In the past week we’ve learned that the Cincinnati Reds were promoting both Jeff Graupe and Chris Buckley to new roles within the front office. At the time we did not know what those roles would be, but we now have a better idea of what they will be.

Jeff Graupe, who was the director of player development, is now going to be the senior director of player personnel. The new role, according to the Reds press release says that he will be more actively involved in player evaluation and the decisions to acquire both amateur and professional players.

Chris Buckley, who previously served as the vice president of amateur scouting, is going to be the vice president of player personnel. He will remain involved with amateur scouting, but according to the release by the Reds he will also be involved in professional scouting, more things on the international side of things – as well as other special assignments.

New role for Tony Arias

Knowing the new roles for Graupe and Buckley gives a better idea of what’s happening in the front office. But those roles weren’t the only things announced in the release. Tony Arias will also have a new role in the organization. He was previously the director of international scouting. He served in that role since 2014. His new job, which at least as of this moment doesn’t have a title, will be to cover the South Florida region for the team, as well as continue to be involved in special assignments. This could simply mean he’s moving into more of a domestic scouting role.

There are still some unknowns here. While it’s possible that the Reds know who will be taking over the jobs that are now vacated (or will be vacated) by these three, there is no announcement of who will be taking over. The Reds release notes that the team expects to fill them in the near future.

The shake up continues to evolve as the front office is not only being reorganized, but expanded. The details on the roles are short and succinct. We could learn more in the next few days about the roles. If you’ve got any questions about them, leave them in the comments and I will see what I can do to find out some more information.


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  1. Michael Smith

    If I am reading this correctly expanded roles for both guys who will still be big players in the draft and international side?

  2. RedsFaninPitt

    Possible demotion for Arias from international scouting director due to AlfRod signing? Graupe and Buckley are clear promotions, but with Gaupe’s move opening the door to bring in new person to improve player development which is needed IMO. That’s my take.

    • Wes

      It was a lot of money and he’s terrible but I’m not knocking the signing. Reds showed up way to late to the party but for a few seasons there best dollar u could spend was in international game. I’d say it’s more for showing up late and not signing enough guys vs signing Alfrod.

      Padres have #1 system bc they signed 1/2 of the last class available. Cost em 80 mil and I’m sure they have a handful of busts but the 2-3 guys that pan out will be worth 3x that investment.

    • Champ Summers

      For all anyone knows he wanted to travel less and spend more time closer to home and family. The reds have done a lot of swing and miss one the non Cuban international front when it comes to the high dollar signings.

    • Bill

      The Alfredo Rodriguez signing needs to be balanced against the Chapman and Iglesias signings–both of which were outstanding. Also, Jose Garcia has played much better as the season progressed and Vladimir Gutierrez is a legitimate prospect that is probably less than 1 year away from contributing at the Major League level. Four out of five on the high dollar signings from Cuba is a pretty solid track record from my point of view.

  3. Jim

    How much for the Reds?
    Will Bob take payments? Weekly if need be.
    Can’t want that much for a 20th to 25 place team.
    Guarantee my first Winter Meetings would be one to remember.

  4. Bred

    What does it matter who or how good they are at their jobs if they and BC get in a room, and he listens to their opinions and does the opposite?

  5. Tom

    I used to think the Reds FO was a little short staffed. I like big organizations, especially at this stage where these guys have been around for a while. If they stay on assignment and perform, the results should show up on the field. But change can be hard, hopefully Williams knows how to navigate all this. It is my opinion that these moves are directly his influence and the substance of his evaluation.

  6. Mango

    This FO has become a punch line. Steve Phillips was on MLB radio this afternoon discussing the teams that might be up in 5 years. He said no about the Reds because they have a “staff of #6 starters,” as he called it. I, too, have lost faith in this group and their passive approach to the rotation. I’m sure that they will give the same nothingspeak this offseason about being “opportunistic,” but it’s driving me nuts.

    • Colt Holt

      Let’s not forget that this team has put together some impressive offenses. There is no doubt that they struggle getting pitchers across the finish line. Teams like the Indians and Mets seem to be better at those things…but it isn’t like those teams are unstoppable. Reds aren’t that far out of having been in the playoffs. I just don’t get the hate lashed out towards the front office.

      • GM Nep O'Tism

        “I just don’t get the hate lashed out towards the front office.”

        In the 13 years of Bob C’s reign, the Reds have had 3 winning seasons. They have won 0 postseason series, actually having some of the most embarrassing playoff “runs” in memory.

        The owner gets way too involved in decisions and makes moves based off of liking guys personally. He surrounds himself with his buddies as other decision makers, and practices nepotism. They also haven’t drafted very well under Bob C (I am talking MLB results, not potential). It took them a decade longer than the rest of the league to learn OBP is something good, and that the guys with the lowest OBP on the team shouldn’t be batting #1 and #2 in the lineup. They still somehow can’t manage to talk to teams about trading two players at once, and that’s something that’s come up multiple times the last few years, so not just rumor.

        It’s just not a very well run franchise, unless you’re ranking the FO based off of bobbleheads and fireworks, in which case they are aces.

  7. Redsvol

    Well I think its easy to have a down attitude but I feel this team is close to turning the corner. We’ve been able to get the offense above average with a combination of moves. But the pitching development has definitely been a disappointment. We needed 3 young pitchers to separate themselves and I think only 1 (Mahle) has. To seize the window opening over the next 2 years, it will take signing/trading for 2 solid starting pitchers – always a risky proposition, but the budget can afford it from my viewpoint. If the front office doesn’t do that, we may be facing a perpetual rebuild for 3-5 more years.

  8. King of bacon

    So they promoted people who were bad at the job? The office has way too much bloat.