Updated 8/8 at 6:45pm

Taylor Trammell has been placed on the disabled list in Daytona with concussion like symptoms. Sam Dykstra of MiLB.com had the first report that I saw, though maybe someone else had it first and I just missed it.

Taylor released this tweet earlier this evening.

Original article

In what seems like the Cincinnati Reds 2018 minor league season all wrapped up, Taylor Trammell left the game in Daytona on Tuesday night after colliding with the wall. The center fielder was 1-4 on the night with a double at that point.

The severity of the injury, if there even was one, is not yet known. The only report comes from the Daytona Tortugas official twitter account which noted that he left the game after crashing into the center field wall.

The Cincinnati Reds began the year with a top 5 prospect grouping that included Nick Senzel, Hunter Greene, Taylor Trammell, Jesse Winker, and Tyler Mahle. Three of those players are out for the season with injuries. Two of them have had surgery, and Hunter Greene may need one. To say that things have gone poorly from a health standpoint would be a drastic understatement.

This post will be updated when there’s more news on Taylor Trammell.


25 Responses

  1. kevinz

    Thanks Doug i asked as seen as came back seen him leaving the game .

  2. Todd

    Jonathon India be like…I’ll just rest for the remainder of the year. Good Grief!

  3. Ty

    The curse of Pete Rose strikes yet again. The statue in front of GABP must be removed!

  4. Joe

    Geez Baseball is becoming more dangerous than football..

  5. mac

    I predict they’ll say he has a tummy ache then we will learn it’s a compound fracture and he’s done for the season. dws of course.

    • Colorado Red

      Sounds like a hockey injury.
      Shoulder is a knee.
      Knee is a hand.
      Elbow is a tummy problem….

  6. Bob Anderson

    I doubt Green needs surgery. He just had a grade 1 sprain, which is really not true “structural damage”. Disco had a mild grade 2 sprain which is why he is much more a concern.

    It is the stretching of the UCL that is the problem. That permanently weakens the UCL to future, bigger sprains.

  7. DJ Day

    I did not get to watch the game today but sounds like Bob Steve struggled mightily with the control and had no confidence in the fastball.

    • The Rage

      He uses his fastball like a changeup. The ump was scum and did it to mella as well while giving DeGrom a huge zone.
      I suspect the tape will be sent in……..1 among 100’s

  8. MK

    Players have been running into walls getting concussions since they started putting up walls. The big difference is there is a lot more consternation and information over concussions now. If Dom Zimmer can come back from a 13 day concussion coma Taylor should be OK.

  9. kevinz

    Isabel almost a 280 hitter Vs RHP as a RHH. That is interesting with his Power.
    I get he is 23 but love that split since he will face many more RHP since he bats Righty.

  10. kevinz

    Sure would be nice if Reds still had Grandal and Alonso .
    yea the pitching still would stink but add them two to the offense would be some nice fun Power to watch.

    • GM Nep O'Tism

      Grandal is a cheater, and Alonso is a league average hitter this year (100 OPS+) with 0.8 WAR.

      • kevinz

        I still take the cheater over Punchless Tucker. I would take Alonso 19 Bombs over Votto 9 homers and Bum knee. WAR is for the Army and Computer Nerds.

      • Doug Gray

        And every front office in baseball who is using some version of it (though it’s their own version, not the ones that you’ll find online).

        But other than that….

  11. kevinz

    Geez Gallardo is 7-1 dang reds sure could of used that lol come on now hits keep coming.

    • Doug Gray

      His record says 7-1. His numbers say he’s still a very bad pitcher.

      • GM Nep O'Tism

        Amazing what a team scoring 9.8 runs per start is able to cover up about the quality (or lack thereof) of a pitcher.

        …also Example #4,958 of why pitcher W-L is a bad stat. (DeGrom now at 6-7 with a 1.77 ERA being Example #4,957.)

      • kevinz

        Lol i know was just kidding he would be 0-8 or 1-7 with the reds or close to it.