The Cincinnati Reds have optioned right handed pitcher Tyler Mahle to Triple-A Louisville. This is the other side of the move, at least for now, that has Jesus Reyes called up with the Reds that was reported an hour ago.

Tyler Mahle had pitched very well this season, though he did battle some inconsistencies. That’s not unexpected for a 23-year-old in the Major Leagues. In his first 18 starts this season he posted a 3.66 ERA in 98.1 innings pitched with 41 walks and 97 strikeouts. He also allowed 16 home runs. The ERA was strong, as were the strikeouts, but the walk rate was a tad higher than you would have expected from Mahle given his history. The home run rate was very high. But, he made it all work.

But, over his last four starts things have gone downhill, and quickly. In three of those starts he didn’t make it beyond the 3rd inning. From July 11th through his start last night, Tyler Mahle posted a 16.88 ERA in four starts that spanned just 10.2 innings. He allowed 24 hits, walked nine batters, gave up five home runs, 20 earned runs, and had just eight strikeouts. Aside from being injured, things couldn’t have possibly have gone worse for the young righty.

He will head back to Triple-A Louisville where he would presumably join the Bats rotation. That leaves the Reds with a current 5-man rotation that includes Matt Harvey, Homer Bailey, Sal Romano, Luis Castillo, and Anthony DeSclafani. It also leaves Louisville with a rotation that seems to now include more than five guys – though that could, and likely will change with Mahle joining the mix.

Will the Reds go back to a 5-man rotation?

It didn’t sound like the Reds were going to keep a 6-man rotation moving forward. Manager Jim Riggleman noted last week that he was going to talk with Nick Krall and Dick Williams about getting back to a 5-man rotation soon. They are currently there. But Robert Stephenson and of late, Cody Reed, have both been pitching very well in Triple-A. Whether or not one of them comes up remains to be seen, but it seems like it would make a ton of sense to see what at least one of them can do moving forward and not leave that decision up to 18 innings next spring in Goodyear.

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  1. Brent

    How long does Mahle have to be down to pick up the extra year?

    • AllTheHype

      A MLB service year is 172 days. Mahle had 36 service days credited last year, and 127 so far this year, for a total of 163. So if he spends less than 9 days on the Reds the remainder of the year, the Reds get an extra year of control. I’m assuming the Reds calculated and know this, and that he won’t be back up this year.

  2. Bill

    He came into the season with 36 days. I think he needs 13 more on top of the 36 so about 49 days if my math is correct.

  3. RedsinWashst

    I’ve always been a big supporter of the FO even going after people for attacking them. But now because they didn’t find a trade for Harvey we have 2 starters in 3A who deserve to be tested in the MLB. Also because they brought Herrera up they cannot send him back down again. They should know they have a manager who is not good at getting bench players time. Bringing Herrera up is inexcusable without getting rid of scooter. They have blown this last trade deadline period.

    • MK

      Talked to a Reds exec who said that there was little or no interest in Gennett.

  4. Joe

    Wow Votto in th 2-hole tonite!! I haven’t seen him out of th 3 in yrs

    • B-town Fan

      So much for that sick to his stomach excuse that was given after coming out after 2 innings in his last start and he’ll be on the mound soon, sounds like it was a cover story. Greene, Ulnar Nerve not good news in Reds land.

    • Norwood Nate

      Yeah, not great. UCL sprain is what I saw. They’re going to try to rehab it. Hope that works.

    • Mac

      Figured this was more than a tummy ache. With the Reds luck probably need Tommy John

  5. kevinz

    Man Jo Adell sure would have Looked great in Reds red not Angels Reds lol.
    Hope all is good with greene I just hate the risk of a Pitcher drafted so high.
    I get that best chance to get a ace but if hit on great Bats with a Plural .
    That is when can trade for a good to great Pitcher to lead your staff.

    • KyWilson1

      Watched Adell while he was in High School in Louisville, he is who I wanted the Reds to draft as well, if not him then MacKenzie Gore. But you can’t live in the past and you cant predict an injury. Hopefully he recovers and still reaches his potential. If he does the Reds are still in a great spot.

      • kevinz

        I agree cannot live in the Past i have nothing against Greene.
        I am just all for Picking a hitter in the 1st rd over a Pitcher in any draft.
        The risk is to high. I Rather take the risk with a Trade. That is why you stack the farm to the ceiling before making that type of trade for a SP.
        Then you still have your Farm even if the Pitcher you traded for Flops.

      • Hanawi

        Agree those were my top 2 as well. But wasn’t upset with the Greene pick.

  6. Krozley

    What a punch in the gut. Reds just can’t have nice things.

  7. Tom

    You don’t have to throw 100 to be successful – and if you do, you won’t last long as a starter. These young flamethrowers are almost a liability to themselves. Learn to pitch at 92-95, which is what every successful ace in MLB does.

  8. Krozley

    Reds signed Tim Federowicz to catch at Louisville. Impressive minor league hitting stats, but has done very little in 129 mlb games spread over 7 seasons. Veteran presence I suppose.

  9. Doc

    Nineteen straight pitches over 100 in the Futures game might have been a contributor. The name of the position is PITCHER, not THROWER, but that doesn’t seem to turn on a kid’s light bulb.

    At least UCL strains and TJ surgery are not kisses of death like they used to be.

  10. Joe

    Been better off if he’d been skipped over for futures game until next yr .man this sux

  11. Kap

    Just give Hunter the surgery now and hopefully he’ll be ready for 2020

    • Hanawi

      Yeah, it seems like the rehab and hope doesn’t work nearly as well.


    Its a pure injustice that Robert Stephenson is pitching in the Majors. Kid doesn’t have much left to prove after his performance tonight.