Friday afternoon the Greeneville Reds were traveling to their game in Briston when tragedy struck. The story, as it was relayed by Reds broadcaster Justin Rocke on the pre-game, and a little bit during the early part of the broadcast, was described as follows.

There were reportedly several Jeeps going much faster than traffic. One of the Jeeps was able to get in front of the Greeneville Reds bus. The other one wasn’t quite as lucky and wound up veering too much trying to cut in front of the bus, drove through the guard rail, over the median, and wound up on the other side of the highway and found itself ontop of another car.

Among other bystanders, the players rushed off of the bus and to the scene of the collision. The continued description by Justin Rocke, as relayed to him by players that were there (Rocke drove separately to the game and was not on the team bus), was that the players were trying to get the Jeep off of the top of the vehicle that it had found itself on top of.

Unfortunately, the driver of the Jeep did not survive the crash. The woman who was in the car that was underneath the Jeep suffered injuries, including what was described as a compound fracture, but as it was relayed on the broadcast, should be ok long term. Once the medics and other emergency services showed up the players and other bystanders who were attempting to help got out of the way and let them do their jobs.

Many of the descriptions were not relayed by Justin Rocke on the broadcast. He simply described them as being told to him like they were out of something similar to your favorite gore-fill horror movie or television show, like Saw or Dexter.

The Greeneville Reds bus didn’t make it to the ballpark until about 40-45 minutes before game time. How those guys are able to get out there and play after something like that is something that I will hopefully never know.

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6 Responses

  1. MK

    I guess the game goes on. Think I would have taken the forfeit.

    • Wes

      I would have played. Kind of a weird thing to create a standard for though.

  2. Norm Hodge

    I saw the players in action and the way they tried to help others while potentially causing harm to themselves was remarkable. People from all sides were helping. God bless all that were involved and helped. You are heroes.

  3. Doc

    I bet the guys driving the Jeeps didn’t think it could happen to them. Reckless drivers never do.

    Kudos to the team for their Good Sam assistance. Whether the game was a W or L this particular night, the Greeneville Reds were winners.

    • MuddyCleats

      Ditto Doc, never seems fast enough for some & most all speed 2 some extent. Parallels our out of control culture IMO – same folks who look @ u weired 4 actually following the law – limits

  4. Mac

    I think it’s good to play. The memories of the images they saw today will last a lifetime and I’m sure the Reds will offer counseling time for anyone that needs it. But it’s good to get back to normal after an emotional adrenaline filled incident. I’ve been a firefighter for 21 years. I’ve seen scenes like this and worse all the time. I’ve learned that a ball game can really be therapeutic to the post traumatic stresses I deal with. Whether watching or playing it’s good to keep going. I’m proud of those guys for trying to save a life but I’m more proud that they played the game to help themselves heal but also to help the fans get away from their stresses for a few hours and enjoy a good baseball game.