When the Cincinnati Reds drafted Mike Siani out of high school this past summer there were some concerns about his swing and his bat. Coming into the high school season there weren’t as many questions, but a swing change and lesser than expected performance caused some hesitation by teams. The Reds didn’t appear to be one of them. They would pick Siani in the 4th round and give him a $2M signing bonus.

Last night he would go 3-4 with a walk, a run scored, and he had an RBI for the Greeneville Reds against the Bluefield Blue Jays. It was just a continuation of what he’s been doing for the month since he was first assigned after signing. The Reds center fielder is now hitting .326 on the season with a .409 on-base percentage and a .442 slugging percentage. In 24 games played he’s walked 12 times and struck out just 19 times.

Claudio Finol taking advantage of his playing time

He’s not the only teenager on the Greeneville Reds that’s been hitting well, though. 18-year-old Claudio Finol started out slow in 2018. In June, over just seven games, he hit .190 with a .182 on-base percentage and no extra-base hits. And no, that’s not a typo. His on-base percentage was lower than his batting average.

Since the promotion of Jonathan India, Claudio Finol has gotten more playing time for Greeneville. He’s played in 21 games since the start of July. In that time the infielder has gone 24-69 with six walks and 10 strikeouts. That’s good for a .348 average in that span. He’s only had two extra-base hits this season, both being doubles, but the rest of his game has rounded out nicely in limited action this season. He’s currently hitting .311/.354/.333 on the year. Not bad for a guy who skipped completely by the Arizona Rookie League after playing in the Dominican Summer League last season.


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  1. Joe

    How can ur obp be below ur average? If anything shouldn’t it b the same as th average

      • Norwood Nate

        I believe sacrifices don’t count as ABs which is what BA is derived from, but count as PA which is where OBP comes from.

      • Joe

        Ok cool I gotcha now thx man. Wasn’t thinkin ab and pa r counted differently

  2. MikeD


    You saw Siani play in person correct? Hard to view his swing with the umpire obstructing, but his swing looked fluid and decent. What were your thoughts? He will be a lot of fun to follow as he moves along. Will he finish the season in Greenville or get a taste of more challenging pitching?

    • MK

      I saw his swing a couple weeks ago and was glad to see that his swing was relatively short for his long lean body type. Not typical for a tall teenager as it is something to be learned as they have been able to have success at the high school age level with a more natural long swing. He has been coached well.

    • Doug Gray

      Quick bat. Has some raw power to come into, though it may take a while before it starts showing up. Not going to be a big HR guy, but 10-15 looks like it’s in there.

  3. CP

    It’s hard not to think of Trammel when seeing how Siani is panning out so far. I know they aren’t completely similar players, but the Reds FO approach to drafting seems to be similar with the two. Take a high upside shot at an athletic guy who could potentially play a premium defensive position, who is being undervalued for one reason or the other, and so the Reds were able to draft him much lower in the draft than his skills and current production shows he was worth.

    • MK

      Different body type. Trammel built like football player, Siani basketball.

      • CP

        O absolutely. I was only correlating how the FO approached both of those guys in the draft. I agree there are some distinct differences between Siana and Trammel. But count me hopeful about both of them!

  4. kevinz

    I felt like if Reds did not Pick Kelenic that Siani was a similar player.
    Both with Tools out the Yang both will advanced feel to hit.
    I honestly thought would Draft Siani in the 2nd rd.
    Glad dropped to the 4th rd just to give him 2nd rd money though lol.

  5. The Duke

    Can’t wait to see Siani in Dayton next year. Love seeing plus defenders in CF. If he hits, there is star potential.

  6. Stock

    Great post on Finol. I have been watching him and even commenting on him since India left. Nice to see him get some press.

    Now onto Debby Santana. He is 17 and playing in Arizona. Most US people his age were completing their junior year in high school when he was hitting the field in AZ this spring.

    His first 25 games this year Santana had a 31% K% and a 4% BB%. His last 9 games they are at K% = BB% = 8.11%. His BABIP these 9 games sits at .1724 so his OPS is only .711 instead of the .950+ I would expect. His last 5 games his BABIP is still just .250 but his line is great in spite of that. .316/.381/.789 with on OPS of 1.170. His BB% in these 5 games is 9.52% and his K% these 5 games is 4.76%. I know 5 games is a very small sample size but consider this. In his last 5 games he had only 1 K. It seems remarkable to me that a player can go from a 30% K% to a 5% K% so I looked at the stats from #1 prospect Nick Senzel. He did not have a 5 game streak this year where he had only 1 K. 5 games is a really small sample size (even the 9 games with 3 K’s is a small sample size).

    Further research. Siri had a 5 game streak with 1 K. Trammell had 2.

    Neither Siri nor Senzel had a 9 game streak with 3 or less K’s. Trammell has had 1.

    I am not saying that something has clicked for Santana but he has given me hope that he has turned the corner. Also he is batting 4th now. So the manager must think something positive has happened also.

    • Hanawi

      Looks like he’ll be fine hitting. His fielding has been horrendous, though, so hopefully that can improve with reps. Or maybe they’ll move him to OF if he develops physically.

    • Joe

      I agree I’m a fan of Claudio I think he has real potential