The Baseball America best tools in baseball came out on Friday afternoon. The list is created based on polling of the managers in each league. There are only rankings for each of the full-season leagues. That means that you won’t find any rankings for the players in Billings, Greeneville, or the AZL.

Two more notes: Players do not have to qualify at this point as a prospect to make the list. They only needed to be a prospect at some point this year. For example, Ronald Acuna Jr. is eligible and all over these lists despite his no longer being considered a prospect due to the amount of Major League time he has accrued this season. This list is from managers, and not scouts. There can be a difference between how the two sides view the game at times. Just keep that in mind.

The International League

The Louisville Bats saw two players represented on the best tools list. Nick Senzel was tabbed as the best defensive second baseman in the league. Gabby Guerrero was tabbed as having the best outfield arm in the league. Ronald Acuna Jr. took home FOUR different “best” awards in the league. He’s good.

The Southern League

The Pensacola Blue Wahoos, like the Bats before them, had several players make the list for their league. Taylor Sparks, now in Triple-A, got the nod as best defenders in the league.  Aristides Aquino took home the nod for best outfield arm, which it seems he does at nearly every stop along the way to the Majors.

The Florida State League

The Daytona Tortugas found their players taking home SIX nods in the best tools section of the league. Reliever Ryan Hendrix got the nod in two different categories. In what should be shocking to no one, Ibandel Isabel, with his 31 home runs this season, got the nod as the best power prospect. TJ Friedl, Taylor Trammell, and Tony Santillan also took home “best of” nods in the league.

The Midwest League

The Dayton Dragons saw their players get the top spot in three different categories. Hunter Greene was named as the top pitching prospect in the league, as well as best fastball. John Ghyzel also took home the nod for best reliever in the league.

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10 Responses

  1. Drews4runner

    Trammell best outfield arm ? Thought that was his weakness?

    • Doug Gray

      It is. And while I’m a huge fan of Trammell as a prospect, that he’s listed here with the best outfield arm in the league kind of tells you a few things. There’s a reason that I made note that this is from managers and not scouts in the article.

      • Drews4runner

        I read that an see what your saying. But my thoughts are coaches / scouts are both baseball people they see talents an weakness of all the players. I just can’t see that being a weakness to some an plus to others. Sorry it’s confusing to me! What all your thoughts on his arm?

      • Mjc

        Great point Doug. It also makes this list not very credible.

      • Mjc

        off subject but I see colorada as the best fit/chance to trade harvey.biggest need for starter from a contending team

      • Doug Gray

        I’ve never seen any report that suggested that Taylor Trammell has even a fringe-average arm. There’s zero chance he’s got the best arm in the league. He doesn’t have the best arm on his own team. Or the second best.

        Taylor stands out for a lot of things, on and off of the field. His arm simply isn’t one of them.

    • Rich H

      Pretty sure it was not for his arm, would have to be one of the other categories, or for overall defense, etc.

  2. SteveLV

    Are Hendrix and Ghyzel probable future major leaguers? If so, what kind of ceilings do they have?

    • Doug Gray

      They both have big league stuff, for sure. Hendrix has to cut down the walks – but he’s been doing that of late. Potential closer kind of guy if he can truly cut down the walks.