Baseball America has updated their Top 100 prospect list earlier today to include draft picks. The Cincinnati Reds have four prospects on the list, which you can see here.

Infielder Nick Senzel has long been the Reds highest ranked prospect and nothing has changed here. Despite being out for the rest of the 2018 season after having surgery on his finger, Senzel comes in ranked at #4 overall on the list – up one spot from the last update. He hit .310/.378/.509 with Triple-A Louisville in 44 games before he was injured.

Taylor Trammell is the next prospect on the list for Cincinnati. After showing off his skills at the Futures Game over the weekend, the outfielder comes in ranked 21st overall. That’s actually down one spot since the last update. #1 overall pick in the 2018 draft Casey Mize jumped into the top 20, pushing a few players down the list. He’s hit .294/.390/.416 with the Daytona Tortugas in 80 games played this season.

Right-handed pitcher Hunter Greene is the #31 prospect on the list. That’s exactly where he was in the last update. Like Trammell, Greene participated in the Futures Game over the weekend. His game wasn’t as good as Trammell’s, but every fastball that he threw in the game was one of the 19 fastest pitches in the game – including a 103.1 MPH pitch.

The only new entry to the list for the Reds comes at #46 on the list. 2018 first round pick Jonathan India jumped into the top 50. After a huge year at Florida, he vaulted up draft boards and was snatched up by the Reds. After an 0-12 start to his career, he’s gone on an absolute tear for the Greeneville Reds over the last week and is now hitting .276/.475/.621 in 40 plate appearances.

I continue to be surprised that Tony Santillan isn’t finding his way onto at least the back end of these midseason lists. He’s got elite stuff, and at least to this point in the season, he’s shown big improvements in throwing strikes. It’s tough to figure out exactly what he’s got to do to get bumped up.

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    • Colorado Red

      We get no respect.
      Steve, I think you hit the nail on the head.

      • Doug Gray

        The team has the #4 prospect in the world. I don’t think it’s something to do with being a Red.

      • Ghettotrout1

        I would agree I feel like no national dudes really care as much about the Reds as the big market teams. Doug you can deny it as I see you have but I’m with the other two above I think that does have something to do with it. As for Senzel yes you will get love when you have picks that high but for other lesser dudes that were less known to get there I think it takes a lot more performance than for some of the bigger named guys in bigger markets.

      • Doug Gray

        Tony Santillan was a 2nd round pick. Everyone knows about him.

      • Billy

        It seems to me that there is often a disconnect between our perspectives as Reds fans and the national perspective(s). Is it because we’re too rosy on Reds prospects or because the national guys aren’t as informed about them specifically? There are probably instances of both of those things.

        Let me pose the question a bit differently. Assuming that players are ranked in tiers where everyone within the tier is of a similar talent level, is there a tendency for bigger market players within the tier to be ranked higher than smaller market teams (specifically Cincinnati)? I suspect that does happen to a small extent, but I don’t think it is enough of a difference to get worked up over.

      • Stock

        Doug, correct me if I am wrong and/or provide more clarification but Santillan dropped to the second round only because scouts questioned his control. The stuff was 1st round material.

        If this is true then 6-8 starts in AA should answer these questions.

        Using Robert Stephenson as an example in 2013 he walked 2 /9 IP in A and A+ ball. But struggled in AA because batters were more selective. Santillan is at 1.5 per 9 IP in Pensacola after 2 starts.

        If Santillan finishes the season with an ERA 9 and BB/9 8.5 and his BB/9 < 3 he should be in the top 100.

  1. SteveLV

    It doesn’t seem to me to be as much market biased/driven as it does reputation driven.
    Teams with most top 100 representatives are Tampa Bay, White Sox, San Diego, Atlanta, Toronto.
    Hard to earn your way into the list if you don’t start with the best tools reputation.

  2. Alex Reds

    So the Reds have the # 4, 21, 31 and 46th overall prospects, and a farm that is also known to be deep beyond the top 100. But, it’s only the 8th best farm system??

  3. kevinz

    Part of it is because our Position Players do not put of Flashy stat lines.
    They play in Pitchers Parks so no high HR totals.
    Once The Prospects hit the Show at GABP they will get the Love.

  4. Justin Fortner


    Are you concerned with Santillan’s low strikeout rate in AA?

    • Stock

      It is only two games but right now Santillan’s k/9 in Pensacola is 9.00. That is not low. In Daytona it was 7.58 which can be considered low.

      • Jman

        That would be the knock on him — the low K rate. If his stuff is truly “elite” it should show itself in the form of more swings and misses. Pitchers that struggle to miss bats in the lower minors are not top 100 prospects.

        Not saying he won’t be solid, but more in the Romano 4th/5th starter mold.

  5. kevinz

    Thank you Machado finally Traded great for him now moving on lol

  6. MikeD

    Off subject.
    It will be interesting to see what the Dodgers do long term with him. Playing him at shortstop will certainly hurt them defensively. Also will be interesting to see how much Scott Boris can hijack the Nats to bring Harper. He certainly is not a smart investment for most teams.

  7. Bob Anderson

    Trammal in a very deep funk. So much for that aa promotion.

    • Doug Gray

      You mean a week long slump that doesn’t include the Futures game, right?

  8. kevinz

    Trammell with a Double Homer tonight i think he is fine.
    He is still young will show flashes of greatness along with his Flaws.
    Streaks are a huge part of baseball can’t get to high or low just like the players.

  9. Mo

    Based off the trade for Machado there is no way the Reds should trade Scooter. I used to be firmly in the trade him camp but you won’t find a team to give you a top 10 prospect forget it. Ask me the Orioles got hosed on that one.

    • Fish

      Different situations, Machado is a free agent after the season, Scooter has 1.5 years of control so any team that acquires him could make the qualifying offer and also get a draft pick. He’s not a more valuable player than machado, but 1.5 years of him is more valuable than .5 of machado. However, I doubt castellini lets the FO trade him.

      • Ghettotrout1

        It is a diff situation but he is right we won’t be getting too much for Scooter. Position players never seem to gain as much value as pitchers at the trade deadline. I think if you really want to extract value for Scooter you may want to wait til the winter.

  10. kevinz

    Off topic but Aquino has some crazy splits almost almost a 300 hitter on Road.
    Under 200 at home seems struggle badly there.
    He struggles with RISP but hit very well with bases empty almost 300 hitter.
    How about having him hit leadoff or 2 hole where have least amount Runners on base?
    Just had this thought when looked at Aquino splits thought mayb would take off.

  11. kevinz

    Siri with 2 homers i was begging put him in leadoff spot.
    Similar to Schebler there aggressive style fit in new age lead off spot.