Baseball America has updated their Farm System rankings for the 2018 season. The Cincinnati Reds are up from the last update, jumping up to #6 on the list from their previous spot which was at #9.

The Reds have five Top 100 prospects with Nick Senzel, Taylor Trammell, Hunter Greene, Jonathan India, and Tony Santillan. Two of those players are on the disabled list for the rest of the season. Taylor Trammell just went onto the disabled list himself with concussion-like symptoms.

No other team from the National League Central was in the top 10. St. Louis was the next team from the Central that made the list, and they came in at #13.

John Sickels Top 20 Reds Prospect Review

John Sickels has been going through his pre-season Top 20 prospect lists and reviewing what the players have done this year. Earlier this week he released his review of the Reds organization. Sickels wrapped up the review with this sentence and it’s certainly more true today than it was two days ago when he wrote it.

Large number of injuries has tested system depth

The farm system is still in good shape, but the injuries have certainly have taken their toll. Some are more serious than others, though. With the recent graduations of Tyler Mahle and Jesse Winker, both Top 100 prospects in their own right, along with the injuries, the depth has taken a bit of a hit when you toss in the injuries, too. Still, there have been some guys step up from the rookie levels that can counter that some.


9 Responses

  1. kevinz

    I hope the reds add Josh smith to this list next year. Glad reds getting some love.
    Not to be negative but feel like since had 3 top 5 picks and still only be 6th ranked farm. when you see that it shows it hurts when stink on the internatonal market scene. The best bet is to keep getting Top 5 Picks until it is time to win.
    That is the only way Reds can keep up with the Top market teams and Top INT spending teams.

    • RedsinWashst

      They will have more money to spend internationally next year finally.

      • Colorado Red

        Not overall,
        But the limits on an individual signing will no longer apply.

  2. Tony

    The future is bright with a very good farm system, good talent at the Major League level and good minor league talent that no longer has prospect status. It’s crucial though that this organization has a good off-season acquiring talent by all available means (trades, free agency etc).

  3. Pokey Reese's Red Hot Bat

    Doug – the Reds farm was considered v. deep in recent years but the knock on it was the lack of high end talent.

    Now they have that high end talent in the likes of Senzel, Greene and Trammell but the knock is that they lack depth.

    Is that fair? Is the depth now substantially less than what it was a few years ago?

    • Doug Gray

      The Reds currently don’t lack any sort of depth. They are very, very deep.

  4. Will

    Just saw on Bleacher Report that Scott Moss has 14 wins. Lefties are valuable commodities. I’m sorry, I don’t remember his scouting report. What are his chances of moving up and future success?