Jose Siri seems to be making up for lost time of late. He missed nearly the first two months of the season after suffering a thumb injury in the first game of spring training, the outfielder returned to Daytona in late May. He got out to a bit of a slow start, but was promoted to Pensacola after a month.

It took a little bit of time to get going in Double-A for Jose Siri, too. But things are going in the right direction these days for the center fielder. He hit a long home run off of the batters eye on Saturday night for the Blue Wahoos. It was his 4th home run in as many games. He also drew a walk in the game, which gives him 10 in 28 games played with Pensacola.

The walks have been an issue for Jose Siri since he started his career. In 30 games with Daytona he walked just four times. That rate has more than doubled since he was promoted to the Southern League and Pensacola. There has still been plenty of strikeouts – 40 of them in those 28 games – but that rate has slowed of late, too. Right now, Jose Siri is doing a little bit of everything. He’s drawing walks, he’s hitting the ball for tons of power (.559 slugging percentage), and he’s playing strong defense.

While he may not be the best prospect in the system (though he’s in the top 10), he’s the most exciting one to watch. He’s just explosive in so many different aspects of the game. If his improved walk rate in Double-A is a true step forward, and he can cut down on his strikeout rate just a little bit, things could get really, really interesting for the Cincinnati Reds when it comes to Jose Siri.

Orlando Noriega pitching well for the AZL Reds

The Cincinnati Reds signed right-handed pitcher Orlando Noriega out of Venezuela in November of 2015 as a free agent. He then spent the 2016 and 2017 seasons pitching for the Dominican Summer League Reds. His first year saw him walk more batters, 34, than he threw innings, 31.0. The next year he repeated the league and saw his control take big steps forward, walking just 26 batters in 65.2 innings pitched. That also came with a 4.11 ERA (it was 4.06 the previous year despite all of the walks).

The steps taken forward in 2017 earned him a promotion to the United States and the Arizona League Reds in 2018. He took the mound on Saturday night in Goodyear and allowed one run over 5.2 innings. That also came with no walks and with five strikeouts. That start gave the 19-year-old a 2.81 ERA through 25.2 innings pitched this season. His walk rate is dropping again, handing out just six free passes on the year. He’s also struck out 28 batters.

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73 Responses

  1. kevinz

    What I like most about siri. He is trying to hit to right field. Even a few times when pitch inside.
    He even then tried going to right on a Pitch inside even when should of pulled it.
    he got out on a grounder to 2nd. My point is he was a extreme Pull hitter before.
    If he sticks to that approach he will be fine because then able to turn on inside pitch.
    Center field right field approach with his power man fun to watch.
    Like game today Power homer to CF Fun to watch right keep it going lol.

    • Doug Gray

      Your point was very incorrect, Kevin.

      Jose Siri has never been anything remotely close to an extreme pull hitter.

      • kevinz

        It sure seems like it from the eye test from earlier in the season.
        sry if wrong it happens just seemed like it from everyone game on milb tv.

  2. MikeinSoCal

    if Siri and Aquino could tap into their full potential the Reds would really have something. I like Siri, Aquino, and Trammell in the OF for 2020.

    • The Duke

      Jesse Winker has a .408 OBP in the big leagues right now and you’re looking to replace him with a guy the same age in AA and an OBP 101 points less?

      • Joe

        I think winkers bat needs to b in lineup next 8yrs or so he’s a natural to take over for Votto at 1st I would think

      • MikeinSoCal

        my comment was more tongue and cheek. Probably only Trammell makes it and then in about 2021-22.

    • kevinz

      The hope for me is Trammell Siri Winker or Senzel in the OF by 2020.

    • Joe

      I agree I’ve rooted for Aquino for yrs now .6-4 has a cannon for an arm .550+ slugging potential would look good in rf. If Siri can hit .250 -260 in mlb hell b ok. Jus hope he doesn’t get his chance on another team b4 reds atleast try him for a season or so

    • Stock

      I am with Duke here.


      LF: Winker
      CF: Trammell
      RF: Siri

      I know Siri is clearly the best CF of the group but i think he may very well be the best RF too.

      This is a quality OF, both offensively and defensively.

      With an infield of:

      C: Barnhart
      1B: Votto
      2B: Gennett/Senzel
      3B: Suarez
      SS: Peraza

      The Reds may have the best offense in the league from 2020-2025.

      • Norwood Nate

        I have a hard time seeing Trammell playing CF over Siri if both are showing themselves worthy of being in the line up in 2020. Siri has played CF over Trammell at every stop they’ve been at together. It’s likely Siri’s presence in AA that has halted Trammell’s promotion to AA this season.

        Most likely scenario in 2020 will be Winker, Siri/Trammell, and Schebler in the OF. It will depend on Siri’s development and whether or not he can reign in the K’s and keep the BB’s at a respectable level. It may also depend on Trammell as well. The AA jump is not one to be taken lightly and may delay his arrival if he stumbles a bit.

      • Joe

        I don’t think anybody besides billy can go get it like Siri can in cf and u fill ur team from inside out the best work th middles

  3. The Duke

    10 K’s in Siri’s last 10 games. That’s a rate everyone could live with (especially with 4 BB to go along with it), we’ll see if he can keep it up. I haven’t been a believer and still wouldn’t call myself one, but I hope he proves me wrong.

    • Doug Gray

      I’ve been saying for at least the last year that his strikeout-to-walk ratio hasn’t been reflective of his plate discipline/pitch recognition skills. I don’t think he’s going to turn into some guy who walks a ton and doesn’t strike out, but I do think there’s a chance he can get to that 3-to-1 range. And if he does, he’s going to be a star.

      • Joe

        Do u believe Siri can b on billy level when it comes to D or is that to much to ask of anyone? I’ve only seen Siri on tv but looks like he gets to bout anything with ease

    • Stock

      I think Siri will have a 20% – 25% K% and a 6% – 8% BB%. This is plenty good with his tools.

      I also think Siri will consistently hit 30+ HR as a Red. We will see some 40 HR seasons from Siri.

      • Joe

        I think if he can crack 5% walk that’s playable especially with th other skills. B like Peraza but with way my power n harder hit rate

  4. kevinz

    Scooter hughes to Rockies for ss/2nd Hampson. Helps add speed and good defense at 2nd. Hampson can play SS in a Pinch to rest peraza while dixon play 2nd.

    then trade iggy harvey Duvall Billy Senzel greene whoever for more Pitching.
    If Add some more speed and Defense it will help the Pitching as well.

    • Shawn

      Why would you want to trade Scooter for a 2B. I am all for trading him but it’s because we have Senzel and Long ready to take his place. Reds need a CFer, SS depth and starting pitching. That said. The Reds should trade for the best talent they can get regardless of position. This winter we should trade prospects to fill needs. Reds will be competitive next year and need to do everything they can do to win. They owe the fans that.

      • Stock

        The Reds don’t need a CF. Hamilton is just fine and I think that by mid-season 2019 Siri will be ready.

        They do need SS depth but there will be so many back-up SS available this winter there is no need to address this need via trade.

        What the Reds is SP. I don’t trade Gennett, Senzel or Iggy without getting a quality SP. McKenzie, Whitley, Sixto Sanchez, Corbin Burnes, Sheffield, Adonis Medina, Albert Abreu or one of the many Braves pitchers.

        I am just hoping the Reds pursue Keuchel this winter.

      • kevinz

        I am only trading him for a GG type 2B. I move Senzel to RF.
        I use all other Pieces for Pitching.

      • MK

        If Peraza keeps hitting you can have afford a Hamilton hitting 9th.

    • Colorado Red

      Hampson is not a top MLB 100 prospect. I would ask for Lambert for Scotter by himself.
      Rockies tend to think all of there prospects are awesome, and I do not think will trade them.

      • kevinz

        Where he is Ranked does not matter to me. Speed and Defense does.
        I think adding more speed plus Defense would Help the Pitchers.
        Reds have alot of Young Pitchers to still sort through.
        Bailey disco harvey taking innings from the Young Guys.
        Reds really need to sort through all this.
        Mahle Castillo Bobsteve Big Sal all need to take some Lumps.
        They need innings plus to learn to pitch full seasons through Aug and sept.

  5. DHud

    I’m just not convinced Siri or Aquino are ever going to have the plate discipline

    Sure hope I’m wrong

  6. Mark

    In my mind going forward with cf say about this time next season is Siri initially going to be that much worse average wise and defensively compared to Billy?? Maybe Siri starting to figure it out and the new stance/approach might work out.

    • Norwood Nate

      I had mentioned a little while ago that Siri could get the call up from the Reds, and there would be an argument to make that he’d have a higher OPS than Hamilton. When Siri hits the ball, he hits it hard which is a huge divergence from Hamilton. I don’t think the defense would be much of a drop off either.

  7. Tampa Red

    I’ve watched Ian Happ play CF for the Cubs over the last two years and I’ve wondered to myself if there’s a chance Senzel could play CF? They’re virtually the same size, roughly the same age and both were top-10 overall draft picks out of college as infielders.

    Putting aside the vertigo issues – since none of us are doctors and as far as I know the root cause of Senzels vertigo has never been disclosed – is there any reason to think Senzel couldn’t play CF on a fairly regular basis? The reds play half their games in a tiny OF and a fair amount more in smaller parks like Wrigley etc.

    The days of 8 guys getting 600 AB’s has long since passed. The best teams now have 10-11 guys getting at least 350-400 AB’s. Look at the Cubs, they have 10 guys on track to get 400 plate appearances. The Red Sox have 10 guys on track for 350 PA’s. The Yankees,10-350. The Astros might have 11 guys get 300 AB’s.

    I guess the point is, having a strong 8 is important, but in today’s game it’s even more important to have 10-11 guys that are virtual starters.

    I like what you could do with 10-11 guys like this:

    Barnhart: C

    Casali: C, 1B

    Votto: 1B

    Gennett: 2B, 3B, corner OF

    Peraza: SS, almost anywhere else

    Suarez: 3B, SS

    Winker: LF, RF

    Senzel: CF, almost anywhere else

    Schebler: RF, CF

    Blandino: IF, OF

    Dixon: IF, OF

    For the 12th guy, maybe someone like Hamilton, late inning defensive/baserunning replacement, spot starter at Coors Field etc?

    I guess I just hope the Reds hire a forward thinking manager who intends to have guys like Votto, Suarez, Winker and probably Peraza in the lineup 90-95% of the games but maximizes his roster in other spots. Who isn’t afraid to do things like start Senzel in CF and then maybe move him to 2B and Hamilton to CF in the 7th inning when you get the lead.

    THIS IS MY OPINION ONLY: If the Reds are going to win, the mindset of ALWAYS trading good players to make room for potentially good players has to stop. In today’s game of advanced metrics and 8 man bullpens, you need to have the best 12-man position roster possible. I think the Reds have the “potential” to have one of the best if they do it right.

    • Wes

      Nice post Tampa. Very sensible comments. Love senzel as ultimate utility guy but not sure as primary CF. Especially bc it doesn’t look like Schebler will be in long term plans w reds. If Siri/trammell man center field then surely he could be fill in as needed.

      • CP

        Why wouldn’t Schebler be in Reds long term plans?

      • Tampa Red

        When did Schebler fall into the “not in the long term plan” category?

      • Wes

        To many better players pushing him out. At big league level u have scooter who will need a place to play if resigned. If not maybe senzel needs a place if Herrera pans out.

        Then behind him u got trammell/siri. Siri will be a better forth OF than Schebler even if that’s his ceiling.

        Behind them reds have a half a hundred short stops that will all need a place to play if they ever make the show including India who should advance quickly through system.

      • Tampa Red

        Ok well I disagree. I don’t think a 27 year old proven 800+ OPS guy who plays a strong RF and can fill in CF should be pushed out of the long term plans.

        Especially for a bunch of players have that have either proven little or nothing at the big league level and/or have big Q marks about their ability to actually make it to the big leagues.

        We’ll see how it plays out, but I’m pretty confident that Schebler is very much in any 3-4 year plan the Reds have.

      • kevinz

        I like Scott but feel like he is a placeholder until stays healthy.
        Staying on the field the first step in proving your worth.

      • Wes

        just think about it like this- in 3 years he hasn’t been linked to one team in one trade while Duvall and Billy have both been linked to several. It’s bc he’s not that good and nationally it’s a unanimous opinion. Mlb will list 300 trade scenarios this month and he won’t be mentioned. Promise it’s not bc he’s untouchable

      • Bill

        Maybe we don’t hear trade rumors about Schebler because the Reds aren’t interested in trading him. Certainly, he’s not untouchable, but doubtful another team would pay the Reds price for a high-performing, cheap, long term controllable corner outfielder.

      • Wes

        Oakland has a need for that exact person and the reds are in need of opening up a spot in line up.

      • Norwood Nate

        From June 9th 2018, MLB Trade Rumors:

        “Adam Duvall is having a disastrous season, and OBP-challenged corner outfielders with pop have hardly been in-demand trade/free-agent commodities in recent years. Scott Schebler could be of more interest.”

    • Norwood Nate

      Fangraphs has Senzel’s speed at a 55. That’s probably the fringe of what would be acceptable in CF. (FG has Fairchild’s speed at 55, Siri’s speed at 60, Trammell’s at 70 for comparison). You make a good point about playing in smaller ball parks which would be a benefit to not having a speedster out there. I think it’s worth a shot if Gennett is going to stick around longer than 2019 because we have to find a spot for Senzel’s bat.

      With Siri, Trammell, and Friedl coming up the pipeline, CF has plenty of options though and honestly RF beyond Schebler has fewer options. Trammell doesn’t have the arm to play RF, Siri’s CF prowess would be underutilized in RF, and Winker is better served playing in LF everyday. Friedl could play RF but I would be concerned about wanting a little more pop from the position than what I think Friedl will provide.

      If Senzel moves to RF you can play Schebler/Hamilton in CF until one of the CF prospects is ready. If Schebler is hitting well (and he’ll be in his prime) then maybe you can move him, or he makes a great option as a 4th OF.

      • Tampa Red

        Yeah I don’t think as a long term plan, Senzel is a CF. I’m thinking more about the 19-20 time frame. It’s highly doubtful that Siri or Trammell will be ready to produce at the big league level in 19 and maybe/probably not in 20. And it’s baseball man, it may be that neither actually become what we all hope they do.

        Obviously the Reds need to move Harvey. And IMO, they need to attempt to get a fair return for Duvall and Herrera as well. And if they can get a strong return for Iglesias I could live with that too.

        I’m not the GM but if I were I’d be very hesitant to trade Hamilton or Gennett right now. I’d wait to see how the first half of 19 plays out and reassess. Both guys are probably more valuable to the Reds than anything they can get in return and can be crucial to success in 19, if utilized correctly by the right manager. They could be part of a very, very strong 12 man position roster, potentially one of the best in baseball.

        These are just my thoughts and things I’d like to see happen. We’ll see what happens I guess.

      • Norwood Nate

        Yeah, I would think Siri and Trammell are more likely to arrive and contribute in 2020 at some point. If Siri is playing well he may get a call up in 2019 due to being on the 40-man.

        I would think that with Schebler’s experience playing in CF already and Hamilton being under team control in 2019 that those two (maybe Ervin) play CF in the short term until we have a better idea of what Siri and Trammell are going to be ready. I am a proponent of getting Senzel into the OF, I just think RF makes a little more sense at this time because of the other players the Reds have on the roster. Senzel’s arm should play well in RF as well. The Reds initially talked about getting Senzel reps in the corner OF this offseason, so that may still be in the works now that the INF is more solidified.

        At the very least, the Reds should have a lot of options in 2019-2020 to move around. It’s a good position to be in.

      • Tampa Red

        I wouldn’t hate Senzel in RF and it’s probably more realistic than CF, but man if he’s capable of playing a decent CF at least in GABP then what a dynamic roster the Reds would have.

      • kevinz

        I am surprised Trammell faster than Siri is that really true?
        Anyone know if that is true? I always thought Siri was faster i mean not by much. I am just curies that is all.

      • Doug Gray

        Jose Siri is absolutely, 100% certain, faster than Taylor Trammell is.

      • kevinz

        Thanks Doug I thought so. I wanted to ask before I thought I was right over Fangraphs lol.

      • Norwood Nate

        I was surprised to see how FG rated the two as well. But I don’t make the rankings, I just cited them.

    • Stock

      The Reds clearly need SP in order to contend. They have a great core offensively with excess (Senzel). They really need Keuchel.

      I think Stephenson, Disco and Mahle are solid. If they can sign Keuchel then they have 4 SP. The question is what to do with Bailey. You can start the season with him in the rotation and see if he wakes up. It is his contract year so I could see him having a good year. If he does you have added a stud to your bullpen (Castillo) and a Sam LeCure+ (Romano) to the bullpen. This is why you can afford to trade Iggy if you get a quality SP.

      2020 Rotation:


      In the wings: Santillan, (Whitley, McKenzie or whomever they acquire in a trade) and Greene.

      • Wes

        I think best chance reds have to obtain a top pitching prospect for least amount to give up would be puk from A’s. Acquiring players without salery is good for Oakland so harvey is more valuable to them since he’s on mets payroll. Throw in scooter as utility/dh and that’s a good haul for Puk who’s value is down.

        I honestly don’t think Puk will ever be as valuable as scooter and maybe never more than a back end rotation piece but he’s a huge lefty- so worth the risk. And sometimes, more of recent, you see guys coming back from tommy john w more control and velocity than before.

      • MK

        He would fit the mold as Reds only acquire players who have arm problems.

      • Colorado Red

        What do you propose giving up for him??

      • kevinz

        Rather take a chance on Lazardo from A’s instead.
        I know had a injury as well but is further along .

  8. AirborneJayJay

    Siri is regaining his trade value. I’d be very very surprised if Siri ever sees a day in a Reds uniform. He’ll help get that top of rotation starter this winter. If he becomes a star, it will be somewhere other than Cincinnati.

    • CP

      Isn’t Siri the closest thing the Reds have to an internal upgrade at CF? I would only trade him if it helps bring a legit upgrade at SP.

      • Norwood Nate

        Siri is probably the closest in terms of proximity (in AA on the 40-man) as an upgrade for CF, but Trammell is right behind him in terms of ETA.

      • Stock

        Agreed. If he can get Whitney or Sixto (along with Gennett or Iggy) I do it. Otherwise hold pat.

      • Shawn

        Friedl is outplaying Siri right now. Both in Pensacola.

      • kevinz

        Friedl might be in ave and OBP wise. He is not making the Impact that Siri is in AA.
        I mean I will take the Power and defense over what Friedl is doing right now at AA.

      • Norwood Nate

        Siri currently has an .857 OPS in AA. Friedl has a .768 OPS in AA. Hard to say Friedl is outplaying Siri looking at overall offensive production. Add the fact that Siri is a better defender and there really isn’t a case to be made that Friedl is currently outplaying Siri.

  9. kevinz

    Not sure how far the Reds will fall with most of Players due for regression.
    It is early but from Reports and Video next draft could be like 2015 .
    Could be SS heaven like i said very early but looks Promising.

  10. kevinz

    If he had any to begin with there goes any value for Harvey i believe.

    • Norwood Nate

      I doubt most teams watching Harvey will fall victim to recency as much as we fans tend to do. One start out of the last several goods ones won’t tank his value, especially when the velocity was still up around 95. I highly doubt the needle was moved much either way on Harvey’s value based on one start.

      • kevinz

        Good Point but does 3-4 good starts for the reds up his value?
        I mean he has had more bad starts this year he has had good.
        So his value not very high as it is. Hoping would raise it with 2 more QS before the trade deadline.

      • Norwood Nate

        I think more than anything, regaining his velocity, which had been down quite a bit to help his trade value. His K/BB numbers have been good as well while with the Reds. I think teams are looking at those numbers moreso than W’s, L’s, and ERA.

  11. kevinz

    If this Series does not show we need to trade some Pieces then don’t know what will.
    Pirates themselves are on a Hott streak like the reds were.

    • kevinz

      Might just be a breather for Trahan but still interesting Vanmeter at SS.
      Hmm not really sure if can handle it or not but do need a backup SS to peraza.

  12. MikeinSoCal

    Timing is everything. Would have been nice to have moved Harvey sooner rather than later. We just went from a AAA prospect to a single A prospect.

  13. MikeinSoCal

    Ok, we know what Jackson Stephens can do. Isn’t there another multiple inning BP guy in AAA that we can try.

  14. kevinz

    It would be huge if Mella can keep throwing strikes. if he does and keeps getting Ground balls he could be a surprise.

  15. MK

    I just don’t believe the Reds will consider Scooter as a long term solution for the team. Just think, and rightfully so, they think Senzel is a better long term solution. I think there were some damaged management feelings when he went and won at arbitration this past winter. Historically guys who have done that have not stayed long. Not sure he will be traded at deadline, unless someone gets injured this week, but will go this winter.

  16. kevinz

    Only a hour left but happy Birthday to Siri turned 23 today.
    Hope see you in the Bigs making some sweet plays Mr tools lol.