More and more details are coming out in the days that have followed the crash that saw many of the Greeneville Reds players leap into action after a deadly car crash that happened directly in front of the team bus as they were traveling to a game in Bristol. Justin Rocke, the Greeneville radio broadcaster spoke with first baseman Justin Bellinger on the pregame show on Sunday. Bellinger came off of the team bus with a fire extinguisher to put out fires on two different cars that were involved in the wreck. Give his story a listen below.

Several of the local news stations also had stories on what happened.

And another one here.


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  1. pw

    What an extremely impressive young man is Justin Bellinger! He has a bright future somewhere whether on a baseball field or not. Articulate, knowledgeable and focused on helping others with a can-do spirit. Wishing him much success.