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Louisville lost 6-2. Box Score

Pensacola won 4-2. Box Score

Daytona was postponed. Double header on Friday.

Dayton lost 4-3. Box Score

Billings won 12-7. Box Score

  • Cash Case went 1-3 with a walk, run scored, and he had 2 RBI.
  • Mariel Bautista went 2-4, was hit by a pitch, scored a run, and he had an RBI.
  • Drew Mount went 2-5 with 2 doubles and 2 RBI.
  • Bren Spillane went 1-4 with a triple, walk, run scored, and he had an RBI.
  • Dylan Harris went 1-3 with a walk, an RBI, and he scored 2 runs.
  • Jay Schuyler went 1-4 with 3 runs scored.
  • Juan Martinez went 2-4 with a double, 2 runs and he had 2 RBI.
  • Carlos Rivero went 2-4 with a steal, run scored, and he had 2 RBI.
  • Ricardo Smith allowed 1 earned in 4.1 innings with 5 strikeouts.
  • Andrew McDonald threw 2.2 perfect innings with 2 strikeouts.

Greeneville lost 4-2. Box Score

AZL Reds lost 4-3. Box Score

8/10 Game Preview

Team 1st half 2nd half Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Live Watch Live
Louisville 51-62 N/A 7:00pm Sims Here Here Here
Pensacola 30-38 31-15 8:05pm Santillan Here Here Here
Daytona 37-29 23-23 5:05pm Jordan/TBA Here Here N/A
Dayton 31-37 20-26 7:05pm McGuff Here Here Here
Billings 15-23 10-2 9:05pm Marinan Here Here Here
Greeneville 18-29 N/A 7:00pm Medrano Here Here N/A
AZL Reds 8-31 0-0 10:00pm TBA Here N/A N/A

53 Responses

  1. James K

    Dylan Harris is hitting .343 for Billings. So how did he get overlooked through 40 rounds of the draft? I speculate that it must be he is not strong on defense. Billings has used him as DH and 1B. A 5’11 singles hitter probably won’t have much of a career at first base.

      • IMHO

        Unfortunate, but true. See that in a lot of the players who are doing better than some drafted ones.

        I have heard that relief pitchers (drafted or UDFA) out of college are only allowed a 50 pitch count? Starters in college are now bullpen guys – do you think that’s why some are getting hurt? Not used to throwing hard real quick?

      • Doug Gray

        He should be better today. At his age he should at least be two or three levels higher than he is by “prospect” standards. He’s 2-5 years older than just about everyone that was drafted.

    • MK

      Just have seen him in the few games broadcast over the internet but he doesn’t appear to have the most athletic body either, which would led itself to long term development.

  2. Matthew O'Neal

    Brandon Finnegan again. Oof. I certainly hope he finds the fix to whatever is going on. He has an 8.82 ERA since moving to the bullpen. I think his 40 man spot is safe, until at least spring training, depending how he looks in AZ.

      • terry m

        You know it was just over a year ago that he had surgery on his right arm for a torn labrum ! Think he was called up from Lville b4 he was ready to begin the year. Never had a torn labrum so I don’t know if was hard to stay in shape for the 18 season. Some have commented that he looked heavy this year….

      • Matthew O'Neal

        Terry, that’s kind of what I was thinking. Let him have a normal off season to focus on rest and baseball, not rehab. Let him get in shape, and hopefully he comes back in February as the man that gave us hope a couple of years ago.

      • MK

        I have had that surgery on my off arm. After 10 weeks he should have been good to go and I am sure he had a more hands on rehab team than I. Had it been his throwing shoulder it would be a different thing

      • RedsKoolAidDrinker

        From this point on who makes it (if at all) to Cincinnati first—Nick Howard or Brandon Finnegan?

      • Brian

        10 weeks might be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard and I don’t buy it for a second. I had labrum repair surgery on my shoulder and was in a sling for 8 weeks. I couldn’t even lie down during those 8 weeks, had to sleep upright in a chair. Then another month before I could lift my arm without assistance over my head. It’s been 4 and a half months and I’ve just been cleared to jog. So I could easily see someone falling out of shape post this type of surgery. Bradley Zimmer of the Indians had it and he’s supposed to be out 8-10 months, that’s normal. Dilson Herrera had it 6 months before spring training and wasn’t fully back yet. Winker had it this month and hopes to be back by february. I think he’ll be lucky to be back at full Winker before June of next year. If you don’t like Finnegan that’s one thing, but don’t belittle what it’s like to come back from a labrum repair should. For what it’s worth I’m 2 months younger than finnegan too.

      • MK

        Glad it was ridiculous for you. Guess I had a higher pain tolerance. Had the tendon ruptured as well. 6 weeks in a sling and four weeks in therapy. Could not a full body workout at that point and the question was when could he work out. For me 10 weeks. They gave me pain pills and I didn’t take any. The physical therapist who worked on me recently had his primary arm labrum done by Reds surgeon Kremcheck and was back to his job in 5 weeks, no sling.

    • Brian

      It has nothing to do with pain tolerance. It takes that long for the adhesive to dry. They put could anchors in your shoulder depending on severity, probably not yours sibce it sound like it wasn’t as serious, and that glue takes forever to dry. It’s like if you drop a bucket of paint in a swimming pool, it would take forever to completely dry because it’s wet in there like the shoulder. So I’m glad you didn’t need pain pills but hat wasn’t an issue for me after a week or so anyway. If you have anchors out in your shoulder or have a complete tear, they won’t even clear you to do a push-up till the 6 month mark. I’m not high on finny from a psychological perspective but I just thought it was ridiculous to expect someone to be back MLB-ready 10 weeks (17 weeks before being push-upready) after labrum surgery.

  3. Bubba Woo


    Couple of questions on the Reds OF.

    1. With the current situation as it is, wouldn’t it make sense for the Reds to start playing Scooter in the OF in preparation for Senzel taking over 2nd early next year? This would also get Herrera time at 2b to increase his trade value
    2. Any chance we see Freidl or Siri in Cincy in September. Freidl has adjusted quickly at AA but isn’t yet on the 40 man, and Siri is on the 40 man but not exactly killing it in Pensacola.

    • jim t

      If you want to get Senzel in the line up Scooter needs to be traded or become a super utility man.. Moving him to the outfield is not a option in my opinion. We have enough bad fielding outfielders on the roster.

      • Jim t

        I do they cost you games. Market him to a AL team where he can DH. The future at 2b is Senzel. Plus I’m not signing a guy up who is on the wrong side of 30 to a multi year deal.

      • RedsinWashst

        The bad fielding left fielder’s name is Winker. Scooter needs to be traded. Besides he has a bad shoulder that won’t play in the outfield.

      • jim t

        Redsinwashst, I don’t disagree with you that Winker is a bad fielding LF’er. Ervin hasn’t displayed a good glove either. Without seeing more of Scooter I won’t pass judgment but my suspicion is if he was someone who could play out there regularly he would have already have been out there shoulder issue not withstanding.

    • jbonireland

      Scooter cannot throw from the outfield. He can barely make the throw from 2nd base. He has a shoulder problem. Herrera has no trade value, he was passed over by all other teams when the Reds DFA’d him I believe? Freidl is worth a look. Siri has trouble hitting AA pitching, we have enough .240 hitters ahead of him.

      • The Duke

        Dilson cleared waivers when he was hurt in spring training. I have 0 doubt now that he’d be claimed with how he has hit so far. He isn’t clearing waivers again unless he gets hurt again.

        Agree on Scooter though. For as long as his shoulder has been an issue, it likely needs surgery before it’s better.

        I don’t think we see Friedl or Siri in September. Friedl not being on the 40 man yet and still in AA essentially assures he won’t be a callup. Siri has the better shot as he is actually on the 40 man roster and having him around big leaguers for a month could be a valuable experience even if he only gets a handful of at bats and a few late inning defensive replacements.

      • MK

        Part of his throwing/shoulder problem is throwing sidearm, which he was doing in Milwaukee. It takes him so long to get the throw away he has to try to muscle up and that irritates the shoulder even more

    • Doug Gray

      Take this for what it’s worth, just a rumor I’ve heard, but the rumor I’ve heard is that there was basically no one at all interested in Scooter Gennett via trade.

      • The Duke

        I was checking MLBTradeRumors pretty religiously in July, and I don’t think I ever saw a peep about him there. I did read rumors about Harvey, Duvall, BHam, Iglesias, Hernandez, and Hughes. The complete lack of content kind of gives credence to your rumor. The question is, why was there no interest? He’s been one of the best hitters in baseball this year and while his defense is below average, it’s not atrocious at 2B.

      • asinghoff

        Was no one interested in Gennett, or did Bob Castell…. I mean Dick Williams tell everyone that Scooter was off limits?

  4. redleggingfordayz

    So Vlad and Santillian have both had incredible runs over the last couple of months. How long do we think it is before they push their way into the conversation for a ML SP spot? Late 2019 if all goes well in AAA?

    • wes

      I think Tony will be ready very soon and push his way into the rotation next season; potentially early pending on whos there and whos performing. I’m also cool with adding him to 40 man and letting him start once or twice down the stretch run. Vlad still needs some seasoning in my opinion. He gets off to a slow start each season then adjusts well. I’d let him go most season in 3A and look for a couple spot starts end of next year if reds are not contending.

    • The Duke

      I think both start next year in AAA. From that point it will be driven a lot by how they do there, as well as what opportunities are available in the Reds rotation. I wouldn’t be shocked if they started Santillan back in Pensacola at the start of 2019 with an eye of moving him up after a couple extra months at that level.

  5. AirborneJayJay

    My man, Scott Moss.
    “Daytona’s Scott Moss Wednesday night became the first pitcher in all of Minor League Baseball to 14 wins. The Tortugas are 18-3 in his 21 starts.”
    Congratulations to Scott Moss. Keep it up.

    • AirborneJayJay

      11-1, 1 no decision in his last 13 starts. In those 3 games he has 73.2 IP, 67 H, 24 R, 20 ER, 8 HR, 21 BB, 60 K. Looking good, but still work to do to improve.
      14-3 overall. Now that is getting it done. However, ever so quietly. Not getting much pub for such a good season so far.

      • jbonireland

        Probably doesn’t throw 97 miles per hour so nobody cares. The second coming of Jim Kaat!

      • The Duke

        Doesn’t need to throw 97, but if the fastball is 89-90 then that success is going to be tough to translate against more advanced hitters. Moss has actually been a 93-96 guy in the past, but that was before TJS when he was coming out of high school and into college.

      • The Duke

        Exhibit A is the Braves Kolby Allard. Dominating in the minors, getting beat like a drum in the majors. Granted the sample size is very very small, but in general 89 mph fastballs don’t play anymore. Guys like Arroyo are a dying breed, and he only lasted as long as he did because he could throw the ball out of 4 different arm slots.

      • IMHO

        97mph has a exit velocity potential of 121+ —

        Hit your spots – nothing like seeing a lefty slider or curve that makes a batter’s knee buckle.

  6. Mk

    Narciso Crook having a great comeback season in 2018 after a couple years of arm miseries and surgery. He has played at three levels this season. When at Dayton he reminded me of ex-Red Mike Cameron. Through it all he has stayed very positive. Good for him.

    • terry m

      With your comment about Finny Crook should have been back in 10 weeks.

      • MK

        I bet he could at least work out and work on conditioning in 10 weeks.

  7. Jim t

    Dodger closer Jenson out for at least a month. Could Iggy be someone who could be of interest to them.

      • MK

        Doesn’t have to clear completely. If revocable waivers he could be claimed by Dodgers then a deal could be worked out or the Reds could pull him back. Of course teams ahead of them could claim him to block them from getting him.

    • Cguy

      Dodgers traded with Reds for Cingrani, then Ariel Hernandez, then Floro & Neal. I wonder if they might want Quackenbush? He might clear waivers.

      • redlegs4ever

        Quackenbush doesn’t have to clear waivers. Only players on the 40 man are subject to trade waivers.

  8. MK

    Looking at the system the Reds are becoming University of Florida Baseball North.
    In addition to India and Byrne they have Mark Kolozvary, Jonathon Crawford. Anthony DiSclafani, Scott Moss and Preston Tucker, In addition Lyon Richardson was committed to the Gators. Could be more these are all I could think of.