting reports coming out of the draft said, so this isn’t exactly surprising news. But it’s different when you get a chance to see it in person rather than seeing it in scouting reports. The range jumps out at you. And while no one tested his arm on the bases, he did have one chance to throw the ball from deep center back to the infield with a runner on, and showed off pretty good arm strength on the play. Hoping to get another look at this aspect of the game over the next two games.

Miguel Hernandez just continues to impress. In 2017 he began the year in the Dominican Summer League, but was promoted during the season to join the Arizona League Reds. Between the two levels he hit .299/.338/.402 in 312 plate appearances. For an 18-year-old, much less one that can play shortstop, that was a pretty good season. This year he’s been in Greeneville since the rookie league season began.

The now 19-year-old got out to a bit of a slow start to the year. Over the first six games of the season he went 4-22 (.182) without a walk and with eight strikeouts. In the 15 games since, spanning 59 plate appearances he’s gone 19-53 (.358) with five walks and eight strikeouts. He’s also racked up six extra-base hits. Through three-and-a-half weeks of play on the season he’s now hitting .307/.346/.480. The offensive line is enough to give you that warm and fuzzy feeling.

But that’s not what has people talking, though if he keeps it going it might be. It’s the defense that he’s shown off. He’s been described to me in the past as a potential gold glove kind of defender. He’s got a chance to be a difference maker with the glove. Last night saw him show off the kind of range you don’t see too often. While he didn’t complete the out, he ranged to his right and made a diving play and got up and fired the ball to first, but the runner beat the ball to the bag. The range shown wasn’t something I’ve seen too often over the years from minor leaguers.


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  1. redleggingfordayz

    You know I was originally a bit disappointed when the Reds took India, just due to a few things I read in both your pre-draft write-up and other publications that thought he struck out too much for a top 5 pick, but man have those fears been silenced. From everything I have read and seen since they took him 5th overall I see nothing but an extremely hard working, smart, and dedicated young man that has some serious talent. Dude can just outright crush baseballs and I am already encouraged by his control of the strike-zone so far. Especially after the Reds had him sign under slot value, this could end up being a real steal down the road. As always Doug, thanks for everything you do on this site, I promise we all appreciate it more than you know!

    • Wes

      It was hard to get excited bout anybody in that draft. Thought reds did a fantastic job though top to bottom.

      I wasn’t high on India until I kept seeing him linked to reds toward in. Then the more I read the more I liked him. I think he’s the most probable pro in the whole draft unless u love catchers who hit 240 w 15/20 dingers then it’s Bart.

      Love to see india earn that promotion Doug was talking about! Best sign for a good prospect is moving through systems ahead of schedule

  2. Stock

    I am excited about a lot of players in Greeneville even though they are in last place. There is a lot of hope on the prospect front at Greeneville. Also, it is very early but my first take is this was and effective and well planned draft. From taking India below slot so they could get Siani, Byrne, Richardson and Rylan Thomas well over slot to picking players that thus far look like they could be real prospects.

    Much attention is paid to India, Siani, Richardson and Gray because their slot in the draft indicates they should be prospects. Doug has these 4 plus Jonathan Willems in his top 25. And as a result the focus is deservedly on them.

    But here are seven players playing in Greeneville I am watching even though they were not signed in the first four rounds of this years draft:

    Alexis Diaz (Age 21) – Striking out 14.5/9 IP and walking 2.5/ 9 IP opens my eyes and puts you on my radar.

    Miguel Hernandez (19) – As Doug states above he has a ML glove at SS. He got off to a slow start but in July he is playing very well. His ISO this month is .190 so he could have some double pop in his bat. His BB% = K% = 10.64%. His line is .381/.447/.571 with an unsustainable BABIP of .4167

    Brian Rey (20) – Taken in the 13th round at or below slot value. He has more BB (6) than K’s (5) thus far which is impressive. No power (.76 ISO) so is a long, long shot at best but he is hitting .348 and it looks like he can play CF.

    Hunter Oliver (20) – Catcher taken in the 21st round. He has an .894 OPS (.327/.367/.527) and an ISO of .200.

    Rylan Thomas (21) – Drafted in the 26th round and signed for $287,500 (6th round money). For the season he has a line of .224/.377/.531 for on OPS of .908. But this is in spite of a BABIP of .219 An ISO of .307 is fantastic as is his BB% of 19.7% His July BABIP is .292 which is more realistic over the course of a season. His line this month is .282/.429/.667/1.095 (0.375 ISO). Love the power. Love the eye.

    Claudio Finol (18) – He was in the DSL last year so the fact that he is here vs. AZ tells me the Reds like him and think he is ready. His stats stink thus far but he is still well worth watching.

    Jacob Heatherly (20) – Finol has been bad but Heatherly has been ever worse. He was signed over slot last June so if he can learn to throw strikes he could be good too.

  3. Joe

    After seeing both in person would you re rank either one or you feel their both right where they need to be ranked

    • Doug Gray

      No. I’d like to see more swings from Siani.

  4. Bob Anderson

    Whatever happened to Bob Stephenson? Did he go on a secret mission and is awol for a few weeks?

  5. Mark l

    That report on Hernandez sounds more like a #11 prospect rather than #20

  6. Joe

    Trammell and Greene looking good in futures game..Hunter Greene is so easy,smooth and relaxed in his delivery it’s really simple compared to a lot of wind ups I’ve seen..Basabe for Boston got on one of his 102 heaters tho

  7. Brad

    Entire infield at Greeneville is intriuign. Thomas, Willems, Hernandez and India. I figure India starts playing SS in 2019 but will be interesting to see who plays SS at Dayton between him and Hernandez with Willems at 2B/3B.

    • redlegs4ever

      It wouldn’t shock me to see India go to High A Daytona next year instead of Dayton.

      As long as he’s given a legit chance to play SS then I really don’t care where he goes though.

  8. Alex Reds

    I’m surprised there’s no posts on this since it’s been a while, Taylor Trammell won MVP of the Futures Game. He hit the tie breaking home run for USA’s 9-6 win. He later hit a triple which was basically a home run to dead center that bounced off the upper part of the wall. Trammell was going slow around first, and ended up with a triple. It would have been an inside the park homer. Well spoken. Another reminder why we should not be trading Senzel or Trammell for a 2-3 year controlled player. These guys are going to be very exciting for around 6 years, hopefully longer starting in 2019 or 2020 which means the Reds true window starts 2020-2021 through ~2024-2026.

    • Bill

      I agree, Trammell really handled himself very well in the interviews. Can’t wait to see him Cincinnati.

  9. Billy

    I was at the Futures Game today. Hunter Greene was impressive despite the results. When he started pitching, it just looked so much faster than everyone else. The crowd seemed to gasp, although that may have just been me and my kids. The only video I got all day was the at bat when Trammell homered. It’s not great footage (seats were in the outfield), but I’ll post it on YouTube and share a link if Doug’s OK with that.