The Louisville Bats lost on Sunday, but they got a strong performance from outfielder Gabby Guerrero. He hit two home runs for the Bats, putting one deep into left-center, and then another one later in the game to right-center.

It was the 10th home run of the year for Gabriel Guerrero. He’s hit eight of them on the season for Louisville, and he had two earlier in the year when he was in Double-A Pensacola. Between the two stops, in 87 games in 2018, he’s hit .293/.334/.466. He doesn’t walk much – drawing just 22 walks on the season, but he’s got a few interesting tools. He’s got a cannon for an arm. Guerrero also has good raw power at the plate – the ball jumps off of his bat at times.

Taylor Trammell impresses BEFORE the Futures Game, too

As I’m sure you’ve seen by now, probably, Taylor Trammell won the MVP Award in the Futures Game on Sunday. He homered and tripled, and was a part of a day that showcased the Reds future in a big way. Prior to the game, though, it was Trammell that was putting on a show in batting practice and drawing plenty of attention.

You see the one that landed in the top row right under the scoreboard, that’s roughly 450 feet. And it’s an absolute blast, batting practice or not. The Florida State League suppresses power, and it’s probably been holding back a few home runs for Taylor Trammell (and the rest of the Daytona Tortugas for that matter). But on Sunday, anyone who had been sleeping on the power he had and was in the ballpark on Sunday in Washington D.C. certainly found things out rather quickly. It will be interesting to see just how much longer he remains in Daytona. The outfield in Pensacola is a bit crowded, but he’s certainly earned the promotion even if playing time for everyone is preventing that right now.

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  1. Kap

    DFA and switch Aquino with trammell. He has had ample time to show in Pensacola and hasn’t

    • Wes

      Lots of folks want to see that and I don’t oppose it but promotion or not it really don’t effect his timeline. He can start AA next season and be in majors by seasons end. He’s the type of prospect that could skip AAA all together or maybe just a couple months at most. 1/2 season of AA, couple months of AAA and August call up if he stays status quo. Debut at 21. All star at 23 ; )

    • Scott C

      There may e some trades that go down soon that will involve some prospects, hopefully opening up spots for some of our prospects, like Trammell to move on up. Who knows?

  2. Bob Anderson

    Sounded like Greene isn’t going to be liked……..

    • Jonathan Linn

      Hi. I don’t understand your comment. Can you say a different way?

      • Doug Gray

        Clearly meant he’ll be one that is loved. Otherwise, I’m just as confused as you, Jonathan.

  3. CP

    What do you think Gabby’s ceiling is? I know he doesn’t walk much right now but he is performing otherwise pretty good in AAA. Could he compete for an OF bench role in the future?

    • Cguy

      I know he’s Vladimir Guererro’s nephew. He’s still only 24 years old. Since being promoted to the International League (May 6th), he’s risen to hitting #10 in the league with a .292 BA. Small sample size, but his slash line vs lefties (@AAA) is .370/ .424/. 1.053. I think somebody will give him a try at the ML level .

      • MK

        Visually he reminds me more of Vladimir Sr. Than Vlad Jr.

    • Doug Gray

      Ceiling wise, he could play right every day. But I think more realistically he’s a potential 4th outfielder type.

    • Choo Choo Coleman

      The guy can play. Period. I live in Louisville and have seen him often since the call-up. He is a RF with speed, a great arm. He won’t get out of the way if BH tries to roam all the way there, though. And, the ball flies off his bat. May take him awhile to adjust to MLB pitching, from a discipline perspective, but the guy is a regular player. Just needs to be put out there every day.

      • Choo Choo Coleman

        George Foster type. Take a look at video of both of them at early age. Not saying he has that kind of success, yet, but they are very similar in approach.

  4. SultanofSwaff

    Do you think we could read anything into Romano pitching in relief yesterday? It will be a travesty if Homer gets the next shot before BobSteve because it will undermine all the work the team did just to become respectable again. I give the front office a lot of credit for their drafting and trades, but it’s hard to be all-in after the Finnegan/Bailey/Pennington/Gosselin roster decisions. To see more of the same will really be disheartening for the fans and the guys in the clubhouse.

    • Norwood Nate

      Agreed, the next opening in the rotation should go to Stephenson. But I think Sal relieved just because it’ll be a while before he gets on the mound again with the AS break.

    • Doug Gray

      No, I wouldn’t read into it much. All-Star break is here.

  5. wes

    Man if I’m a buyer and need corner outfield help I’m trading for Duvall today! Good D, 14 homers and 60 RBI?!? Law of averages are going to happen with his BA and the price has to be low; especially if Reds are planning on keeping scooter.

    • Choo Choo Coleman

      Agreed. The BA should come up gradually to around the baseball card numbers. Power numbers are too consistent over the past three years not to recognize. Good clubhouse guy. Could help a contender. Plus, Reds have surplus of OFs.

    • redlegs4ever

      Law of averages is going to happen with that RBI total too if/when he’s not batting behind Suarez and Winker anymore lol.

      I’ve been hoping for the Reds to trade Duvall for 2 years but now that his value has plummeted and it appears he’s clearly fallen into the 4th OF role I would prefer to keep him. He’s a very nice platoon player/ late inning defensive replacement (albeit LF only). Just as long as Winker/Hamilton/Schebler line up across the OF every chance they can Duvall isn’t hurting anyone and is an asset.

    • Jonathan Linn

      Whats up with valuing RBIs so highly?? RBIs have can not really be controled by the player as Its a product opportunity + chance. OBP is directly controled by the player.

      • Wes

        Do you have WAR tattooed on your neck ?

        I gauge major league players the traditional way. It’s been 3 years- if Schebler isn’t leading off he’s a bust. He’s more likely to vomit on the catcher than drive in a run. Duvall has drove in a 100 runs every year since starting in cincy- he’s surely got 40 more in him.
        And his value was never really high. Maybe a top 10 organizational prospect and another lotto ticket.

        Lots of guys can get on base but not as many can drive that guy in. There’s not a batting stat I value more than rbi.

      • Doug Gray

        If there’s not a batting stat you value more than RBI you are doing things very, very incorrectly.

      • Doug Gray

        By looking at the things that they actually have control over. Like AVG/OBP/SLG/Base running value. They can’t control coming to the plate with someone on base or not.

      • kevinz

        The only time RBI for a stat matters to me is when a player struggling average wise when have a chance to drive in Runs.
        some players are clutch in them spots like Suarez some are not like Bruce when played for Reds.

      • Doug Gray

        Jay Bruce: Career OPS .783
        Jay Bruce: Career OPS with RISP: .815
        The Jay Bruce isn’t clutch doesn’t work.

        Here’s the thing – guys tend to perform, in clutch situations, much like they do in non-clutch situations. The good hitters hit, the bad ones don’t. Because that’s how it works.

      • Wes

        It’s not the players job to step to plate with runners on it’s the managers job to put a guy in a position to succeed. Some have it and some don’t. 3 years of “bad luck” isn’t bad luck- it’s a trend. And as much as scheblar has the inability to drive runs in Duvall has the ability too and the stats reflect that statement vs some deeply intragated computer system that lacks the ability to judge heart and determination.

        Games are determined by who scores most runs. Having guys who excel in driving in runs is essential to winning. That was scooters calling last year and continues this year. Suarez ability to drive in runs this year has been a pleasant addition to his game and is the biggest difference maker in so many wins right now.

      • Doug Gray

        That’s the thing though, Wes – guys are who they are, by-and-large, whether someone is on base or not. The reason Suarez has had the ability to drive in runs this year is because he’s freaking good. It’s not because he’s figured out some special secret sauce. He’s just gotten better as a player, and thus his stats have all gotten better.

        There are so many studies done on this. There’s very, very, very little evidence that shows there are clutch players and non-clutch players. There are just good ones and non-good ones, and they perform as such in “clutch” situations.

      • kevinz

        Thanks Doug really thought Bruce worse than that with RISP.
        Guess mayb should of used Schebler as a better example

      • kevinz

        Some Players great hitters in the clutch but not with bases empty.
        Winker a great hitter with runners on but struggles when bases empty.
        Schebler a good overall hitter but a turd with RISP.
        There are plenty of great hitters who are great players but struggle with men on base.

  6. Joe

    I bet Taylor Trammells trade value jus went thru th roof after this weekend. Teams might actually start valuing him over senzel in trade packages

  7. jbonireland

    What on earth will the Reds do over the next 3 or 4 years with all of these outfielders. Winker, Schebler, Guerrero, Senzel (?), Freidl, Trammell, Siani, India(?) and I’m sure I may have missed a few.

    That also does not include Castellini’s favorite boy Hamilton. The offense in the outfield excluding Hamilton looks productive for many years to come.

    • Tom

      No need to rush them, that’s for sure. Let injury dictate opportunity over the next 3-4 years.

    • AllTheHype

      You’ve got some that aren’t OFers (Senzel, India) and one that isn’t a legit ML starting OF prospect (Guerrero) and one that’s years away (Siani) in your list. I’d say the list of near term Reds legit OFers is not nearly that long.

  8. Hoyce

    There have been rumors of a Nats/ marlins trade w Realmuto and Victor Robles involved. Now this is looking pretty far ahead, but w Robles and Lewis Brinson both clearly CFers, any chance the reds could pry away Robles in a quantity for quality trade?
    Something like: santillian, shed long and either Fairchild/Siri for Robles?
    Would go a ways to improving the Marlins farm system and reds CF

    • Wes

      If nationals trade Robles it’ll be for degrom or Thor. Not a catcher and prob less than 5% chance they would do that.

      Unlike Brinson, Everything about Robles shows he’s a sure fire mlb stud. He’s 21 and would be in Washington if he didn’t start season hurt. Since then he’s hitting 385. He’s almost untouchable.

      If reds want him- I’m sure they could create a senzel package that would look terribly one sided for Washington but get it done. Like senzel Santillan and another player under 20 w upside might get it done. I’m a fan of keeping your home grown guys though. Trammell is projected to fit in CF. Let him earn Billy’s spot

    • AllTheHype

      The Nats are not rebuilding. They’re not going to trade the #5 prospect in baseball for a few Reds B prospects. They would never consider such a trade even if they were rebuilding. If you were the Reds, would you trade Senzel for a few Nats B prospects?

    • Alex Reds


      Now’s the time to acquire Robles before he gets hot and raises his value. It doesn’t look like he can help Nats this year and Nats with Harper leaving may want to continue to bump towards all in this year. Or, they use Robles to replace Harper with Soto as well. I think Iglesias, Senzel, or Suarez would be of great interest to the Nationals. Nationals greatly need bullpen help and a closer right now.

      I had a proposed trade around Iglesias, who makes the most sense for the Reds to trade compared to Senzel/Suarez. You could add another reliever like Jared Hughes/David Hernandez and add in Siri and it might get done.

      Iglesias, Hughes/Hernandez, Siri, another mid tier prospect if needed for Robles

      • Colorado Red

        I like it, but I doubt the Nats trade him

  9. MikeinSoCal

    This stat business messes up some hitters. Hamilton has been harped on for years about bunting for base hits and hitting the ball on the ground. Easier said than done. He is doing ok now but it is not because of bunting. See a good pitch, hit it hard. Duvall will never hit .280 or maybe even .270 but he will give you the clutch hit and lots of homers and RBIs. I think the reason his avg is down this year is because he taking more pitches and getting behind in the count. Sometimes you have to let these guys do what they do best. I like the depth of the team right now. When you can PH a Duvall, a Winker, and now Herrera, do double switches its a good late inning weapon. I know Duvall will probably have to go but we are going to miss his bat and defense. Our late inning strategy and improved BP are the keys to our success right now.

  10. SteveO

    Finally, India getting some time at SS tonight. Hernandez is playing well in Greeneville, so India should be moved to Billings to play SS sometime soon

    • Alex Reds

      Guerrero. Two years ago and you would have said Aquino. Either way, there’s little major impact in either. Phil Ervin and Guerrero. Back up and utility outfielder. Hoping they prove me wrong

  11. kevinz

    Hope this Helps Trammell nap out of his Funk after SO.
    Plz but him back at leadoff where he was on fire was above 315.
    Since moved down too the 3 hole it has been quite the struggle.

  12. Hanawi

    Not sure what to make of Finnegan. Is he done? Another terrible outing tonight. Maybe he hasn’t regained his stuff after the injuries.

    • Red Thunder

      When I was in Louisville recently he looked like he has gained some weight. Don’t know if that has anything to do with lack of results! Saw that the Reds released Dayton’s Tyler Mondile a few days back.