Yesterday I wrote an article that was rather similarly titled when Ibandel Isabel tied the home run record in the Florida State League. He tied the record of 33 home runs on Monday night. The big right handed hitter didn’t waste much time being tied with the home run record. In the top of the first inning he crushed a 2-run homer to break the record and stand alone at the top of the mountain. The Florida State League has been around for 99 years and no player had ever hit 34 home runs in a single season before.

That record didn’t last long. In the fourth inning he came back to the plate and hit his 35th home run of the season for Daytona. It was his 36th overall on the year, including the one he hit with the Dodgers organization before he was traded to Cincinnati in the middle of April. Tuesday night was the sixth time this season that Ibandel Isabel had a multiple home run game. I joked in yesterdays article that Isabel wasn’t going to catch Jeff Jones 42 home runs from 1982 with only six games remaining. Maybe I was wrong. There are five Daytona games left in the regular season. He needs seven homers. A few multi-homer games could do it.

Brian O’Grady homers again for Louisville

I’ve written it before on the site, but Brian O’Grady is having his best season as a professional. He homered against Indianapolis on Monday night. Last night in Columbus he homered again. He’s now hit 13 home runs on the season. Here’s a tweet that I sent out last night with video of both of his home runs over the last two nights.

In his 99 games played between Pensacola and Louisville he’s hitting .281/.359/.518. He’s set new career highs for doubles and home runs, and he’s tied his career high in triples. Since moving up to Triple-A he’s improved his numbers. With the Bats he’s hitting .314/.368/.587 over a span of 36 games. He’s also hit more home runs, 7, than he had in Double-A Pensacola, 6.

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  1. Joe

    Do u think Brian O’grady is breaking out ? Has he tweak any mechanics or anything cuz 314/368/587 in triple a is not what I expected from mr O’grady

    • AndyBado

      I don’t know the full answer here. However, looking at his batted ball profile, a few things seem different this year. He’s hitting a higher percentage of line drives than last year; he is hitting significantly less infield flies this year (~20%) than in years past (>30%); and in AAA his HR/FB ratio is probably unsustainably high (18%) and a lot higher than its ever been.

      So if he can keep hitting more line drives and less IFFB, O’Grady could keep this up at least partially. I’m not convinced his AAA power boost stays though.

      Maybe he could be a decent 4th outfielder in the bigs someday.

      • Joe

        Yea I kno he’s Alil older but Look like could b nice swing off th bench at GABP

    • Doug Gray

      He made some changes in the offseason with his swing. HR/FB rate is way up in Triple-A versus Double-A. He’s always had a good approach at the plate. Power is up significantly this season.

  2. SultanofSwaff

    Pretty incredible accomplishment for Isabel. Obviously the power is legit, and you know, the strikeouts only need to come down a tad in today’s all or nothing hitting environment. The walk rate isn’t terrible…..I’d give him an outside shot at making it….certainly higher than Aquino. Mark Reynolds make a nice career for himself even though he is a near 200 strikeout guy most seasons, so it is possible. Interestingly, Isabel crushes RHP (.990 OPS) even though he’s a righty himself. .731 OPS vs. LHP.

    Lol, I like how Doug calls out the RF on Grady’s no doubt home run. Smiling Billy Hamilton is utterly laughable in the way he tries to fool us into believing he somehow has a play on balls that land 50 feet over the wall. If I were a pitcher I’d tell him to cut that crap out because it’s not look-at-me time.

    • Stock

      Mark Reynolds was a much better prospect than Isabel. Reynolds K% skyrocketed to > 30% in the majors but as a 22 year old in A+ ball Reynolds line was .337/.422/.670 with a 22.4% K%.

      Isabel is sitting at .262/.337/.580 with a 35.6% K% at age 23.

      As a 20 year old Joey Gallo had a 26% K% in A+ with a line of .323/.463/.735
      Javier Baez had a 23.1% K% in A+ ball at age 20 with a line of .274/.338/.535

      As a 22 year old Aquino had a line of .273/.327/.519 with a 19.8% K% in Daytona.

      Isabel will have to lower his K% from A+ ball to the majors where it typically increases by 30-50%.

      Gallo and Baez were 20 so obviously much better prospects than Isabel. Reynolds had a higher ISO and a much lower K%. I don’t think that is a good comp. Even Yorman’s 27.7% K% in 2013 (age 20) doesn’t bode well for Isabel.

    • MK

      Maybe the pitchers like Billy taking the spotlight off them when they give up a home run 50′ over the fence,

  3. DyslexiaRules

    Not sure where that left fielder was going on that first one, since that was the right fielder. If that screen is correct, O’Grady turned on a 97 mph heater.

    • Doug Gray

      Yeah, I noticed that I said left fielder a little earlier this afternoon. I am not bright.

  4. RS

    Although he doesn’t project as a power hitter, O’Grady is hitting down at the ball slightly and generating good leverage when his timing is right. Indy pitcher supplied a lot of the power at 97 mph on the HR to right. Yes, Isabel strikes out a ton (so ultimately he might not work out) but the Reds desperately need to add bigtime power to their lineup.

    • Doug Gray

      The pitchers don’t supply hardly any of the power. The bat speed, and point of contact do. The bat speed has like a 5-to-1 better ratio on how far a baseball goes than the pitch velocity does.

      • MK

        I imagine that is correct Doug but if I throw a 90 mile an hour ball off of a wall and a 80 mile an hour one against same wall which one is going to bounce the furthest away from the wall or even an old fashioned net pitchback.

      • RS

        The most important thing is to keep your eyes on the ball and square it up on the barrel of the bat.