The big news on Friday is that Joey Votto is heading to the 10-day disabled list for his knee injury. The opposite side of that move is that outfielder Aristides Aquino is being called up to replace him on the roster. He had been in Double-A Pensacola all season.

For Aristides Aquino, whenever he gets into a game, it will be his Major League debut. The 24-year-old was spending his second season in Double-A during the 2018 season. On the year he is hitting .249/.313/.452 in 107 games. That line, however, hides what he’s been doing of late.

In the first 62 games of the season, Aristides Aquino hit .231/.288/.417 on the season. That came along with 15 walks and 67 strikeouts in 234 plate appearances. That’s a walk rate of just 6.4% and a strikeout rate of 28.6%. Those are not ideal rates and they were holding back some of the hitting tools that Aquino possesses.

However, in the 45 games since, dating back to June 26th, Aristides Aquino has hit .272/.346/.500. In 182 plate appearances he’s walked 18 times and struck out just 36 times. That is a 9.9% walk rate – 50% higher than in the first part of the year, and a strikeout rate of 19.8% – a 31% decrease. It’s been a big improvement and led to a much better performance in the second half of the season.

Whether there will be much playing time for Aristides Aquino or not is going to be interesting to see. The Reds outfield is missing Jesse Winker and Scott Schebler. But, it’s still got Billy Hamilton in center, along with Preston Tucker, Phillip Ervin, and Mason Williams. The team has also gotten time in the outfield for Dilson Herrera and Brandon Dixon. All of those players have played, and found success in Triple-A – something that Aquino hasn’t to this point in his career. While I’m sure he’ll get into a game or two, I wouldn’t be rushing to add him to your fantasy baseball roster just yet. I’d expect him to be limited in playing time.

With all of that said, if he does get into a game, there are some things to watch for. He’s got a very strong arm in right field. While the 28 outfield assists that he had a few years ago in Daytona may have oversold his arm strength a little bit, his arm is most certainly above-average to plus and runners should be wary of testing him. The arm, however, is a bit better than the defense itself is. Not that he’s a poor defender, but he’s not a stand out defender in the corner.

At the plate the power is very real. The ball explodes off of his bat when he gets into it. He’s made some mechanical changes that have helped him this season – but it’s tough to say how that will transition immediately to the Major Leagues. It’s a big jump from Double-A pitching to Major League pitching.

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20 Responses

  1. The Duke

    Why the hell not? Good time to gauge if he stays on the 40 man this winter. Only a couple weeks of the minor league season left anyway.

    • Doug Gray

      It honestly came down to him, Jose Siri, or Shed Long. They were the only position players on the 40-man that aren’t on the 25-man roster.

      So unless they were going to make a 40-man move, too, the pickings were slim in the number of options.

  2. another bob from nc

    Over and under regarding how much time he spends on the bench?

    • Doug Gray

      If we assume Votto comes back in 11 days, I’ll say Aquino starts 1 game.

      • Rojo Benjy

        Yes- we don’t want him taking valuable AB’s away from Preston Tucker!

      • Simon Cowell

        Im assuming votto is done for the season until other information arises.

      • Doug Gray

        Here’s the other information: Votto expects to be back in 9 days.

      • Simon Cowell

        the last time Votto self diagnosed we lost him for a year. there is what 40 days of regular season left? No reason to rush Votto back at all. It isn’t like he is closing in on a milestone or in any way going to help the Reds make the playoffs.

  3. Fish

    My preference, with votto out, is to play scooter at 1b and play Herrera every day at 2nd. The reds need to see what theyve got moving forward. I wouldn’t complain if it’s a season ending injury for votto.

    • Jpser

      Love this idea. Tonight’s lineup……Barnhart at 1B and Dilson on the bench. Boo.

      • Rojo Benjy

        I second the boo. What’s Dilson gotta do to get some PT?

      • Steelerfan

        I just cannot understand why they brought him up, and used the option, if they are going to play him this way? Plenty of injured players, guys where you know what you have, that if he is on the MLB roster you should be trying to see what you have…

  4. Norwood Nate

    Really wish Castillo had planted a FB in the back of the first Nationals player he saw the next game. Stupid that Votto was intentionally hit, stupider that the Reds laid down and took it.

    • pw

      Yeah, too bad the Reds don’t play the Nats again this year. Here’s hoping they miss the playoffs.

  5. SteveO

    Guerrero better choice, but not on the 40 man roster. Will be interesting to see if he stays in the organization next year. Hopefully, he does and next year we see a lineup that has Siri, Long, Senzel, Guerrero, Aquino, Isabel, Peterson and Stephenson at Louisville. That’s some power 1-8 in the lineup. Unlikely, because Senzel with the Reds before Isabel and Stephenson get to Louisville, but would be awesome to see.

      • Steelerfan

        Duke, why do you think that is? Just their normal development path, or something specific with Stephenson’s game?

        Thanks as always for the input.

  6. Big Ed


    I think they will actually play him. Unlike Dixon, Williams and to a lesser extent Ervin, Aquino has some upside. If he can translate the strides on plate discipline, he can be a solid major leaguer. That is a big “if,” but they are going to have some decisions to make on the 40-man before next season, so this is their chance to get some legitimate evaluation done on Aquino.

    I will grant you that this would be different than they’ve treated Herrera, and others, but I think that they look at Aquino a bit differently.

    • Rojo Benjy

      I hope you’re right. Why do you think they’d consider him differently? (Genuine question- no sarcasm intended.)

  7. Bob Anderson

    Riggleman should be fired……….oh that is right, some reporter says Cast loves him……….bahahahahahaha.

    It is going to be Larkin or Farrel for the Reds. Always going to be.