Episode 28 of The Unnamed Reds Podcast is here. It’s a bit later in the week than hoped, but I got around to it. It’s a solo show this week as Brian is out earning a living in Los Angeles with his normal gig. This week I talk about the return of Homer Bailey, how his rehab went with Louisville, and what it means for the Reds and other pitchers. I also talked a bit about the shortstop situation with Alex Blandino’s injury and what the organization plan could be, and what it probably should be.

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12 Responses

  1. Alex Reds

    Harvey got shelled today but I watched on TV and all of the hits were off great pitches with good movement either below the zone or on the corners. Just bad luck. If that happens to Harvey, can’t image what’s going to happen to Bailey at some point. Robert Stephenson’s numbers blow away Baileys, even for his stronger 28 inning stretch. I’m for giving Bailey one more brief shot, but after 4 starts or so, if it’s not there – you have to move on. Castellini needs to quit medding with the roster and giving out large contracts to fan favorites instead of wise business decisions. Even if we lose a year of service on Stephenson by pitching him in the majors, you have to use this off year to find out what you have with Stephenson, Ervin, Reed, and Dixon. A couple of these guys might be ready or end up ready for next year as a solid major leaguer with room to grow over the next several years.
    I’m aligned with you on trading Scooter if you can get any sort of top 100 return, which I would imagine you could. Reds have to be selective where they are spending money, and Scooter was hot early in the year when the Reds went 3-15 or so. Reds need pitching to make a difference. The Reds will need every last dollar to keep their own starters and franchise players in upcoming arbitration and for trades of proven starters with large contracts. If you think the Reds are worth a billion dollars now so they can now raise their payroll a ton, sorry it isn’t gonna happen. The Reds payroll might be able to get to $150M but even that won’t go far when you have successful players or dead money like Bailey. Reds should wait until about 2020 when their own prospects knock down the door of .500 ish competitive baseball – then you sign players in free agency to augment that and trade from your deep farm. Reds just need to be patient and not rush to win in the next year. The window is 2020-2024 IMO. If I can get a top 10 prospect for Iglesias, I’d do it. I’d even consider top 30. If I can get a top 60ish for Hughes, I’d be looking strongly at that too. Reds also haven’t gotten much return for their international signings of $30M plus including penalties. Looks like they would have been better off going for one bigger signing like Luis Robert at about $45 million, but they likely didn’t know he would become available and how much he’d sign for. Hopefully Vlad or Jose will still come through. Not sure what they were thinking when they signed Alf Rod, defensive only players with that poor of a bat aren’t going to provide much value. It seems a better strategy is to sign relievers or starters as free agents for 1.5-2.5 years then flip them at the deadline to contenders and consider buying out their salary to get a nicer prospect return than the international signings. Not sure why more rebuilding teams don’t do this, as it’s an easy way to acquire prospects for the players you signed. The Reds issue has been their limited payroll flexibility due to some bad contracts on players that aren’t worth anything.

    • Shawn

      Reds can be competitive next just by getting a good CFer and SP. if we trade Iglesias, Scooter and Hamilton we will probably have about 40M to spend, not counting a lot of prospects we can offer in trades.


    Any thoughts on this article about Philadelphia Phillies scouting Director and his “philosophy of never looking at averages and statistics as a point that proves whether they´re a good player or not”. No wonder they have been terrible with there drafting the last four drafts. THEY COULD HAVE PICKED Senzel over MONIAK. could have taken Trammel over MONIAK in the same draft. MICKEY MONIAK was the 1st player picked in that draft. I GUESS they did not like Senzel college statistics in the SEC. HARD TO IMAGINE A SCOUTING STAFF THAT DOES NOT USE STATISTICS IN THIS DAY IN AGE.


    • Doug Gray

      Johnny Almaraz, former Reds scout and director of player development. He signed Johnny Cueto, Julio Teheran, Ozzie Albies, Ronald Acuna, Jose Peraza, Adam Dunn, and others.

      But, I think you need to following sentences to the one you cut the quote off with. He’s not wrong. To a point. What Mickey Moniak is hitting right now doesn’t mean he’s going to be a bad player in the future. It just means he’s probably not where he should be right now.

      Not that I think Moniak is going to ever wind up better than Trammell or Senzel, but many players hit the Florida State League and struggle quite a bit, then leave the league and find out that it’s far easier to hit outside of the league.

      And, realistically, he’s not going to throw his guys under the bus and say they stink.


        Good response Doug. Only brought this up because everyone uses statistics in scouting to some degree. As the Phillies are in the market for a closer. I was looking at there recent 1st round picks to see if any of them would be of value in a trade with the Phillies for Iglesias.
        2015 top pick LF Cornelius Randolh struggling in AA. 2016 top pick OF Mickey Moniak struggling in high A ball- 2017 top pick OF Adam Haseley just promoted to AA and doing better. You would think that in order to get Iglesias you will need to give up one of your 1st round picks. None of those 3 guys are of value to Reds in that trade. They did not have enough trade depth to trade for Manny Machado as well. Phillies have done a great job internationaly with Sal Agostonelli in charge. There top prospects are international signings. Just disapointed that we do not match up well with Phillies.

  3. Simon Cowell

    How about this… if Homer pitches well on first game back trade him but pay his salary ang we get whatever we can for him and then pitch newbies in the rotation

      • Simon Cowell

        realistically…. why not? Do you see any chance of him being DFA’d? The Reds aren’t the first team to ever eat a big contract. Isn’t there a team out there still paying Bobby Bonilla to not play?

      • Doug Gray

        The Reds have NEVER eaten anything remotely close to the kind of money they owe Homer Bailey, which is somewhere around $35M between now and the end of his contract. I’ll be shocked if they cut him loose before the end of the season.

        And yes, the Mets are still paying Bonilla a little over $1M per year. But that’s not nearly as bad as the Braves still paying Bruce Sutter $1.12M per year for a contract he signed in 1985. Bonilla’s only being paid from 2000.

  4. kevinz

    Lets see Reds need Pitching. Iggy has Most Value for Pitchers. Winker has most Value out of OF.

    Iggy Winker Duvall Harvey to Philly for P Pivetta OF Nick Williams P Medina P Los santos P Suarez.

    Philly need Offensive Help and Bullpen. Reds Need starting Pitching.
    I like Winker but i like the defense with Williams with some Pop. like the upside with Him Siri Trammell in the OF. Love me some speed and Defense with some Pop.

    • Ty

      I’ll say this Kevinz, you love a good trade proposal. In my opinion, if you want to trade with the Phillies, you go right after Sixto Sanchez. From everything I’ve been reading, he has the possibility of being able to work his way through the minors as soon as next year. I think Iglesias, and one of Harvey or Disco could do it. With Phillies’ ready to win now, I don’t think this is too irrational.

      • kevinz

        Lol I sure do love a good trade Ty. If the Reds were winners I would not Propose trades. The reason did not go for Sanches. I figured that would be like the Reds trading Greene for a Closer and for so so starters. That the reason went for there 2nd ranked Prospect. If the Phillies willing too since trying compete I am all for it.