Cincinnati Reds outfielder Scott Schebler is going to begin another rehab assignment with the Pensacola Blue Wahoos on Monday. The plan is for him to return to the Reds on Thursday if things go as planned. First reported by Bobby Nightengale of the Cincinnati Enquirer, who beat the other beat reporters to the punch by about 20 seconds.

This will be the second rehab assignment for Scott Schebler since he last played in the Majors. He injured his shoulder a little over a month ago and was placed on the disabled list. 11 days later he would head out on a rehab assignment with Louisville. But that came with the caveat that he would DH for a bit of time because he wasn’t ready to throw the baseball yet. On August 1st, after six games as the Bats designated hitter he finally gave the outfield a shot. It didn’t work and he was called back from his rehab assignment.

Some more rest and rehab over the next two-and-a-half weeks seemed like it improved things to the point that the Reds feel he’s close to returning. It seems like Scott Schebler will spend three days with Pensacola and meet up with Cincinnati in Chicago on Thursday.


10 Responses

  1. Scott C

    Good news in one sense. The Offense needs Schebler. On the other hand it is probably going to make it harder for Ervin to play.

    • Hoosierbadger

      It shouldn’t. Put Phlerv in right and start Schebs in left. Ervin needs to get consistent playing time.

      • Rick

        Phil Ervin is a 26 year old with a career milb ops of .750 (.250 avg)

        What more is there to see? He is awful

      • Bill

        Ervin has had his most productive year in the upper minors and has carried it over to the majors. His biggest need for improvement is defense. He needs reps to demonstrate he can sustain his performance … he should definitely continue to get playing time. What he did in the middle of his minor league career has little relevance at this point.

      • Rick

        Ervin is awful. A small sample of games in the majors doesnt change that

      • Colorado Red

        Some guys catch on late.
        Go root for Baltimore you troll

  2. MikeinSoCal

    What’s up with Casali? He has emerged as a hitter. And Ervin, now he is a home run threat. We don’t usually re-sign back up catchers but Casali is making a case. And Gennett getting a second wind even with JV out of the line up. Reds are a little streaky but I guess it all comes down to pitching. If you get a well pitched game the offense looks good.

    • RedsinWashst

      Have to give Reds management and probably a scout credit for getting Casali.